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By: MarcosPMA, Marcos Rodriguez
Jun 08 2017 12:00pm
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Hello and welcome to another edition of Sealed Success!  Last week I said I would look over my win percentages by format and I realized that it would be a daunting task given that I didn't really update my records at the end of each article, so I'd have to look at each video and try and find the records of each match, so it was a little more work than I thought I'd have to do.  So instead I'd like to do it in sections and break it down and see why those numbers are the way they are.  Today I'd like to look over M14, Theros, Theros and Born of the Gods, Theros, Born of the Gods and Journey into Nyx, and M15:

  • M14 Sealed 15-11 57%
  • M14 Draft 1-1 50%
  • Theros Sealed 48-31 60%
  • Theros Draft 8-7 53%
  • BNG/THS Sealed 14-13 51%
  • BNG/THS Draft 6-4 60%
  • THS Block Sealed 7-6 53%
  • THS Block Draft 1-3 25%
  • M15 Sealed 10-9 52%
  • M15 Draft 3-1 75%

Some of these numbers are a little off because either I didn't draft the format enough (M14) or I was doing 8-4 drafts (Theros Block Drat) and would lose the first round and that would be that.  My win percentage in Theros Sealed is not as high as I thought it was (75%) but 60% is a pretty solid number that I'm happy with.  However, that number isn't telling the true tale of how well I played during Theros only Limited.  Throughout that season I would do Daily Events on my own time and either post a 3-1 or 2-2 record, and then I'd sell valuable rares/mythics and keep doing Daily Events.  There were very few times that I'd not get any prize support from an event, so I'd be able to do another event no matter what.  I'd wager to say that I played close to 100 matches of Theros Sealed on Magic Online, which might be the most matches of a format I've played.  Other things to note:

  • I only drafted M15 twice: a 3-0 and a 0-1.
  • There was a quick turnaround between Journey into Nyx and M15, so very little DE's there.
  • I drafted M14 once
  • I didn't do BNG/THS Sealed 4 Pack Sealed more often than not and didn't include those numbers.

I think I want to see is if other fall sets will have the same amount of matches as Theros did.  Now, I know I did five 5 round "pptq" style events during Theros to try and qualify for the Theros Limited Championship, but I figure a fall set should have about 30 matches played and a smaller set have 20.  But that's something we can tackle next week as we'll start off by looking at Khans of Tarkir and make our way to Battle for Zendikar.  Let's take a look at the upcoming schedule before opening some packs:

  • Today - Amonkhet Draft League #6, Amonkhet Sealed League #3 videos, Amonkhet Sealed League #4 video
  • 6/15 - Amonkhet Draft League #7, Amonkhet Sealed League #3 video, Amonkhet Sealed League #4 videos
  • 6/22 - Amonkhet Draft League #8, Amonkhet Sealed League #3 videos, Amonkhet Sealed League #4 videos
  • 6/29 - Amonkhet Draft League #9, Amonkhet Sealed League #4 videos, Amonkhet Sealed League #5 video

Amonkhet Draft League #6

I first picked Hazoret because I wanted to see how Hazoret worked and whether you can build a deck around her.  When I see a card and I'm not sure how good it is, I'll take it and try and play with the card to see how powerful it is.  I don't generally force that card, but with Hazoret it was a little different because I want to see if a god card in Amonkhet is as windmill slam as it was in Theros.  It led me down a path of UR Aggro with Curator of Mysteries and 4 Slither Blade.  Yes, that's FOUR Slither Blade.  If the goal is to get empty handed for Hazoret, might as well play a creature that is cheap and will get damage in right?

Even though I went 0-3, with a little luck I could have had a much different result.  I don't think I've drafted UR before and forcing the issue isn't going to get me a good deck, but I knew that when I took Hazoret and was committed to making her work.  She can work, but it's imperative that you draw her and are able to attack with her as soon as possible if you're drafting a deck with her in mind.  The games where I wasn't able to draw her or get her going, those are the games I lost because I wasn't drawing good cards that actually impacted the board with mana curve that stops at 5 mana.  My deck really needed to have Hazoret on turn 4 every game and that wasn't the case.  I might have had a better deck if I played Hazoret in just a generic R/X deck and not force the issue.

Amonkhet Sealed League #3

To be honest I wasn't very enthused about having to play matches with this pool, so imagine my surprise that I ended up with a 1-1 record for the first two matches of this league.  The games I won I was able to put pressure on my opponent and use my removal spells to help swing for lethal, so perhaps I need to do that instead of trying to be a more grindy control deck with mediocre creatures.  If I go Gust Walker on turn 2 and then play Cartouche of Ambition on turn 3, I have a strong opening that can be backed up with Aven Wind Guide beats or one of my many Final Rewards.  I'll have to reassess my pool and see if I can be a little more aggressive with my deck so that I can win more games like I did in my second match.

Amonkhet Sealed League #4

Really?  Really????  4 Gift of Paradise, are you kidding me?  Add to that the two Sixth Sense and Shed Weakness I opened and it's like I opened five and a half packs instead of six.  Given the issues with creatures I had in the last sealed, I decided it'd be best to sort my colors by the amount of creatures I have and see what colors I can work with.  Red and green are immediately eliminated, leaving me with white, blue and black to work with.  I try to make UW and WB work, but I realize I don't have the creature quality to make either of those decks work so I try to make an Esper deck work, much like the one I have in my other sealed league.  You don't always have to be a two color deck in sealed if you believe your two color deck isn't going to win matches for you.  Sometimes the best thing you can do is try and make a three color deck work and hope the mana works in your favor in the event you don't have any mana fixing.  Always try and give yourself the best chance at winning, even if winning carries a higher risk than normal.


I may have lost the draft going 0-3, and have been wrong about my win percentage in Theros, but I did learn some things today and that's the important part.  This series is meant to educate and it'll do it in victory and in defeat.  There are times when the best lessons you can learn are by watching someone make a mistake and learning why it was made and how to avoid it.  If I didn't draft a bad deck forcing Hazoret and a low curve, I wouldn't have known not to do it and instead make a deck with Hazoret in it as opposed to a Hazoret deck.  That type of deck is likely better served in constructed. Hopefully we'll do better than 0-3 next week, let's turn that to a 3-0!

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns leave them in the comments section below.  You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here, you'll find all the videos in this article there along with bonus content I make for the channel.

Thanks for reading and watching!