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Jan 10 2017 1:00pm
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Domain Zoo (When you have all 5 colors of mana, it is called Domain) is a deck that has been around in the old Extended format and can sometimes see play in Modern. In Pauper however, the deck does still exist and that is all thanks to a card called Nylea's Presence, giving you access to having all 5 basic land types and more importantly, all the colors you need to cast your spells. This deck is able to take advantage of cards such as Tribal Flames and Wild Nacatl to their full potential, while also getting to play the best cards in each color.

A problem you may run into this deck is when you are having trouble getting all the colors you need, or you might find yourself a little too slow to fight. There is a bit more variance that goes into this deck than most, despite having access to 4 Abundant Growth and 4 Nylea's Presence, you can still run into trouble getting the deck to curve out quickly, if at all. Let's check out what the deck is made up of and break it down piece by piece.



The Creatures


Wild Nacatl – Arguably one of the strongest one drops in the game. A creature with 3 power and 3 toughness on turn 2 that can attack is a quick clock for any opponent to deal with and is especially a big headache in combat.


Kird Ape – The next best thing to Wild Nacatl. It may only have 2 power, but that combined with 3 toughness makes it not only a good aggressive attacker, but a good combat creature over all as well.


Kor Skyfisher – Probably the best 2 drop creature that white has to offer. It is even better in a deck like this because the 8 enchantments you play, draw a card when they come into play, so you can easily dig through your deck quickly.


Squadron Hawk – Although they are weak on their own, the fact that they thin your deck and give you 4 creatures quickly are good. It is also good to mention that with Rancor, making a 3 power flier is a good clock to put on your opponent.


Matca Rioters – I love this card personally. A 5/5 for 3 mana with the help of having a copy of Nylea's Presence, is a very hard creature to deal with and a very quick clock for your opponent. Without the help of equipment or aura's, the only creature that is big enough to match a fully powered Macta Rioters, is Gurmag Angler and not many decks play the card.


Gurmag Angler – One of the best creatures in the format, being a 5/5 for a small cost is very good. With 6 fetch lands and small early creatures you can throw away, you can cast this creature quite fast and put a lot of pressure on your opponent early.


The Spells


Nylea's Presence – This is the card that makes the deck work. Not only does it fix your colors, but it makes a land of yours have all 5 basic land types attached to it. Which helps your Kird Ape, Wild Nacatl and Macta Rioters and especially helps your Tribal Flames


Abundant Growth – This is also what helps you fix your mana. While not as good as Nylea's Presence, it still helps you cast your spells and that is the most important.


Tribal Flames – This is your big spell that can win the game on its own. Anyone who has played Tribal Zoo in other formats, know just how strong this card is. The key to this spell is that it can deal 5 damage, which is either a quarter of your opponent's life total, or kills anything in the format.


Lightning Bolt – I should not have to explain this card, let us move on.


Rancor – This helps your creatures actually get through on the battlefield. It makes your Squadron Hawk's actually beaters and gives your 5 power guys trample so that your opponent does down quickly. It also is very hard to get rid of, making it a problem card for any opponent.


Oona's Grace – At some point in the game, your excess lands will be useless, so this helps you cycle through your deck and make use of the useless lands later in the game. It is also an instant, which can be useful in bluffing situations.


The Manabase


2 Terramorphic Expanse and 4 Evolving Wilds – A total of 6 fetch lands to help you get your colors and to help cast your Gurmag Angler a lot quicker.


8 Forest – Most of your key spells cost green and so you play mostly Forests to help that.


The rest of the mana base is pretty explanatory. You play an extra Mountain and Plains because you have a good amount of red and white spells to cast, while you have only a couple of blue and black spells.



The Sideboard


1 Circle of Protection: Red – You only need 1 and it isn't terribly needed to beat the red decks, but I might add another in the future.


2 Hydroblast – You need this not only against the red decks, but also is very needed against Affinity to beat the Atog shenanigans. I might go up to 3, but so far 2 has been enough.


1 Reaping the Graves – A good way to go long in a grindy matchup. Matchups like UB Control, Kuldotha Boros and the like.


2 Journey to Nowhere – Your extra removal spell that will probably get another copy added to the board. It kills Gurmag Angler and Fangren Marauder, which makes it better than Doom Blade in my opinion.


3 Standard Bearer – Best sideboard card that white has to offer, I talk about this card enough, let's move on.


3 Pyroblast – This against the blue decks of course. Not much else to it really.


The Videos





Test Match 1



Test Match 2



Conclusion and Thoughts


So I guess we will start with the big question. Would I recommend this deck? Well in all honesty and I am by no means an expert, from these 2 matches and from testing off camera, trying many different things with this archetype, I would not recommend this deck.


It plays a lot of powerful cards and the deck is very fun, don't get me wrong. My problem is that sometimes you can easily getting screwed by your colors and lose games easily to variance. But more importantly, your deck is too slow to compete with the other decks in the format, you don't have enough stuff to take on the control decks to combat their counter spells and their removal packages and even if you start out with a Wild Nacatl, surprisingly, it can actually be too weak.


Most of the aggro decks in the format such as White Weenie or Goblins can go around you, flood the board and go wide, while removing your bigger creatures to clear the way. Reactive decks like Kuldotha Boros and UB Teachings, have too much removal for you to play through and they draw deeper and faster through their deck faster than you can draw yours. This archetype doesn't do anything unfair compared to most of the aggro decks of the format like Elves, Goblins and Stompy.


Can you win with this deck? Well sure, it has access to the tools it needs to win and my list is maybe not very good. I will be doing more testing and looking into the deck more, any suggestions are welcome. For right now, I do not like this deck in the format, but don't let me stop you!


Thank you all so much for reading and watching and I will see you next time!


Deluxicoff I like your more by Arctic_Ghost at Tue, 01/10/2017 - 14:12
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Deluxicoff I like your more midrange idea. Take out the one drop creatures for more removal and stronger 3 drops. Will def try it out.