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May 01 2017 7:07pm
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Izzet Blitz is a combo deck that wins by playing either a Kiln Fiend or a Nivix Cyclops, playing 2 or 3 spells and then casting a Temur Battle Rage to give them double strike and swing for 20 or more damage in one turn.


This version has a bit of a slower approach though. You now have Tandem Lookout and Thermo-Alchemist to not only chip away at your opponents life total and take advantage of how many cheap spells you play, but you also get to draw cards and cycle through your deck in the process. You also get Elusive Spellfist to combine with the Lookout because when you play an instant or sorcery, it can't be blocked for the turn. Let's see what we are working with instead.



The Creatures

Kiln Fiend and Nivix Cyclops – These are your win conditions. They are fragile but you have a few ways to protect them from removal and you can win as fast as turn 3 by playing a Kiln Fiend on turn 2 and then on the next turn going Gitaxian Probe, another spell and a Temur Battle Rage. With all those spells combined, you can then hit your opponent for 20 damage. It can sometimes be that easy.


Thermo-Alchemist – This creature is great in this deck. Not only does it combo really well with Tandem Lookout, but it also takes advantage of all the cheap spells you have and you will sometimes end up dealing 5-6 damage in 1 turn because of them.


Tandem Lookout – It isn't the greatest creature ever, but it combos really well with Thermo-Alchemist and Elusive Spellfist, which allows you to dig real deep into your deck to find whatever you need to win.


Elusive Spellfist – This creature is a good blocker and also because of its ability to be unblockable for the turn, it combos great with Tandem Lookout to draw you cards and it can end up winning the game by chaining spells together and using a Temur Battle Rage, although it is very hard to win the game with this creature. I am not very sold on it and feel it could be better things, but I feel I need more testing to confirm that.


 The Spells

Ponder and Preordain – These are the best draw spells you can play. For 1 mana you get either Ponder, which allows you to see 3 cards deep and either shuffle them away or set up your next few turns, or you get Preordain, which allows you to push dead cards to the bottom of your library so you don't draw them. Either way, they are very good and you should not play less than 4 of either of them.


Sleight of Hand – This is your extra 1 mana draw spell and although it's not the best, it does let you look at 2 cards and get the best one.


Gitaxian Probe – Without a doubt, this card is just broken. You get to look at your opponents hand so that you have perfect information to play with and you get to draw a card. The best part is that the spell is basically free because all you need to do is pay 2 life.


Gush – You almost never cast this for the full 5 mana. What you do is float mana with the Islands you are returning, draw 2 cards and take advantage of casting a spell for free to pump your creatures.


Lightning Bolt – It is either a really good removal spell, or a good 3 damage to your opponents face. Just play this card and be happy with it.


Temur Battle Rage – This is your big win condition with Nivix Cyclops and Kiln Fiend. You play a couple of spells, then play this targeting one of them and swing for 20 damage.


Mutagenic Growth – You can only cast this by paying 2 life, but the spell is basically free and it protects you from damage based removal (such as Lightning Bolt) or from spells like Disfigure. It also allows you to win a bit quicker because it is +5 to your Kiln Fiend and that extra math can make a big difference.


The Manabase

The manabase is pretty basic and self-explanatory. I choose to play Evolving Wilds over Swiftwater Cliffs because I like thinning your deck of a land and value it more than just gaining a life. You can play either, it does not make a huge difference, though sometimes the 1 life from the dual land can help.


The Videos




Conclusion and Verdict

I really like this deck and I feel it is very powerful and very well positioned right now. With edict effects not as popular as they used to be and with the format playing a lot of little to no interactive aggro decks, this archetype can do whatever it wants and prey on them at will.


Do I think you should play this version of Izzet Blitz? Actually, I do think that this version is good, but I will tell you that this build may not be the right build for it. The Elusive Spellfists is alright, but I don't feel its powerful enough to be in this deck. I would rather have a few copies of Apostle's Blessing and maybe some extra card draw.

I really do like the Tandem Lookouts in this archetype and what they help you achieve. I think with a few more counterspells and a little more protection, you can easily find yourself stealing or outright winning games you shouldn't not have won. Let me know what you all think and how this version of the deck can be built better!


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Thank you so much for reading and watching. See you all next time!