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Sep 23 2019 12:00pm

Back in the days of Cloudpost being legal in the Pauper format, there was a mono green land destruction version that people knew about, but wasn't very widely played. It used land destruction spells such as Thermokarst and Reap and Sow, then for win conditions you had Ulamog's Crusher and Aurochs Herd.

However of course, these days Cloudpost is long dead, but that doesn't stop old archetypes finding new ways to be played. The archetype I want to show you today isn't anything too spicy, in fact, it is quite straightforward. That being said, if you love land destruction, then have I got a list for you! The following list took second place in the Pauper playoff tournament and was posted on September 16, 2019.



Arbor Elf – Normally you would see Llanowar Elves in this spot, but in this deck you have Utopia Sprawl and Wild Growth to combo with and get you tons of mana in the early turns. This deck is all about ramping and land destruction, Arbor Elf combined with a Forest that has a Wild Growth attached is quite a big game.


Nest Invader and Kozilek's Predator – Not only are these creatures good threats, but they bring along Eldrazi Spawn tokens as well, which can be used to gain a mana and ramp out a big spell or help you play 2 spells in one turn.


Ulamog's Crusher – Your main win condition. I am sure you are all familiar with this creature, so I will move on.


Wretched Gryff – For 7 mana you get a 3 power creature with flying that needs more than 1 copy of Lightning Bolt to be taken care of. Not only does Gryff block well in the air, but gets in for a good amount of damage, making it a sort of win condition on its own. There is also the ability to draw a card for sacrificing a creature and paying it's emerge cost, which is very easy to pay since you can make Eldrazi Spawn tokens to sacrifice.


Mold Shambler – While this creature isn't too impressive as a 4 mana 3 power creature. For an extra 2 mana, you can pay the Kicker cost and destroy a non-creature permanent. While this will usually be a land, you can also destroy cards such as Arcum's Astrolabe or Journey to Nowhere.


Entourage of Trest – This is the green creature that can give you the Monarch ability. Having the Monarch in this deck is quite vital to your plan, as it is what keeps your cards flowing and helps to keep filling your hand up with gas so that you don't flood out. It also is quite a big threat having 4 power and 4 toughness, which can sometimes end the game on its own.


Utopia Sprawl and Wild Growth – These are your main ramp spells. Not only are they cheap, allowing you to cast another spell in the same turn possibly, but as I stated before, they also combo very well with Arbor Elf to give you tons of extra mana to have fun with.


Thermokarst and Mwonvuli Acid-Moss – These are your land destruction spells and they do the job quite nicely. While Thermokarst is really just a Stone Rain most of the time, Acid-Moss also helps you ramp, allowing you to cast your bigger spells and further run away with the game.


The manabase is very basic (pun intended) with 18 copies of Forest as your only land. You could add some copies of Tranquil Thicket, but since you only run 18 lands, you shouldn't get flooded all that easily and you really want your lands to come into play untapped so you can curve out every turn and not fall behind.


The Sideboard

4 Gut Shot – Always a good answer to Mono U Delver, Elves, Goblins and many more archetypes. Honestly Gut Shot is one of the best Pauper sideboard cards in my opinion.


2 Serene Heart – Always gotta have a good answer to the Hexproof/Bogles archetype. If left unchecked, it can be quite nasty.


2 Penumbra Spider – An extremely good blocker against any aggro matchup. When dealt with, it gives you a token with the same stats that also has reach, making it a headache for any aggro deck. But it best shines against the Delver archetypes.


4 Weather the Storm – This is really good against any red aggro archetype, especially the Burn archetype. It is an instant, so you can cast it on their turn after they have cast a couple of spells, or you can cast some spells on your own turn, cast Weather the Storm and gain a ton of life.


3 Return to Nature – A Disenchant type effect is always a good idea to have in your sideboard for anything you may come across. The best part about this spell is that it can also exile a card from the graveyard, which helps against decks such as Tron or Jeskai to break up their graveyard shenanigans.


Verdict and Conclusion

I personally happen to like this deck, but that is probably personal bias because I had a ton of fun playing Mono Green Post back in the day and miss it terribly. However this archetype does much of the same and getting second place in such a big Pauper event is a very good showing.


I think this archetype will fair a bit better than the Mono Black Control deck I brought to you last week. With this archetype you have a good amount of ramp, allowing you to play big spells every turn. You also have a ton of threats, as well as having access to good land destruction. You also get access to Ulamog's Crusher, which if unanswered, will more than likely end the game the very next turn. Don't get me wrong, Gurmag Angler is a good win condition, but it is no Ulamog's Crusher.



A big problem I see with this archetype however, is that it doesn't have many ways to actually deal with your opponents threats. Much like the MBC version, you can easily get stuck with a bunch of land destruction spells, while your opponent has already played 2 or 3 creatures to beat you down with. While you do have big creatures to overpower your opponents threats, against archetypes such as White Weenie, Goblins or Red Deck Wins for example, they can function on such a low land count and keep adding to the board every turn. Eventually they will have a big enough board that they can attack past your creatures and eventually alpha strike for game. The MBC version has access to actual removal, but the color green doesn't offer much in that respect. This is just something to keep in mind.


Green land destruction isn't really anything new to the Pauper format, but I am happy seeing a mono green version. Instead of splashing blue or red for unnecessary cards (Gut Shot is not really a splash), you keep the mana consistent and rely on your big green creatures to get the job done. A decent draw for this deck is turn 1 Arbor Elf, then the next turn you play a second Forest, cast Wild Growth, have access to 4 mana, play Mwonvuli Acid-Moss, destroy a land and ramp up a bit more, it will just snowball heavily from there.


Again, as I said, this archetype got second in a big Pauper event and while you certainly need to run hot to do good in any tournament, the deck your playing also has to be quite good to get there. I encourage anyone to try this archetype out and let me know in the comments how it does for you/what changes you would make.


Thank you all so much for reading and I will catch you all next time!