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By: Arctic_Ghost, Arctic_Ghost
Mar 20 2017 12:00pm
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When you think of an Urza Tron deck, the first thing that comes to anyone's mind is casting big creatures. Most of the Tron decks I bring either don't do that at all or they only partially do it. This deck is also about getting Tron assembled quickly and casting big and massive creatures to turn sideways and win the game.

This Tron deck doesn't try to kill everything that enters the battlefield or counter every spell on the stack and try to assemble Tron for the late game. What this deck does is try to get tron in the quickest way possible and cast high casting-cost creatures every turn and swing them sideways for massive damage. Then it tries to get them back and cast them all over again!


The good thing about this version of Urza Tron is you play so many Chromatic Star effects that you get access to all of your colors easily and have many sideboard options if needed. One big thing about this deck is Crop Rotation.  In addition to Expedition Map you have so many ways to assemble Urza Tron quickly. Having Crop Rotation also allows you to play around land destruction spells and not straight lose to them. Let's get onto the deck list!



Ulamog's Crusher – This is arguably the strongest creature you have in the deck. While being an 8 power monster, it is mainly the annihilator ability that helps put the nails in the coffin for any opponent that lets this creature go unchecked.


Fangren Marauder – It has very good power and toughness for the mana cost, but the big thing is its ability to gain you 5 life whenever an artifact is put into the graveyard from the battlefield and the key thing is, it counts the artifacts that your opponent has as well (This big creature makes Affinity players hate you). This is what helps you get to the long game against any aggro deck in the format so that you have enough time to resolve all the spells you need to win.


Wretched Gryff – It isn't the biggest creature in the world, but it does have flying, draws you a card when you cast it (even if it is countered, you still draw a card), and -it does not die to Lightning Bolt. It also has 3 power as well, so you're putting your opponent under a decent amount of pressure.


Accomplished Automation – For the amount of mana you pay, having a creature with 5 power that is hard to get rid of and brings along a token so you have protection against Edict effects is very good on your curve. It can also be 2 blockers against an aggro opponent that has put a lot of pressure on you or you can give it a +1/+1 counter and go to town.


Maul Splicer – This isn't the best creature, but it does bring 7 power to the battlefield (counting itself and the 2 tokens it brings with it. The 2 tokens it brings with it are the big draw to playing this creature, but playing this creature is not set in stone.


Fierce Empath – This is your tutor for big guys and that is basically where it begins and ends. The best part is you can search for a Wretched Gryff and then use it to emerge it out.


Chromatic Star, Chromatic Sphere and Prophetic Prism – These are what helps you get your colors situated so you can cast your spells. Prophetic Prism is the best one in my opinion because it stays in play. Chromatic Star is the second because if your opponent manages to destroy it, you still get to draw a card at the very least, while Chromatic Sphere is there to help when it can. One big thing about the Chromatic artifacts is that they of course combo with Fangren Marauder, so try to use them only when you absolutely need to so that you can save them to gain life.


Expedition Map – This can also combo with Fangren Marauder, but it is mainly there to get you either a Tron Piece or to get you a land that produces color.


Ancient Stirrings – While this can get you a Tron Piece, it can also get you a Chromatic Star to gain some life with your Marauder or you can find one of your big dumb creatures to win the game with.


Crop Rotation – Not only is this card great at helping you get turn 3 Tron (which is the most important thing in this deck pretty much), but it can also help you play around land destruction and can help you tutor for any land that you need. You can get a Haunted Fengraf to get back a big creature or a Sejiri Steppe to help you counter a removal spell. The point is this card is so versatile, you should always play 4 of this card in my opinion.


Pulse of Murasa – Not only does it gain you life, but you can get back a key land from the graveyard or whatever big creature you need and the best part is that it is an instant so you can play according to what pressure you're under at the time.


Rolling Thunder – It's Rolling Thunder, I should not have to explain why this card is here, so I will move on and not bore you.


The Urza Lands – The deck is named after them, so we will move on.


Tree of Tales – The reason this is here instead of forests is because when you sacrifice it with Crop Rotation to search for a land, you can gain 5 life with a Fangren Marauder in play, you get to gain 5 free life.


The mountain should become a second Unknown Shores so we will move on.


Unknown Shores – It helps you get the colors you need and that is about all the reason you need for this to be here.


Haunted Fengraf – This helps you get back a creature from the graveyard, so it is a pretty good land to get and although it is at random, the worst you can get back is a Fierce Empath, which only allows you to have Edict protection and allows you to get whatever big guy you want or may need.


Sejiri Steppe – A great card to tutor for with Crop Rotation to save one of your creatures from a removal spell.


The Sideboard

1 Circle of Protection: Red – This is for the red decks and for the Affinity matchup so you don't die to Atog or Galvanic Blast.


2 Ray of Revelation – While this card is good against Bogles or Turbo Fog to hit Jace's Erasure, it also helps against the decks running Journey to Nowhere so that you can blow them out of the water and get your creature back.


2 Reaping the Graves – This is great against control decks to fight the long game. Since you have so many spells that cost only 1 mana, it is pretty easy to get your storm count to 3 or 4 and get a lot of card advantage.


2 Electrickery – For the usual of Goblins, Delver Blue and token strategies.


3 Pyroblast – For any blue deck so you can force through your big spells when you need to.


2 Feed the Clan – This is for the Burn matchup and that is about it. You could replace it with Pulse of Murasa if you wish, but Burn has also always a popular deck so you might as well prepare for it.


2 Moment's Peace – For any aggro matchup you might face.


1 Pulse of Murasa – For almost any matchup, you can easily bring this in. It isn't needed against decks where your creatures aren't going to die often or where your life total is not hard to keep high, but it is good against heavy removal decks or Burn to gain life.


The Videos





Conclusion and Verdict

I really do love this deck. It is a turbo Tron deck that has a lot of threat density and can easily win fast or fight the good fight in the long game. You also have a lot of card draw and a lot of tutoring going on between Crop Rotation and Fierce Empath to get some big dudes. You also have access to whatever you may need in the sideboard because of having access to all 5 colors and having all the options is always a good thing.


What is my verdict? I think you should definitely try this deck out. I think it has great matchups against the aggro decks of the format with its speed and life gain, while against the control decks, you have a ton of threats to use and a good number of ways to bring them back to fight the long game. You also have some reach and/or a wrath of god effect in the form of Rolling Thunder and just every option you want at your disposal.


The thing I like about this deck is that its plan is to get Urza Tron assembled on turn 3 and land a big threat every turn. With other Tron decks you can end up having color problems or drawing your expensive spells and not being able to cast them and lose straight up to variance. With this deck you have so much manipulation, variance is rarely a problem.


Do you like this deck or hate it? Do let me know in the comments and also let me know how well you do in the leagues!


Remember you can always play some pauper on Tuesday's over at and join in on Pauper Classic Tuesday's and that starts at 8pm EST! Hope to see you there and I will see you guys next time!


Sweet by MichelleWong at Tue, 03/21/2017 - 02:15
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This version of Tron seems very sweet.

Would you recommend a 4th Crusher instead of an Automaton?

Really depends on the meta by Arctic_Ghost at Tue, 03/21/2017 - 09:57
Arctic_Ghost's picture

Really depends on the meta you expect. But yes if you want a 4th crusher that is where I would start for sure.

To answer the Facebook question. I would never fully cut rolling thunder as you can easily support it and it's just that good. But that is my personal preference.