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By: TugaChampion, Guilherme Carmona Alexandrino
Nov 11 2014 1:00pm
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You can check Randy Buehler's article here and the full Legacy Cube list here. You can also check my past article on cube here because it has some opinions about Cube in general that are worth reading and give you a better background for what I'm writing now.

The name change:

I like the name. It lets you know that every card you'll see is legal in Legacy. So you know that there is no power even without looking at the list. I also like that they'll be bringing the Holiday Cube more than once a year so we get more chances to try crazy stuff. I also think the decision to start from scratch instead of adding and cutting cards was good. It would be much harder to get significant changes without doing this.

The size:

I never built a Cube for several reasons so I'm not an expert in Cube size but I know that the old Cube with 720 cards was pretty big. Now with 600 it's more consistent while still being different every time. Each draft sees 360 cards so 600 seems a better number.

Multicolored cards:

Randy Buehler says they increased the number of gold cards per two-color pair from five to six. He actually means multicolored cards and not gold because that number includes hybrid and split cards. When I first read it I thought he really meant gold and I didn't like it because more often than not, some gold cards end up as last picks because no one is on those colors and they are not good enough to splash. But after checking the full list, although there are a few cards that I don't think they're good enough, it actually looks much better. Every multicolored card only has two colors with the exceptions of Progenitus, which is not meant to be cast, and Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker, which is a great card and deserves to be in the Cube. I think we have a better Cube in this area but I'll need to play some to see how often some of these cards just get last picked.

When will we get a chance to try this new Legacy Cube?

On November 19, after downtime, the Legacy Cube queues go up and they'll be taken down on December 10. That's three weeks instead of the usual two to try this new Cube!

Some individual card inclusions:

I didn't know Hallowed Spiritkeeper existed since I don't really follow these Commander only cards but this one looks pretty good for white creature decks.

I don't understand how Cloudfin Raptor can be in Cube. It was only good in Standard because of the whole deck synergy. This is useless on its own and it's not easy to make a good blue creature deck. It's a terrible draw in the late game and it's never going to be insane.

Augur of Bolas and Delver of Secrets are traps. People know they are good in constructed and they will try to play them in Cube. However, there's a huge difference between Cube and Constructed. In Cube you can only play one copy of every card so you are building your deck around one or two card and the upside is not worth it. Augur is actually better than Delver because you can build your deck with a lot of instants and sorceries and it acts as a blocker that gets one of those. But Delver needs many instants and sorceries which means even if you flip it right away, it will most likely be your only creature, giving your opponent a lot of time to deal with it.

I'm a fan of Frost Titan and I'm glad it's back.

Talrand, Sky Summoner isn't great either because if your deck can abuse it, it won't have many creatures, so by the time you play it, it's going to get killed by the removal spell sitting on their hand, and you won't get much value. If you wait until like turn 6 to play Talrand and your cantrips you do get value but that's not easy to pull. But at least this has some potential for crazy things so I understand it being in the Cube. Just don't count on it being very good most of the time.

I'm glad Upheaval is still in the Cube since it's my favourite card to build around.

Disciple of Bolas is a cool card that wasn't in the Cube the last time and it will be great in green decks.

Gray Merchant of Asphodel means they are pushing monoblack even more than before which I actually like since it's an archetype that has some cool cards but usually fell short on playables.

Master of the Feast is not a good card. I love when my opponents play this because my winning percentage goes up.

Happy to see Recurring Nightmare still in the Cube since it's fun to play around.

I'm happy to push monoblack but Corrupt is not the way to go, in my opinion. It might steal some games once in a while but it's six mana and the deck lacks acceleration so that slots is for cards like Grave Titan. And even if you have acceleration like artifact mana or Dark Ritual, Corrupt doesn't work well with those anyway.

Guttersnipe is kinda like Talrand but way worse. If you Talrand and make 2 fliers, they have to deal with those 2 fliers was well. If you Guttersnipe and deal 4, that didn't accomplish much.

Prophetic Flamespeaker is very hard to use. Even when you have a removal or a way to pump it, you get to spend mana so you're likely to be unable to play the cards it exiles.

Young Pyromancer is a real card. Of all the cards that make you play instants or sorceries, this one is the best. It's a 2/1 for 2 mana so you can simply play it on turn 2. If you untap with it fantastic, if you don't that's fine too. And if you can save it for later it's easier to abuse because it only costs two mana.

I never liked auras in general so I'm not happy with Madcap Skills. I know I'm gonna feel bad when I die to this because I have one blocker and 0 removal in a deck with plenty removal or maybe to an hexproof creature with this and 4 or 5 removal cards in hand.

Song of the Dryads is another card I didn't know about and it's a pretty cool way for green to deal with anything. I expect to play this card in my green ramp decks and it's much better than Beast Within

Psychatog and Goblin Electromancer are the only two gold cards that I don't really like which is a big upgrade from the previous Cube. I don't really think there's a deck out there for those two cards and they will end up as last picks most of the time. A few other gold cards will as well but that's the nature of gold cards, there's really not much to do other than cutting them to a minimum and choose only really good ones.

I'm happy they kept Duplicant around.

I love Vedalken Shackles and I'm very happy it's still around.

I don't understand why the Eldrazi are still here, specially all 3 of them but I'll talk about them in the next section.

Some individual missing cards:

All the Swords like Sword of Fire and Ice are gone. I'm sad!  I like playing with them but it also felt really bad to simply lose when your opponent had the sword with protection to both colors you were playing. I understand the change.

I think Stoneforge Mystic is gone because without Swords it's much worse. I found that many times I'd pick Stoneforge early but since all the good equipment is good in almost every deck, often I had none of those. With the Swords gone it's much harder to have good equipment so it would become a hit or miss on Batterskull and Jitte.

It's good that cards like Aven Mindcensor are gone. Its ability just doesn't do enough for a 2/1 flier with flash to be good enough for three mana. There are several more like this but I don't think it's necessary to list them all and this one is a good example.

I'm sad to see Wall of Reverence go since I often played it.

Balance is obviously gone since it's banned in Legacy and I think it's good for the Cube.

Court Hussar is gone and I think it has more merit than several blue cards. I actually think cards like this and Lingering Souls should be treated as multicolored cards in the construction of the Cube. I still think this deserves a slot no matter what way you look at the card.

I also don't understand the reason to have Cloudfin Raptor and not Enclave Cryptologist. Cryptologist is so much better in 99% of the blue decks and it's not even a high priority pick.

I like that they got rid of Palinchron. It was really hard to abuse and simply not good enough.

Thieving Magpie is missing as well. Like Cryptologist it's not a high priority pick but it was useful and very good with Forbid and instead they kept worse blue cards.

They got rid of sideboard cards like Blue Elemental Blast. I liked them but with a much smaller Cube I understand that's necessary.

Braids, Cabal Minion is missing as well and I think it makes sense. It was hard to abuse her and rarely played.

After many changes in the Cube always keeping Skeletal Scrying which rarely saw play they finally cut it.

They got rid of Blistering Firecat after having already ditched Ball Lightning the last time. I think it's a good direction and it makes 2 colors aggressive decks better.

I'm also glad they got rid of Kird Ape since it's basically a multicolor card and not a very good one.

Wildfire and Burning of Xinye made a cool archetype possible but they had to cut something to make the Cube smaller and they probably didn't have enough space for these. I hope they make a comeback in the future to change things around but for now it's fine.

Genesis Hydra gets cut after only 1 chance and I think it could have stayed. It's not insane but it's a cool card and I hope it gets another chance soon.

Survival of the Fittest is probably the one card that having a Legacy banned list hurts the most. I think this card deserves to be in the Cube because it's powerful without being broken and it leads to very fun decks.

I love Channel but I understand it fits in the "“hits” that were highly non-interactive (aka, straight-forward and/or dumb whether you’re playing with them or against them)" category. What I don't understand is keeping all three Eldrazi without Channel. There are still ways to cheat them into play but they aren't that efficient and they could just leave us with one or two.

Rude Awakening was really hard to abuse. Most acceleration is based on creatures or artifacts so it's really hard to use it as a way to deal 16 or more damage out of nowhere.

Blood Baron of Vizkopa is gone and the reason might be similar to the Swords because these protections make the card unbeatable against some decks.

Obzedat, Ghost Council was hard to cast but this one I actually think it's powerful enough to deserve a slot.

Simic Sky Swallower is gone as well and it's a card I've played countless times. Prime Speaker Zegana is probably the card that replaced it and I do like that one but I think Shardless Agent is the one that should have gone.

Assemble the Legion is also missing while Boros Charm shows up and I'd much rather have the first one.

Undermine would be a much better choice than Psychatog.


We went from 97 lands to 75 but since the Cube is smaller it's more important to look at the lands percentage. We went from 13.47% to 12.50% and that's not a huge difference. Lands become a bit more valuable not only because there will be less of them but also because they cut worse lands so their average quality will be higher and people will want to pick them more often. I only regret them getting rid of the Creeping Tar Pit and Celestial Colonnade cycle, especially those two.


Even though I expressed my disagreement in some aspects, I think this Cube has improved and I can't wait to try it out. Please share your opinions and I hope you enjoyed reading this.