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Dec 26 2016 1:00pm
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White Weenie Robots doesn't attack you by going wide with tokens or swarm you with individual and powerful small creatures. This archetype instead gets straight to the point and tries to beat you as fast as possible. With creatures like Ardent Recruit and Auriok Sunchaser, you get to take advantage of the Metalcraft ability and put out as much damage for as little mana as possible.

This archetype also splashes red for access to Lightning Bolt and Galvanic Blast, giving you good removal and a good amount of burn for some reach to finish off the game. You also get access to Pyroblast for the blue decks and Gorilla Shaman (or Smash to Smithereens) for the Affinity matchup as well.


This deck is a high risk, high reward type of archetype. When you compare this to the regular White Weenie archetype, you find that much like the pauper version of Red Deck Wins, it is straight forward and to the point, but it can be faster than its counterpart, Goblins. The problem is that it cannot go wide and the later the game goes, the worse it is for you because you don't have much of a way to go around what your opponent is doing with lots of tokens or creatures that come back after death. Let's go ahead and break down the deck and see what it has to offer.



                                          The Creatures


Ardent Recruit – This card is basically a Wild Nacatl in this deck and does a lot of work. It is the most aggressive one drop you can play.


Court Homunculus – Another good 1 drop for this archetype. Although it isn't special and only has 2 power, the 2 toughness it does have can make a difference in combat or facing spells like Death Spark


War Falcon – It only costs 1 mana and has flying, which makes for another good one drop. Although 8 of your creatures don't help allow it to attack, most of the time that should not be an issue. With access to 4 Bonesplitter, this little flier can become lethal, very quickly.


Thraben Inspector – It may not be aggressive with only having 1 power. It does block well and with Bonesplitter attached, it can become a decent attacker. The big thing about this creature is it gives you a Clue Token, which also counts as an artifact and can draw you a card.


Vault Skirge – A 1/1 flier that costs only 1 mana to cast and replaces the life you pay quickly. It also has flying, which makes it very good with Bonesplitter


Auriok Sunchaser – Without Metalcraft, this creature doesn't do much of anything, but with Metalcraft turned on, it is a big 3/3 flier that can end the game very quickly.


Kor Skyfisher – One of the best creatures that white has to offer in pauper. A 2/3 flier is a decent amount of power in the air and can combo with Thraben Inspector to get another Clue and dig a bit deeper into the deck.


Porcelain Legionnaire – You will rarely pay 3 mana for this card and on turn 2, it is quite the powerhouse. Although it only has 1 toughness, it has 3 power and a crucial ability with First Strike, making combat a very big headache for your opponent and it puts them on a very quick clock!



                                               The Spells


Lightning Bolt – I should not have to explain this card. At instant speed, it either deals a good 3 damage to the opponent, or kills almost everything you will be threatened by in pauper.

Galvanic Blast – Arguably the best burn spell in pauper if you can get Metalcraft online easily. Lightning Bolt is amazing for 3 damage, so this card dealing 4 damage is even better.


Bonesplitter – This is a cheap equipment that gives a creature a good amount of power, making anything in your deck a good clock that your opponent has to deal with. Also it helps with Metalcraft.



                                            The Manabase


Great Furnace and Ancient Den – You need 4 copies of each of these because you want Metalcraft turned on as quickly as possible.


Plains – This should be obvious!


Wind-Scarred Crag – I like this better than Boros Garrison because of the relevant life gain and because it allows you to keep 1 land hands and still be able to play.


The main deck is very straight forward and as close to the stock list as you can get. You can do some customizing of your own if you'd like. Playing token strategies or playing more burn are both very good ways of building this archetype, but I like the white weenie aspect of it. Lets go ahead and check out the sideboard.





2 Journey to Nowhere – These are your extra removal spells for cards like Gurmag Angler and Fangren Marauder or any creatures that have more than 4 toughness.


1 Rune of Protection: Red – Your answer to red strategies like Burn or Red Deck Wins. This card is better than Circle of Protection: Red in this deck because it cycles and almost all your mana produces white.


Standard Bearer – Again, one of the best sideboard cards in the format. Great against Bogles, Stompy and plenty of other archetypes of the like.


Prismatic Strands – A great Fog effect against any type of aggro or combo strategy that uses damage. Even a good counter spell to damage based removal like Flame Slash.


Gorilla Shaman – Your hate for the mirror or Affinity.


Pyroblast – A good way to help get your key spells to resolve against the blue decks when the situation calls for it.



Decktech and Test Match








I really like playing this deck. I find it fun and challenging to sequence your spells in the correct order and that it rewards for proper sequencing. Any point of damage you miss can be the decider on if you win or lose the game and on top of that, the deck is fast and just plain fun.


Would I recommend this deck? Yes I would because I find it to be just as challenging as some of the other decks that Pauper has to offer. Will you win a ton? I will not say yes and I will not say no, you will need to practice with it and come to a list you find comfortable and have a good sideboard plan for the matches you expect to face. Let me know in the comments any ideas you have to make this deck better!


Thanks to everyone for reading and for watching and I hope you enjoyed it! See you all next time!