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Dec 12 2013 12:33pm
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Good back and forth on the by GainsBanding at Thu, 12/12/2013 - 18:00
GainsBanding's picture

Good back and forth on the cast this week.

I have a rebuttal to Andy's argument about past Standards or formats where "if you weren't playing Deck X you're playing the wrong deck."

There's never a time when people are literally all playing the same deck. Even in those mythic Urza's, Mirrodin, and Caw-Blade days, there were multiple decks being played. There are always attempts to beat the most dominant deck and exploit its weaknesses. A metagame with a strong but non dominant deck Deck A would have that one squarely on top for a while until Deck B came along and exploited it weakness, forcing Deck A to adjust but now it's weak to Deck C.

Classic is Deck A (Stax) remaining constant for years with other decks poking at its weaknesses - and sometimes winning. But there's only been one point in the last three years when it hasn't been a good time to play Stax, and that's when Delver decks were putting them down. When was that? 2011? I forget why the Delver decks went away, but that's not a playable deck anymore.

I'm sorry this whole argument gets into personal territory when it should be about the numbers.

If it helps, I've never played prison stax but I've won a bunch with Affinity since those Winter of Classic events way back when. I'd restrict Lodestone in a heartbeat.

LOVE YOU AND I AGREE by Clan Magic Eternal at Thu, 12/12/2013 - 20:50
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Great stuff by Darkleebs at Fri, 12/13/2013 - 00:54
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Great stuff again CME. Your points for and against were well thought out and logical for and against restriction. I am with Andy in letting WOTC decide restrictions. Since we all play this format regularly, I see there is a conflict of interest. Let an independent party aka wizards that does not play the format decide while supplying the data both for and against if needed. Now that I have said my two cents, long live stax. Also zachtolio, that name is freaking great.

The problem with Wizard by Wickedrh at Fri, 12/13/2013 - 09:46
Wickedrh's picture

The problem with Wizard deciding the restriction for classic is that, they don't know anything about classic. They don't test or pay attention to classic unfortunetly, hence the situation we are in.

Bingo!! by enderfall at Fri, 12/13/2013 - 12:28
enderfall's picture


Nice cast by EpsilonMinus at Fri, 12/13/2013 - 20:20
EpsilonMinus's picture

I agree about the time slot issue. It's pretty inexcusable that Wizards is that ignorant of the demographics of the format player base.

I have to side with Zach about the Dredge matchup. I remember talking to Fishy about the deck and he told me that it was his biggest problem. Having played Dredge with Fish-style decks quite a bit, I can concur. The issue is that you really need to seal them off getting going at all, even just getting four or five Bridge tokens out can be a headache, and the fact that you generally have a pretty slow clock gives them quite a bit of time to find their anti-hate and dig out, as opposed to something like an Oath or Tinker-centric deck where you really just need to stick the hate for a couple turns and win the game from there. Rest in Peace is nice hate out of the board, but 3 RiPs = not enough to make it positive, IMO.

Maybe I'm being narcissistic, but I felt kind of like the elephant in the room during the restriction discussion. One point of agreement with Montolio: I definitely don't think it's the place of the community to be managing our own B&R list. Outside of the inherent conflicts of interest, it doesn't get to what is, IMO, the crux of the issue, which is low attendance in Classic DEs. Even if I thought it was a marvelous idea to restrict Tangle Wire or Lodestone Golem in PREs, the Restricted List is already settled in DEs and the DE attendance, IMO, although improved, has more problems than the PRE attendance, which is more or less fine.

The genesis of my own article, which happened to coincide with enderfall's survey (which I had no part in), came out of Pete Jahn's opinion column and the discussion of why Legacy DEs were firing and Classic DEs were not, despite the similar monetary barriers. One topic that came up was the dominance of Workshop decks stifling diversity in the format. This complaint definitely resonated with my own experiences of the format, although it is not enough to drive me away, and I eventually went in and did an analysis of the tournament data we had available. If it were the case that the data contradicted the popular narrative and the data showed that there were multiple archetypes with a more or less fair shot, I would have been the first one to shout it from the rooftops, as the whole reason I put in the time to do my columns is to promote the format, but the only real viable conclusion from the data is that the popular narrative is largely correct, which honestly makes it pretty hard to promote the format, especially to skeptics who believe that Classic is all Workshops + Oath.

As for my own aims in writing the article, it was to compile the data in one place and spur Classic players to action. Whether that action will work or not, I have no idea, but I know that if I didn't do it and didn't try, that the next B&R cycle will pass without incident, because the DCI is not going to pay attention to Classic on it's own accord and I do believe that, whether you think something is off in the format or not, that the fact that the DCI is not even paying attention is a bad thing.