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By: Arctic_Ghost, Arctic_Ghost
Mar 06 2017 1:00pm
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When I first wrote about Murasa Tron, it won with the Peregrine Drake combo and played as a combo deck. In today's Pauper meta game, it has become a control deck with either a bunch of counter spells and some removal, or with a bunch of removal and a few counter spells, but the card Pulse of Murasa still plays a crucial role in the deck. 

When you take a look at the deck list, one thing you will notice is that you don't have a very quick way of getting the full Urza Tron (having Urza's Tower, Urza's Mine, and Urza's Power Plant in play at the same time) in play. You don't have access to cards like Ancient Stirrings and you only play a couple of Expedition Maps. This is because you are a control deck that doesn't mind getting Urza Tron a little later into the mid game. Instead of trying to get it assembled as quickly as possible and play huge threat every turn, you use cheap removal spells such as Flame Slash to control the early game and use cards like Forbidden Alchemy to dig for the pieces and set up your control game for later. 

The manabase of this version of Urza Tron is very tricky because you rely so much on your color sources and you don't play 8 Chromatic Star like effects to easily dig through your deck and get your colors going. You also must make as much out of every card as possible because the games will go long and you can end up drawing your spells in the wrong order. Another bad thing is you have very few win conditions in the deck, but instead of me rambling, let us see what makes this deck whole. 



The Creatures


Mnemonic Wall – While being a really good blocker, it only costs 1 blue to cast and that makes it perfect for this deck because you can cast multiple spells in 1 turn. It also combos with Ghostly Flicker and can gain you infinite life with your lands or you can draw infinite cards with Mulldrifter or Prophetic Prism. It also can't be killed by Lightning Bolt, so it isn't easy to remove him from the battlefield. 

Mulldrifter – I shouldn't have to explain this creature, I have spoken enough about him, so I will move on and not bore you all to death. 

Sea Gate Oracle – He isn't the best creature in this deck because he doesn't do all that much for you and you would rather remove creatures from the battlefield or counter them so they never resolve, but at the very least, he holds down the fort and this creature helps when it can and also has the ability to draw infinite cards with Mnemonic Wall and Ghostly Flicker

The Spells


Flame Slash – This is the best removal spell you have offered to you. For only 1 red mana, you can kill basically anything in the Pauper format just shy of buffed creatures and Gurmag Angler

Lightning Bolt – It can be searched up with Mystical Teachings and of course, we all know how good this card is. 

Electrostatic Bolt – It only deals 2 damage at the very worst, but can kill a Spire Golem or a Myr Enforcer and that makes it very useful in certain situations that Lightning Bolt otherwise wouldn't be. It is nice to be flexible for many situations. 

Electrickery – In today's Pauper metagame, it is nice to have a board wipe for all the 1 toughness creatures running around. Decks like Delver Blue, Goblins and even Bogles are affected by this card and it can sometimes just be a blow out. 

Twin Bolt – It can either kill 2 creatures or kill a 2 toughness creature. It isn't the best card, but like I said, it is nice to be flexible in many situations and be ready for any type of board state. 

Rolling Thunder – I shouldn't have to explain this card. It is either a win condition or wipes your opponent's entire board state, it is a crucial piece to any Urza Tron deck. 

Capsize – I think everyone understands why this card is in this deck. With Urza Tron, you are generating a ton of mana and you can sometimes find yourself bouncing back 3 permanents a turn, which by itself can just win the game. 

Prohibit – Although this card is not as powerful as Counterspell, it does counter almost everything you would need it to and it only costs 1 blue 2 cast instead of 2, making it easier on your mana. 

Remove Soul – This is here because it is a hard counter to Myr Enforcer and Gurmag Angler, while also just being a good counter spell to creatures all around. 

Condescend – I am not a big fan of this card, though I do understand that it is a very powerful spell. It can counter anything and take advantage of you having assembled Urza Tron and generate tons of mana and yes I know that is also has the text of scry 2. A lot of the time, I get caught with it late in the game where it doesn't counter anything and is just for 1 blue mana, scry 2 and so I choose to play 1 so that I can use it in specific situations and get the most out of it. 

Mystical Teachings – This card should also be obvious in this deck. It gets anything you need in the right situation, for example: If you need a counter spell, you can go get one, same for removal, same for something like Pulse of Murasa and it also helps get Capsize and you will find yourself relying on Capsize more than almost anything else in your deck. 

Forbidden Alchemy – Sometimes you can get unlucky and mill multiple cards you need, but other times it digs far and you can easily find what you need and throw dead cards to the graveyard. One big thing about this card is that it is a big help with finding you Tron pieces and it is an instant, which in my opinion and from testing, makes it better than Compulsive Research

Think Twice – Just a good one of that helps you draw a couple of cards when you need it to. It could easily become something else. 

Ghostly Flicker – As always, you play this so you can use a bunch of combos with it. Cards like Mulldrifter, Prophetic Prism and especially Mnemonic Wall are all good examples of how broken this card can be. 

Moment's Peace – A really good way at buying multiple turns to draw into you what you need and help you survive. 

Pulse of Murasa – Not only does it gain you a lot of life, but it also can return a Tron piece from the graveyard if you need it or it can return a good creature from your graveyard and create a ton of card advantage. I personally love this card and it has won me a lot of games just by itself. 

Izzet Signet and Simic Signet – I like these better than Prismatic Lens because it feels like you are using ramping up. But I think either choice is fine. 

Expedition Map – It gets whatever land you need and that is all it needs to do. 

Prophetic Prism – It replaces itself and helps you get your colors going. This is a mainstay of the Tron archetype and should never be left out in my opinion. 

The Manabase


Urza's Tower, Urza's Power Plant and Urza's Mine – I should not have to explain these lands being in the deck. Fun fact: The name Urza Tron comes from Voltron! 

Haunted Fengraf – This land is not important to this decks game plan, but it is nice to have so you can return Mnemonic Wall or Mulldrifter to your hand. 

The rest of the lands are there to help with your colors and that is where it ends. The last thing I will say is make sure to build your manabase with a good color ratio in mind so that you can actually cast your spells. 

The Sideboard

Hydroblast and Pyroblast – These cards are for the matchups you expect them to be there for. Not much else to add on them past that. 

Echoing Truth - This is just a generic spell that can be used for any situation, it is a flexible spot so it can easily be changed. 

Diabolic Edict – When I put this in the sideboard, I figured it would be good for Bogles and UR Kiln Fiend, among other matchups. But it turns out to not actually be as good as I hoped. 

Crypt Incursion – I personally love this card. Not only is it good against any type of graveyard strategy, but it can easily buy you tons of time against any aggro deck. I have gained more then 30 life with this card before and it always feels so good. 

Ancient Grudge – This is for Affinity, but it can be used against the mirror to cut them off colors. 

Dispel – For any time you need the silver bullet in a Counterspell war. 

Moment's Peace – In case you need another Fog effect against an aggro deck. 

Serene Heart – This is for the Bogles matchup and pretty much nothing else. 

The Videos





Conclusion and Verdict


In conclusion, I do like this deck a lot. I have always been a fan of Urza Tron decks from when it was in Standard, to Modern and of course in Pauper. When you get Urza Tron going, you feel so dirty because of all the expensive spells you get to cast every turn. While your opponent is either slowly building their mana base or they are playing cheaper spells so they can work with the little mana they have, you are casting Mulldrifters and huge Rolling Thunders and just burying your opponent in card advantage. 

Urza Tron does come with its own faults however and it almost always comes to not having enough color sources to actually cast your spells. You can also run out of good spells and find yourself digging through your deck and running out of gas quickly and that is something you have to deal with when you sign up with this archetype. 

So what is the verdict? Would I recommend this deck? I absolutely would. There is no perfect way to build this type of Tron deck, as you can have a lot of removal like I chose to have, you could have more counter spells, or you could have a good mix of both and the choice is really up to your preference and play style. You will win games by landslides and lose games just as easily to either not gonna enough color mana or land destruction (Stone Rain for example) from your opponent and it is unfortunate, but can and will happen. Let me know in the comments how you would build this deck and I will gladly take your advice. 

Thank you so much for reading and watching. See you next time!



Bogles by MichelleWong at Tue, 03/07/2017 - 09:22
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Thanks for this article.

I see everything through Bogle-colored glasses (so I guess I have white, green and hybrid-blue colored glasses?), because only one thing is relevant to me in Pauper: How does my opponent's deck cope against Bogles.

In summary, the Bogles player will be neither happy nor sad to face Murasa Tron. Murasa Tron is slighly favored in the matchup, although not by a huge margin. It is not a David vs Goliath matchup by any means. For those interested in this matchup, this is what you can roughly expect to see:

Game 1: Bogles is highly favoured (roughly 75% win rate), and even higher if the Bogles pilate won the die roll. Your removal is mostly a blank to my hexproof creatures. You will soon find yourself staring down a huge, trampling, lifelinking, first-striking creature before your combo goes off. You pack it in and move to Game 2.

Game 2: You are favored. Quite significantly so (roughly around 75% win rate for Murasa Tron, which is ironic because that's roughly my percentage win rate in Game 1). Your deck brings in 2 Serene Hearts, 1 Diabolic Edict, 1 Moment's Peace and 1 Echoing Truth to replace some bricks like Flame Slash. Meanwhile I bring in only a lone copy of Flaring Pain to combat your (now) two copies of Moment's Peace, siding out a Lifelink. You also have the Mystical Teachings from your maindeck to fetch your silver bullet from the sideboard (Serene Heart) which will be devastating to the Bogles player. As the game progresses, I will soon reach the breaking point, either by seeing your combo or seeing a Serene Heart. I pack it in and move on to Game 3.

Game 3: You are favored again, but not to the same extent as in Game 2 because I will likely be on the play in Game 3. If I mulligan here, the game swings further in your favour. If we both mulligan, the game is still in your favor because Bogles tends to mulligan worse than Murasa Tron because I need a critical mass of combo pieces, and because I have less card draw/selection than you. Once mulligan decisions are locked in, we are off to the races! I will try to pressure you and assemble a "Slippery Voltron" before you can meaningfully react. Your chances of drawing a Serene Heart in time is less than 50%. By this time our hearts are racing because the match could swing in either direction! By my Turn 4, I am nearing the final stretch of the race-track, and can see the finish line in sight! I take comfort that your "non-Serene Heart" disruption will not be able to stop a decent 7-card opening hand from the Bogles deck, especially if I try to encourage you to counter my Armadillo Cloak or Ethereal Armor rather than my Ancestral Mask (+ Rancor combo). I hope and pray that your Sea Gate Oracle, Forbidden Alchemies or evoked Mulldrifters do not find a Serene Heart before my Turn 5. Thankfully most of those cards require you to tap out, allowing me to safely slam down my Ancestral Mask which is the most impactful card from my end. The flip side is that your Mystical Teachings (searching for Serene Heart) can be fast enough to save you if you have slowed me down in the preceding turns. You can alternatively go for your combo kill after slowing me down because I have zero disruption for your combo. I must race it or die on the spot. If I win this Game 3 and cross the finish line, I say GG and breathe a huge sigh of relief that the bogles managed to slip through your fingers this time!!

In summary, Murasa Tron is no joke at all. It is a deck that demands respect from the bogles. Arctic Ghost, in your testing, did you feel the same way from the perspective of Murasa Tron?

Heh, while you went way more by Arctic_Ghost at Tue, 03/07/2017 - 15:54
Arctic_Ghost's picture

Heh, while you went way more in depth then I will here, I agree with all of your points.

Although from most of my testing, if we are in game 3 and you are on the play, there is no doubt you have an advantage, but it also depends on how quickly you can kill me. Once I get to turn 5, if I at the end of turn was able to use a Teachings to find a Moment's Peace and I can get tron assembled, it can become quite a street fight.