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By: _jacksad_, Jacek Sadurski
Aug 24 2012 10:20am
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(Manager's Note:  First of all we are PureMTGO would like to off our congratulations to Jacek for taking the Legacy MOCS crown!  In an effort to make the article more clear I have taken several freedoms while cleaning it up.  A majority of Jacek's work is original, but because of translation issues from his native language to English this is more edited than normal.  Enjoy!)

Before describing how it happened, I'll tell you why I decided to play the deck that I did play and quickly go over the options that I had. I have played legacy for about 2 years, and haven’t stopped even after the Mental Misstep ban.  That turned the format upside down.   Since then it has not been played at all, which was a huge loss as Legacy is one of the widest, most beautiful and open formats. I played whenever I could, playing mostly 2 mans and DE’s if they fired. At first I was playing Stoneblade:

The deck is interesting in the game, but it did not meet my expectations.  On average it dealt with combos and RUG, but was bad against decks abusing the graveyard.  After testing the deck I decided to change the deck and went with  RUG:

This deck is strong and stable, but still lacked something.  It has a huge minus as it was losing to omnipresent online RDW. Overall, I would still recommend RUG as a top deck for legacy.  It has answers for all possible threats in the format, but I preferred something else.   

The choice fell on reanimator, which I played before Mental Misstep was banned.  Also I could not resist playing Entomb,  since they dropped in price overnight from 40 to 5 tix!  This is due to the giveaway  graveborn decks, which I believe one can pick up for around 10 tickets (If you get four you can get a quite competitive reanimator for pennies what I recommend as an alternative to RDW):


Unfortunately, the return to the reanimator was not successful. I started with 3-1 in DE, then I had two non-paying 2-2 finishes and a tenth place finish in the Legacy Spotlight.  The deck was terribly hated.   Each deck had a ton of disruption for our deck.  Avoiding 3-4 cards could happen but incidental hate, was the problem as I could not be sure that the opponent did not have more.  Cards like Faerie Macabre, Scavenging Ooze and Relic of Progenitus are maindecked. After sideboard came crypt, cages, and other nastiness. 

That was the reason  I decided to once again to change the deck.  I settled on an Omniscience deck that I saw LSV (Thank you Luis!  I wish you the best of luck in the upcoming pro tour.) was playing. I changed almost all sideboard cards and maindecked one additional Personal Tutor. Here is the list I played:


This deck, to me,  was an innovative, stable, and very well built deck!.  In testing it was regularly winning around turns two through four.  The deck had a lot of cards to search for Show and Tell, including four Burning Wish, and two Personal Tutor (this is outside of the filtering stuff like Brainstorm and Ponder.) add the three Show and Tell, and we can have up to nine “virtual copies” of the spell.  This deck had a great matchup with the decks that I expected to see the most.  Due to the fact that Legacy is an expensive online format, I decided for economic reasons that many players would choose to play the following in the MOCS:

1. RDW
2. Goblins
3. Elves
4. Dredge
5. Charbelcher
6. Affinity

The next decks that I knew I would play against were the more expensive ones, and I felt that those would make up a smaller percentage of the overall field. 

Show Tell

Of the decks which I thought would be the most played, I felt that my list had about 80% win rate.  In my opinion the choice of the deck was very reasonable.   I feared RUG, Show and Tell, and Miracle decks the most, because I did not have the best results against them.

Accordingly the sideboard was constructed to restrict the above decks and to facilitate a better post board match in games two and three.   Another factor that I took into consideration was the fact that the tournament would be very long, and as I have poor internet, I did not want to play something that would painstakingly finish the opponent. I did not want to torment myself with long matches and clock problems, when I knew I would have to play many rounds. I wanted to win quickly, to be able to relax and prepare for the next match.  With my playtesting completed, the internet issues factored in I felt it was in my best interest to play this deck.

As for the course of the tournament:

I started with two byes thanks for the points I earned during the season and waited for round three to start!

Round 3 VS RDW 2-1

In this game, it was just about to dig up the Show and Tell and play any of the spells Omniscience / Griselbrand / Emrakul, because the opponent does not have the option to spoil our plan. According to this scheme I ran the whole game - game 1 and game 3 ended in turn 3  after inserting Omniscience and Griselbrand respectively, in Game No. 2  I did not dig fast enough for the combo. Total 2-1 win.


Maverick was a deck that I expected in large quantities, hence the Massacre in my side. This card turned out to be perfect. My opponent started off like this: Noble t1, t2 Noble, Dryad Arbor, and her mother Mother of Runes. My turn 2 is Burning Wish and the Massacre seemed that this game is over right? Well, nothing could be more wrong. My opponent, destroyed my mana base with Wasteland, and got back into the game with a Qasali Pridemage and a Mother of Runes.  With my back against the wall I drew into Island, cast Show and Tell, putting my demon into play and attacked with him to finish him off. 

Game 2 I played carefully around Qasali and (Knight of the Reliquiary).  Making sure that he had no active Knights was hard, but I needed to do so to ensure there would be no Legendary Land issues.  I got some breathing room, cast Show and Tell, put Emrakul into play and when Karakas did not come into play to bounce my guy I knew the game was over. 


Game 1 in principle, was won on Turn 2 : Show & Tell was met with a Force, which I forced Back.  Grisel came to the party and I took over from there.  

Game 2 was interesting, my opponent played a total of three Meddling Mage!  Two of them called Show and Tell.  The first met it's end by Massacre and the second was grapeshot to death.  I had a Grafdiggers Cage to keep him from his combo, and when I was able to deal with the second mage on Show and Tell, I was able to finally resolve my sorcery.  It put Emrakul into play.  I attacked for a ton and with the annihilator wrecking his board I got a comfortable win.  

Round 6 VS MIRACLES 0-2

Game 1 was fast, unfortunately I had mull to six.  I kept a mediocre hand and my opponent took advantage with his Clique and Karakas.  I soon became Clique locked and conceded to save time. 

Game 2 - I can not remember the exact sequence and unfortunately I do not have replays of the game. I know that I could win it, but I ended up making a mistake.  My goal was to shuffle back the only Show & Tell, left in my graveyard.  For some reason my opponent who had double Surgical Extracted me left that one in yard.  I cast Burning Wish to get Petals of Insight, cast the Petals and got greedy.  I kept the Petals, and was saddened when my opponent made me discard it.  With my shuffle the Show and Tell back into my deck plan gone, I switched to plan B, which was to hardcast Omni and get Emrakul out that way.  I never got to ten mana and the miracle deck got me!  

Round 7 VS RUG 2-0

I kept a risky hand

It turned out to be a brillant keep:


I played SHOW & TELL into OMNI.  My opponent forced, I forced back and it resolved.  Griselbrand was cast via the enchantment, and I passed turn ready to block.  He did not attack, and on my turn I drew Ponder.  Ponder showed wish and Petals, and I was able to steal the win.  I cast Petals a large amount of times, then cast wish for grapeshot.  Grapeshot stormed him out. 

Game 2:

A risky keep:


My opponent played a wasteland and activated it.  Then he stopped playing lands.  I was able to disrupt him long enough with Red Elemental Blasts and Dazes to stay in the game.  


We played the waiting game but eventually I forced the issue and got an omni into play.  Winning was fairly easy from there. 


Round 8: RDW 2-1

Same game plan as round three, so here is a screen shot.  The deck is just not fast enough. 

Round 9 and Round 10 VS GOBLINS both 2-1 victories. 

Same as the match up with Red Deck Wins, Goblins has a hard time winning this match.  Of course it is possible to lose, and I did drop games due to not drawing the combo when I needed it. 

Of course the first time I go off on turn one my opponent has the Oblivion Ring to deal with my game ender.  Talk about a rough beat!  

I was able to pick up the next two games in round nine without much of an issue. 

Round 10 was relatively boring as my opponent did not play any interesting tech or hate.  He did have Stingscourger, but he did not have it hand when I went off with Show and Tell.  He never got a chance to play it.  

Round 11 I was paired versus Miracles.  The player was in first place after round ten and I was in fourth.  We were both in the top eight regardless of the finish so we decided to relax and prepare for the top eight.  (Note:  I'm not sure who conceded to who so I will not risk a guess, Manager)


My clanmates were wishing me lots and lots of luck, and the support that New Times showed me was greatly appreciated as I got ready for the top eight.  

Round 12 VS RUG 2-1

Game 1: I tried to play around counters:  Daze, Spell Pierce, and Force were things I was worried about but to play around counters you kinda have to have land.  I did not.  At some point I got tired of waiting and had to force the combo or die.  My opponent only had a Spell Pierce and I had the force for it. 

The opp was mad at his draws, he seemed to have the game in control but I guess it is still sometimes to be better lucky than good! 

Game 2 was less interesting, I pushed Omniscience, but did not have anything to back it up with.  I drew three lands and lost to the pressure of Goyf and Delver.  

Game 3 perfect hand:


I countered his ponder with my Reb, and on my turn I drew into Ponder.  I decided to attempt the combo. Here is the sequence of plays

Show and Tell 
Force Daze
Show resolves
Omniscience enters play. 
Burning wish for Petals
Petals enough time to get what I need to Storm kill and finish off with a Grapeshot.  


For this match I will describe two key moments:

Game 1:

The key turned on my Thoughtseize which I had to wish for.  It discarded his Infernal Tutor, which in my mind was going to allow him to Storm me out with his combo on his next turn.  

My hand for the last game of the semis:

It was crushing to have come so far.  I was disappointed and thought my tournament was over.  

I was wondering what I could draw to win. I thought about how good it would be to draw Brainstorm, which would get me into Grisel+ FOW and something…


Show and Tell resolved.  Grisel came into play and I drew just enough disruption to keep him from storming me out. On to the finals!  

Final match of the MOCS. 

I remember little of it, except that:

1.         The first game was quite long, but I won happily.  I decided to not force the issue with Show and Tell and respond to him.  I would wait for an opening while crafting the perfect hand to do so.  He cast Jace, I forced, and there was my opening.  I cast Show and Tell put Emrakul into play and held my breath.  

No Terminus.  I attacked, ravaged his board and left him an out for his miracle.  Terminus happened this time, but the damage was done.  I was very ahead and cast some cantrips.  I got Burning Wish, got Grapeshot and was able to finish up the game from there. 

Game 2: My opponent kept a risky hand, and that punished him.  On turn five with him having two lands in play I went for it.  

1.       Show and Tell
2.  Opponent Forces
3.  Reb the Force
4.  Blue Elemental Blast my Red Elemental Blast
5.  Reb the Blue Elemental Blast
6.  Show and Tell resolves putting Omniscience into play. 
7.  Emrakul is cast via Omni. 
8.  Opponent concedes. 

I won the legacy MOCS! 



Jacek Cezary Sadurski “jacksad”

·         the credit has to be made to http://psychatog.pl/ and Przemek Oberek who encouraged me to write this coverage!


Congrats on your win and good by Paul Leicht at Fri, 08/24/2012 - 11:34
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Congrats on your win and good job to you and Mr Claytor for an enjoyable read. One small nitpick is that the screenies could be a lot larger. 2-3x their size would have been better. You can control this from the image insert item on the rt editor.

congrats by JXClaytor at Fri, 08/24/2012 - 18:38
JXClaytor's picture

Congrats on the finish and I hope you're not to upset with me for cleaning things up. You should be happy with your finish!

thx by _jacksad_ at Sat, 08/25/2012 - 07:07
_jacksad_'s picture

1st of all I wanted to say thanks for helping me with editting and putting this article together I know there was a lot to be done. It looks good and reads good the aim has not been changed, p.s. r11 FoundOmega - it was his nick ( a very good and nice person) gave me the match so we could meet in final not before as we both feared for this match...

Yeah, he was telling me about by oraymw at Mon, 08/27/2012 - 00:43
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Yeah, he was telling me about that. Also, totally agree that FoundOmega is an incredibly nice guy.