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By: Quick, Vince W
Feb 26 2013 12:10pm

I've always liked playing with momentary blink, in the past you'd only ever blink mulldrifters and aven riftwatchers, but we've got some pretty saucy new cards to bounce, and even saucier cards to bounce with now. This deck has a very inherently easy aggro matchup, and it can grind out games with the best of them against controlling and midrange decks. Let's check out the decklist.


"Blink" Utility

Undying Evil

Undying evil is an often overlooked card. It turns their removal off, and it gives you another creature. When you build a deck based around come into play effects, this card is often a 2 for 1, and a lot of times even more.

Ghostly Flicker 

Ghostly Flicker has been making a huge splash in pauper, and it's no wonder why. This card just oozes value, you practically have to wear gloves when you touch this card so you don't get value all over your hands.

Momentary Blink

Momentary Blink used to be a huge card in pauper, but players have moved on. It's not as good as it used to be, but it used to be absolutely absurd. And, well, it still can be. It still protects your creatures from removal, and recycles your come-into-play effects.


Cloudshift doesn't look that great, but it's just half a momentary blink. This is still a good thing, though. No one ever plays around cloudshift if you have a single white up. As a plain old "counter target spell that targets a creature you control", it probably wouldn't be worth playing, but since all of our creatures are willing to just do stuff for free when they show up, it becomes playable.


Bloodhunter Bat

This card does exactly what it says. It takes 2 life from them and gives it to us. Alone, this is probably not very good, but when coupled with ghostly flicker with a mulldrifter in play, we're suddenly gaining life, killing them, and drawing cards all at once. This seems like a pretty good deal.

Blind Hunter

Blind Hunter is basically just a worse Bloodhunter bat in this deck. The haunt is not really something we want to do a lot of, since it doesn't play well with undying evil, but every once in a while it comes up and is a positive. You should basically just treat this as bloodhunter bat 5 and 6, though.


Well, we wouldn't be very smart if we were playing a blink deck and not playing one of the iconic creatures in pauper who happens to scream "BLINK ME, PLEASE". This turns all of our 1 mana blink spells into over half an ancestral recall. Just think about that, 1 mana, draw 2 cards. That's insane. When you ghostly flicker a mulldrifter and anything else, it just feels like cheating. If you plan on playing this deck, you should make yourself aware that you can evoke a mulldrifter and then blink/undying evil it to do dirty, dirty things.

Lone Missionary

Lone Missionary is very good at what it does. It keeps you alive, and it beats down. You'd be surprised how much damage a turn 2 lone missionary can do against a lot of the slower decks in the format. Even against the faster decks, it's an amazing target for a cloudshift, and even better, an undying evil.  Even if this was a 1/1, it'd probably be played, the fact that it's a relatively aggressively costed 2/1 for 2 makes it even sweeter.

Aven Riftwatcher

I've always had a soft spot for this card. People almost never counter or kill cards that have vanishing. It's very strange, even when it's very bad for them to let it happens, they just keep it around to buy you a lot of time in crucial turns. This card is simply degenerate when blinked, since it gains life when it leaves play AND enters play. So your cloudshift resets its vanishing counters and gains you 4 life (not counting the initial 2 life gain, and then later, another 2 life if it dies). This is a great defensive creature, it stops almost everything that's attacking in the air nowadays, and it's usually nearly a permanent creature in our deck with so many ways to blink it.

Trinket Mage

I'm sure everyone knows what trinket mage does. But if you don't, I'll explain it for you. When you need something, trinket mage is going to throw what you need at you. Need mana? Here 'ya go, you can even choose the color! An aggressive deck is putting pressure on you? Poof! We've got a sylvok lifestaff to deter attacks. Is your opponent doing silly things with their graveyard? Pah! They will soon be relics of the past. Trinket mage just rains value down onto you, and is so flexible at what it does that it'd be insane not to run it.

Honorable mentions that didn't make the cut

Cavern Harpy

You'd look at cavern harpy and think it'd be perfect, right? Well.. It's sadly not. It's often way too clunky, we're not aluren, so we have a hard time casting multiple creatures in a turn.

Kor Skyfisher

This creature is almost in the same boat as the cavern harpy, but it can at least be played as a blocker onto an empty board. If Kor Skyfisher and Cavern Harpy could be combined into a single card (i.e. not a mandatory blink, able to be bought back), it'd definitely be a 4-of in this deck.

Chittering RatsRavenous Rats

This isn't just a UB trinket mage control style of deck, we're aiming to kill them in a different way than denying them draws/going infinite mana. Although that is a very fun deck, it is not this one. Chittering rats mana cost is also a little restrictive for a three color deck to try to accomplish.


Sylvok Lifestaff

Sylvok Lifestaff is pretty neat. The +1/+0 is good for beating down, and it can often make the different between jumping and killing an attacker. Gaining 3 life when our creature dies is a huge bonus. The more we trade equally with creatures, the more time we'll have to start doing more degenerate things.

Executioner's Capsule

I'm very surprised that this card does not see more play, it's a cheap answer to ulamog's crusher, and any other creature that is non-black. The fact that it can be tutored up at will with trinket mage makes it even better, in my eyes.

Seat of the SynodVault of WhispersAncient Den

Mana Base

As we've seen in the trinkets section, we've got 1 of each artifact land to fetch up. But what else?

Azorius Guildgate

I've got a terrible, terrible love affair with guildgates. I know they're a little slower than would be ideal, but they just make things so very smooth. If you really dislike guildgates because of how slow they are, you could easily play more basics instead. I just feel the consistency is worth the minute speed loss.

IslandSwampPlainsEvolving Wilds

We're playing very little white spells, basically just a splash. So we don't need many plains. We typically get enough white mana just from a single white source, but occasionally you need a little more. The same could be said about swamps and black mana, I suppose, but it's a little more important than white mana. But Islands/Blue mana, well, we typically need as much of it as we can get. Evolving wilds, like the guildgates, is a little slow, but being able to choose whatever mana you want is worth coming into play tapped, I think. If you absolutely do not want to play evolving wilds, you could play esper panorama.




Aether Spellbomb

Aether spellbomb is a pretty good sideboard card against the hyper-aggressive decks of the format. Bouncing a double rancor'd creature can be a huge tempo swing, and playing this can simply stop them from casting rancor entirely.
Augur of Skulls

Augur of Skulls is pretty neat. It's a cheap mind rot, it's a blocker, it's an attacker. It can really do so much. You'll be bringing this in against control decks, more often than not.


Sometimes all the lifegain we're running just isn't enough, and we need to kill their dorks as well. Disfigure is very aggressively costed to do so, and it's nice to have some instant speed removal that isn't on board.


The bane of control. It does everything a control player doesn't want us to do. It takes their best spell, and it gives us information so we know what to play around. This is a hugely powerful card in any format it's legal in.

Evincar's Justice

The more I play with the card, the more I like it. This is likely the closest thing to damnation we'll get in pauper, so let's use it.


Hydroblast should be in every blue decks sideboard, if for no other reason than to counter other players pyroblasts. But it can and often does so much more than that, countering crucial fireblasts, et cetera.

Sylvok Lifestaff

We've gone over this in the trinkets subsection, but in a lot of matchups it's worth having a second. If at any point we've got two of these suited up on a creature against aggro, you've probably won the game at this point.



This is probably one of the more fun decks in pauper. I'm not sure how competitive it can be, but many matchups are just free wins. Some popular matchups like affinity are pretty rough, though. Perhaps there are things we can change to make that a more reasonable matchup, but for now I'd say play this deck to have win and have fun, but it's quite likely you'll be doing more of the latter.

As always, here's a sample hand generated by mtgo: