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Apr 11 2022 11:10am

Last time I spoke about Kuldotha Boros, I went off of a pretty traditional list that was fairly old school. Since the last time I spoke about it, more lists have popped up and have also put up good results. The list I am gonna talk about today isn’t too far off the original list, but the game plan of this particular build today caught my attention and I wanted to talk about it.

The list we are going to be looking at god second place in the Pauper challenge that took place on 3/20/2022 and was piloted by the player TopGrinder. Alright I will not waste any more time, let’s get into this and rock.

Thraben Inspector – This is a staple of the deck and should never be less than 4 of in my opinion. I know it doesn’t have big stats, but it giving you a clue when it enters the battlefield, the fact it cannot be killed by something like an Electrickery and overall synergy with this deck makes it the perfect 1 drop. The points it swings in for do add up over time as well. However, this isn’t the only 1 drop like this, there is another.

Voldaren Epicure – Man seeing this in the list makes me overjoyed because I think Epicure is one of the best creatures to be printed for Pauper in a long time. Not only does it deal 1 damage to your opponent (in an aggro deck, every point matters throughout the game), but it brings along a Blood Token. While you do need to discard a card to use the token, unlike a Clue token, it only costs 1 mana and you can easily discard a land as you have so much card draw in the deck you shouldn’t have a problem hitting land drops. This also can be a much better creature to pick up with Kor Syfisher because it deals that 1 damage when it enters.

Glint Hawk – A staple of the archetype. I have seen lists in the past run 3 of these and with having access to Voldaren Epicure, I can see that being viable because now you have that extra 1 drop. Yes Glint Hawk does hit a bit harder and works very well with 2 of your artifacts that we will discuss later, I think that this list is a little mana hungry and setting yourself back a land drop on turn 1 might not be great in the format at the moment.

Kor Skyfisher – Never play less than 4 of these in the archetype. I don’t think I would play 5, but I would never go less than 4 unless drastic things are taking place in the format.

Seeker of the Way – This creature is interesting. It doesn’t have any evasion, but it does have Prowess and gains Lifelink whenever cast a noncreature spell/activate prowess. Against certain archetypes, this can be a devastating creature to face off against because it can regularly be a 3 or 4 power creature with Lifelink every turn. I am not sure I like this card all that much in Kuldotha Boros, but it is certainly a good card that has good synergy with this archetype.

Goblin Bushwacker – Good old Bushwhacker. This is your replacement for Rally the Peasants. Now this is an interesting card because it is cheaper at costing only 2 mana as opposed to 3. It does not have Flashback, but it is a creature itself. It gives 1 less power to each of your creatures, but again it costs 1 mana cheaper. However, the big thing is that it can be picked up with Kor Skyfisher to be used again which adds to the synergy this deck has. I am not entirely convinced this is better than Rally, but I do think it has merit. For example, you can not Dispel or Spell Pierce a Bushwhacker and this is something that might be small, but could come up against certain matchups/play styles and make all the difference.

Lightning Bolt and Galvanic Blast – Staple burn spells of the archetype. We all know why these are here so let’s move on.

Kuldotha Rebirth – The namesake of the deck. Yes there are only 3 copies because this allows you to match up with Bushwhacker. This list is design to combo Rebirth and Bushwacker in my opinion and not just run a Rebirth out for no reason.

Experimental Synthesizer – This is quite the powerful card and I think we will continue to see it in more deck lists as the months go on. This has a ton of synergy with both Skyfisher and Hawk as it gives you a ton of card advantage. This is much better than Faithless Looting in my opinion because you don’t necessarily have to lose cards, it is cheaper and can give you a token to attack with. Don’t get me wrong, Looting is a very good card, but you don’t utilize your graveyard like you do with Boros Bully.

Ichor Wellspring – A net positive with Kuldotha Rebirth and it can be returned with your Skyfisher or Hawk to dig a bit deeper. It also draws a card when it comes in so it replaces itself.

The Manabase

Great Furnace and Ancient Den – We always see these in the Boros decks because they help with Metalcraft and they help with your Hawk/Kuldotha Strategy. I like not maxing out because there is no reason to be worse against artifact hate if you can help it.

Lorehold Campus – I love these lands and hope they print the allied ones in the future. I almost want 2 in this deck so that you can draw it a bit earlier, but in this version you want the game over with quickly anyway. This is really just a luxury of a land spot that helps you fight a slightly longer game if it comes to that.

Boros Garrison – This helps you keep land light hands and mulligan less. Do be careful though as this deck can be a bit mana hungry.

Rustvale Bridge – Here is your main dual land of the archetype. You play this over the gain life land because it is an artifact. This does make a difference in the long run in my opinion.

The rest of the manabase are basic lands. I would not change the manabase as I think you are far more of an aggro deck than the other Boros versions. Lands such as Radiant Fountain are nice, but you don’t really need them as you don’t want the game going long anyway.

The Sideboard

Dawnbringer Cleric – This is a good flexible card that helps against multiple strategies. You also play Kor Skyfisher so you might as well take advantage.

Electrickery and Krark-Clan Shaman – Board wipes are always a good thing to have access to. Remember hold the control key when using and before using Shaman.

Hallow – This is a hard counter to something like an opposing Electrickery or Fiery Cannonade. It is also a good card against Burn as it also gains life. Be careful as it says the card needs to be a spell so this does not stop Martyr of Ashes.

Lone Missionary – Great card against Burn as it can attack and be returned with Skyfisher.

Patrician's Scorn – No one wants to lose to Bogles.

Pyroblast – I ain’t afraid of no blue mages.

Verdict and Conclusion

I think personally if I was to play a Pauper event, I would be playing Boros as it is the main archetype that fits how I like to play Pauper since all the combo decks are gone. I just love all the different ways you can build the deck and I love how you can switch between being midrange and aggro. Boros can literally do it all, be it draw cards, swing with creatures or burn your opponent out.

On to this version. I don’t really have any complaints and love what the deck is doing. I am unsure if playing a more aggressive version with Kuldotha Rebirth along side Goblin Bushwhacker is better than playing Rally the Peasants and Battle Screech, but I think it is meta dependent. I also think both versions can thrive in the format, just up to your play style. The only card I am questioning is Seeker of the Way because I am wondering if there is anything better in that spot, but so far I don’t think there is much if anything at all.

Do I think you should play this deck? I think Boros in general is a great archetype to be playing in Pauper and has been for some time. Whether you are trying Bully, Kuldotha Whack or Monarch Midrange, (I am sure there are more) they are all going to be good. Only thing I wonder is if Mardu for Reaping the Graves and things like Okiba-Gang Shinobi is still a viable option with Prism gone. I personally hope so.

However, with all this being said, as always, do remember my words are not gospel. I will always encourage you to try a deck that I bring you despite my personal feelings. Remember that results will vary and always remember to practice!

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Thank you so much for reading. Best of luck to you in your next tournament and I’ll catch you all next time!