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By: CZML, Cassie Mulholland-London
Feb 07 2017 1:00pm
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If you've paid any attention to Standard recently, you've heard of GB Winding Constrictor. There are two popular builds of this deck: one with a Delirium subtheme featuring Traverse the Ulvenwald, Grim Flayer, and Mindwrack Demon and one with an energy subtheme featuring Attune with Aether, Glint-Sleeve Siphoner, and Longtusk Cub. The latter looked more fun, so I built it and took it for a spin.



The day after I recorded this video set (Monday), I switched over to GB Delirium, a similar yet slightly slower deck. I went 4-1 in a Standard PTQ Preliminary on MTGO, earning myself a Constructed PTQ Finals token. I like the deck more in the current meta because it has a more flexible game plan, which is essential in order to beat the swarm of GB decks floating around. Going slightly bigger with slightly more removal (as well as Traverse the Ulvenwald to find your potent sideboard singletons) is really strong in the field right now. If the format shifts hard toward Mardu Vehicles, I'll consider switching back to GB Energy Constrictor, but for now I like the flexibility of Delirium and the raw power of the slower Mindwrack Demon.

The Delirium list:

Here's the link to my stream, for any of you who are interested.

See you next time!