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Jul 31 2019 2:16pm

Many years ago, Urza Tron wasn't even thought of to be playable in Pauper. The reason for that are that the cards Cloudpost and Glimmerpost were legal at the time and for half the effort, you got more than twice the power the Urza lands could give you. There were quite a number of archetypes based around Cloudpost. They all were extremely powerful and saddened many Pauper players that played during those times. However, in September of 2013, that all came to end, when Cloudpost, once feared by even the best Pauper had to offer, was finally put to rest on the ban list.

I also know that most of you know how broken Ghostly Flicker can be these days in Urza Tron, but back in the day of Cloudpost being legal, it was even better when Glimmerpost was a regularly played card. Not only did UR Post have the best removal, not only did it have good counter magic, but it also had a sort of “refuse to die” strategy by Flickering Glimmerpost over and over as well. Instead of ranting on, let's see what a sample deck list looks like.



The Creatures –

4 Mulldrifter, 1 Sea Gate Oracle and 1 Mnemonic Wall


Sea Gate Oracle is very good because it is a good blocker with 3 toughness and it draws you a card, doesn't get much better than that. Mulldrifter is always a powerhouse, especially for an archetype like this. At worst it is a copy of Divination and at best it is a good 2 power creature with flying that also draws 2 cards deep and that is usually good enough. However, when we look at the final creature in our deck, we now see just how broken both of these creatures can be.


Mnemonic Wall by itself is a powerful card for control decks like this because it has 4 toughness, making it hard to kill or just attack past, but it also returns whatever instant or sorcery you may need at the time, which in this archetype you have a ton of powerful spells at your disposal. However, in this archetype, you also have access to a card called Ghostly Flicker and it is just as broken in this archetype as it is the Tron variants you play against today.


The counter magic –

1 Counterspell, 1 Condescend and 2 Prohibit

This deck can be very hungry for colored mana, so you don't play that much counter magic, however with that being said, you can add more counter magic, such as Exclude for example. The counter magic in this list is 1 copy of Condescend because as the game goes longer, it becomes less powerful and useful, but at the very least, even if it doesn't counter something, you can always use it to do a quick scry 2 and make your opponent tap some mana.


The other 2 spells are both hard counters. Counterspell is obviously very good, but the cost of double blue can be very hard on your manabase. Finally you have 2 copies of Prohibit, which can be just as good as Counterspell, but it doesn't cards such as Mulldrifter and to make it counter higher costed cards, you have to pay 4 mana and that can be relevant.


Quick Note: This list is from a long time ago when Arcum's Astrolabe wasn't printed. A list from with today's cards would probably adjust to run 4 copies and be able to play more color heavy cards such as more copies of Counterspell.


The Removal –

4 Flame Slash, 2 Electrickery, 1 Firebolt, 1 Electrostatic Bolt, 1 Serrated Arrows, 1 Magma Spray and last but certainly not least, 1 copy of Rolling Thunder


It's good to spread out your removal in a deck like this to try and prepare for every situation, which is why you see quite a few 1 of cards in the deck. Flame Slash is your main removal spell since it pretty much kills anything you need and thus you have 4 copies of the card. 2 Copies of Electrickery helps against any aggro strategies that like to swarm you such as Elves or Tokens, but it also helps against Faerie archetypes as well.


We see 1 copy of Firebolt because although it is a sorcery speed shock, it has Flashback, allowing you to kill another creature later on in the game, without spending a card in your hand and save resources. The 1 copy of Magma Spray is very useful at removing annoying creatures that can come back from the grave and the 1 copy of Electrostatic Bolt is very good at being an instant speed removal spell that kills Mirrodin Enforcer, but the best part is that they are also searchable via Mystical Teachings.


We also see a copy of Serrated Arrows which is a really big game against any aggro deck because it gives -1/-1 counters that stay on and can't be countered by pump spells, making Serrated Arrows the actual best card against the Infect archetype, it can also be reset with Ghostly Flicker as well. Last up we see the big spell of the deck, 1 copy of Rolling Thunder. Not only can Rolling Thunder be a win condition, but it can also be a huge board wipe as well, making it extremely versatile and powerful for this archetype. You only really want 1 copy because you don't want to see it too early and leave it stranded in your hand as a dead card.


Card Advantage –

4 Preordain, 1 Capsize. 1 Mysteries of the Deep, 2 Compulsive Research, 2 Mystical Teachings and 1 copy of Ghostly Flicker


We see 4 copies of Preordain for the fact that it is a 1 mana draw spell that filters through your deck a bit by putting cards you may not need to the bottom. This deck has a lot of answers, but you will always find cards you don't need against certain archetypes and you can't afford dead draws, Preordain is the best at helping with that situation.


Mysteries of the Deep is here as a draw 3 that can be searched up by Mystical Teachings, however these days I would replace it with Treasure Cruise for sure. Next up is 2 copies of Compulsive Research which is the best you have at seeing 3 cards for a cheap cost in mana.


The big card advantage spell of the deck is Mystical Teachings. It can find you any counter spell you may need, it can find you your Ghostly Flicker, it can find you Capsize and honestly it is one of the best cards in the deck. The only reason you don't fit more is because it is a little expensive and a little slow, however in the meta today, I might add a third copy to up the power of the deck. Next up are your 2 game ending cards in the form of Ghostly Flicker for the Mnemonic Wall shenanigans and Capsize as a way to bounce 2-3 of your opponents permanents a turn until they have nothing left. Capsize can also help you in bouncing your Mnemonic Wall, Mulldrifter and even a Glimmerpost if you need some extra life to work with.


To help you cast your spells, you have 4 copies of Prophetic Prism as well, which can also combo with Mnemonic Wall and Ghostly Flicker to draw more cards and dig deeper into your deck. In today's meta I would probably add Snow-Covered Islands and Mountains to include a few copies of Arcum's Astrolabe to further help out the deck as well.


The manabase is fairly basic for this archetype since you don't play Expedition Map. The reason for this is unlike Urza Tron, you don't need to assemble 3 different lands to add a bunch of mana. 2 copies of Cloudpost alone is 4 mana, which is a ton. When you add a Glimmerpost or 2 to the mix, you get an even better Tron for not even putting in half the amount of effort. We see 4 copies of both Cloudpost and Glimmerpost, along with 3 dual lands in the form of Izzet Guildgate and the rest are just basic lands made up of Islands and Mountains. You could add a copy of Bojuka Bog if you feel you needed it as well.


The Sideboard

3 Earth Rift and 3 Stone Rain – At the time, Cloudpost was everywhere and so the way you beat the mirror matches was to cut your opponent off of their Cloudpost. I would probably cut the Stone Rains and chop 1 Earth Rift to make room for other cards, such as Swirling Sandstorm for the aggro matchups or a few copies of Dispel for Infect and other blue matchups for example.


2 Gorilla Shaman – Always need a good answer to the Affinity archetype.


3 Hydroblast and 4 Pyroblast – These spells are well known and I am sure you all know what they would come in for. I personally would consider just maxing out on both for a tournament like this, since you never know what people will bring for sure and these are the best spells for playing against the color Red and Blue respectfully.


Verdict and Conclusion

As I write this article, I keep reminding myself that Urza Tron is the legal and much more “fair” version of Cloudpost. However, Urza Tron just isn't the same and will never fulfill the same rush that playing Cloudpost does. I wish it didn't need to be, but sadly I do believe Cloudpost should probably remain banned.


Many cards have been printed since UR Post has gone away. Cards such as Treasure Cruise and Arcum's Astrolabe are just 2 cards that come to mind when building a newer version. I do think that UR Post is still extremely powerful and a fine choice for the No Ban meta. I would work on improving the UR Post deck, but I think the list I presented you with is a good starting shell to go with.


You could also go a UB Post route as well, with kill spells such as Disfigure and Chainer's Edict, along with card advantage spells such as Probe and Forbidden Alchemy. The best part is since you are playing Prophetic Prism and possibly some Arcum's Astrolabe, you can easily splash Pryoblast as well. The choice is yours!


Thank you for reading. I will see you all next time. Please feel free to join the discord as well, using this link.