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Mar 27 2017 12:00pm
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When I brought you GR Tokens, I was bringing you a more aggressive style of deck with some combo finishes built in to win with. WG tokens however, is built more midrange and tries to accumulate more card advantage through its tokens, rather than trying to win quickly. 

One big thing that will stick out to everyone is the Midnight Guard combo with Presence of Gond, which allows you to make infinite tokens to kill your opponent with (When you give the ability to the Guard and tap him to make a token, he will untap when the token enters the battlefield, allowing you to create a loop of making tokens) . Another big thing that stands out is you play the full 8 Soul Sister cards (Soul Warden and Soul's Attendant), which allows you to buy a ton of time against the aggro decks of the format and buy you enough time to swarm the battlefield and eventually win. 

However this deck does not have an easy time against control decks. Removal, especially cards like Nausea and Electrickery give this archetype a huge headache and are difficult to deal with, as is single target removal like Lightning Bolt.  You can be fast enough to beat the control decks and do have cards to help like Spidersilk Armor.

Let's check out the deck list and see what this deck is made up of.



The Creatures 

Soul Warden and Soul's Attendant – These creatures are important to winning every aggro matchup you face. With the full 4 copies of each, you can usually end up with 2 or 3 of them in play and gain tons of life, which helps you live long enough to overtake the game with your tokens. Against the control decks, they are not the best, but it is still good to keep in some number of them. 

Midnight Guard – This creature is in the deck for the combo with Presence of Gond, but he is also a good attacker/blocker and has great synergy with Battle Screech

Benevolent Bodyguard – This guy helps protect your Midnight Guard from removal spells and that is basically where is usefulness ends. He is however, very good at his job. 

The Spells 

Presence of Gond – This card is mainly for the combo with Midnight Guard, but you should not be afraid to attach it to a random creature on your board so that you can try to build an army. 

Commune with the Gods – In this deck, with so many graveyard effects between Battle Screech, Cenn's Enlistment and Prismatic Strands, you can easily get any enchantment or creature card from this spell and put some cards into your graveyard to put you ahead. I think this is one of the best cards in the deck personally. 

Battle Screech – This should come as no surprise, as it makes 4 flying creatures for only 4 mana and you can pretty much ride them to victory on their own. 

Cenn's Enlistment – This gives you great card advantage in the late game against any archetype you may come across. Against aggro, you get to build your board and make use of the extra lands you do not need, while you can do the same thing against control. It gives this deck a very much needed push to fight with in the late part of the game and helps you if you end up flooding out. 

Prismatic Strands – This in my opinion is one of the strongest cards in the Pauper format and if you can afford to play it and flash it back (which this deck can easily do), then you should play it. Not only can it be a Fog effect, but it can also counter an Electrickery or any damage based removal and easily win you the game. 

Rally the Peasants – This card isn't crucial to you winning the game. But helps speed up your clock and win out of nowhere when you need to. 

Spidersilk Armor – While being your main protection against cards like Electrickery (which many decks have come to start putting in the main deck), it also gives you the option to block against Delver blue and other strategies alike with many flying creatures. 

The Manabase 

Khalni Garden – It taps for green mana, but more so, it gives you a plant token to work with. All in all a pretty good land you can afford to take advantage of. 

You have 4 bounce lands between Selesnya Sanctuary and Boros Garrison and you don't really need more than that. The reason to play the Boros Garrison is because of your red splash for the flashback of Rally the Peasants

Blossoming Sands – No reason not to play a dual that gives you a tiny bit of life. 

Holdout Settlement – I don't find this land to be crucial to your game plan, but it does help fix your colors and come in to play untapped and I am very sure you will have a random creature hanging out ready to be used to add colors. 

Ash Barrens - Another way to help you fix your mana and thin your deck a tiny bit. 


The Sideboard 

4 Journey to Nowhere – This is your removal spell should you need one, arguably one of the best Pauper has to offer because it can kill just about anything you need it to. 

3 Standard Bearer – This can be for the mirror or mainly for decks like Stompy and Bogles as always. 

2 Auramancer – Just in the case of your opponent having a lot of enchantment destruction. 

4 Aerial Volley – This is here because we all hate delver (okay maybe just most of us). You can easily go down to 3 and put in the second Ray of Revelation. 

1 Ray of Revelation – Having some sort of way to kill an enchantment is good these days and this being able to be cast from the graveyard makes it very valuable. 

1 Prismatic Strands – Just in the case that you need another to maybe draw it early or have a better chance of drawing 2 of them against decks like Goblins, Burn or even just to counter Electrickery

The Videos





Verdict and Conclusion 

I do like this deck, but again, I feel that token strategies aren't very good in the Pauper format for multiple reasons. For one thing, you are kind of a one trick pony and it isn't hard to disrupt your plan. Second, your Midnight Guard dies to almost all the removal under the sun and with all the Electrickery effects going around, it can be very difficult to win and third your creatures are just 1 power creatures that are easily worked around by other decks of the format. 

However, this deck does have a great matchup with most of, if not, all the aggro decks in the format, but do keep in mind that you can sometimes get out-raced by the aggro decks (any of them really) if they can put out enough damage, faster than you can gain back the life. Against control decks, I do not like the odds because from my experience, a good mixture of counter magic and removal can easily keep you off your game plan, however your Tron matchup can be fine because they might not have enough stuff to keep up with you. 

So what is my verdict? I personally don't trust this deck, but then again, Deluxicoff would not have gotten a 5-0 with this archetype if it was bad, so go right ahead and try it out because believe me, I can always be wrong and will gladly admit when I am (which is probably all the time). It is definitely a strong deck and can get some good wins across the Pauper format, but I question whether or not you will be consistent in your winning streaks in the long run. 

Do let me know if you try this deck and what changes you would make to the list! As always thank you for watching and reading! 

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See you all next time!