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Mar 13 2017 12:00pm
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I think by now, we all know what GW Bogles or GW Hexproof is, but this deck is not far off from those archetypes. This deck plays like a hybrid of GW Hexproof and the 5 Color Zoo deck I brought to you some time ago and it some ways it can be more powerful because it can be more resilient to hate cards.


The strength of playing this version over the usual stock GW Hexproof lists, is that instead of you just losing games to cards like Standard Bearer and Serene Heart, you instead rely on only a few enchantments and have other threats such as Wild Nacatl to help you win the game. You get to attack from multiple angles, while also not going all in on one threat and having a wide board presence that your opponent has to worry about. This deck does not come without its faults though, as a big problem is that when playing threats that don't have Hexproof, you run the risk of turning on your opponent's removal, instead of them becoming dead cards, but by doing this, you also get the benefit of speed and power from these non-Hexproof creatures.


Now I am not saying that GW Hexproof can't beat the hate cards, the archetype very well can, but it can be very hard or as near impossible as can be. I can go on and on but let's just get right into the deck list instead.



The Creatures

Slippery Bogle – Although you don't have many enchantments to attach to this creature, you have enough that makes having a 1 mana hexproof creature in the deck very much worth it. At worst it chumps or eats an Edict effect.


Wild Nacatl – It truly does not get much better than a 3 power creature for only 1 mana and although it dies to almost every popular removal spell in the format, if they don't have one in their hand, any amount of turns this little cat gets to clock in is a big help.


Silhana Ledgewalker – This is the best creature to put your enchantments on because it is not easily blocked and of course because it has Hexproof.


Kor Skyfisher – While being a great creature on its own as a 2 power creature with flying, you get to return Abundant Growth or Nylea's Presence to your hand, so that you can dig a bit deeper into your deck and find what you need.


Aura Gnarlid – A great creature to take advantage of all the Aura's you will have in play. It helps that it can end the game quickly and can do it all on its own.


Heliod's Pilgrim – This is just here so that you can tutor for an Aura and win the game with it.


The Spells

Rancor – This should be pretty obvious, not only does it give a good +2 to the creature's power and Trample, but it would go the graveyard from the battlefield, you get it back to use later. It should never have been a common.


Ethereal Armor – This is also very powerful because First Strike can win a lot of fights and is amazing with the Lifelink ability and you get pumped for every enchantment you play and can snowball out of control if left unchecked.


Lightning Bolt – I have won many games because of this card and it is Lightning Bolt after all, so let us go ahead and move on.


Abundant Growth and Nylea's Presence – Not only do they help build Ethereal Armor and Aura Gnarlid, but they also draw a card and replace themselves and they combo with Kor Skyfisher to draw even more cards. It also helps with colors and Nylea's Presence helps with Wild Nacatl to make it a 3 power creature.


Armadillo Cloak – This is just an amazing card, even though it costs 3 mana. Being a rancor that gives the creature the ability to gain life is just back breaking for any midrange or aggro matchup you face. It also helps to note that if you have 2 of them on the same creature, you gain double the life because you're not giving the creature Lifelink, you are giving the creature the text of “whenever this creature deals damage, you gain that much life”. You really have to love the old wording of magic cards sometimes.

The manabase is pretty straightforward and not much to talk about. I only play the snow lands because they look cool and that is really where it ends. I would advise to keep Lightning Bolt and not add Skred, even though I love the card as much as the next person.


The Videos





Conclusion and Verdict!

I am not the biggest fan of Bogles because I personally find it boring to play with. I do love Zoo and love how this archetype mixes them together. This can be aggressive to the highest of possibilities and can win when you least think possible, plus it is very under the radar and people might get confused and play/sideboard differently or just completely wrong against you.


So do I think this deck is good enough? Actually, I do think it's good enough. Now don't get me wrong, I am unsure as to whether this deck can get 5-0 finishes on the regular, but I do think it can go 3-2 or 4-1 a lot and that it is very fun to play and I think you should give it a try.


One thing this deck has going for it is that cards like Standard Bearer and Serene Heart don't-just shut this deck down, your opponent will need more spells to win. Yes it is true, you are turning on your opponents removal by playing with Wild Nacatl and Kor Skyfisher, but by doing that, you are adding speed and wider range of threats, making it harder for your opponent to handle everything.


One card you don't see is Tribal Flames. The problem is that when you have Nylea's Presence, this card is amazing for doing 5 damage, but when you don't have a copy in play, it is a strictly worse Incinerate, let alone being a worse Lightning Bolt. In the end I think this card is not needed.


I hope you try this deck out and do let me know how it goes for you. As always I thank you for reading and watching and I hope that you do it again! See you guys next time!



Thanks for this article.This by MichelleWong at Mon, 03/13/2017 - 13:01
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Thanks for this article.

This is a favorable matchup for my GW Hexproof deck. My bogles can go "over the top" of your bogles. I snowball, whereas you push damage through in linear increments (on the whole). I do like the list though, it does look potent and fun. I especially like the fact that you can draw a creature-heavy hand and be good to go, whereas I quickly lose games if I get too flooded with creatures.

I might give this list a try in the League, and see how it goes.