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Jan 23 2017 1:00pm
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Delver Blue has been around for a long time and there isn't much I can say that hasn't already been said. It is an aggro/control deck that, much like Kuldotha Boros, can switch roles quickly, and go back and forth.

The real strength of this deck is that it only plays 17 land, which might seem low for a control deck and I admit that, but take a closer look at the mana curve of the deck. Most of your spells cost 2 or less, and sometimes they cost no mana at all. You can resolve more spells than your opponent, while drawing multiple cards a turn and that can be a steep hill to climb for any archetype in the meta. Let's check out the deck and see what makes it whole.


Mono Blue Delver
- 75 Cards Total
4 Delver of Secrets
4 Faerie Miscreant
4 Ninja of the Deep Hours
4 Spellstutter Sprite
4 Spire Golem
20 cards

1 Deprive
2 Gush
4 Counterspell
2 Snap
2 Daze
1 Mutagenic Growth
2 Vapor Snag
14 cards
4 Preordain
4 Ponder
8 cards
17 Island
17 cards
1 Bonesplitter
1 cards

3 Hydroblast
2 Annul
2 Curse of Chains
3 Stormbound Geist
2 Serrated Arrows
3 Dispel
15 cards


The Creatures

Delver of Secrets – I have spoken about this card but before, but just to touch on it a little bit. A 1/1 does not do much and that is true, but a 3/2 flier can win the game on its own and does on a regular basis when backed up by a ton of counter magic.


Faerie Miscreant – This is what replaced Cloud of Faeries when it got banned. Although this card is just a 1/1, it has flying and if you already have a copy in play, when another one resolves, you get to draw a card. The most important thing is that it is a faerie, which makes it amazing for Spellstutter Sprite.


Spellstutter Sprite – Another 1/1 that has flying is not all that special, but it does much more than that. In a lot of situations you run into, and I mean a lot!; You get to use it as a straight up copy of Counterspell with a body attached to it, making it a very powerful card to have access to. It also helps getting in an attack with a Ninja of the Deep Hours.


Ninja of the Deep Hours – This card is pretty great for an archetype like this. It is a 2/2 and that is a decent clock already, but even more importantly is that he draws you a card whenever he gets to deal combat damage to your opponent. His Ninjutsu ability also can guarantee at least one successful attack and can reset a Spellstutter Sprite to get another counter spell out of it or it can return a Faerie Miscreant so you can draw another card.


Spire Golem – This is the big win con of the deck next to Delver. It can sometimes cost as little as nothing or even just 1 mana to cast and it's a good 2 power flier with a good amount of toughness to back it up and win the game on its own. The fact that your opponent can't use Lightning Bolt to kill it is a big enough deal in this format to play 4 copies of this card.


The Spells

Counterspell – I should not have to say why there are 4 copies of this in the deck, let's move on.


Ponder – I find this to be better than Brainstorm because you get to set up flipping Delver, you get the choice of shuffling away bad cards (I don't like Brainstorm in a deck with no shuffle effects), and you to set up your next few draws and play accordingly with the information.


Preordain – This card is just amazing for the fact that you get to push extra and unneeded lands to the bottom, as well as bad spells you don't need at the time.


Snap – Because this card cost 2 mana and there are more creatures in the Pauper format that have good come into play abilities going around, it isn't as good as it used to be, but because it returns a Spellstutter Sprite to your hand and untaps lands, it's still good enough to pack a few in the deck in my opinion.


Vapor Snag – Not the best bounce spell, but for 1 mana you get to bounce a blocker and the 1 life your opponent loses can make a huge difference with winning the game.


Daze – Just a good way to gain tempo on your opponent. You can either return a land and play it for basically free, or pay the alternate cost of one generic and a blue save your better counter spells.


Gush – A quick and almost free way to draw 2 cards deep into your deck for some action.


Deprive – The 5th copy of Counterspell and that is all I have to say about that.


Mutagenic Growth – A good way to mess up combat math for your opponent and survive a burn spell, which are huge in the Pauper meta right now.


Bonesplitter – This helps to make all of your little creatures into decent sized beaters to finish the game quickly. I have tried 2 copies, but found 1 to be more than enough.


The manabase is pretty straightforward and so I will just go into the sideboard. I don't like playing Cycle lands because having any land come into play tapped is not good and you will need almost all of your mana and I think Quicksand is needed.


The Sideboard

2 Annul – This is your tech against Affinity and Bogles. Just a good cheap and quick way to deal with their problem cards when the situation calls for it.


2 Curse of Chains – Extra removal spells if you need them. Mostly used for other aggro decks or to keep Fangren Marauder or Gurmag Angler pinned down.


2 Serrated Arrows - The mirror breaker and also insane against Elves. It can also be helpful against Token decks and Goblins, but often will come down slowly and not matter.


3 Dispel – To help fight against Burn and the other blue decks of the format.


3 Hydroblast – Your answer for things that are red. It is also very good against Affinity to beat Atog because it can be a huge problem and can sometimes can be the only way for them to beat you.


3 Stormbound Geist – I love this card against other control decks because it takes 2 removal spells to kill and eats a Chainer's Edict for basically free. I would not play this deck without some number of copies of this in the sideboard.


The Videos




Conclusion and Verdict


So what is my verdict on Delver Blue? Well of course my verdict is that you should pick it up and learn it inside and out so you can win a ton in the pauper format. Delver Blue is still amazing and even though people know how to beat it and prepare a ton for it, the deck is strong enough that it sometimes won't matter and with a good pilot, it can be a very deadly weapon in the leagues.


The reason why this deck is so good is because most of your spells cost almost nothing to play and you have the ability to counter everything your opponent does. Gush and Daze cost basically free because when you look at all the spells in the deck, you will find that most of them cost 2 or less and returning a few lands to draw cards or counter a spell, isn't that big of a setback.


The big strength of this deck is that you only play 17 lands, which is a very low number, but when you consider how many cards you draw in the deck and how cheap the spells are, you will find that your winning games because you're drawing a ton more spells that your opponent, while also have the perfect amount of land to cast all of them. It also helps that all of your threats fly and makes for an easy time to get in damage and win the game quickly.


I hope you all enjoyed this article and hope you guys read and watch more of my content. Remember to check out everyone else on because everyone here is simply, awesome.


See you guys next time!