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Jan 16 2017 1:00pm
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Kuldotha Boros is a midrange control deck that can attack your opponent from multiple angles. It has a lot of removal and 9 of those removal spells are burn that can finish the game off. You play 8 creatures with flying that have 2 power and you can combo your opponent out with tokens and Rally the Peasants.


The big strength of this deck is its ability to switch from a control deck, to an aggro deck and back to a control deck at almost any point in the game. While you are the control deck in the aggro matches, you have a lot of tools to also win quickly and against control archetypes, you can be the aggro deck, while also being able to get more card advantage than your opponent. Let's go ahead and check out what makes the deck list.



The Creatures


Glint Hawk – A very good creature for only 1 mana to cast, with having 2 power and 2 toughness so he can also be a good creature in combat. The other good thing about this creature is that it returns either Prophetic Prism or Ichor Wellspring to your hand so you can draw a bit deeper into your deck and drawing cards is always a good thing.


Thraban Inspector – This card is great in an archetype like this because it blocks well, only cost 1 mana and brings along a clue token so you can dig deeper into your deck. The best part is that the clue is an artifact which can help feed Metalcraft for Galvanic Blast or Kuldotha Rebirth.


Kor Skyfisher – I have spoken about this card so much that I don't think I need to explain why it is in this deck. Due to you having multiple cards that have come into play abilities (Thraben Inspector for example), is enough of a reason that this is the perfect archetype for Kor Skyfisher to appear in.


The Spells


Lightning Bolt – I should not have to explain this card, so let's just go ahead and move on.


Galvanic Blast – Since we play a lot of artifacts, we can take advantage of the Metalcraft ability and usually have this spell deal 4 damage, which is just insane and always a great thing to have.


Ichor Wellspring – Although this card doesn't really do anything at first glance, but it does replace itself and gives you a free draw. The big thing is that it combo's with cards like Glint Hawk and Kor Skyfisher so that you can get more free cards and it can be used as fodder for Kuldotha Rebirth and you draw a card when it goes to the graveyard. It also helps with Metalcraft which helps a ton.


Prophetic Prism – This card isn't used so much for its fixing colors ability. It is used because it is an artifact that also draws a card when it enters the battlefield, which again, combos with 2 of your creatures.


Journey to Nowhere – This is just a good removal spell that can kill anything, but being 2 mana and sorcery speed, doesn't make it the best.


Firebolt – A good one mana removal spell than can be used later in the game to remove another creature. It can also go to the face which can steal some games. I only play 1 more because only dealing 2 damage isn't all that great, but you can play it again with Flashback and so really, it is like having 2 copies in your deck.


Angelic Purge – I like how flexible this card is and that it just removes threats from the game. It also sacrifices a permanent so it can combo with Ichor Wellspring and gain some card advantage.


Electrickery – This card isn't all that great, but against some archetypes like Elves and tokens, it can be a 1 sided Wrath effect. (Wrath effects means a card that acts like Wrath of God


Battle Screech – 4 mana for 4 1 power fliers is very good to try and win the game with. This card replaced Squadron Hawk in this archetype and I don't think anyone has looked back on it as a mistake.


Kuldotha Rebirth – It makes 3 tokens that can block and you can use it to combo with Ichor Wellspring and draw a card for basically free. That is really all there is to it, however, sometimes you can ride those 3 tokens to victory.


Rally the Peasants – This is what you use to combo your opponent out with your tokens. You can easily set up a big board state and deal 20+ damage to your opponent in one big turn and surprise them while doing it. It also allows you to play the control route (Killing creatures, drawing a lot of cards and buying time while you play a bunch of threats) and then in one big turn, swing for the game.


The Manabase


1 Plains and 1 Mountain – A couple of basics to have lands that come into play untapped and can't be killed by artifact destruction.


4 Ancient Den and 3 Great Furnace – They enable Metalcraft, help resolve a Glint Hawk and help feed into Kuldotha Rebirth. These lands are very important, even if for just a few cards.


2 Secluded Steppe and 2 Forgotten Cave – These help you dig deeper into your deck to get your better spells. You don't need a ton of land to work with and late in the game, these 2 lands being able to replace themselves will help a lot.


2 Radiant Fountain – This lands gains you life and helps you buy time against the aggro decks. It isn't crucial to the deck, but it does help a lot.


2 Boros Garrison and 4 Wind-Scarred Crag – Your dual lands for the deck. You don't play 4 of the bounce lands because you don't want a ton of lands that come into play tapped and because the bounce land doesn't gain you life by itself, you only need 2 of them.

The Sideboard

2 Circle of Protection:Red – Your answer for the red decks. I like a more fool proof plan instead of playing Lone Missionary to help gain life. I am however open to Lone Missionary because it blocks, so this spot might change.


3 Pyroblast – For the blue matchups.


3 Gorilla Shaman – For Affinity, but it can be good in the mirror as well to slow your opponent down or randomly kill a Glint Hawk.


3 Standard Bearer – For Bogles, Stompy and anything of the sort.


1 Angelic Purge – A good flexible removal spell for almost any situation that calls for it.


1 Kor Sanctifiers – I like how this card is not only a Disenchant effect but also attacks and/or blocks if need be.


1 Electrickery – When you need an extra board clear effect against Goblins, Elves, Tokens or anything of the like.


1 Cenn's Enlistment – For the grindy matchups. This card shines when you are trying your hardest to get to the late game. Turn all your useless lands into creatures.



The Decktech and Matches




The Verdict and Conclusion

I really do love this deck, especially in the format currently. It has a ton of removal, a good amount of creatures, can draw a lot of extra cards and has a combo like kill to finish it off. It can attack from multiple angles and can flip from Aggro to Control, then go back and forth easily, making it a power-house against anything.


The big strength of this deck is that it can easily win the game fast (9 of its removal spells are also burn spells) and it can win the late game as well. All of your creatures block and clog up the combat step and/or can attack in the air and put a serious clock on your opponent. When every card you draw is either a removal spell, a flying creature, a card that replaces itself, or a burn spell to point at your opponents head, your opponents will have a hard time handling a deck that can attack from so many different angles.


So what is my verdict? Would I recommend this deck? I would, without a shadow of a doubt, highly recommend this deck. I think it has a great position in the meta game right now and it has all the tools it needs to do well against any archetype.


Being able to switch between control and aggro roles on a whim, is a very good option to have because it keeps your opponents on their toes and they never exactly know how fast you will kill them or how long you plan to take the game and so your opponent has to keep guessing on what to do. Take the deck for a spin and let me know how well it does for you!


That is all for now. Thank you so much for reading and watching. See you all next time!