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By: tcgaa, Mike Jones
May 06 2014 12:00pm
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Born , Theros , Theros Swiss Draft - 02/05/2014

I've started using the Beta client for drafts. I'm not sure if the seating chart is accurate, but if it is, it allows for some interesting analysis. I'll go through my picks and thinking below if you're interested, but I suspect with Journey to Nix so close people have probably lost interest in this format. After the draft was over, I reviewed the games of the other drafters to determine what colours they played. Here is what the seating chart showed:

s4: Me - UW s5: GR
s3: GU s6: GWRb
s2: GW s7: GB
s1: UW s8: RW

So how did I end up in blue(U)-white(W). From pack 1 the players passing me packs were cutting white, blue, and green in equal portion, so I should have received a red-black signal - did I just miss it? What did I pass that indicated to the person in seat 5 that he should go Green-Red? Do signals matter? Overall we ended up with 5 green drafters, 4 white drafters, 3 players each vying for blue and red, and only one (maybe 1.5) black drafters.

Pack 1 Pick 1
Mortal's Resolve Weight of the Underworld Setessan Oathsworn Excoriate Mortal's Resolve Asphyxiate Akroan Skyguard Reckless Reveler Snake of the Golden Grove Nullify Reap What Is Sown Aerie Worshippers Flitterstep Eidolon Whims of the Fates Mountain
No luck with my rare this pack. Cards I considered first picking: Akroan Skyguard, Asphyxiate, Aerie Worshipers, or Flitterstep Eidolon. (NOTE: One of the Mortal's Resolve was foil). White-X heroic is still the "best" deck in the format and that pushed me towards the Skyguard. Not passing any strong red cards. The blue cards both being solid - I was expecting at least one of the players in seats 5-8 to go into blue...Similarly, with several green playables I suspected green would be picked up.
My Pick:
Akroan Skyguard

Pack 1 Pick 2
Scouring Sands Chorus of the Tides Felhide Brawler Swordwise Centaur Griffin Dreamfinder Crypsis Culling Mark Loyal Pegasus Grisly Transformation Nyxborn Rollicker Thassa's Rebuff Noble Quarry Perplexing Chimera Swamp
After my first pick, I was a little shy about getting into blue or green. I considered the Nyxborn Rollicker or the Pegasus here. Pegasus cuts more of the white and works well in an aggressive deck. The Rollicker is also good in that deck, but I'm not sure if I'm red-white or not, so I make the "safe" pick and take the white card.
My Pick:
Loyal Pegasus

Pack 1 Pick 3
Nyxborn Wolf Evanescent Intellect Epiphany Storm Servant of Tymaret Great Hart Satyr Wayfinder Mortal's Resolve Divination Claim of Erebos Ephara's Enlightenment Pillar of War Sunbond Plains
More good green, but I really like Epharas Enlightenment in the UW heroic deck. It's even splashable if blue is not open. Other quality cards in this pack - Servant, Nyxborn Wolf, and Divination.
My Pick:
Ephara's Enlightenment

Pack 1 Pick 4
Scouring Sands Chorus of the Tides Felhide Brawler Griffin Dreamfinder Crypsis Culling Mark Grisly Transformation Nyxborn Rollicker Kraken of the Straits Stormcaller of Keranos Dawn to Dusk Mountain
I think this was a bad pick - should have taken Dawn to Dusk. It would get back my Enlightenment, and act as pseudo removal. Or I could have taken the Rollicker and tried for the red-white heroic deck (splash blue). I think I got so excited by the Enlightenment that I forgot that blue was not going to be coming back to me based on what I've passed already.
My Pick:
Chorus of the Tides

Pack 1 Pick 5
Epiphany Storm Hold at Bay Marshmist Titan Nyxborn Wolf Floodtide Serpent Reckless Reveler Grisly Transformation Black Oak of Odunos Sunbond Plea for Guidance Forest
This was another bad pick - I think the wolf is the strongest card in the pack, but for what I was trying to build Hold at Bay would have been a better choice (hopefully wouldn't have to play it). Apparently I have a really short memory while drafting though as I decided that G or U would be my second colour at this point... sigh. Reckless Reveler should have been the pick if not Hold at Bay.
My Pick:
Nyxborn Wolf

Pack 1 Pick 6
Sphinx's Disciple Warchanter of Mogis Revoke Existence Scouring Sands Charging Badger Karametra's Favor Peregrination Lightning Volley Siren of the Silent Song Swamp
Sphinx's Disciple isn't bad - perhaps I should have picked up the Revoke Existence though.
My Pick:
Sphinx's Disciple

Pack 1 Pick 7
Great Hart Weight of the Underworld Mortal's Resolve Reckless Reveler Nullify Black Oak of Odunos Ragemonger Heroes' Podium Swamp
Is this a black or red signal? I don't see how these cards are much stronger than Nullify or Mortal's Resolve.
My Pick:

Pack 1 Pick 8
Felhide Brawler Ephara's Radiance Marshmist Titan Nullify Impetuous Sunchaser Culling Mark Ashiok's Adept Island
Ok - Adept is not good, but better than most of the rest of this pack...
My Pick:

Pack 1 Pick 9
Setessan Oathsworn Mortal's Resolve Reckless Reveler Snake of the Golden Grove Nullify Whims of the Fates Mountain
So what did we wheel from my opening pack, or what's missing. All the "1st pick" options are gone as expected. So I should have known that at least 2 players picked blue, at least one was in black. The Excoriate, Reap What is Sown and the foil Mortal's Resolve were all gone. The other pick was Weight of the Underworld, so perhaps 2 players started out thinking black. Based on this I could surmise that we had 4 white drafters (including me with one green white), 2 black drafters, 2 blue drafters, and 2 green (one green-white) drafter. Anyone that was committed to heavy red should have picked up the Reveler. Of course I did not do this analysis in real-time. I think the Oathsworn is a reasonable pick here...
My Pick:
Setessan Oathsworn

Pack 1 Pick 10
Scouring Sands Chorus of the Tides Felhide Brawler Culling Mark Perplexing Chimera Swamp
Not sure if I should have taken the Perplexing Chimera here. I find this a "win-more" card a lot of the time. I.e., if you're winning on the board, you can play this guy to lock things down. He's not so great if you're behind. Still - I think it might have had some synergy with my deck. I'll leave the rest of the picks listed so you can see for yourself what came around. It becomes more obvious in the last few picks that black was under-drafted. Not that these cards are great, but they shouldn't be last picks...
My Pick:
Chorus of the Tides

Pack 1 Pick 11
Epiphany Storm Satyr Wayfinder Claim of Erebos Sunbond Plains
My Pick:
Satyr Wayfinder

Pack 1 Pick 12
Scouring Sands Felhide Brawler Culling Mark Mountain
My Pick:
Culling Mark

Pack 1 Pick 13
Epiphany Storm Marshmist Titan Forest
My Pick:
Marshmist Titan

Pack 1 Pick 14
Warchanter of Mogis Swamp
My Pick:
Warchanter of Mogis

Pack 1 Pick 15
My Pick:

Pack 2 Pick 1
Ephara's Warden Sip of Hemlock Stymied Hopes Wingsteed Rider Spearpoint Oread Breaching Hippocamp Vulpine Goliath Asphodel Wanderer Savage Surge Setessan Griffin Anvilwrought Raptor Centaur Battlemaster Sentry of the Underworld Pyxis of Pandemonium Forest
Not doing so well at opening good rares today! Oh well - a Wingsteed Rider is a solid pick. Nothing else really stood out.
My Pick:
Wingsteed Rider

Pack 2 Pick 2
Fleshmad Steed Cavalry Pegasus Rage of Purphoros Feral Invocation Returned Centaur Hopeful Eidolon Fate Foretold Akroan Crusader Setessan Griffin Karametra's Acolyte Phalanx Leader Sentry of the Underworld Celestial Archon Swamp
So cutting white in pack 1 seems to have paid off. I'm hoping that I'll get the Cavalry Pegasus back, but unlikely. Really hate to pass the Phalanx Leader - if I had gone the red-white path this would have been a harder decision.
My Pick:
Celestial Archon

Pack 2 Pick 3
Gray Merchant of Asphodel Prescient Chimera Fleetfeather Sandals Guardians of Meletis Asphodel Wanderer Wingsteed Rider Two-Headed Cerberus Setessan Battle Priest Traveler's Amulet Artisan's Sorrow Mogis's Marauder Arena Athlete Plains
Yes please - I'll have another. Gray Merchant as well as Mogis's Marauder - have to watch out for them.
My Pick:
Wingsteed Rider

Pack 2 Pick 4
Ill-Tempered Cyclops Chosen by Heliod Satyr Hedonist Satyr Rambler Leonin Snarecaster Fate Foretold Disciple of Phenax Wavecrash Triton Chronicler of Heroes Dissolve Dark Betrayal Plains
Really wanted the Wavecrash Triton here, but I need some things to target the heroic creatures I already have. Debated this pick for quite a while.
My Pick:
Chosen by Heliod

Pack 2 Pick 5
Lash of the Whip Minotaur Skullcleaver Chosen by Heliod Dragon Mantle Defend the Hearth Agent of Horizons Crackling Triton Shredding Winds Ordeal of Thassa Mogis's Marauder Forest
This is a better trick - wish I had taken the Triton last pick.
My Pick:
Ordeal of Thassa

Pack 2 Pick 6
Fleshmad Steed Unknown Shores Crackling Triton Commune with the Gods Returned Phalanx Anvilwrought Raptor Vanquish the Foul Satyr Piper Tymaret, the Murder King Swamp
This was a mistake - I should have picked up the Vanquish the Foul. Not a good piece of removal, but so far I have none!
My Pick:
Crackling Triton

Pack 2 Pick 7
Pheres-Band Centaurs Nylea's Presence Blood-Toll Harpy Breaching Hippocamp Aqueous Form Spearpoint Oread Ray of Dissolution Vaporkin Island
Vaporkin, Ray, or Aqueous Form - in the end the heroic trigger from the form made me go that direction.
My Pick:
Aqueous Form

Pack 2 Pick 8
Bronze Sable Messenger's Speed Mnemonic Wall Wild Celebrants Two-Headed Cerberus Asphodel Wanderer Satyr Piper Plains
Maybe should have picked up Bronze Sable here.
My Pick:
Mnemonic Wall

Pack 2 Pick 9
Ephara's Warden Stymied Hopes Breaching Hippocamp Vulpine Goliath Asphodel Wanderer Pyxis of Pandemonium Forest
So about what I expected to see wheel in this pack Maybe the Vulpine Goliath is a bit of a surprise (over the Anvilwrought Raptor).
My Pick:
Breaching Hippocamp

Pack 2 Pick 10
Fleshmad Steed Returned Centaur Fate Foretold Setessan Griffin Karametra's Acolyte Swamp
Another heroic enabler.
My Pick:
Fate Foretold

Pack 2 Pick 11
Fleetfeather Sandals Guardians of Meletis Asphodel Wanderer Traveler's Amulet Plains
My Pick:
Traveler's Amulet

Pack 2 Pick 12
Satyr Hedonist Disciple of Phenax Dark Betrayal Plains
My Pick:
Disciple of Phenax

Pack 2 Pick 13
Defend the Hearth Crackling Triton Forest
My Pick:
Crackling Triton

Pack 2 Pick 14
Commune with the Gods Swamp
My Pick:
Commune with the Gods

Pack 2 Pick 15
My Pick:

Pack 3 Pick 1
Nessian Courser March of the Returned Dragon Mantle Nessian Asp Bronze Sable Thassa's Bounty Lagonna-Band Elder Priest of Iroas Scholar of Athreos Disciple of Phenax Sea God's Revenge Tormented Hero Nylea's Emissary Nighthowler Mountain
At least this is a good rare. Too bad I'm not in black... Sea God's Revenge is very strong though. Lots of good green picks again.
My Pick:
Sea God's Revenge

Pack 3 Pick 2
Pheres-Band Centaurs Divine Verdict Guardians of Meletis Spark Jolt Last Breath Scourgemark Griptide Satyr Hedonist Wavecrash Triton Cavern Lampad Ordeal of Heliod Flamecast Wheel Temple of Triumph Island
I should have thought about this pick a bit more. The Ordeal is very good, but my deck is lacking ways to punch through. Griptide or Divine Verdict would have been better picks in the end. I was tempted to take the Temple as well - use the red to activate Crackling Triton.
My Pick:
Ordeal of Heliod

Pack 3 Pick 3
Ephara's Warden Fleshmad Steed Asphodel Wanderer Wingsteed Rider Two-Headed Cerberus Vulpine Goliath Annul Setessan Griffin Disciple of Phenax Tormented Hero Horizon Scholar Warriors' Lesson Swamp
Can't really argue with a third Wingsteed Rider.
My Pick:
Wingsteed Rider

Pack 3 Pick 4
Mnemonic Wall Lightning Strike Traveling Philosopher Two-Headed Cerberus Aqueous Form Silent Artisan Blood-Toll Harpy Scholar of Athreos Triton Shorethief Insatiable Harpy Temple of Abandon Plains
I'd like a second Aqueous Form, but I only have 1 2-drop creature so far...
My Pick:
Traveling Philosopher

Pack 3 Pick 5
Battlewise Valor Spark Jolt Returned Phalanx Coastline Chimera Pharika's Cure Defend the Hearth Deathbellow Raider Borderland Minotaur Ordeal of Erebos Kragma Warcaller Swamp
Battlewise Valor triggers heroic, the Coastline Chimera is a bit too slow for the deck.
My Pick:
Battlewise Valor

Pack 3 Pick 6
Mnemonic Wall Viper's Kiss Vulpine Goliath Asphodel Wanderer Titan's Strength Baleful Eidolon Opaline Unicorn Ray of Dissolution Horizon Chimera Plains
Should have taken the Unicorn or the Ray here - thought maybe I could splash green for the Chimera...
My Pick:
Horizon Chimera

Pack 3 Pick 7
Demolish March of the Returned Observant Alseid Defend the Hearth Agent of Horizons Felhide Minotaur Coordinated Assault Gift of Immortality Swamp
Gift or Observant Alseid? Which do you pick?
My Pick:
Observant Alseid

Pack 3 Pick 8
Pheres-Band Centaurs Annul Traveler's Amulet Shredding Winds Peak Eruption Glare of Heresy Labyrinth Champion Island
For the sideboard.
My Pick:
Glare of Heresy

Pack 3 Pick 9
March of the Returned Bronze Sable Thassa's Bounty Priest of Iroas Scholar of Athreos Disciple of Phenax Mountain
Bronze Sable for another 2-drop maybe?
My Pick:
Scholar of Athreos

Pack 3 Pick 10
Guardians of Meletis Spark Jolt Satyr Hedonist Wavecrash Triton Flamecast Wheel Island
This is a gift.
My Pick:
Wavecrash Triton

Pack 3 Pick 11
Ephara's Warden Fleshmad Steed Asphodel Wanderer Annul Swamp
My Pick:

Pack 3 Pick 12
Two-Headed Cerberus Silent Artisan Triton Shorethief Plains
My Pick:
Two-Headed Cerberus

Pack 3 Pick 13
Returned Phalanx Defend the Hearth Swamp
My Pick:
Returned Phalanx

Pack 3 Pick 14
Viper's Kiss Plains
My Pick:
Viper's Kiss

Pack 3 Pick 15
My Pick:

Ok - so I didn't pick up on the open colours, and probably could have drafted a very solid red-white, white-black, or red-black deck. I think the way the packs were stacked in the Born pack though - it was not easy to pick this up. Here is what I ended up playing:

Unfortunately, the Beta Client doesn't seem to want to show my limited games in the Game History section - so I am unable to get screen shots for you.

So I played the GW drafter from seat 2 in the first round. In game 1 he got an aggressive start and I had a slow start. I managed to stabilize the board at 7 life, and he conceded after I put Ordeal of Heliod on my Wingsteed Rider (that already had Aqueous Form on it). In game 2, by turn 5 I had Wingsteed Rider, with Aqueous Form and Observant Alseid on it with a Loyal Pegasus coming along for the ride. He didn't have an answer - I win 2-0.

In the second round, I faced the GU player from seat 3. He likely got the bounce I didn't get - so I'm really nervous once I figure out what colours he's playing. I load up my Wingsteed Rider anyway and he doesn't find a bounce spell in either game. I win 2-0.

Round 3 did not go so well. I play the RW player from seat 8. His deck did not seem amazing in terms of creature quality, but he played it very aggressively - forcing me into bad trades. He also had both the Excoriate and Divine Verdict I had passed. I made a play mistake in game 2 after dropping game 1. I attacked with my creature when I was behind in life and I had already seen the Excoriate from him in game 1. Next turn he exiled my creature that would have been better used as a blocker and I was never able to recover. Lost 0-2. So once again, an aggressive RW deck takes down the draft.

If you read this far - thanks. If you want to trade or chat feel free to message me - majones12.


seating chart by mindlesslemming at Tue, 05/06/2014 - 12:53
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does the beta client actually tell you what colors other players are drafting, or that chart included your personal notes/assessments?

The beta client shows the by thekk at Wed, 05/07/2014 - 08:59
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The beta client shows the seating around the table. After the tournament is over, you can replay the other players games and infer where each player ended up at.

seating chart by mindlesslemming at Thu, 05/08/2014 - 13:18
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Thanks thekk