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By: Arctic_Ghost, Arctic_Ghost
Apr 10 2017 12:00pm
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This is the third time I have brought you this deck and that is because it has a new toy to work with. We already know that in my opinion, Burning-Tree Emissary has a home in Mono Green Stompy, but it may have found its true home in Red Deck Wins. 

Red Decks Wins in this format is basically what it is like in every other format. Play very little land, a bunch of low casting cost creatures, turn them sideways and combine them with burn to take your opponent from 20 to 0 as quickly as possible. You are not trying to go wide or combo them out, you are just trying to be as fast and as straight forward as possible. I won't go on and bore you, let's get into the deck list. 

The Creatures 

Mogg Conscripts and Goblin Cohort – These are the best one drops at your disposal, because unlike Jackal Familiar, they can actually block. You shouldn't have a problem running out of gas to keep them attacking either, but I warn you sometimes it does happen. 

Jackal Familiar – This is your other 1 mana creature. It puts in a lot of work in this deck because you have a lot of 2 mana cost creatures with haste and you want to always start off with a 1 drop creature.

Kris Mage – This is one of the new additions to the deck to give it some extra reach and believe me, it is very worth it. It makes your game 1 matchup against Delver Blue and Stompy matchup because you have a reusable damage outlet to pick off their creatures every turn and to get past some walls in your way. 

Mudbrawler Cohort and Valley Dasher – These are your aggressive 2 drop creatures and believe me, they get the job done. The best part about them is that they have haste. 

Burning-Tree Emissary – The new edition to this deck and I will tell you the truth, it is very powerful. Being able to play multiples of these creatures in one turn or bring able to go Emissary into a haste creature can be more than enough to win the game and I would recommend never playing less than 4. 

Goblin Bushwhacker – This is one of your best 2 drops in the deck for pretty obvious reasons. Do not be afraid to 1 drop into this guy on turn 2 because remember, you are not trying to combo kill your opponent, you are just trying to win the game as quickly as possible. 

Goblin Heelcutter – It might cost 3 mana to use this guy, but he hits hard and he makes a creature not be able to block, which makes you get more damage through and it's well worth it. 

The Spells 

Lightning Bolt – It is Lightning Bolt, nothing to say but play 4, don't sideboard them out and move on. 

Chain Lightning – These are your extra copies of Lightning Bolt and they do their job well. You do have to be careful however because the color red has become popular as of late and you don't want that to backfire on you. 

Magma Jet – This is the other big new addition to not only this deck, but red decks across the whole pauper format. Although this card only dealing 2 damage makes it less powerful and it doesn't do all that much to help finish off your opponent, the fact that it can kill a good amount of threats you will see in the format is very good, but the big ability this card has is letting you Scry and that is huge for a deck like this because you cannot afford dead draws and bricking by itself may just ultimately lead to your downfall. I suggest trying this card out for yourself before dismissing it. 

Reckless Abandon – I like this card quite a bit. 1 mana for 4 damage is not a bad deal, it can go to the head as well as killing just about everything in the format. The reason why I find this better than Fireblast, is because you don't have to sacrifice lands to do it and end up getting mana-screwed on top of it. I know at first glimpse, it may not look very good and again I would suggest trying it out for yourself. 

The manabase is straightforward and only mountains. You do not want to put any lands that come into play tapped into the deck because then you have the chance of slowing the deck down, which can be your ultimate downfall. 

The Videos





Verdict and Conclusion 

Despite how things went in round 2 I love this deck very much. I think it is very well positioned and rewards tight play and good decision making on top of being very consistent. 

Would I recommend this deck? Yes I would, please try this deck out and go play it, you may not end up being fond of it, but you won't be disappointed trying it out. It can be very fast and very mean for any archetype to beat and will give almost anything a run for their money. 

You do have to remember though, you will have to learn how to play things in the right order and do precise math in every game. It only takes 1 miss-play to lose the game, but as long as you make tight choices (like willing to play Goblin Bushwacker on turn 2, only to get in 4 damage) and think about your lines carefully, I am sure you will find good results with this archetype. 

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Thank you for reading and watching! I will see you guys next time!



Kris Mage by MichelleWong at Tue, 04/11/2017 - 06:57
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Thanks for this article. It was interesting to hear your positive feedback about Kris Mage.

Thank you for your comment by Arctic_Ghost at Tue, 04/11/2017 - 11:05
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Thank you for your comment michelle and yes I love the Kris Mage!