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By: Malum, David Wills
Jul 24 2013 12:24pm
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 Of Peasants and Paupers

Hello all, Welcome back.  This week before we get into the deck reviews and the break down I would like to talk about something that matters, size.  The size I am referring to is event size.  The summer season months for most events is the light season, people have nicer weather and want to take advantage of that. They want to travel, spend time with family, or just lose themselves to a nice sunset.  All of this means you get smaller turn outs for events, and it makes it the perfect time to try out a player run event. Now you might be thinking this is just a sales pitch to get more people to play but it is not.  Fewer players but the same prizes means a higher chance to win some pretty good prizes.  Now for Peasant the structure is like this 7-4-2-2. That means you have even better odds of winning a prize during summer because of the season.  

Now Sunday the 28th will be the last event for Peasant for season 12.  Now you see what we do it have a season based on the release of new sets of course season 12 ends with the release of M14.  To see season 12 off I am offering special prizes to everyone who shows up.

pitchburn devils

They will be foil, and anyone making it to the top 8 gets.

vampire nighthawk

Foil Promo version, This guy has always seemed to make a rather big splash in MBC so it is fitting that he gets some prize love.

The formatting for this event will be x number of swiss rounds and a cut to the top 8 however we factor in the season points for this.  The top 8 for season 12 receive 2 byes, 9th-16th place receive one bye and all others are welcome to attend.  

If you have any further questions please feel free to PM me or send me a message on the pdc forums.  

The Quick recap about Peasant:  

  • When: Registration opens at 7:30 pm EST and games start at 8:00 pm EST, Every Sunday!
  • Where: On gatherling and in /join PEZ in the old Client or #PEZ in the new client. Thats
  • How: A Pauper based deck allowing the use of 5 Uncommons.  For the banned list please look here
  • Why: Prizes and Fun. The Prizes are from Seriously check these guys out their website makes searching for cards easy and if by chance a card is out of stock you can have them Email you when it is back. 
  • Rulesfor a full list of the Rules and times please look here


The Decks


High Tide Augur
1st by netdraft in Peasant 12.10 (5-0)
2 Sea Gate Oracle
3 Archaeomancer
4 Augur of Bolas
4 Cloud of Faeries
13 cards

Other Spells
2 Temporal Fissure
4 Ponder
1 Brainstorm
4 Preordain
2 Ghostly Flicker
4 High Tide
4 Accumulated Knowledge
4 Merchant Scroll
4 Snap
1 Turnabout
30 cards
17 Island
17 cards

High Tide


 I have to say this I am bias I do not like storm.  I have not liked it since the very first time I played Pauper.  I cannot bring myself to be a fan of a deck that requires 10-15 minutes to take a turn.  Yes I know combo and storm are valid deck ideas with a long standing tradition in magic.  However I just do not like the deck.  I admit it is a strong and very capable deck able to pull off turn 3 or 4 wins.  I admit it can fizzle and is week to the proper hate cards and can lead to accidentally timing yourself out. Let me break this deck down a bit and why you will thankfully never see this in regular Pauper.  The premise of the deck is to build up a storm count with an infinite loop of spells bounce all your opponents permanents to their hands and win with your small blue critters.

  • Augur of Bolas This card is a 2 mana 1/3 that draws an instant or sorcery in this deck with 30 cards being valid targets the chances of missing are slim.
  • Turnabout Is not a fair play. This stops a counter war or forces your opponent to use a counter.  This card if used properly not only buys you a turn it wins you the game. 

Now the rest of these cards are considered commons in Peasant and are why this deck is so strong

  • High Tide the decks namesake this card is the engine for the deck making your untap spells generate infinite mana.  You usually need 2 of them, but in a deck with this drawing power getting them is easy. Fallen empires strikes again with an over powered Common that will not be reprinted at common on MTGO.
  • Merchant Scroll Homelands was not a very fun set to play but it did give blue this card at common and frankly I am afraid not that it is a proverbial cat out of the bag.  This card gives blue even more access to searching spells or "tutors" at common I think we will be seeing more of this card.
  • Blue Elemental Blast This card I like it as a cheap alternative to Hydroblast and is just as effective. I know this means you could be sporting 8 like effects but dedicating that much hate to your sideboard may be over committing.


Yeah I know I show up a good bit in the top but I try and play something a bit different each time unless I am running late and just grab the first deck I feel like.  This deck though is a pet project of mine.  Cheap delver, with Cloud of Faeries, Snap, and Gush You can look at a buy in of over 100 tickets for mono blue delver.  This deck however, runs less than 10 tickets the strength of delver at 10% of the price.  See I like player run events that are accessible to newer players and budget builds make me happy.  I want a player to be able to play a format have fun and not have a 100, 200, or 300+ ticket buy in for a deck.  Ok enough about prices and such this deck works on landing an early threat in delver and then controlling the board with removal and counter magic.  If delver gets dealt with the deck also runs 4 Werebear that can put out a quick clock as a mid to late game 4/4. The cards that make this different from the Pauper version are kind of fun.

  • Turn/Burn Gatecrash split card this guy is in the early game an overpriced shock. In the late game it is a kill their biggest threat and in mid game it is a nice two for one.  This deck runs more mana then your usual delver deck so higher priced cards like this work out better and best of all it too flips delver. 
  • Firespout the red/green Day of Judgment. Yes it can kill your own delvers but it will not kill your Werebears late/mid game this card can really put you ahead on the board. Several good players have already spoken to the power of this card so I do not think I need to go into too much detail about it. 
  • Blue Elemental Blast Same as with High Tide Augur a practical replacement for Hydroblast
  • Red Elemental Blast I like saving money and tickets so this card is right up my alley.


The Meta

 1st Deck Colors High Tide Augur* by netdraft
 2nd Deck Colors Delver RuG* by Malum
 T4 Deck Colors MBC* by dueyutah
 T4 Deck Colors Affinity* by Torreth
Metagame Stats
Aggro 25%
Combo 17%
Control 25%
Aggro-Control 8%
Unclassified 25%
42% 33% 42% 25% 58%

Netdraft swept this event with his deck though I am not sure how often this one will pop up as the price of the deck is a bit steep. Otherwise we are seeing the former dominators of MBC and Affinity still ending in the money.  With M14 I do not see any obvious new decks emerging but with a core set you do not get that many new cards. 


The Wrap Up

M14 will be out this Friday unless this is late getting out if that is the case it will have been out last Friday either way it brings with it a card I want to talk about.


Yes everyone has been talking about this whipper snapper.  In burn decks it is a steady source of creatures.  In Izzet post it can form the endless swarm.  In storm decks, well you get the picture it can be a good support card.  However I think this card could be a build around threat as a replacement for a dominating over powered card that has already been banned in regular Pauper.  That is right.

Empty the Warrens 

You would have to remember that you want to land the Pyromancer first then simply go off making sure to save 2 mana for your same turn finisher of (Goblin Bushwacker).  I know with the old storm cards prices being so low I might just have to give this a shot myself.