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By: ricklongo, Rick Longo
Nov 21 2011 4:39am
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Hello again!

The Standard metagame keeps evolving and, if you've been keeping up with recent trends, you will realize that aggressive decks still hold a firm grasp on dailies and premier events online. Not only are there fast mono-red and white-green strategies, newer contenders like Illusions and UR Tempo have started rearing their ugly heads. And amidst it all stands WU Humans, my current deck of choice.

Last week, I posted a daily event where my matchups were pretty evenly divided: two control (UB and Solar Flare) and two aggro (GW Tokens and WU Blade). Luckily, this week's videos present a very different set of foes, which is always good when our main intention is to get a better grasp on how to deal with the various challenges of the format with our humble little humans. (Okay, not so humble if we're talking about monstrosities like Hero of Bladehold).

Granted, it's possible Worlds will help change the current panorama during the next weeks. Still, the starting point will be the gauntlet we currently have. And for that, these videos will hopefully prove useful.




Deck commentary


Round 1

It had been a while since I last faced a true Birthing Pod deck. I believe this is because Pod decks are more likely to thrive in a controllish environment, since they are basically card advantage engines for the long game that often make opposing counterspells all but useless. If you're aggro, fast starts are very much a necessity against lists like this one. Fiend Hunter really shines here in order to get those last few points of damage through (or those last lots of damage, if we're talking beating down with a Hero of Bladehold-fueled team).


Round 2

This is likely our most interesting match this time around. Even though green is very popular at the moment, I was yet to face such a dedicated mono-green deck. Game 1 was a very drawn-out affair, with many calculations involved, and should make for an entertaining watch. Game 2 is probably entertaining too, if you also like it when things get fast and furious. Mirran Crusader is obviously a big beating here, since between his all-green threats and Dismembers, he just has no way to deal with it.


Round 3

Here is a quite different shade of GW than what I was used to. I'm not a really big fan of Intangible Virtue, especially when there are perfectly viable Honor of the Pure / Tempered Steel decks. He did try to put up a fight here, but his tokens-dedicated strategy seems weaker than the faster GW variants out there.


Round 4

And finally we get a true mirror match. As you can see, whoever manages to be at the aggro side of the equation here is a huge favorite - but I don't think you needed me to tell you that.

Well, this is it. We will see how Humans fare in the post-Worlds metagame - hopefully well, because at this point I'm quite fond of the deck. See you next time!


Savage by apaulogy at Mon, 11/21/2011 - 15:39
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Keep them comin' Rick.

Let's see some drafts too.

Currently working on those. by ricklongo at Mon, 11/21/2011 - 20:35
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Currently working on those. :)