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Jun 22 2022 10:19am

I love Goblins, but the usual way of building the archetype as a full on tribal deck just doesn’t seem to cut it these days in the format. With all the board wipes, the deck just isn’t fast enough to compete. I also love Red Deck Wins, but with how low to the ground the format has become and how cheap and powerful the creatures are in today’s meta, it is a bit hostile to the archetype. However, the list we are going to check out today may have fixed the problem for both.

The list we will look at today was piloted by the grinder Medvedev and put 2 players into the top 8 of the challenge on 5/28/2022 as well as Medvedev getting to the top 8 on 5/29/2022 as well. I don’t want to waste any more time. Now let’s rock!

Foundry Street Denizen
– This is one of the most aggressive creatures for 1 mana in the Pauper format. This can usually swing for 2-3 damage consistently. In this deck, it has the potential to swing for even more. While this doesn’t have 2 power by itself like Goblin Cohort does, it can swing without having to cast a creature first. Remember, in aggro decks, especially red ones, every single point matters even if you think it doesn’t. Sometimes missing a point of damage can end up losing the game down the line.

Goblin Sledder and Mogg Raider – These can help turn your blocked creatures into damage and help for a go wide plan if need be. When you need to get the final few points of damage in, these are very good at it.

Voldaren Epicure – This isn’t a Goblin, but Epicure is still one of the best creatures red has. It deals 1 damage just for entering the battlefield and gives you a bit of card draw which red lacks very badly. You can also use the Blood Token to cast Kuldotha Rebirth. Keep in mind that your Sledder and Raider creatures can use their ability to pump Epicure as well.

Goblin BushwhackerGoblin Bushwhacker is just an amazing card for red aggro decks and this archetype is no exception. Especially here being able to Rebirth into Bushwhacker is so much damage you just can’t pass on that.

Mogg War Marshall – A great creature for the fact that it can take 3 removal spells to fully deal with. It also combos very well with Bushwhacker and Raider or Sledder.

Kuldotha Rebirth – Man I love this card so much. 1 mana for 3 creatures is just so good in Pauper and you have so many ways to make good use of the creatures to finish the game quickly as wells.

Experimental Synthesizer – This card is making all sorts of waves in Pauper since its printing and it is not surprising. For 1 mana it gives red a sort of card draw. It is an artifact which matters for so many cards in the format and for this deck it means it helps cast Kuldotha Rebirth. Then you get card advantage when it leaves the battlefield and if need be it can make you a 2 power creature for only 3 mana. Honestly this card does literally just about everything a red aggro deck could want.

Lightning Bolt – Did you expect not to see this here? Let’s move on.

Goblin Grenade and Fireblast – Here are your end game spells. Grenade can be a decent removal spell as well, while Fireblast is usually just for ending the game. Both do their jobs very well.

The manabase has no gimmicks. We see 14 Mountains and 4 copies of Great Furnace to help cast Kuldotha Rebirth. I say keep the manabase this way. Any gimmick lands that enter tapped will slow you down and end up losing you more games than you win in the long run.

The Sideboard

Electrickery – A board wipe is always a good thing to have access to. Especially when it only hits your opponent.

Flame Slash – A little extra removal if needed.

Flaring Pain – Cards like Moment’s Peace and Prismatic Strands are very good against a deck like this. Flaring Pain gives you a good out to them.

Gorilla Shaman – What do we say to the Robot Gods? Not today!

Makeshift Munitions – This is a great way of playing a small control game against decks like Elves and it can also be good against removal heavy decks to turn your creatures into small points of damage.

Red Elemental Blast – Very useful against blue mages.

Sylvok Lifestaff – This is a great card at helping you deal a bit of extra damage with your creatures against control decks. The difference between 1 and 2 damage is pretty huge. More importantly, against other aggro decks, especially red aggro decks, it helps you play a longer game so you can set up a big combo turn. If you want to see some great videos of this card doing work, Deluxicoff should have a good amount of game play with it, especially from his Goblin videos.

Tormod's Crypt – Not only is this good for decks that use their graveyard a lot, but it also helps cast Kuldotha Rebirth very well because it costs you 0 mana to cast. This means if you believe your opponents shields are down, it can also help you go for the win.

Verdict and Final Thoughts

I really like the build of this deck and what its trying to do. It has the aggression of Goblins while also having ways to generate card advantage to keep the gas flowing. I also like how low to the ground and cheap your cards are as well because it allows you to be as fast as possible.

With Goblins, as I have said before, your creatures individually are not very good and Goblins lacks any way to draw cards as well. Board wipes are also a problem. However in this deck, you replace Goblin Cohort and Mogg Conscripts for Kuldotha Rebirth and Voldaren Epicure and the best part is you don’t lose any aggression. In some cases you gain aggression because you don’t have to cast creatures for them to turn sideways. Not to mention Epicure can draw you a card.

I also love being able to play Experimental Synthesizer. Instead of playing tech cards like Goblin Sparksmith or Goblin Heelcutter, now you get to spend 1 mana to see 2 cards deep and that is huge in red decks these days in my opinion. What I like about this list is that it feels consistent while also being very fast. Something that I haven’t felt playing regular Goblins in some time. Another card you could consider is Reckless Impulse, but at 2 mana it is a little expensive and I think I would only play 2.

Should you play this deck? For leagues I think it is a great deck to play. It is fast, aggressive and will be able to steal many games just based on that alone. For the challenges I want to say yes. Medvedev is very good at the game and puts up a lot of results across multiple formats and they were willing to play this deck twice in a row. Both times over the weekend they made it to a top 8 finish, so that definitely counts for something.

However, one thing this deck may have had going for it is that not a lot of may have known about it. Now that the player base is aware, people will start to prepare for it and that may hurt this archetype. I think it is a fine choice for the challenges, I am just unsure how long that will last.

However, with all this being said, as always, do remember my words are not gospel. I will always encourage you to try a deck that I bring you despite my personal feelings. Remember that results will vary and always remember to practice!

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Thank you so much for reading. Best of luck to you in your next tournament and I’ll catch you all next time!