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Aug 14 2017 12:00pm
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I know that we all know what Izzet Blitz is. For those of you that don't, you play a Kiln Fiend, you play a few spells, give it double strike and trample with Temur Battle Rage and swing for the win. But this isn't the only deck of its kind and that brings me to the deck of this article, UW Inside Out Combo. I will be using a list that was taken to a 10th place finish in a Pauper challenge by GreenPrinny.


This deck wins by playing a Tireless Tribe and discarding enough cards from your hand until it has 20 or more toughness. You then cast an Inside Out targeting your Tireless Tribe to switch it's power and toughness and then you swing for the win, it is that easy. You also play Shadow Rift just to make sure your Tireless Tribe can get through on the battlefield.


One thing I like about this archetype is being able to play Circular Logic. I like having the extra counterspell in your deck and the best part is with Tireless Tribe out, it only costs 1 mana to play. Another card I like a lot is Gigadrowse, because you either get to tap your opponents out so you can combo off or you can Fog against an aggro opponent by tapping all of their creatures down for a turn and being able to swing for the win. Instead of me ranting on, let's check out what we are working with.


Inside Out
Based on a Pixar Movie - 75 Cards Total
3 Augur of Bolas
4 Tireless Tribe
7 cards

4 Circular Logic
4 Gush
2 Gigadrowse
2 Impulse
4 Inside Out
4 Shadow Rift
3 Dispel
1 Brainstorm
24 cards
4 Gitaxian Probe
3 Preordain
4 Ponder
11 cards
10 Island
3 Evolving Wilds
2 Ash Barrens
3 Plains
18 cards

2 Relic of Progenitus
3 Hydroblast
2 Deep Analysis
2 Lone Missionary
3 Piracy Charm
3 Standard Bearer
15 cards

Tireless Tribe – This is your main win condition. I like this card for a few reasons and one of them being it is only 1 mana to cast, making it really easy to get him down early or to play him and hold up counterspells. His ability to grow his toughness also makes it so that he does not die to Lightning Bolt or other damaged based removal easily, making him great in the format right now.


Augur of Bolas – Again this creature makes another appearance in a combo deck. He gets you closer to finding your Inside Out and because he only costs 2 mana, he can come down early and hold down the fort easily with 3 toughness.


Inside Out – This is the spell you need to win the game with Tireless Tribe. I want to note that when you use this on your Tireless Tribe, any more cards discarded will pump the power and your toughness will never grow, making you very vulnerable to Lightning Bolt, so keep that in mind when trying to go off and win the game.


Shadow Rift – One problem with this combo is that Tireless Tribe does not have Trample or anything of the sort, so being able to give it shadow and draw a card to be able to discard for more damage is just what you need.


Ponder, Preordain and Brainstorm – The best card draw you can have for 1 mana in this format and if you are ever playing a combo deck, you need these somewhere in your 75.


Gitaxian Probe – It is always great to get perfect information and see what your opponent is working with. What is great is that this spell can be free by paying life instead of mana and also draws you a card.


Gush – This is one of the key cards for your combo. Do remember that you need to discard cards in order pump Tireless Tribe and Gush puts 5 cards in your hand when you return 2 Islands. This is why you play the max 4 copies.


Dispel and Circular Logic – These are your protection spells for your Tireless Tribe. While Dispel is really only used to counter burn or instant speed removal, Circular Logic can do the same but also counter anything it wants. You will be putting a lot of cards into your graveyard early, which will make Circular Logic a 1 mana Counterspell very early on in the game.


Gigadrowse – This is your way of dealing with blue decks by being able to tap them out of mana and go off the next turn. You can also use this against creature decks (such as Stompy or White Weenie for example) to protect your life total for a turn and buy more time.


Impulse – I love this card personally. For 2 mana and at instant speed, you can dig 4 cards deep to find the right piece to the combo that you will need.



There is nothing special to the manabase. It is the typical play some fetchlands and some basic lands and go to town, You play more Islands because of cards like Gigadrowse and because most of your spells are blue. You only ever need 1 Plains in play, so do keep that in mind.


The Sideboard

2 Relic of Progentius – Graveyard strategies such as Reanimator decks, Ghostly Flicker and Mystical Teachings are always a popular. It's always good to be prepared for them.


3 Hydroblast – While this is always good against red decks, it's big use in this archetype is to counter opposing Pyroblasts.


2 Deep Analysis – When you face a deck like UB Control and you need to set up and grind for a little bit, this card is great at filling your hand back up and digging you deeper into what you need.


2 Lone Missionary – When you need a good blocker against aggro decks, this creature is always good and gaining life can help a lot. I don't personally like it against Burn because you end up taking out cards that would help you win the game. Lone Missionary may help you counter a Burn spell by gaining 4 life, but against Burn you are straight up a combo deck that is trying to win, not just survive.


3 Standard Bearer – You know who this bad guy is. He's good against Stompy, Hexproof and plenty of other archetypes you may run into.


3 Piracy Charm – This card can be great against Delver Blue or Snow Delver because it kills most of their creatures, but it also can give Island Walk, another way for your Tireless Tribe to become unblockable and swing for the win.


The videos


Verdict and Conclusion

One thing I will say about this deck is that it can be fun and it has some pretty good matchups. It's Burn matchup (Despite me totally screwing up my match in the videos) is pretty good as well as White Weenie and the green aggro decks like Stompy and Elves (just make sure to play around Fog and you will be fine).


I do however have some gripes with this archetype. Both Pyroblast and Hydroblast are very good against the deck because they both counter Inside Out, so there is no advantage over Izzet Blitz in that regard. With Izzet Blitz, you get to play a tempo style deck that over time you can chip away at your opponents life total and switch up roles when needed from aggro to control and back again when you need to, but with this archetype, you are all in all the time. It isn't hard to counter this deck either, Some good removal, hand disruption or a quick clock and a Fog are sometimes all you ever need.


So what is my verdict on this deck? I personally would play Izzet Blitz as I believe it is the better deck. I think having access to burn, Pyroblast and just the archetype overall is better than UW Inside out combo. I think if you play this archetype, you may have some decent results here and there, but your results will not be consistent and won't be very fruitful in the long run. I don't ever claim to be an expert and if you do try the deck, let me know how you do and what changes you would make!


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Thanks for reading and watching. See you guys next time!