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Feb 20 2018 1:00pm
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Heroic is a bit like the Bogles archetype, in the sense that you are trying to make one of your creatures extremely big and hard to deal with. Although your creatures don't have Hexproof, they get bigger when you target one of them with a spell that you control.

This archetype is a Mono White deck (with the exception of Mutagenic Growth) and although you don't get access to another color to have more options, being a 1 color deck makes it easier to cast your spells faster and not lose to your mana base not working correctly for you. You also still get access to all the great sideboard options that white offers, such as Prismatic Strands and Standard Bearer. 

Let's go ahead and take a look at some deck lists and see what we are working with.


The main creatures of this archetype are Akroan Skyguard and Lagonna-Band Trailblazer and because of their Heroic ability, it is extremely easy for them to become very large in a very short amount of time. You also have Seeker of the Way, a recent addition to the Pauper format, as a good beatstick because of his Prowess ability and it also helps that he gains lifelink whenever you cast a noncreature spell as well.


Finishing off the creatures you have Sacred Cat, a pretty decent 1 drop creature with Lifelink and that is pretty awesome when you consider you run auras such as Ethereal Armor to make the cat large and in charge, not to mention it has Embalm, which allows you to create another creature without actually spending a spell to do it. Last but not least, you have Benevolent Bodyguard to help protect your creatures from removal spells.


Looking at the different spells you have, Ethereal Armor is what allows your creatures to grow big and finish the game quickly. You have Hyena Umbra to give a little extra power and make it so your opponent needs 2 removal spells to kill said creature thanks to Totem Armor, and you have Cartouche of Solidarity to not only pump a creature, but to also create another token to either attack or to block with if the situation calls for it.


Cho-Manno's Blessing is one of the best spells in the deck. Not only does it give a creature protection from any color of your choice, but it also can be cast as an instant to either counter a removal spell or be a good combat trick to gain a small advantage over your opponent. You don't have much in the way of pump spells, but you do have Mutagenic Growth to help out and you will find that it does a lot of work in this archetype. Emerged Unscathed is a great addition to Pauper as well and helps this deck out tremendously by protecting a creature from removal and pumping your creatures with Heroic or helping Seeker of the Way get in for some extra damage and help you gain life, it also has Rebound which allows you to cast it against next turn and become aggressive instead of defensive. Defiant Strike is a good way to draw a card quickly and help a creature in combat and Double Cleave is a big reason I like this particular list because you can just win the game out of nowhere.


The manabase isn't anything special as it is just a couple of Secluded Steppe to help draw a couple of cards and the rest of the manabase are consisted of Plains.


The Sideboard

In the sideboard you have a couple copies of Lifelink to help the aggro matchups, especially matchups such as Burn or Red Deck Wins. You have a couple of extra copies of Benevolent BodyGuard and Sacred Cat to help where needed. I particularly like them against any control deck like a Teachings control archetype or Mono Black Control because the BodyGuard can help counter a removal spell and as I have stated before, the Sacred Cat needs 2 removal spells to be dealt with because of the Embalm ability.


Celestial Flare is a pretty good answer to Bogles and Izzet Blitz, however I am not a big fan of this sideboard plan because if your opponent knows to play around it, it can be almost a completely dead and useless card. Standard Bearer is one of the best sideboard cards in Pauper because of how good it is against Bogles, Stompy and especially the mirror, I have talked about this card so much over the course of my articles, I will move on.


Death Speakers is a great way of fighting the archetypes that use the color black. Archetypes like Mono Black Control, BW Pestilence and Teachings control are good examples as if you can build a board to fight Chainer's Edict and resolve it under a Counterspell, you can win with this card almost alone. Holy Light is a great answer to decks such as Goblins and Elves or really any swarm archetype that uses a lot of 1 toughness creatures. Last but not least we have Deftblade Elite to help combat other aggro archetypes and help your big creatures get through. With cards like Cho-Manno's Blessing and Ethereal Armor you can also make him big enough to pick off your opponents board state 1 by 1 thanks to his Provoke ability and he can save himself in the worst case scenario to fight another day.


Here is another version of the deck for you to look at.


What I like more about this list is that it has 4 copies of Emerged Unscathed and 3 copies of Gods Willing to protect your creatures as much as possible and grow your Heroic creatures to be as big as possible. A big part of why this deck does so well is because your Heroic creatures can grow too big for any damage based removal spell (such as Lightning Bolt to deal with them and they can win the game fast, as well as fighting hard in combat.


I do not like the lack of Cho-Manno's Blessing, but it does cost quite a lot of tickets, so it may have been a budget issue and I can totally understand that. I also do not like not having any copies of Standard Bearer and I would also consider adding Gut Shot to the sideboard to fight against decks such as Mono Blue Delver, Elves and removing opposing Standard Bearers.


If I was to continue with this archetype, I would combine both of these lists to make the best 75 that I could. Both lists have their Pros and Cons, it is all a matter of finding the right Balance.


Final Thoughts and Conclusion


I personally enjoy this deck and think it is a lot of fun. It has a lot of strength's and honestly not that many weakness's as it can win fast or fight to make the game go longer until you can find your opening and go for the win. The only truly bad matchup I believe you have are Tron archetypes, but you just come to accept that. I also do not think you are overly favored against anything, you are just a consistent and powerful archetype, which is a good thing because it means you have a decent chance of winning (or better) against the field.


Would I play this over something like Bogles however? That is a tough one because they both have their reasons for being good. I think this deck has more path's it can take to victory instead of just being a 1 dimensional and do the same thing every game that Bogles does. You don't suffer from Edict effects like Bogles does and you certainly don't lose to enchantment hate either.


Bogles has the potential to be more powerful and will sometimes have draws that just win, but variance can play a huge role in that plan and Mono White Heroic can be far more consistent. My conclusion is that I would have no problem taking this deck into leagues. I will not guarantee you will 5-0 a ton or even 4-1 a lot, but I do think you will 3-2 a good amount and over time the deck could get even better with more testing and tweaking. 


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I want to thank you all for reading my articles and hope you keep on reading! Take care everyone!