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By: ArchGenius, Marcus Rehnberg
Sep 06 2009 9:27am
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So, why write about 100 singleton?  If you check around, there is no shortage of online articles about 100 singleton.  And, when you look at the numbers, there aren't a lot of people playing 100 singleton when compared to standard or pauper.  So, why should we spend so much time thinking and writing about 100 singleton?  Because 100 singleton is an extremely fun format that is simply dying because classic prizes currently aren't profitable enough to sustain it.  I'm writing this article to increase awareness of the format, and to propose a few ways in which Wizards should reexamine prizes/tournaments for classic era events. I like this format so much I've entered at least 1 weekend tournament just to get the minimum number of players to get it started knowing that I'd miss a round or two due to other commitments.  This format is worth saving, and here are some reasons why...

What is good about 100 singleton?

1. This format captures a lot of the spirit of the game that many of us loved when we first started playing.  You never know what your opponent might have.  No two decks are the same. (Well, okay some people copy decks at the competitive level of play, but most of the top 8 decks have several differences.) No two games are the same.  With 100 singleton, games usually are not won or lost with the same cards.  You need to think on your feet and react to the board and plan your moves carefully.  100 singleton is sort of like a giant draft game in which players can recruit all of the best cards throughout magic history in order to battle each other on an epic scale.

2. You can play with your all-time favorite cards competitively. Let's face it.  We all have emotional attachments to certain cards, and we get a kick out of playing them again.  However, a lot of these cards may be limited bombs but they would be torn apart facing a competitive Elf-ball deck or a Counter-Top deck, or a Aether Vial Goblin deck.  The point is 100 singleton is one of the few places where cards like Lightning Crafter, (Meloku), Tallowisp, Lord of the Undead, and Genesis can really shine. 

3. Few games end the same way.  I've played my share of competitive constructed games, and the problem I always face is that the match-ups start to blend together.  If you've played a couple of Faerie mirror matches, you know what I'm talking about.  With 100 singleton, you will always encounter games that are new, and not something you've seen a hundred times before.  And if your deck seems to be getting stale, you can always change around 10-15 cards to get a new fresh take on a familiar deck.

4.  Decision making is incredibly important.  Have you ever played a tutor and had around 40 different potential targets?  In this format, that situation is not just possible, but it happens all the time.  

5. You can rediscover old cards.  Every new card printed creates a new possible combo.  For instance, after Ant Queen was released, I dusted Fertile Ground off a bit and incorporated this lovely combo into a couple of my green decks.  Yes, Earthcraft and Squirrel Nest is a well known combo, but I kind of like changing it up a bit.

Earthcraft     Fertile Ground     Ant Queen

Here's another of my new favorite M2010 combos.

Gorgon Flail     Goblin Sharpshooter

Also, after Changelings were released, I rediscovered Higure, the Still Wind.

Higure, the Still Wind    Chameleon Colossus     Nameless Inversion

I just love rediscovering old cards and combining them with new cards.

What is bad about 100 singleton?

1. The cost to construct a deck can be a bit steep, especially if you're building a 3+ color deck. Let's face it, duals are expensive.  Force of Will is still expensive. Planeswalkers are expensive.  Constructing a 100 card deck requires you to buy expensive cards.  The good news is that you don't need to buy a playset (ie. 4) of anything.  Buying 1 of each dual land is expensive, but it's a lot cheaper than buying 4 of each dual land.  With 100 singleton you can play with all the cards without spending a fortune on a set of any one card.  It's not as bad as buying a classic deck, but it can still be a bit on the expensive side of things.

2. The prizes really suck.  At the moment the 100 singleton 2-man queues pay out with Tempest packs. These packs can't be drafted unless you can match them up with Stronghold packs which you can't win as prizes separate from Tempest packs and you can't buy them from the store.  As a result, Tempest packs are barely worth more than the entrance fee to a 2-man queue.  So, the only viable tournament option is the weekend premiere event, which pays out in draft sets of Tempest and Stronghold.  There still isn't much demand for these, even when you get the Stronghold packs.  In fact, I would bet that most of the Tempest-Stronghold drafts that fire have some 100 singleton players in them. 

Why should I care about 100 singleton?

1. Soon Master's Edition 3 will come out, and it will be good.  Mana Drain and the enemy duals will mean that those packs will be heavily drafted.  If/when the 100 singleton prizes switch over to Master Edition 3, the format will be very profitable again.

How can this be improved?


1. Combine all classic packs into one generic "Classic Draft Pack"

There is not much demand for older drafts.  They rotate formats and take forever to fill.  You have to trade and sell packs like a fiend in order to try the classic format of the week.  Then, if you're lucky enough to win, you have to sit in the queues for that particular draft format until it fires again.  Of course you could try to sell off your packs to buy different packs, but the classic packs aren't worth much and no one is buying them.  In the end drafting older formats is an exercise in frustration.  So why not consolidate the packs into generic "Classic Draft Packs" which can't be opened but can be used as an entrance fee to enter any out of print draft queue. Use the prizes from a Kamigawa draft last week to enter this week's Invasion Draft queues. Then user your winnings from that draft to enter next week's Mirrodin draft queues.  Trust me, demand for prizes will go up, and more people will draft classic sets if they know their prizes are actually useful.

2. Create a "Wager" Challenge

Format 100 Singleton Match
Wager Birds of Paradise
Comment Looking for Kitchen Finks or Pithing Needle or anything of similar value
Chat/Accept? accept challenge, reject challenge or negotiate buttons

It takes forever to find someone to play against in the practice room.  And once you do, they quit as soon as their next draft round starts, or you play a card they don't like.  Because there is nothing on the line, there is no incentive to play seriously.  It's very frustrating.  If you introduce a "Wager" challenge, in which the winner gets all the wagers, then players have a reason to stick it out.  Also, the more valuable the "wager" the harder the opponent you are likely to meet.  If you want a casual game "wager" a foil land. If you want a cut-throat game "wager" a M2010 pack.  This solves the problem of finding players of the appropriate strength and it gives players an incentive to construct and play competitive decks.  Normally, the 2-man queues would be sufficient for this assignment.  But since Tempest packs are worth just a bit more the price of admission, this option is not viable. 

How do you make a 100 singleton deck?

First, look at the staples of the format.  What are the must-have cards?  If you are playing a certain combination of colors what cards do you need to have?  To answer these questions I've looked at the posted results for the top 8 decks from 7-100 singleton weekend challenge premiere events.  Basically, every tournament result I could find before writing up this report.  It won't include the most recent results that came out this Thursday due to the fact that I'm writing this before Thursday.  Anyway, I counted the number of times each card appeared in a top 8 deck from these tournaments in order to get an idea of which cards the best decks/players are using.  This should give us a decent list of the must-have cards for each color or color combination.


Card Name Top 8 # Type Purpose
Sensei's Divining Top 37 Artifact Utility
Sword of Fire and Ice 33 Artifact Equipment
Sword of Light and Shadow 20 Artifact Equipment
Duplicant 16 Artifact Creature
Engineered Explosives 15 Artifact Utility
Chrome Mox 12 Artifact Mana
Lightning Greaves 12 Artifact Equipment
Solemn Simulacrum 11 Artifact Creature
Dimir Signet 10 Artifact Mana
Phyrexian Furnace 10 Artifact Utility
Pithing Needle 10 Artifact Utility
Vedalken Shackles 10 Artifact Utility
Epochrasite 9 Artifact Creature
Pyrite Spellbomb 9 Artifact Utility
Coalition Relic 9 Artifact Mana
Loxodon Warhammer 8 Artifact Equipment
Izzet Signet 8 Artifact Mana
Winter Orb 8 Artifact Utility
Mind Stone 8 Artifact Mana
Cursed Scroll 8 Artifact Removal
Azorius Signet 7 Artifact Mana
Talisman of Progress 6 Artifact Mana
Mistvein Borderpost 6 Artifact Mana
Veinfire Borderpost 6 Artifact Mana
Relic of Progenitus 6 Artifact Utility
(Æther Vial) 5 Artifact Utility
Goblin Charbelcher 4 Artifact Utility
Etched Oracle 4 Artifact Creature
Darksteel Ingot 3 Artifact Mana
(Æther Spellbomb) 3 Artifact Utility
Coat of Arms 3 Artifact Utility
Mask of Memory 2 Artifact Equipment
Talisman of Dominance 2 Artifact Mana
Mox Diamond 2 Artifact Mana
Wildfield Borderpost 2 Artifact Mana
Zuran Orb 2 Artifact Utility
Triskelion 2 Artifact Creature
Prismatic Lens 2 Artifact Mana
Razormane Masticore 1 Artifact Creature
Scrabbling Claws 1 Artifact Utility
Talisman of Impulse 1 Artifact Mana
Scroll Rack 1 Artifact Utility
Orzhov Signet 1 Artifact Mana
Selesnya Signet 1 Artifact Mana
Grindstone 1 Artifact Utility
Coldsteel Heart 1 Artifact Mana
Mindslaver 1 Artifact Utility
Fellwar Stone 1 Artifact Mana
Ankh of Mishra 1 Artifact Utility
Gruul Signet 1 Artifact Mana
Boros Signet 1 Artifact Mana
Painter's Servant 1 Artifact Creature
Helm of Awakening 1 Artifact Mana
Helm of Obedience 1 Artifact Utility
Muse Vessel 1 Artifact Utility
Sundering Titan 1 Artifact Creature
Icy Manipulator 1 Artifact Removal
Mask of Intolerance 1 Artifact Utility


Card Name Top 8 # Type Purpose
Shriekmaw 16 Black Creature
Smother 11 Black Removal
Tainted Pact 10 Black Search
Executioner's Capsule 10 Black Removal
Damnation 8 Black Removal
Nekrataal 8 Black Creature
Makeshift Mannequin 8 Black Reanimation
Twisted Abomination 6 Black Search
Dark Confidant 5 Black Draw
Liliana Vess 4 Black Search
Chainer's Edict 4 Black Removal
Bitterblossom 4 Black Creature
Thoughtseize 4 Black Discard
Diabolic Intent 3 Black Search
Grim Harvest 3 Black Reanimation
Tombstalker 3 Black Creature
Duress 3 Black Discard
Profane Command 3 Black Removal
Terror 3 Black Removal
Living Death 2 Black Reanimation
Oona's Prowler 2 Black Creature
Nameless Inversion 2 Black Removal
Ghastly Demise 2 Black Removal
Necravolver 2 Black Creature
Eyeblight's Ending 2 Black Removal
Buried Alive 2 Black Reanimation
Leyline of the Void 1 Black Utility
Infest 1 Black Removal
Cabal Interrogator 1 Black Discard
Order of the Ebon Hand 1 Black Creature
Consume Spirit 1 Black Removal
Diabolic Edict 1 Black Removal
Ghost-Lit Stalker 1 Black Discard
Corrupt 1 Black Removal
Rend Flesh 1 Black Removal
Nightmare Incursion 1 Black Utility
Tendrils of Agony 1 Black Removal
Cruel Edict 1 Black Removal
Maga, Traitor to Mortals 1 Black Creature
Animate Dead 1 Black Reanimation
Scepter of Fugue 1 Black Discard
Nezumi Shortfang 1 Black Creature
Infernal Contract 1 Black Draw
Okiba-Gang Shinobi 1 Black Discard
Oversold Cemetery 1 Black Reanimation
Entomb 1 Black Reanimation
Ambition's Cost 1 Black Draw
Undead Gladiator 1 Black Creature
Phyrexian Arena 1 Black Draw
Knight of Stromgald 1 Black Creature
Shimian Specter 1 Black Creature
Korlash, Heir to Blackblade 1 Black Creature
Mind Sludge 1 Black Discard
Reanimate 1 Black Reanimation
Sickening Shoal 1 Black Removal
Silent Specter 1 Black Discard
Necromancy 1 Black Reanimation
Skeletal Scrying 1 Black Draw
Nezumi Graverobber 1 Black Creature
Night's Whisper 1 Black Draw
Beseech the Queen 1 Black Search
Tendrils of Corruption 1 Black Removal
Insidious Dreams 1 Black Search
Soul Burn 1 Black Removal
Soul Spike 1 Black Removal
Twilight's Call 1 Black Reanimation
Distress 1 Black Discard
Underworld Dreams 1 Black Damage
Drain Life 1 Black Removal
Decree of Pain 1 Black Removal
Hideous Laughter 1 Black Removal
Dread 1 Black Creature
Stillmoon Cavalier 1 Black Creature
Visara the Dreadful 1 Black Creature
Stitch Together 1 Black Reanimation
Dread Return 1 Black Reanimation
Brainspoil 1 Black Removal
Dross Golem 1 Black Creature
Stromgald Crusader 1 Black Creature
Waking Nightmare 1 Black Discard
Sudden Death 1 Black Removal
Kokusho, the Evening Star 1 Black Creature
Mutilate 1 Black Removal
Hollow Specter 1 Black Creature
Krovikan Horror 1 Black Creature
Honden of Night's Reach 1 Black Discard
Last Rites 1 Black Discard
Rancid Earth 1 Black Land Destruction
Demonic Consultation 1 Black Search
Wit's End 1 Black Discard
Horobi's Whisper 1 Black Removal
Wrench Mind 1 Black Discard
Nantuko Shade 1 Black Creature
Hypnotic Specter 1 Black Creature
Puppeteer Clique 1 Black Creature



Card Name Top 8 # Type Purpose
Fact or Fiction 30 Blue Draw
Brainstorm 28 Blue Draw
Trinket Mage 24 Blue Search
Ancestral Vision 22 Blue Draw
Counterspell 21 Blue Counterspell
Cryptic Command 21 Blue Counterspell
Force of Will 20 Blue Counterspell
Thirst for Knowledge 20 Blue Draw
Remand 20 Blue Counterspell
Mulldrifter 20 Blue Creature
Mana Leak 20 Blue Counterspell
Compulsive Research 19 Blue Draw
Mystical Tutor 18 Blue Search
Pact of Negation 17 Blue Counterspell
Mystical Teachings 16 Blue Search
Venser, Shaper Savant 15 Blue Creature
Jace Beleren 14 Blue Draw
Ponder 14 Blue Draw
Memory Lapse 13 Blue Counterspell
Vendilion Clique 13 Blue Creature
Bribery 11 Blue Search
Future Sight 11 Blue Draw
Impulse 11 Blue Draw
Daze 11 Blue Counterspell
Negate 10 Blue Counterspell
Deep Analysis 10 Blue Draw
Meloku the Clouded Mirror 9 Blue Creature
Merchant Scroll 9 Blue Search
Dismiss 9 Blue Counterspell
Condescend 8 Blue Counterspell
Tezzeret the Seeker 8 Blue Search
Repulse 7 Blue Bounce
Exclude 7 Blue Counterspell
Man-o'-War 7 Blue Creature
Dissipate 6 Blue Counterspell
Repeal 6 Blue Bounce
Careful Consideration 5 Blue Draw
Glen Elendra Archmage 5 Blue Creature
Force Spike 5 Blue Counterspell
Sower of Temptation 5 Blue Creature
Muddle the Mixture 5 Blue Counterspell
Psionic Blast 5 Blue Removal
Drift of Phantasms 5 Blue Search
Upheaval 4 Blue Removal
Pestermite 4 Blue Creature
Fabricate 4 Blue Search
Looter il-Kor 4 Blue Creature
Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir 4 Blue Creature
Mana Severance 4 Blue Combo
Vesuvan Shapeshifter 4 Blue Creature
Gush 4 Blue Draw
Arcane Denial 4 Blue Counterspell
Tradewind Rider 3 Blue Creature
Court Hussar 3 Blue Creature
Spell Snare 3 Blue Counterspell
Stifle 3 Blue Counterspell
Body Double 3 Blue Reanimation
Peek 2 Blue Draw
Complicate 2 Blue Counterspell
Remove Soul 2 Blue Counterspell
Aeon Chronicler 2 Blue Creature
Hinder 2 Blue Counterspell
Kira, Great Glass-Spinner 2 Blue Creature
Keiga, the Tide Star 2 Blue Creature
Circular Logic 2 Blue Counterspell
Concentrate 2 Blue Draw
Ninja of the Deep Hours 2 Blue Creature
Spell Burst 2 Blue Counterspell
Evasive Action 2 Blue Counterspell
Wonder 2 Blue Creature
Spellstutter Sprite 2 Blue Creature
Standstill 2 Blue Draw
Rune Snag 2 Blue Counterspell
Rewind 1 Blue Counterspell
Counterbalance 1 Blue Counterspell
Compulsion 1 Blue Draw
Magus of the Bazaar 1 Blue Draw
Foresee 1 Blue Draw
Careful Study 1 Blue Draw
Bonded Fetch 1 Blue Draw
Tidings 1 Blue Draw
Cunning Wish 1 Blue Search
Power Sink 1 Blue Counterspell
Merfolk Looter 1 Blue Creature
Collective Restraint 1 Blue Removal
Mind Spring 1 Blue Draw
Sleight of Hand 1 Blue Draw
Ethersworn Adjudicator 1 Blue Creature
Thought Courier 1 Blue Draw
Threads of Disloyalty 1 Blue Removal
Braingeyser 1 Blue Draw
Divert 1 Blue Counterspell
Flashfreeze 1 Blue Counterspell
Portent 1 Blue Draw
Honden of Seeing Winds 1 Blue Draw
Legacy's Allure 1 Blue Removal
Read the Runes 1 Blue Draw
Ideas Unbound 1 Blue Draw



Card Name Top 8 # Type Purpose
Eternal Witness 33 Green Creature
Kitchen Finks 32 Green Creature
Tarmogoyf 30 Green Creature
Noble Hierarch 27 Green Creature
Garruk Wildspeaker 25 Green Utility
Birds of Paradise 24 Green Creature
Llanowar Elves 23 Green Elf
Troll Ascetic 21 Green Creature
Call of the Herd 20 Green Creature
River Boa 20 Green Creature
Ravenous Baloth 20 Green Creature
Fyndhorn Elves 20 Green Elf
Phantom Centaur 18 Green Creature
Wickerbough Elder 17 Green Creature
Mire Boa 15 Green Creature
Ohran Viper 15 Green Creature
Sakura-Tribe Elder 15 Green Creature
Chameleon Colossus 14 Green Creature
Wild Mongrel 14 Green Creature
Boreal Druid 13 Green Elf
Indrik Stomphowler 13 Green Creature
Primal Command 13 Green Search
Wall of Roots 12 Green Creature
Genesis 11 Green Creature
Harmonize 11 Green Draw
Werebear 10 Green Creature
Yavimaya Dryad 10 Green Creature
Worldly Tutor 9 Green Search
Chord of Calling 8 Green Search
Wild Nacatl 8 Green Creature
Vinelasher Kudzu 7 Green Creature
Krosan Grip 7 Green Removal
Sylvan Library 6 Green Draw
Dryad Sophisticate 6 Green Creature
Elves of Deep Shadow 6 Green Elf
Nantuko Vigilante 6 Green Creature
Sylvan Safekeeper 6 Green Creature
Plow Under 6 Green Time Walk
Twinblade Slasher 6 Green Elf
Quirion Dryad 5 Green Creature
Leaf Gilder 5 Green Elf
Imperious Perfect 5 Green Elf
Thornling 5 Green Creature
Viridian Zealot 5 Green creature
Quirion Ranger 5 Green Elf
Viridian Shaman 4 Green Elf
Wren's Run Packmaster 4 Green Elf
Nettle Sentinel 4 Green Elf
Essence Warden 4 Green Elf
Patagia Viper 4 Green Creature
Llanowar Mentor 4 Green Elf
Elvish Champion 4 Green Elf
Wirewood Hivemaster 4 Green Elf
Earthcraft 4 Green Combo
Eladamri, Lord of Leaves 4 Green Elf
Thornweald Archer 4 Green Elf
Grizzly Fate 4 Green Creature
Farseek 4 Green Acceleration
Elvish Harbinger 4 Green Elf
Caller of the Claw 4 Green Elf
Wolf-Skull Shaman 4 Green Elf
Bloodline Shaman 4 Green Elf
Thornscape Battlemage 4 Green Elf
Birchlore Rangers 4 Green Elf
Heartwood Storyteller 4 Green Creature
Wall of Blossoms 4 Green Creature
Civic Wayfinder 4 Green Elf
Heritage Druid 4 Green Elf
Masked Admirers 4 Green Elf
Wellwisher 4 Green Elf
Hunting Triad 4 Green Elf
Summoner's Pact 4 Green Search
Wirewood Symbiote 4 Green Elf
Sylvan Messenger 4 Green Elf
Wren's Run Vanquisher 4 Green Elf
Sylvan Scrying 4 Green Acceleration
Squirrel Nest 4 Green Combo
Evolution Charm 3 Green Utility
Seedcradle Witch 3 Green Elf
Basking Rootwalla 3 Green Creature
Nature's Lore 3 Green Acceleration
Moldervine Cloak 3 Green Pump
Rampant Growth 3 Green Acceleration
Kodama's Reach 3 Green Acceleration
All Suns' Dawn 3 Green Recursion
Elvish Vanguard 3 Green Elf
Rude Awakening 3 Green Recursion
Elvish Visionary 3 Green Elf
Elvish Spirit Guide 2 Green Elf
Overrun 2 Green Pump
Berserk 2 Green Pump
Talara's Battalion 2 Green Elf
Living Wish 2 Green Search
Drove of Elves 2 Green Elf
Bramblewood Paragon 2 Green Elf
Genju of the Cedars 2 Green Creature
Farhaven Elf 2 Green Elf
Kavu Titan 2 Green Creature
Briarhorn 2 Green Creature
Predator's Strike 2 Green Pump
Timberwatch Elf 2 Green Elf
Carven Caryatid 2 Green Creature
Seeker of Skybreak 2 Green Elf
Scryb Ranger 2 Green Creature
Wirewood Herald 2 Green Elf
Kodama of the North Tree 2 Green Creature
Elephant Guide 2 Green Pump
Search for Tomorrow 2 Green Acceleration
Krosan Tusker 1 Green Creature
Lys Alana Huntmaster 1 Green Elf
Tooth and Nail 1 Green Combo
Journey of Discovery 1 Green Search
Utopia Tree 1 Green Acceleration
Vernal Bloom 1 Green Acceleration
Restock 1 Green Recursion
Seal of Primordium 1 Green Removal
Granger Guildmage 1 Green Creature
Thrill of the Hunt 1 Green Pump
Great Sable Stag 1 Green Creature
Might of Old Krosa 1 Green Pump
Gemhide Sliver 1 Green Creature
Silhana Ledgewalker 1 Green Creature
Fertile Ground 1 Green Acceleration
Nimble Mongoose 1 Green Creature
Nostalgic Dreams 1 Green Recursion
Nullmage Shepherd 1 Green Elf
Dawn's Reflection 1 Green Acceleration
Harrow 1 Green Acceleration
Into the North 1 Green Acceleration
Heartbeat of Spring 1 Green Acceleration
Moment's Peace 1 Green Fog
Deadwood Treefolk 1 Green Creature
Spike Feeder 1 Green Creature
Utopia Sprawl 1 Green Acceleration
Explosive Vegetation 1 Green Acceleration
Primal Order 1 Green Damage
Stonewood Invocation 1 Green Pump
Recollect 1 Green Recursion
Early Harvest 1 Green Acceleration
Revive 1 Green Recursion

Card Name Top 8 # Type Purpose
Loxodon Hierarch 24 Multi Creature
Qasali Pridemage 22 Multi Creature
Fire/Ice 16 Multi Removal
Eladamri's Call 16 Multi Search
Shadowmage Infiltrator 15 Multi Creature
Bloodbraid Elf 15 Multi Creature
Lightning Helix 14 Multi Removal
Congregation at Dawn 11 Multi Search
Knight of the Reliquary 11 Multi Creature
Anurid Brushhopper 11 Multi Creature
Bituminous Blast 11 Multi removal
Wilt-Leaf Liege 11 Multi Creature
Watchwolf 11 Multi Creature
Electrolyze 11 Multi Removal
Wilt-Leaf Cavaliers 10 Multi Creature
Enlisted Wurm 10 Multi Creature
Murderous Redcap 10 Multi Removal
Boggart Ram-Gang 10 Multi Creature
Figure of Destiny 10 Multi Creature
Rhox War Monk 9 Multi Creature
Trygon Predator 9 Multi Creature
Vindicate 9 Multi Removal
Ajani Vengeant 9 Multi Utility
Selesnya Guildmage 9 Multi Creature
Firespout 9 Multi Removal
Putrefy 8 Multi Removal
Soul Manipulation 8 Multi Counterspell
Maelstrom Pulse 8 Multi Removal
Pernicious Deed 8 Multi Removal
Steward of Valeron 8 Multi Creature
Dauntless Escort 7 Multi Creature
Giant Solifuge 7 Multi Creature
Gaddock Teeg 7 Multi Creature
Psychatog 7 Multi Creature
Naya Charm 7 Multi Removal
Mortify 7 Multi Removal
Gruul Guildmage 6 Multi Creature
Woolly Thoctar 6 Multi Creature
Lightning Angel 6 Multi Creature
Terminate 6 Multi Removal
Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker 6 Multi Utility
Nucklavee 6 Multi Creature
Brion Stoutarm 6 Multi Creature
Putrid Leech 6 Multi Creature
Cruel Ultimatum 6 Multi Utility
Rise/Fall 6 Multi Utility
Glare of Subdual 5 Multi Removal
Bringer of the Blue Dawn 5 Multi Creature
Burning-Tree Shaman 5 Multi Creature
Behemoth Sledge 5 Multi Utility
Mycoid Shepherd 5 Multi Creature
Supply/Demand 5 Multi Search
Doran, the Siege Tower 5 Multi Creature
Maelstrom Nexus 5 Multi Utility
Rafiq of the Many 5 Multi Creature
Tattermunge Maniac 5 Multi Creature
Bringer of the Black Dawn 5 Multi Creature
Vexing Shusher 4 Multi Creature
Maelstrom Archangel 4 Multi Creature
Bant Charm 4 Multi Removal
Ashenmoor Gouger 4 Multi Creature
Rhys the Redeemed 4 Multi Creature
Saffi Eriksdotter 4 Multi Creature
Sarkhan Vol 4 Multi Creature
Fulminator Mage 4 Multi Creature
Rakdos Guildmage 3 Multi Creature
Manamorphose 3 Multi Utility
Madrush Cyclops 3 Multi Creature
Lorescale Coatl 3 Multi Creature
Knotvine Paladin 3 Multi Creature
Sygg, River Cutthroat 3 Multi Creature
Duergar Hedge-Mage 3 Multi Creature
Mystic Enforcer 3 Multi Creature
Jenara, Asura of War 3 Multi Creature
Rip-Clan Crasher 2 Multi Creature
Gerrard's Verdict 2 Multi Discard
Lord of Extinction 2 Multi Creature
Temporal Spring 2 Multi Bounce
Goblin Legionnaire 2 Multi Creature
Angel of Despair 2 Multi Creature
Oversoul of Dusk 2 Multi Creature
Empyrial Archangel 2 Multi Creature
Absorb 2 Multi Counterspell
Grand Arbiter Augustin IV 2 Multi Creature
Clutch of the Undercity 2 Multi Search
Plumeveil 1 Multi Creature
Boartusk Liege 1 Multi Creature
Glittering Wish 1 Multi Search
Igneous Pouncer 1 Multi Creature
Rumbling Slum 1 Multi Creature
Goblin Trenches 1 Multi Creature
Colossal Might 1 Multi Pump
Scab-Clan Mauler 1 Multi Creature
Necrotic Sliver 1 Multi Creature
Teferi's Moat 1 Multi Utility
Numot, the Devastator 1 Multi Creature
Sedris, the Traitor King 1 Multi Creature
Double Negative 1 Multi Counterspell
Dragon Broodmother 1 Multi Creature
Fleetfoot Panther 1 Multi Creature
Shadow of Doubt 1 Multi Counterspell
Vithian Renegades 1 Multi Creature
Sharuum the Hegemon 1 Multi Creature
Sigil Blessing 1 Multi Pump
Simic Sky Swallower 1 Multi Creature
Mirari's Wake 1 Multi Acceleration
Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind 1 Multi Creature
Fiery Justice 1 Multi Removal
Oona, Queen of the Fae 1 Multi Creature
Firemane Angel 1 Multi Creature
Spellbound Dragon 1 Multi Creature
Sphinx Summoner 1 Multi Creature
Valley Rannet 1 Multi Creature
Vedalken Heretic 1 Multi Creature
Broodmate Dragon 1 Multi Creature
Coiling Oracle 1 Multi Creature
Radha, Heir to Keld 1 Multi Creature
Mystic Snake 1 Multi Creature
Armadillo Cloak 1 Multi Pump
Hull Breach 1 Multi Removal
Deus of Calamity 1 Multi Creature

Card Name Top 8 # Type Purpose
Lightning Bolt 27 Red Removal
Flametongue Kavu 26 Red Removal
Firebolt 24 Red Removal
Incinerate 20 Red Removal
Magma Jet 20 Red Removal
Grim Lavamancer 11 Red Removal
Char 11 Red Removal
Banefire 10 Red Removal
Arc-Slogger 10 Red Removal
Kird Ape 9 Red Creature
Mogg Fanatic 9 Red Creature
Siege-Gang Commander 9 Red Creature
Flame Javelin 9 Red removal
Imperial Recruiter 8 Red Search
Bogardan Hellkite 7 Red Removal
Sudden Shock 7 Red Removal
Sulfuric Vortex 6 Red Damage
Demonfire 6 Red Removal
Lash Out 6 Red Removal
Magus of the Moon 6 Red Land Disruption
Volcanic Hammer 6 Red Removal
Dwarven Blastminer 6 Red Land Disruption
Taurean Mauler 6 Red Creature
Rift Bolt 6 Red Removal
Seal of Fire 6 Red Removal
Ingot Chewer 5 Red Creature
Fireblast 5 Red Removal
Keldon Marauders 5 Red Creature
Tin Street Hooligan 5 Red Creature
Avalanche Riders 5 Red Creature
Hell's Thunder 5 Red Creature
Molten Rain 5 Red Land Disruption
Hellspark Elemental 5 Red Creature
Blistering Firecat 5 Red Creature
Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker 5 Red Creature
Mogg War Marshal 4 Red Creature
Ball Lightning 4 Red Creature
Pillage 4 Red Land Disruption
Pyrokinesis 4 Red Removal
Hearth Kami 4 Red Creature
Magus of the Scroll 4 Red Creature
Flames of the Blood Hand 4 Red Damage
Shard Volley 4 Red Removal
Slith Firewalker 4 Red Creature
Genju of the Spires 4 Red Creature
Dwarven Miner 4 Red Land Disruption
Blood Moon 3 Red Land Disruption
Scorched Rusalka 3 Red Removal
Zo-Zu the Punisher 3 Red Land Disruption
Smash to Smithereens 3 Red Removal
Lava Dart 3 Red Removal
Lava Spike 3 Red Damage
Reckless Charge 3 Red Removal
Countryside Crusher 3 Red Creature
Jackal Pup 3 Red Creature
Tarfire 3 Red Removal
Frostling 2 Red Creature
Gathan Raiders 2 Red Creature
Skred 2 Red removal
Stigma Lasher 2 Red Creature
Pulse of the Forge 2 Red Damage
Puncture Blast 2 Red Removal
Urza's Rage 2 Red Removal
Sulfur Elemental 2 Red Removal
Flamekin Harbinger 2 Red Search
Emberwilde Augur 2 Red Removal
Thunderbolt 2 Red Removal
Akroma, Angel of Fury 2 Red Creature
Rakdos Pit Dragon 2 Red Creature
Shock 2 Red Removal
Intimidator Initiate 2 Red Creature
Ruination 2 Red Land Disruption
Martyr of Ashes 2 Red Removal
Jaya Ballard, Task Mage 1 red Creature
Akki Avalanchers 1 Red Creature
Kaervek's Torch 1 Red Removal
Anger 1 Red Creature
Vulshok Sorcerer 1 Red Creature
Goblin Bombardment 1 Red Removal
Thunderblust 1 Red Creature
Carbonize 1 Red Removal
Goblin Razerunners 1 Red Creature
Pyroclasm 1 Red Removal
Lightning Axe 1 Red Removal
Godo, Bandit Warlord 1 Red Creature
Mana Flare 1 Red Acceleration
Fiery Fall 1 Red Removal
Cryoclasm 1 red Land Disruption
Violent Eruption 1 Red Removal
Galvanic Arc 1 Red Removal
Needle Drop 1 Red Removal
Skirk Marauder 1 Red Creature
Inner-Flame Acolyte 1 Red Creature
Chain of Plasma 1 Red Removal
Thunder Dragon 1 Red Creature
Spark Elemental 1 Red Creature
Squee, Goblin Nabob 1 Red Creature
Blood Knight 1 Red Creature
Chandra Nalaar 1 Red Removal
Stalking Yeti 1 Red Creature
Mudbrawler Cohort 1 Red Creature
Volcanic Fallout 1 Red Removal
Frenzied Goblin 1 Red Creature
Chartooth Cougar 1 Red Creature
Barbed Lightning 1 Red Removal

Card Name Top 8 # Type Purpose
Swords to Plowshares 34 White Removal
Path to Exile 30 White Removal
Oblivion Ring 30 White Removal
Exalted Angel 22 White Creature
Elspeth, Knight-Errant 15 White Utility
Battlegrace Angel 13 White Creature
Ranger of Eos 12 White Creature
Enlightened Tutor 11 White Search
Eternal Dragon 10 White Search
Isamaru, Hound of Konda 9 White Creature
Faith's Fetters 9 White Removal
Wrath of God 9 White Removal
Condemn 8 White Removal
Tithe 8 White Search
Reveillark 7 White Creature
Moat 7 White Removal
Hallowed Burial 7 White Removal
Serra Avenger 7 White Creature
Decree of Justice 6 White Utility
Steelshaper's Gift 6 White Search
Stonehewer Giant 6 White Search
Weathered Wayfarer 5 White Search
Calciderm 5 White Creature
Armageddon 5 White Land Disruption
Ravages of War 5 White Land Disruption
Dismantling Blow 4 White Removal
Crib Swap 4 White Removal
Stonecloaker 4 White Creature
Ajani Goldmane 3 White Utility
Idyllic Tutor 3 White Search
Mana Tithe 3 White Counterspell
Rout 3 White Removal
Hokori, Dust Drinker 3 White Land Disruption
Soltari Priest 3 White Creature
Spectral Procession 3 White Creature
Wall of Reverence 3 White Creature
Kami of Ancient Law 2 White Creature
Pulse of the Fields 2 White Life Gain
Sunlance 2 White Removal
Dispeller's Capsule 2 White Removal
Yosei, the Morning Star 2 White Creature
Glory 2 White Creature
Soltari Monk 2 White Creature
Cloudgoat Ranger 2 White Creature
Knight of the White Orchid 2 White Creature
Humility 2 White Removal
Momentary Blink 2 White Utility
Reya Dawnbringer 1 White Creature
Tallowisp 1 White Creature
Akroma, Angel of Wrath 1 White Creature
Feudkiller's Verdict 1 White Creature
Austere Command 1 White Removal
Archon of Justice 1 White Creature
Sanctum Gargoyle 1 White Creature
Prison Term 1 White Removal
Savannah Lions 1 White Creature
Scepter of Dominance 1 White Removal
Martial Coup 1 White Removal
Paladin en-Vec 1 White Creature
Griffin Guide 1 White Pump
Aven Mindcensor 1 White Creature
Recumbent Bliss 1 White Removal
Reprisal 1 White Removal
Eight-and-a-Half-Tails 1 White Creature
Temporal Isolation 1 White Removal
Mirror Entity 1 White Creature
Ethersworn Canonist 1 White Creature
Solitary Confinement 1 White Combo
Akroma's Vengeance 1 White Removal
Pariah 1 White Combo
(Jötun Grunt) 1 White Creature
Winds of Rath 1 White Removal
Sunscape Familiar 1 White Creature

 So, how do we use this information to build a deck?  We start with an idea, which can be anything from "I want to play aggro" to "Pingers and Gorgon Flail."  There are literally hundreds of places to start.  Elves, Goblins, Shamans, Enchantments, Artifacts, Black/White, White/Red, Armageddon, well, you get the idea.  Lets start with a relatively simple idea.

I've always liked the Kamigawa Snake tribes and Opposition has always been a favorite way to win, so let's combine them.

Start with the idea:

Opposition     Sosuke's Summons     Seshiro the Anointed  

Now let's add some of the best snakes in the game:

Sakura-Tribe Elder Coiling Oracle Mire Boa River Boa Mystic Snake Lorescale Coatl Ohran Viper Patagia Viper Chameleon Colossus Mystic Snake

It's looking like this deck is going to be a green and blue deck, so to fill out the deck, we look at 3 things.

1. The top Blue cards in the list.

2. The top green cards in the list.

3. More cards that compliment our themes of tokens and snakes.

After looking over the lists I fill out the deck like so.

A couple of cards are missing from this list because I don't own the cards.  Force of Will Engineered Explosives and Pithing Needle.  Sometimes you just have to avoid playing with cards you don't own. 

Anyway, from here we need to add lands to our deck and start testing it out in some practice games in order to see which cards work in the deck and which cards are good on paper, but bad in real life.

So, which cards here are going to be cut?  Which cards are going to stay? How in the world do you add lands to a 100 singleton deck anyway.  As I have already made this article far too long, join me next time for the answers to those burning questions.

-Marcus, the man with a user name that is entirely too long. "Shuyin Knight of Zanarkand" on Magic Online.




Lands by diktator at Sun, 09/06/2009 - 09:52
diktator's picture

How many lands do these decks usually run?

In general 40% is a good by Paul Leicht at Sun, 09/06/2009 - 16:52
Paul Leicht's picture

In general 40% is a good average for any deck but I find I tend to go a slight be light (35-38) to fit in some fixing that otherwise wouldn't make the cut.

I talk exclusively about by ArchGenius at Sun, 09/06/2009 - 20:20
ArchGenius's picture

I talk exclusively about lands in part 2. The short answer is that the top decks typically run between 37 to 44 lands depending on mana curve.

great article by rainin6 at Sun, 09/06/2009 - 10:43
rainin6's picture

i played yesterday 100cs, love the format and i agree with all you say about why its worth saving.
thanks for the compilation list too!

100CS Rocks by Zimbardo (not verified) at Sun, 09/06/2009 - 12:17
Zimbardo's picture

Thanks for the article, and nice job of outlining some of the things that make the format so much fun.

I don't think it's likely that Wizards would ever setup the wager feature. It smacks too much of gambling (i.e. it is obviously gambling) and would require coding work. I don't think they have a lot of flexibility in either area.

The "classic pack" idea would be nice. But I also doubt they will do that. People have been saying for years that they want a generic pack instead of specific prize packs, and Wizards has always ignored those voices. If they started letting us choose our prize packs, people would probably buy less packs from the store. My guess is that they'd come out ahead through better tournament participation if the prize packs allowed us some options, but maybe I'm just stupid.

One way or another, they definitely need to stop paying out in classic packs that hardly anybody wants. My suggestion is that they pay out in Master's Edition 2/3 forever. Dual lands will never go out of style. They would need to put up ME draft queues occasionally to make this worthwhile, of course.

Whatever they do, I hope we don't get stuck with Exodus (and more Tempest/Stronghold) prizes when that comes out. The interest in that set will be fleeting, and demand for Tempest/Stronghold will only continue to drop. Even Urza's block doesn't fill me with confidence, because while the sets will be popular initially, a lot of people will quickly accumulate the broken/restricted staples and move on. That's why ME2/3 are better prizes: dual lands are in high demand and always will be. Apart from that, having more duals out there will make both Classic and 100 Card healthier and more accessible.

One more thing: Nix Pax drafts hurt 100CS. It further reduces the demand for classic block packs.

I agree that wager set-up is by ArchGenius at Sun, 09/06/2009 - 23:34
ArchGenius's picture

I agree that wager set-up is not very likely to happen. I think it would be very helpful to the community in finding casual games against like-minded similar skill-level opponents.

As you said, wagering cards, even digital non-redeemable cards, might have legal implications that might kill the idea in Wizard's eyes. I'm not a lawyer, I don't know the issue well enough to say anything more than that. Still, I'd rather suggest a solution, even an unlikely solution, than stay silent about an issue that I believe deserves attention.

I think "Classic" packs has a much better chance of being implemented.

"Generic" packs are a bit different from "Classic" packs. If you can't buy the packs in the store, then your packs are not competing with the store.

If I win an Alara Block 2-man tourney and get a pack of Alara Reborn, Wizards wants me to buy a pack of Shards and Conflux so I can draft it again. That is all well and good, and if we made generic packs wizards wouldn't be able to sell us the missing pieces of our draft set. I understand this and accept it as a way Wizards wants to make money.


If I win a pack of Tempest from a 100 singleton match, I CAN'T buy or WIN a pack of Stronghold to use it to draft with. My pack basically becomes a dead end, and that's not a good prize.

If I win two packs from a CBS nix tix draft I'm in even worse shape. I can't buy the third pack to draft it again because Wizards doesn't sell it, and after this week I can't draft CBS again for a couple of months until it's available again.

"Classic" packs solves both problems, and doesn't compete with packs Wizards wants to sell to us.

True by Zimbardo at Mon, 09/07/2009 - 01:02
Zimbardo's picture

Thanks for the additional explanation on the classic pack idea. Agreed, that does seem like a reasonable option for both parties involved.

Moar Pauper 100cs please by 53N531 at Sun, 09/06/2009 - 14:14
53N531's picture

Moar Pauper 100cs please

Wow by moerutora (not verified) at Sun, 09/06/2009 - 18:41
moerutora's picture

First article of 100 C Singleton and I loved it. Seems like an interesting concept. I was getting bored of casual and I dont have too much money to draft constantly nor am I able to go infinite all the time.
Seems fun. I may give it a try soon.


You can't go infinite with by TheDwarf at Mon, 09/07/2009 - 01:18
TheDwarf's picture

You can't go infinite with draft mate :) This is only urban legend! 2 or 3 bad drafts in a row and you are as far as possible from infinite (and bad drafts are common even for pro players! ). So if you want to go infinite just play constructed and win more than 50% of the time.And if you want a cheap format try Pauper - after you buy 40 or 50 "expensive" cards (1-3 tixs), most of your collection will cost a 0,01-0,03 per card :)

Funny, I don't think my by Paul Leicht at Mon, 09/07/2009 - 02:20
Paul Leicht's picture

Funny, I don't think my collection even comes into the 150 ticket value range (not counting the .05 or less cards) even with all my cards combined. I am certain my pauper collection isn't even close. Scary thought when a format purports to be for the $0 crowd but the MUST play cards cost in total between $100 and $150 (just based on your comment, no real data.) Spending that much on a single game is not for paupers. It might before economic minded individuals but certainly not for people like me. (Assuming that you MUST have the $1-$3 cards which I am dubious about.)

Most of the pauper decks have by TheDwarf at Mon, 09/07/2009 - 10:29
TheDwarf's picture

Most of the pauper decks have around 4-12 "expensive cards", so if you like only one or two decks you can buy them pretty cheap :)

"You need at least 4-12" is a by Paul Leicht at Mon, 09/07/2009 - 16:54
Paul Leicht's picture

"You need at least 4-12" is a lot different from needing 50 or so. But even though that sounds a lot more reasonable it still makes it a tad expensive if you don't happen to have those cards to begin with. Also it seems odd to me to talk about a format that is supposedly wide open and talk about buying a deck. Shouldn't rogue builders be able to avoid buying? Maybe THAT should be the subject of your next article.

Very Good Stuff by Hamster4Sale at Mon, 09/07/2009 - 03:50
Hamster4Sale's picture

I've been interested in 100CS for a while now and this just might get me to take the plunge. Excellent article.

I love that you counted the by Kha at Mon, 09/07/2009 - 18:48
Kha's picture

I love that you counted the number of times each card top 8'd, i don't think its usful when building my own decks but its handy as a sort of "snapshot" of the format.

The term staple is used too much in magical circles, 100 card Singleton doesn't have a completely defined metagame as yet and as such nothing can be deemed as a certainty in any list.
For anyone looking to get into the format,pick cards that are good for your gameplan/strategy (or extremely bad for your opponents strategy) over anything else.

While it's hard to say that by ArchGenius at Mon, 09/07/2009 - 22:11
ArchGenius's picture

While it's hard to say that any card is a certainty, I think there are a couple of cards that you really have to have a good reason not to play them if you are playing the colors of those cards.

A couple of examples of these cards would include Eternal Witness, Fact or Fiction, Shriekmaw, Lightning Bolt, Swords to Plowshares, and Wasteland.

Wasteland would be the only card I would include in every deck I build, but depending on the colors I'm playing, there are certain cards that are just too good to ignore...

Nice data.. makes me smile by Tarmotog at Mon, 09/07/2009 - 21:52
Tarmotog's picture

Nice data..
makes me smile when i see 2x spellstutter sprite (and a bunch of other 2x cos tt's definitely from me t8ing with the same deck twice)..
or executioner's capsule being so "highly played" (mainly in crosis control which was picked up by many pple)

one could probably take the most played cards of 2-3 colors and throw them together to make a deck that works.. lol..

wager sounds difficult to police..

and yes, 100 card singleton is v fun~ =)

I was suggesting that it by ArchGenius at Mon, 09/07/2009 - 22:14
ArchGenius's picture

I was suggesting that it would be something that Wizards could implement to improve participation. Unfortunetly, I don't think it can be done without Wizards adding that feature to the game.