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May 08 2017 12:00pm
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Mono Blue Delver is a tempo/aggro deck that uses cheap creatures like Delver of Secrets and Faerie Miscreant to win the game in the air and back them up with a lot of Counterspells and cheap card draw (Such as Ponder and Preordain). 


This deck plays basically the same way, but instead of it being mono blue, it adds the color red and snow covered lands to splash Lightning Bolt and Skred. You also get a plethora of great sideboard options such as Pyroblast for any blue opponent or Gorilla Shaman for Affinity, you also get access to Electrickery so you can have a big edge in against Mono Blue Delver and other decks such as Elves and Token based strategies. You also run Augur of Bolas thanks to Modern Masters 3, so that you can dig for a counter spell or a removal spell you may need, while also having a creature with 3 toughness who can block almost anything you face. 

You sacrifice cards like Daze and Vapor Snag that play a good tempo game to play your red cards so you can be better overall against aggro decks and control decks you come across. I can also tell you I have burned people out with Lightning Bolt quite a number of times and that alone helps a ton. Instead of me going on and on, let's check out what we are working with. 

The Creatures

Delver of Secrets – This is the creature that most decks are named after. At first it is a simple 1/1 that doesn't do much, but when it flips, it becomes a 3 power beater with flying that you can usually just ride to victory by itself. It is true that it dies to everything, but in this deck you have 4 copies of Counterspell and 4 copies of Spellstutter Sprite to counter any removal spells your opponents may have.

Spellstutter Sprite – A lot of spells in this format cost only 1 mana, so Spellstutter Sprite becomes amazing when you get a 1 power flying creature that also counters a spell. A good trick as well is to play this creature at the end of your opponents turn and attack so that you can (hopefully) return it to your hand and put an attacking Ninja of the Deep Hours into play so you get to draw a card and you get to reuse the Spellstutter Sprite

Faerie Miscreant – Although on its own, it just a 1 power creature with flying, but it is a Faerie for Spellstutter Sprite so that you can counter spells that cost more mana to cast and when you play another copy of this creature while one is in play, you get to draw a card and replace it. It also helps that it cost 1 mana to cast so you can use Ninjustu to put a Ninja of the Deep Hours into play on turn 2. 

Ninja of the Deep Hours – This is the main creature you want to clear the way for and protect. 2 damage is good amount to deal to your opponent, but the big reason to keep it getting through is that you get to draw cards once he deals combat damage to your opponent. A common rule people say in magic is, the person who draws more cards is the one who usually comes out the winner. 

(Augur of Bolas) – With the release of Modern Masters 3, we now have this creature at the common rarity. I know that you have a lot of creatures in the deck, but you only need to get one spell off of Augur of Bolas to get good value and all your spells either counter your opponents spells, you get removal or you get cards that draw more cards. The best part is that he has 3 toughness, so you have a good blocker against many of the aggro decks of the format (Elves, Stompy and RDW for example). You can also attack with it, use Ninjustu and look for another spell when you replay it. All in all, I have been very happy adding this creature to my deck. 

The Spells 

Counterspell – There is no reason you should not have 4 of this in your deck. I will not bore you and move on. 

Lightning Bolt – See what I said about Counterspell above and we will move on. 

Skred – While it is true that you could play Flame Slash, it costs nothing to add snow covered lands to your deck, so that you can take advantage of playing Skred. While Flame Slash is always 4 damage to a creature, being able to deal 2-3 damage with Skred is usually more than enough and it can be used at instant speed. Since you will deal damage according to how many snow lands you have any play, overtime the card can only get better and late in the game, it can kill anything at instant speed, which in my opinion, makes Skred very good and very deadly. 

Ponder and Preordain – These are your card draw spells and you have seen them many times before and you know why they are here. The reason for more copies of Preordain is because I want to be able to push dead cards to the bottom and not draw them again. 

Brainstorm – I am not a big fan of this card, even with all the shuffle effects. It is very good at flipping Delver of Secrets, but I don't like how if you're caught without a shuffle effect, you will find yourself sitting there and possibly falling behind easily. I am going to be changing this for a Deep Analysis

Dispel – Always good to have a Dispel in your deck so you can win a counter war. 

Deprive – This is here to function as the 5th copy of Counterspell and that is pretty much where it begins and ends as far as this spell goes. 

Gush – All of your spells are so cheap, so returning 2 Islands to your hand to draw 2 cards for no cost can end up winning you the game. You can also float 2 blue mana, then return them to your hand and cast the spells you just drew, or if it is your turn, you can play a land (if you haven't already) and get 3 mana to work with. 

Vulshock Morningstar – I personally like that this card not only pumps the power of your creatures, but can put Ninja of the Deep Hours or Augur of Bolas out of range of being killed by Lightning Bolt or Disfigure. It also allows you to attack better in the mirror match because your creatures will be bigger. 

The Manabase 

The Manabase is pretty straight-forward I believe. You play the Snow Lands for Skred and you play only a couple of Mountains because you are not going to cast a ton of red spells in the same turn and usually only need a single Mountain in play. The reason for Ash Barrens is because if you need it to be a land to cast spells, it can be, but you also get to fetch a land out of your deck and do it at the end of your opponents turn so you can leave up mana to do other things or bluff. Evolving Wilds is there to help fetch lands, but it should probably be 4 Ash Barrens and 2 Evolving Wilds.  

The Sideboard


2 Electrickery – This is against decks like the mirror, Delver Blue and Elves. It can be used against a wide variety of decks and depending on the meta, you could main deck one copy if you really wanted to. 

2 Gorilla Shaman – This is your tech against Affinity and even with all your counter-magic and removal spells, you might still need these to really be safe. Affinity is the best deck in the format at overwhelming you with big creatures that kill you very quickly, you need to be prepared. 

3 Pyroblast – This is for the blue decks. You all know why this card is here, so I won't waste your time. 

2 Hydroblast – Not only is this for the red decks of the format. You could also bring it in against the mirror to counter the red spells and try to get one over on your opponent. 

2 Stormbound Geist – This is one of your most used sideboard cards. The big part about this creature is that once it's killed, it comes back as a 3 power flier and it takes another removal spell to kill it. It can also just win the game on its own and allows you to fill your deck with proactive and reactive spells (counter-magic and removal) to thwart anything your opponent does and still have a good win condition. 

1 Relic of Progenitus – This is for graveyard strategies. You play a ton of draw spells in this deck and it is very likely you will always find this card. I would not fault anyone for adding a second copy to be safe. 

2 Swirling Sandstorm – With all your removal, counter and draw spells, you should easily get Threshold quickly and against decks like Elves, Slivers, Stompy or just about any aggro deck in the format, this card can be swing in the game and easily lead you to victory. 

1 Skred – This is just in-case you need more removal after sideboard. 

The Videos



Verdict and Conclusion 

I think this deck is extremely good and powerful. I also enjoy playing this deck because it has great removal, draws lots of cards, has a lot of counter spells and curves out very well. All in all, I think this is probably one of the top 3 decks in the format, if not, the best deck overall. The best part about this deck is how little land it needs to play and function. With such little land and so many card draw spells, you are going to draw into powerful cards and/or the cards you need to win the game much easier and you will not brick off as often. (bricking off basically means you draw dead cards like lands that do nothing, essentially hitting a brick wall).

Do I think you should play this deck? I very much do think you should play this deck. I suggest you pick this deck up, learn everything about this archetype that you can and have fun winning. My list is not perfect and you may need to have a particular sideboard for whatever you think you will see in the leagues that day, but let me know what you think and/or how much you also enjoy this deck. 

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Thank you so much for reading and watching. See you guys next time!