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Nov 28 2016 1:00pm
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Almost everyone you talk to will call this deck Soul Sisters, but some of you may be asking, just what is Soul Sisters exactly? Soul Sisters is a White Weenie deck that contains Soul Warden and Soul's Attendant and is based around gaining lots of life and using cards that get special bonuses when you gain life or find yourself at a high enough life total. In modern you use cards like Serra's Ascendant and Ajani's Pridemate to use all the life you gain to a huge advantage, but in Pauper it is a bit different.


In Pauper, you do not have powerful cards to abuse all the life you gain, but instead, all the life you gain buys you time so that you can flood the board with tokens using cards like Battle Screech and Raise the Alarm until you have flooded the board with enough creatures that you can use Rally the Peasants and win the game in 1 or 2 big swings. Let's go ahead and pick apart the deck piece by piece and see what cards make this deck work.




The Creatures


Soul Warden and Soul's Attendant – These are the cards that makes your deck tick. With 2 of these creatures out, you can effectively gain so much life, that almost all the decks in Pauper have to give you a bunch of extra turns to keep playing creatures and finally draw a Rally the Peasants to win the game. They are only 1/1 creatures, so they don't do much attacking or blocking wise, but their abilities to gain life are crucial to your game plan.


Icatian Javelineers – This is just a good one drop with a good ability. This deck is not aggressive, this deck is all about buying time and swinging all out in one turn and this creature helps because it can block and deal 1 damage to creatures such as Spellstutter Sprite, various goblins and plenty of creatures all across Pauper, so you can make the game go a little bit longer.


Squadron Hawk – This is 8 mana to cast 4 creatures that attack in the air, thin your deck so that you can draw to your better cards much quicker and gain life with a Soul Warden on the battlefield. I personally think this is a great card in this deck.


Suture Priest – This is an extra way to gain life, but also fills a different role. Against creature decks, (especially decks like Goblins and Tokens where they flood the board with multiple creatures every turn) Suture Priest also makes your opponent lose life whenever they have a creature enter the battlefield, which means you might not need Rally the Peasants to win if you have a ton of creatures in play and your opponent is at a low enough life total. It is possible that there should be more copies of this card in the deck, even though it is 2 mana, it is very powerful.



The Spells


Gather the Townsfolk and Raise the Alarm – These are your token making cards at 2 mana. These are great because they make 2 creatures for the price of one spell and in a deck that wants to flood the board, you need these spells.


Triplicate Spirits – If any of you have ever played with Spectral Procession, then you will understand why this card is in the deck. Making 3 tokens that fly can be huge in most matchups, but at 6 mana, this card is too expensive to play at 4 copies.


Battle Screech – This is the best token making card in your deck. It makes 4 fliers for 4 mana and tapping some creatures that you were not going to attack with anyway. Never cut this card, it is a big way to win.


Rally the Peasants – This is your big win condition. The whole point of the deck is to flood the board with as many creatures as possible and then use this to swing in for a huge amount of damage. The big part about this card is that it has flashback, so you can kill your opponent with patience over the course of 2 turns.




13 Plains – Pretty much better than Island in this archetype.


4 Boros Garrison:RAV) – I like this card because it allows you to keep 2 lands in your hand and still be able to cast spells that cost 3.


1 Wind-Scarred Crag:FRF) – This is your 5th dual land just so you can flashback Rally the Peasants.


2 Secluded Steppe – This is so you can play a 58 card deck effectively. You can use them as lands to cast spells, or you can cycle to dig a tiny bit deeper into your deck so you can draw to your better cards faster.


This main deck is pretty stock from what most players choose to use. You can take a more White Weenie aggro approach with cards like Kor Skyfisher and Loyal Cathar  and use Rally the Peasants and your tokens to finish the game, but I think the deck will flow better by going all in on tokens, Soul Wardens, and maximizing the use of Rally.





3 Sunlance – This is your extra removal spell and its good for the mana cost. For 1 mana you can kill most creatures in the format.


3 Luminthread Field – This is your way of playing around cards like Electrickery and Shrivel. You could also use Veteran Armorer, but I prefer to use the enchantment because it is harder to remove for most archetypes that run these -1/-1 effects.


3 Standard Bearer – This is your answer to Bogles and Stompy and many other archetypes of the like. I think this is the best option you have for an all-around good sideboard card. Just watch out for Gut Shot.


3 Dust to Dust – This is your answer to Affinity so you can either get a free win by mana screwing them or so you can slow them down and buy enough time to set up and win in one big turn.


1 Suture Priest – This is just in the case you need an extra Soul Warden or if you are against an archetype that dumps a lot of creatures onto the board like token strategies or Goblins to name a few.


2 Prismatic Strands – This is one of the best sideboard cards you can have as it isn't just a fog, but it also counters spells that deal damage, making it great against any deck with damage based removal like Flame Slash or Rolling Thunder and it is great against combo decks to buy you a turn.



Video Decktech and Test Match








I love combo decks and strategies that go wide, so if your question is, “Would you recommend this deck”? The answer is simply yes I would. I think it has the tools to beat anything and that the strategy of this deck is great against a lot of archetypes in the format.


As far as changes I would make. I like the deck the way it is currently, but if you feel you need cards against the graveyard, I would recommend Relic of Progentius. Other than that, I wouldn't say the deck list is perfect, but I feel comfortable with it. If you add more red sources, you could try Gorilla Shaman (if want to pay for them) but I don't think you need them.


Thank you all for reading and watching! Hope you have all have a good day!