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By: SpikeBoyM, Alex Ullman
Dec 12 2013 12:33pm
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First mention of PDC on DailyMTG:

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Alex's interview with Mike Gills after Pauper becomes a sanctioned format:

Daily Events return:

Trick Jarrett's announcement:

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You have to expect a certain by Xaoslegend at Fri, 12/13/2013 - 06:10
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You have to expect a certain amount of animosity from the executives at Wizards/Hasbro to formats like Pauper. I've generally believed that they would see better profits appealing to a variety of interests in their product, instead of just trying to lock out any budget options. If you even mention Player Run Events in the chat the ORCs basically threaten to suspend your account. I always thought Pauper was a fine format if a little expensive at times. In any case it has been a great alternative to the major formats and enjoyed by many.

I invest my time and efforts into running the PRE of Heirloom and promoting it to exist despite what WOTC hands down as edict. I think that if you care about the communities of this game that you have to involve yourself at least somewhat with the grass roots of MTGO. The game has exceeding the boundaries it was designed for. At this point we don't need to play by their rules anymore.