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Jun 04 2018 12:00pm
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This week I want to bring you the different White Weenie archetypes of the format. White Weenie is an archetype that has been around in Magic since its inception and has always been a popular one.

While you don't have burn spells to throw at your opponents face or tons of pump spells to help kill your opponents quickly. You have spells that can give your creatures protection and most of your creatures will have flying. You also have access to great removal such as Journey to Nowhere and Sunlance to help clear the way for your army. You could have play a version that generates tons of tokens and swings for a huge amount of damage in one big turn, or you could just go wide and overwhelm your opponent while chipping them to death over just a few turns.


In Pauper there are a number of ways to build White Weenie, but today I am going to bring you 3 versions that you could be playing today. Those archetypes will be Old School White Weenie, White Weenie Tokens and New School White Weenie. While the names aren't very good, let's go ahead and check out the archetypes.


We will Start with Old School White Weenie


This version of White Weenie is a bit more old school than the other 2 versions. You are trying to aggro your opponent out and end the game as quickly as possible, but you also are using tempo and midrange cards to help you along the way.


Your main threats here are Kor Skyfisher, Leonin Skyhunter and Razor Golem and they pack a real punch with the first 2 having flying and Razor Golem being a 3 power creature with Vigilance. It also helps that Razor Golem has 4 toughness, so it can't be killed with only one Lightning Bolt. You also have Squadron Hawk to build a small little army and attack in the air as well.


You have your utility creatures in the form of Benevolent Bodyguard to help protect your creatures from removal spells or just be a 1 drop to attack with. Icatian Javelineers is another great one drop because it can ping a creature or deal the final point of damage to your opponent and you can also reset it with the help of Kor Skyfisher. Finally you have Suture Priest to not only drain your opponent slowly for every creature they play, but also help you gain life for your creatures so that you can make the game go a bit longer so you can draw what you need to win.


For spells your working with Bonesplitter to help quicken your opponents clock and make your creatures more threatening. For removal you have Journey to Nowhere in the 2 drop slot and Unmake in the 3 drop slot to remove any problematic creature you come across and then finally you have Mana Tithe to play a bit of a tempo game. You can easily get opponents who aren't expecting it and catch them when they are tapping out for a big spell so you waste their whole turn and pull farther ahead. Then the manabase is pretty straightforward.


Since you are playing the color white, you have a ton of great sideboard options to work with and some of them show up here. Benevolent Unicorn is not only great at helping against a matchup like Bogles, but it is also a 2 power creature that can get into the red zone as well. You have Crimson Acolyte and Obsidian Acolyte to help against any decks with a lot of Black or Red removal, you have Celestial Flare to help against combo decks that try to go all in with 1 creature such as Izzet Blitz. Prismatic Strands is a premium sideboard card for any archetype that can cast it and flash it back and finally a couple copies of Disenchant.


I think this build of White Weenie is pretty good and is always a good place to start when first picking up the archetype. It has a good amount of aggression, reach and a great amount of sideboard options to choose from.


Next we will look at the new school way of building White Weenie


This is kind of a new school way to build White Weenie. For one drops you now have Thraben Inspector, which I personally love because it has 2 toughness and brings along a Clue so you can cash it in to dig a bit deeper in your deck. Then you have Gideon's Lawkeeper to keep your opponents best blocker and/or biggest creature on lock down so you can attack better and then finally you have War Falcon, who is a really good and aggressive 2 power creature with flying for only 1 white mana. However for War Falcon there is the problem that it can not attack if you don't control a Knight or Soldier, but trust me when I say it is extremely easy to always control one of those creature types.


Instead of Leonin Skyhunter, you now have Loyal Cathar in the 2 drop slot. Although they don't have flying, they do have Vigilance so they can attack and block very well, but the best part is that they need 2 removal spells to be dealt with because once they die, they come back flipped over as a 2 power attacker, making it really hard for your opponent. In this particular list, you have Legion Conquistador instead of Squadron Hawk. They don't have flying, but they make up for in having an extra toughness and an extra point of power, which can help in combat and a quicker clock on your opponents life total. Finally you have Guardian of the Guildpact as your top end creature and I personally love this creature because it is so hard for so many decks to deal with, you can sometimes win the game with just this creature attacking by itself over the course of a few turns.


You have the same number of extra removal as well as you now have 4 copies of Journey to Nowhere and 4 copies of Sunlance to make curving out easier. I personally like Sunlance over Unmake better because it only costs 1 mana, which allows you to kill a creature and still add more pressure to the board.


The sideboard has a lot of different options, as you can see this players list had a lot of different cards to work with, but the sideboard choices are always just personal preference and meta dependent.


This build of White Weenie is more aggressive than the first list I brought you, but that can be night and day with both lists. I personally like the second one better because of playing cards like War Falcon for extra aggression, Loyal Cathar for the same reason and also need 2 removal spells to be dealt with and I like the choice of Sunlance over Unmake. We have one more list talk about however, so let's check it out.



This version of White Weenie is referred to as Soul Sisters. The name comes from playing Soul Warden and Soul's Attendant. The main goal of this version of White Weenie is to build up a massive army of tokens and regular creatures, then you do an all out alpha attack and use either Rally the Peasants or Guardian's Pledge to pump everybody up and get in for a lot of damage, if not just win the game.


You don't have any removal in the main deck because you have one goal in mind, buy time with your Soul Sisters, build up a big enough army and attack for the win. Instead of using removal, you just want to go wide and around your opponents board and not care about what your opponent is doing.


Although you have access to all the great white sideboard cards, some versions of the deck use red cards in the sideboard as well (such as Pyroblast or Electrickery) because you are already splashing red for the Flashback of Rally the Peasants. A big sideboard card that is a must in the sideboard is Luminthread Field because like all token strategies, cards such as Electrickery and Nausea are big problems for this deck to deal with.


This version really shines against other aggro decks since you have so many copies of Soul Warden and Soul's Attendant, you can buy tons of time by gaining tons of life. However your control matchup is also pretty decent because you can end the game quickly or just put a lot of creatures on the board every turn and that will overwhelm any opponent you come across.


Conclusion and Verdict

White Weenie decks have been around since the dawn of Magic itself and in Pauper, White Weenie has always been an archetype that goes under the radar and then comes out of nowhere to put up some good results. White Weenie is an awesome deck for anyone just starting out in Pauper and getting used to the format.


Which one of these versions would I take into the leagues? Personally I like the New School White Weenie version the best. I like how aggressive it can be, I like the creature base better and I love the addition of Sunlance to deal with decks such as Stompy, Elves and Delver archetypes just to name a few.


The Old School White Weenie build isn't bad either, I am just not a fan of Mana Tithe, but that is just personal bias. I also find 0 copies of Loyal Cathar not to my liking because I find it to be one of the archetypes best creatures and I am not big fan of Razor Golem these days because I feel Guardian of the Guildpact is just a better threat. With (Guardian having Protection from all colors, it just has the potential to steal games all on its own and these days in Pauper, the spells are so powerful that having a good win condition to fall back on is really needed.


I like the Soul Sisters build but I don't think it will go as far as the other 2 builds. Since Electrickery type cards are always around in big numbers and decks like Elves can just go bigger than you and do it much faster, it takes away the purpose of playing the deck in general. So in conclusion, I find New School White Weenie the best.


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Thank you so much for reading and I will catch you next time!