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By: TheVlagh, That-Which-Is-Called-The-Vlagh
Aug 22 2017 12:00pm
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Last week at SCG Richmond, Logan Reinhardt took his own version of Mono-White Martyr and ended day 1 9-0, the only undefeated player on the day and in first place. Here is the list:


He ended up in 23rd, meaning day two didn't go as well, but for a deck to win nine rounds in a row (twice on camera, against Grixis Shadow and Scapeshift) has to mean the deck is more than just dumb luck. When I saw this guy popup on stream I got very excited, I was a huge fan of Soul Sisters since way back when it was a tier two deck in Extended (anyone else remember Extended?) and I couldn't pass up a chance to play my favorite one mana 6/6. Reinhardt's strong showing day one gave me hope that the deck could live again, I changed the sideboard a bit and ran with this list in a Modern league: 

Here is my full deck tech where I go more in depth into each card played.

I am not a fan of playing two copies of a sideboard card, I find that I draw them too inconsistently, especially in a deck with little filtering/card draw. I wanted to play Leyline of Sanctity to combat Scapeshift Combo and Storm as well as to shut down decks that run a lot of Thoughtseize effects, it also has the added bonus of shutting off two out of three of Liliana of the Veil's abilities. Then I just took the other sideboard cards I liked the most and moved up from two copies to three. The other difference in the deck are A) The Banisher Priest, when I looked at Reinhardt's original list I swear it said that over Banishing Light, though the enchantment makes much more sense, and B) The Day of Judgments instead of Wrath of Gods, which came down to what I had on hand. There aren't that many modern playable creatures with regeneration but ideally, Wrath of God is definitely the right choice. With that, here is Round 1 of the league.

Round One vs. U/B Delver

Definitely an... interesting brew from our opponent. But our deck showed a powerful ability to grind out an opponent over a long game if they do not have a way to deal with our graveyard shenanigans. 

Round Two vs. Jund Madness

This match felt very close, Liliana of the Veil is a very powerful card and our opponent drew many copies of them. I made a couple play mistakes, coupled with our opponent drawing better off the top later meant a long, grindy, sad loss. Still trying to get used to commentating and playing. 

Round Three vs. Living End

This was a good match! Living End is a deck that I see fairly often on MTGO and I think this deck handles it well. We did not even need the graveyard hate game two and even though our opponent was able to go off we were able to push through for the win. 

 Round Four vs. Grixis Deathshadow

This match did not go well at all. They were able to grind us out of cards and drew their consistent plan. We didn't draw the right cards at the right time (always an issue with Mono-White decks) and lost badly. I think taking out our wraths was wrong, but we really wanted to draw Squadron Hawk earlier. 

Round Five vs. Eldrazi Tron

Well, this didn't go quite as planned, but a win is a win. We ended the league 3-2, got our entry fee back plus a chest, and had fun doing it, which is really all I can ask for out of a deck on MTGO. The deck did not perform as well as I had hoped, though I didn't play very well at times. I found sideboarding difficult, wondering when the right time to bring in Leyline of Sanctity and what to board out. This deck is a lot more complex than I gave it credit for at first and I think that familiarity with the deck would be a huge boon. Playing and commentating is not as easy as I thought it would be and I will get better at both in time. Let me know what you think of the deck and if you would make changes, also if you have comments on the videos let me hear them. Until next time, take it easy.