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Aug 11 2020 12:00pm

Historically, White Weenie has always been a great way to introduce anyone into Pauper or into Magic in general. It’s a very basic deck to be fair, where you play creatures, turn them sideways and occasionally play a removal spell or a mass pump spell here and there. However, it is quite effective at getting the job done.

Today I would like to talk to you about a different take on the archetype, we will call it Metal Weenie because I am horrible at naming archetypes, but I digress. While this is a part of the White Weenie archetype family, It is a bit different as it comes with an Artifact/Metalcraft theme. It is very fast and can be very overwhelming for almost anyone sitting across from it.

The list I am going to show you today is a list by Cookie666 who took second place in PCT on 8/4/2020, only losing out to the winning Goblins deck. (Goblins against White Weenie in the finals of a tournament, feels good to see) I watched a little bit of it and turns out Gorilla Shaman is one hell of a card. I’m gonna stop now and show you what we are working with!


Ardent Recruit – This is probably the best 1 drop creature in the archetype since for 1 mana, you usually have 3 power to attack with.

Court Homunculus – Another great 1 drop for this archetype as it usually is a 1 mana 2 power attacking creature. It needs another artifact in play to become a 2/2, but you usually have one so this isn’t a problem.

Gingerbrute – This little guy always manages to find a place somewhere in Pauper and this archetype is perfect for him. He helps with Metalcraft for Ardent Recruit, helps make Court Homunculus and overall is great because it has the ability not be blocked except by creatures with Haste and in Pauper Haste isn’t all that common to see. You can also sac him for a little life if need be later in the game as well.

Glint Hawk – A 2 power creature with flying that has the potential to come down on turn 1 is really good, but the cool part is that it also synergies with Alchemist’s Vial and Ancestral Blade. Other than that honestly this creature in this archetype isn’t too special, but there isn’t much else out there.

Thraben Inspector – Although this creature only has 1 power to work with, he brings a Clue token with him, not only helping with Metalcraft, but also allowing you to dig a card deeper as well.

Auriok Sunchaser – For 2 mana, you are getting a creature with flying that has 3 power. What more could you want? Although it needs Metalcraft achieved, in this archetype, again, isn’t that hard to get.

Kor Skyfisher – Ah yes, one of the most powerful creatures in the Pauper format period. Not only is a 2/3 creature with flying good enough already, but being able to pick up cards such as Thraben Inspector, Alchemist’s Vial and Ancestral Blade to get more out of them, is quite a big deal. Never play less than 4 of this card.

Bonesplitter – Good old Bonesplitter. Always a good help when you need a little extra power on board.

Alchemist's Vial – I like this addition to the archetype. It draws you a card and it has good synergy with Glint Hawk and Kor Skyfisher. But one thing to not over look, is that it can make a creature on your opponents side of the battlefield not able to block, which can sometimes mean the whole game.

Ancestral Blade – A new toy for Pauper to use thanks to Double Masters. I like this addition a lot because not only is a good cheap equipment, but it also brings along a 1/1 token with it, adding more creatures to the board, allowing you to go just a little wider. Not to mention you can reset it with Glint Hawk and Kor Skyfisher. I love it when a plan comes together.

Journey to Nowhere – Of course, the best removal spell that white has to offer makes an appearance here. Don’t leave home without some number of these in my opinion.

The manabase is pretty much where you want it to be. You are extremely low to the ground mana cost wise, so only 18 lands are here. The only non basic lands are 4 copies of Ancient Den and Darksteel Citadel. You don’t want any come into play tapped lands because you need the speed of lands coming into play untapped, not the extra value. You want to go as fast as possible, as slowing down for even 1 turn can lose you the game.


3 Circle of Protection: Green – Bogles and Stompy are 2 popular archetypes that you usually run into, this will help with that. This allows you to prevent your opponents progress, while attacking with flying creatures.

However in my personal opinion, I feel as though Prismatic Strands might be better in this spot, because this allows you to possibly blow your opponent out as they attack, use some pump spells or what have you and then counter all of their plays, while possibly killing some creatures in the process. Stompy also has removal in the form of cards such as Savage Swipe (Do note that the Circle of Protection cards only prevents damage to you, not your creatures) and the archetype usually does have Vault Skirge, which COP Green does nothing to. Yes Journey takes care of that, but Prismatic Stands is also good vs just about any archetype where COP Green is limited.

4 Fragmentize – Although this is not an instant when compared to Disenchant, the difference between paying 1 mana as opposed to 2 mana is a big deal when wanting to cast more spells.

1 Journey to Nowhere – When you need just a bit more removal.

3 Lone Missionary – Pretty great vs Red decks, be it Burn, RDW or whatever else you run into of the like.

1 Sunlance – A really good and cheap removal spell against whatever non white aggro deck you come across. I would like to see another copy as well, maybe for -1 Fragmentize. When it comes to removal in an archetype like this, the cheaper is usually the better because it leaves you with more mana in which to cast more spells and put more pressure on your opponent. Remember, you want the game over with as quickly as possible with a deck like this, so you take any advantage you can get.

3 Viridian Longbow – This is really good at allowing you to either play a bit of a control game against archetypes such as Elves or Goblins, while also being good against control to give you reach when attacking is no longer an option.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

It has been quite some time since I have seen this archetype and it always manages to bring a smile to my face. I am a sucker for a fast and mean aggro deck where there isn’t too much going on, but you bet it is damn effective.

Although this archetype isn’t much different from the traditional White Weenie archetype, I find the robot version to be a bit more fun. Instead value/sticky creatures such as Icatian Javelineers and Loyal Cathar, you are much more to the point with Ardent Recruit and Auriok Sunchaser. You sacrifice value to be a few turns faster and I personally find that more fun, but don’t necessarily think it is better.

So the question. Do I think you should play this deck? First I will say if you want to introduce someone new to Pauper, this is one of the best archetypes to start with in my opinion. It will teach combat math, show off how fast aggro decks can be, synergies with cards such as Glint Hawk and how to mulligan correctly, since you need Metalcraft going for this archetype to be at its best, you may need to mulligan hands that look good, but don’t necessarily get there.

As far as Leagues, Challenges or future PCT tournaments, I think there is a case to be made for this archetype. It has bad and/or mediocre matchups just like any other archetype, but it is fast and sometimes wins way before your opponent gets to do anything. It also does have little increments of card advantage so that you aren’t just living off the top as well.

One unfortunate thing about this archetype is that Gorilla Shaman is a pain in the butt because you are quite artifact based, but that doesn’t mean Gorilla Shaman is the end of the world. With that being said, I will always encourage you to try out archetypes I show you, however this is another archetype that I will say, results will vary, so keep that in mind when walking into your next league. Let me know in the comments how you would change the list you see here and how the deck has preformed for you!

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Thank you so much for reading! See you all next time!