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Nov 21 2016 12:00pm
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The UG Archetype (Also known as 52 card pickup) is a midrange deck, but it also tries to be an aggro deck at the same time. It plays an aggressive 2 drop creature known as Terrain Elemental, but also has Ulvenwald Captive to ramp and be a big threat if you can flip it later in the game. It has removal in the form of Rabid Bite and Hunt the Weak, has a big flier in the form of Wretched Gryff and because of the ramp potential the deck has, it allows you to cast Self-Assembler a turn early on turn 4 and allows you to cast more spells on turn 6, so that you can get ahead of your opponent casting their own.

I did however, make some changes of my own and come up with a list that uses Flame Lash and tries to go even more over the top of the format itself. Let's go ahead and pick apart the deck piece by piece and so what I have to work with.



 The Creatures


Terrain Elemental – Although a 3/2 may not seem impressive, have a creature with 3 power on turn 2 in this format is a good way to put early pressure on your opponent. Now you can play the aggressive role, as well as have the backup of the ramp role. It is especially good here because you are splashing for Flame Lash so getting in early damage counts for a lot.


Kujar Seedsculptor – Although this card is decent as a 2/3 on turn 2, the real reason it is in this deck (in my opinion) is because it makes your Self-Assemblers bigger and it makes all of your creatures bigger against other green based decks. Other than that, it isn't very impressive, but even a 2 power creature on turn 2 with 3 toughness can go a long way.


Ulvenwald Captive – This is actually a great card in disguise. Although yes, it is a small creature, the fact that it helps you ramp into a turn 4 Self-Assembler makes it great and late in the game it can flip into a 4/6, making it quite the beat stick to put pressure on your opponent with. This deck is designed to get to the mid part of the game and that is where a flipped Captive on turn 7 or later becomes very good at taking over the game.


Eldrazi Skyspawner – This is a great cheap flier for the mana cost. It also helps you cast Self-Assembler on turn 4 and you get a 2/1 flier out of the deal to beat your opponent down with as well. The fact that it creates 2 blockers also helps vs other green decks to buy some time.


Peema Outrider – Most likely this is the best creature you can play for 4 mana. At worst it is a 3/3 with Trample and creates a chump blocker, but at its best, it's a 4/4 beat stick with Trample that wins the game quickly. It's the fact that a 4/4 is very big in this format and hard to deal with and the fact that it has trample makes a big deal when trying to push through damage.


Wild Wanderer – While a 3/2 for 4 mana isn't impressive at all, the fact that it gets you your red mana and ramps you into your bigger creatures makes it quite a good 4 drop for this archetype. There is a chance that this card isn't very good though, just as a warning.


Self-Assembler – I have spoken about this card enough, play it or have a hard time winning.


Wretched Gryff – It is true that this creature is expensive, but with emerge, it combos very well with Eldrazi Skyspawner and Wild Wanderer, being able to come down very early and beat in the air for 3 damage a turn, while also drawing you a card. The great part is it doesn't need to resolve to draw a card, which can come in handy against certain archetypes.



The Spells



Take Inventory – This is probably the best card in the format, play 4 of them and you will be happy.


Rabid Bite – For only 2 mana you can usually kill anything and resolve more spells in the same turn. There is a good chance that Hunt the Weak is a little better, but the fact that Rabid Bite is only 2 mana can make a huge difference.


Flame Lash – This is the new hot card you can play and being able to go to the face, as well as being able to kill just about anything makes this card too good not to play if you have it. Giving this deck reach may make all the difference as well because you can already deal big damage to your opponent quickly and make a road block as well.


The manabase is pretty self-explanatory, but the reason for only 1 mountain is because there is no land destruction and you have 4 Evolving Wilds and 2 Wild Wanderer to go fetch it, so it should not be a problem at all to get your red mana easily.



The Sideboard


2 Negate – This card is just to counter removal and burn spells. It isn't good to bring in, just to counter Take Inventory because then you have to draw it at a certain and particular time and you can't have dead cards or you will fall behind quickly.


3 Pulse of Murasa – This card is awesome at making the game go longer and giving you more turns to play the game and being able to return a big creature so that you have a threat can make all the difference in a game. The fact that it is an instant is also awesome.


2 Root Out – This is to help kill Self-Assembler so you can get ahead. If people start playing Spontaneous Mutation more, than this is also a good spot to bring this card in.


2 Turn Aside – This is to protect your creatures from removal and it is great because it is only 1 mana. It isn't in there for any other reason.


2 Hunt The Weak – This is to bring in against the green decks so that you can also kill a creature and make your creature bigger to get ahead. You can also bring it in against almost any deck because of Self-Assembler if you would like, but sometimes it might be a dead card and you may not be able to afford it.


4 Spontaneous Mutation – This is a great way to remove a threat from the board for a small price of mana. Although yes the creature still stays in play, when it has no power, you can easily work around it. The fact that it has flash is also great.


If I were you, I would definitely give at the very least Littlefield's UG deck a try because I believe it to be one of the best decks in the format. I know that Flame Lash is almost impossible to come by, but if I can get them, I know other people can and this a great look at a potential deck to build if you can get them. Here I will show you my version of UG Midrange for those who don't have Flame Lash.


As you can tell, I love Geerseeker Serpent a whole lot and I think in a ramp deck that also contains a few artifacts so you can play it early, can make for a very good win condition by itself. You also get the addition of Byway Courier to combo with Wretched Gryff and get a clue off of to also make an artifact and to dig a little deeper into your deck. 

If you would like to compete in these tournaments, feel free to head on over to and sign up. Tournaments are on Sunday at 12pm EST and on Mondays at 2pm EST. Thank you for reading and watching and I will see you next time!