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By: Plainswalker83, Marcus Brunstetter
Jan 09 2017 1:00pm
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First I want to apologize for the unexpected week off I had last week. It seemed the holidays were busier than I anticipated. It seems as I get older more and more piles up in my life and sadly one of the last things I can do is load up Magic Online. However when I had the chance I spent my time wisely testing and experimenting with my Mono White Devotion list.

Before I share my current list I want to talk about another list that has popped up and talk about some of the differences.

A lot of what this deck has I did think about. First off the fact that this deck did well gives me a lot of hope that with some more tweaking my version can be successful as well. One thing I did not think about was the Borderposts as a way of ramping the mana. In my current build though I will not use them mostly due to having Stony Silence in the sideboard.

I also like the legendary creature package the deck has with Thalia’s Lancers. There are a whole host of 1 ofs that you can search out while also having a way to get out a Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx when you need it.

To top it off there is the enchantment package that allows you to protect yourself while still having permanents on the board to fuel your devotion. I saw another similar list have Sphere of Safety as well to make it so creatures would not be a problem.

This version is obviously not bad but my version has move of a value theme to it. I also tend to utilize blinking effects and also the graveyard. This is my updated list.


Not a huge difference but I did add Eldrazi Displacer because of that I added 4 sources of colorless mana in the form of Caves of Koilos. That gave me a few less copies of basic plains so I also cut 1 Emeria.

So far I have been enjoying the change. The deck still performs well against aggro type decks due to the way it can clog up the ground and have a good amount of lifegain. Against decks like burn just landing a turn 3 Finks can give you enough of a buffer to keep in the game. Then if you are able to start blinking it with Restoration Angel or Eldrazi Displacer it can easily be game over. It is the same thing against the zoo decks except even a single Wall of Omens can stop them from being as effective as the want to be.

Affinity is matchup that can go in your favor as well. You have ways to gain life, clog the ground, and block their flyers. If you win game one it just gets better for you after board. You get to add Stony Silence, Aura of Silence, and Ghostly Prison. All of those cards can really bring things under your control.

 This deck also has a way of going bigger and because of that it also does well against control decks and even the Jund and Abzan lists.

In fact the Green/Black decks are some of your best  matchups. Elspeth, Sun's Champion is so good against those decks because they have usually one way to stop her and that is Maelstrom Pulse. You have enough to stop them from attacking and once you start blinking or even getting Sun Titan or Emeria, the Sky Ruin online you almost feel as if you cannot lose.


What are some of the bad matchups?

Tron is one that makes things really hard. Most times you can hold the deck back especially if you get Ghost Quarter and Sun Titan on line. However the card they have that really crushes you is Ugin, the Spirit Dragon. Wiping your board is bad but exiling everything is pretty much back breaking. I have beaten Tron before but usually that is only if Ugin never sees play. Since Tron is so tough I may be adding a third Ghost Quarter. Because it also helps against another deck that can give you some trouble.


Infect is a deck that I have had varying success against. Sometimes you can completely shut them down with Wall of Omens or Journey to Nowhere. However sometimes a Blighted Agent hits and you have no removal or they land a flurry of pump spells before you have an answer. Inkmoth Nexus can be another issue which the extra Ghost Quarter will help with. Having a couple flyers does help though. The sideboard really helps make infect a better matchup. Cards like Blessed Alliance or Ghostly Prison can really help. I also would not mind having a Spellskite because it could be useful in other scenarios as well. This is another matchup that might convince me to put Path to Exile at least in the sideboard.


Dredge has been 50/50 for the most part but I did add in a third Rest in Peace. The main board removal is very good against the creatures and having the walls can slow them down. The lifegain in the form of Kitchen Finks can also keep you alive long enough to start to take over the game. Once you get a Sun Titan active and he starts recurring Finks or even just walls it can be very hard for the Dredge player to come back. There are still those times where they flood the board by turn three and just overwhelm you. I have been thinking about adding a Quarantine Field for that and other troublesome permanents. It is also a great way to spend your extra mana from Nykthos. You can sometimes wipe their whole board.


Lantern Control is another deck that can give you issues but only if you are unable to cast or attack with Sun Titan. Otherwise you can keep recurring that they mill and get into the game that way. Having things like Oblivion Ring in the main will help you get around Ensnaring Bridge which is how they will have to lock you out from winning. Post board you get Stony Silence and Aura of Silence and if you land either you can pretty much piece together a victory.


Going forward I am going to make some minor tweaks like adding in some Paths to the board or adding in an extra Ghost Quarter. Those 2 changes alone can really increase the strength of the deck. I do like having the colorless mana and the Displacer to gain other value and be able to control the board a bit more. I have been thinking about adding some more payoff cards. Cards to consider would be the following.


Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger- He is a finisher that your opponent will not want to see. Especially since his ability is a cast trigger so you can still exile 2 troublesome permanents and be able to have your board threaten your opponent.

Secure the Wastes- Or some other token equivalent. I keep thinking there will be times where I can cast it end of turn then untap and try and win the game with the army that I cast on their end step. Is it viable? I am not completely sure but I have no problems trying it out.

The Legendary Package- Maybe using the same type of tutor effect that the other Devotion list used would be good as well. I would change from a value deck to more of a silver bullet type but it can still work out with card advantage. I would try out various things and see which I liked and go from there.

I have hope that this deck can be a contender and I will continue to test and try it out. Let me know your thoughts? Also if you want to play some Modern contact me.  I would love to test and try out my deck against various opponents.


Thank you for reading! Until next time!