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By: neckfire, Eddie Davenport
Jan 20 2020 1:00pm

 I have a confession to make. I’m one of those filthy dirty Tron players. I love the deck. I make no apologies about that fact. I’m also aware of the fact that pauper players HATE Tron. Well do I have some good news for you. The recent Pauper championships top 8 gave us two decks that targeted Tron hard and they were first and second respectively.

Let’s start with one of the more extreme options.

PonderousCZ decided that they wanted to attack Tron the simplest way possible, their manabase. PonderousCZ cruised to an easy top 8 in the 4th seed. This Land destruction deck attacks the greedier decks in the format namely Tron but also the Boros decks that have been putting up good results. PonderousCZ has put up numerous results with this deck in high profile tournaments but it attacks Tron on an axis that they are relatively good at coming back from. Tron does two things well, assembling Tron and not dying. Even destroying their lands, they can come back and win. Granted this deck backs up this land destruction with pressure.

But there is another deck that came out of that tournament that is worth talking about. 

While its true Tron is good at “not dying” it takes time for them to set up the loop. Hexproof can easily present lethal by turn 4.

Hexproof or Bogles as it is sometimes called operates on a simple formula. Present a hexproof creature and buff it up via enchantments to kill your opponent all the while blanking all your opponents targeted removal. 

Let’s run the deck through a few games and see how it performs. 

Thanks for watching!

Until next time.