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By: GGG, Good Game Garrison
Oct 10 2011 1:08am
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The Pauper Perfect Storm is around since a long time, it is and will always will be a deck to know. In fact, if you are not ready for it, it won't be a fair game.

Index of Contents

  • 1.0 Deck List
    • 1.1 Card Choices
    • 1.2 Sideboard Strategies
  • 2.0 Commented Matches
    • 2.1 TPPS vs Infect
    • 2.2 TPPS vs MBC
    • 2.3 TPPS vs RDW_sligh
  • 3 Discussion


1.0 The DeckList
My decklist is pretty standard. The deck wants to generate enough mana to keep casting draw spells and more rituals in order to up the storm count. Then cast Grapeshot or Empty the Warrens for the win.


1.1 Card Choices
There's not much room to toy around with the list, the main discussion boils down to the number of win conditions to play main deck. I play the full 8 slots of them. We have to consider that in game 1 very few decks are prepared to deal with the Storm, thus we have to maximize our chances of being in advantage. Which means to minimize our chances to fizz.

1.2 Sideboard Strategy
We said that winning game 1 should depend only on our side of the table, well, game 2 becomes much more iffy.
The opponent has plenty of ways to disrupt our plans, it can kill all our tokens, attack our lands or hand and finally prevent damage from red sources. These are my sideboard plans:

  • MUC/UR post: -4 grapeshot +4 duress -2 chromatic sphere +2 Irrigation Ditch
    The idea here is that they don't have many ways of dealing with our tokens. We then snipe their echoing truth with our duress and then lay a ton of tokens. We want more lands to have more mana then them, which helps when you have to play around counterspells. Also, URpost can side land destruction, so more lands will help our position.
  • RDW: main deck. This is purely a race that TPPS can win.
  • Goblins: -4 grapeshot +4 duress
    they basically have no ways of dealing with a horde of tokens, we shall take advantage of that.
  • MBC: -4 empty the warrens +2 (Shred Memories) +2 Deep Analysis -2 chromatic sphere +2Irrigation Ditch
    it is very easy for them to kill our tokens not only with instant or sorceries but also with creatures ( crypt rats ). Thus I go full grapeshot style. I am actually curious to know what other storm players do, since I don't have a terrific record against MBC.
  • WW: -4 empty the warrens +2 (Shred Memories) +1 Flaring Pain +1 Echoing Decay
    it is much easier for the weenie player to deal with our tokens than with grapeshot. Moreover their clock is not SO fast, we can wait until turn 5 to go off.
  • UW fish -4 empty the warrens +2 (Shred Memories) +1 Flaring Pain +1 Echoing Decay
    I didn't know about this deck but I've found it in the queues, it uses squadron hawk and brainstorm. It is quite slow and answers us the same WW does, therefore I used the same strategy.
  • Infect/MGA -4 empty the warrens -1 Chromatic Sphere +2 (Shred Memories) +3 Holy Day -2 Geothermal Crevice +2 Irrigation Ditch
    This deck is new for me to face. It is lightning fast and can kill 1 turn earlier than us! I try to use holy day as a time walk and then attack them with grapeshot as I am sure they don't have answers. Feedback and alternative strategies for this match-up are welcome:D!

Here you can find the deck tech video:

2.0 Commented Matches
In these games I will pilot the deck and comment my choices while playing. Please pardon my English as I'm not a native speaker.
When playing I keep in mind a couple of rules to decide when to mulligan. To go off you'll need about 7 mana and the ability to dig into the first 3 cards of your deck (this numbers come from my experience and I find them to be a valid threshold that helps decision making). Thus if you have less than 4-5 mana you should mulligan. Having 1 win condition in the starting 7 is ok, having 2 is bad, and having 3 is mulligan. Manafixers are less important but don't try to combo off without having at least 1 of them.

2.1 TPPS vs Infect
This is the first match I do to test my recording stuff. The opponent pilots infect and I have the chance to implement my sideboard strategy.
At 1:38 I decide not to play the chromatic star because there's plenty of mana in my hand and later on I can use the star to up the storm count. At 2:22, after counting the poison counters he will be able to throw at us, I decide to combo off and lay down a wall of goblins. In fact at 4:43 it's time to block with everything, eventually this pays off and I take home the match.
You can see the sideboarding at 7:38. The starting seven of match 2 are borderline (only 4 mana) but I decide to keep thanks to double preordain. In my turn I misplay and lay down the wrong land which doesn't allow me to preordain without using a chromatic star. At 9:50 I still don't see holy day and the opponent is setting up the kill but luckily I survive. At 11:50 you can see the holy day play and from there I can fatally grapeshot-storm his head.

2.2 TPPS vs MBC
MBC has a strong game against us. My starting hand is good and at 1:24 I decide not to rush an early (Empty the Warren). The decision lost me the game but that is still the right choice, the opponent had no clock and even after targeted discard he would have left me a draw spell. Thus the right decision is to wait with my strong hand to build a better base and go off with ease. On the other hand at 2:00 I decide to pass with 8 mana sources and the ability to draw the top 4 cards of the library. I had all I needed to combo off for a huge token swing. In game 1 I can't play around echoing decay or crypt rats so I should have tried to win from there. Turns out that my opponent plays Okiba-gang shinobi main deck (heh, he's scared of storm:D) and starts punishing me.
I combo off the next turn. Gitaxian probe sees that he has no ways to deal with my tokens, so I could have easily won. Just notice that at 3:40 the right choice is to play one cabal ritual without threshold because you need manamorphose to be able to cast ideas unbound. If you cast manamorphose first you'd get stuck with B R UU in pool. Anyways, my opponent is good at drawing and takes an echoing decay from the top of his deck.
In game 2 I don't see lands and mulligan to 5 where he has discards and (chocking sand) to kill my land. That's the end of it.

2.3 TPPS vs RDW_sligh
This guy was probably experimenting or trying the format for the first time. Nevertheless he takes the first match with a rapid clock. He turns out to be some hybrid RDW sligh deck. Against Rogues I always stay main deck since I want to maximize my chances of doing broken things. Please notice that this may not be the best choice since rogues can still have sideboard hate against you.
At 1:17 I count how many damages he can do to me in the next turn and decide to pass. Notice that I was giving him a RDW so I mention that I must pay attention to cast gitaxian probe or sign in blood, since he may also have fireblast. At 3:00 I see that he doesn't have it but I'm short on cards, preordain gives ideas unbound but at 5:27 I still don't see a solution and I lose with storm count 18 and 1 grapeshot in hand. Sad.
After that I decide to go maindeck and this eventually pays off. At 9:22 it's alpha strike time. When you are about to alpha strike with your goblins always try to predict how many damages you'll get later. If you are satisfied, go for the red zone! If not, leave a couple of tokens behind.
We then go to game 3, at 11:51 it's time to combo off because the next turn he could really hurt me, moreover, worst come to worst, I could have cleaned his board with my grapeshot. Finally at 13:29 there's the grapeshot for the win.

3.0 Discussion
I believe TPPS is still well positioned in the current meta. The metagame doesn't seem to differ much from other metagames where the Storm resisted, in fact, the main difference that I see is the presence of Infect decks.
When piloting the deck there are a number of mental operations that one should do. First of all deciding when to mulligan. Second, predicting how many damages can the opponent do to you if you let him play another turn. Last but not least, thinking through the sideboard strategy. I hope this article gives some insights about these three points, but please let me know if you have different views, especially on the sideboard strategies.
I am puzzled by the MBC matchup, it looks like they have turned anti-storm heavy with echoing decay and okiba-gang shinobi main deck. I would like to know your opinion about the match up!
Finally, a part from being my first article here, it is also the first time I pilot the deck and record a video of it. In the next videos I will try to mock more myself or the opponents in order for the video to be more entertaining to watch:)

Thanks for reading, please comment my play choices or decklist or strategies or whatever in the comment section below!
All the Best, Tolarian Scientist by GGG


How much did Gitaxian Probe by sanhedrin at Mon, 10/10/2011 - 09:36
sanhedrin's picture

How much did Gitaxian Probe improve this deck? It seems really good to me.

Probe is amazing for the deck by walkerdog at Mon, 10/10/2011 - 12:47
walkerdog's picture

Probe is amazing for the deck but the deck doesn't have a great meta-position atm imo.

MBC - tends to hand you your lunch. MBC always had stuff like Echoing and Ninjas, but some of the new removal and cheap reanimation has given MBC more tools to beat up other decks allowing it to play plenty of extra SB hate if it wants to vs storm.

MUC - Blue is back with Cloud of Faeries fuelings Spellstutter Sprites and they play Probes too, which lets them know what to counter.

Oli Ruel's UWB storm - still a contender and can go off as quickly as Storm and can repeatedly go off, plus it has all sorts of hate for TPPS.

The deck is definently weaker compared to a prepared meta (which we have right now) than it was when Khemesis created it or even during its heyday.

Awesome stuff. I'll by PiDave at Wed, 10/12/2011 - 04:29
PiDave's picture

Awesome stuff. I'll definitely try this deck out as soon as I can.

thx for the replies by GGG at Wed, 10/12/2011 - 16:33
GGG's picture

Gitaxian Probe is the tech, worse come to worse it really helps to smooth out the decision about whether you can allow a turn more to the opponent or not.

The very big problem I faced in the matches is MBC. Its actual maindeck setup id quite tough and it doesn't get softer post sideboard. I don't get from where is that coming from, maybe aggros are not balls down as they used to be.

On the other hand all you really need versus MUC is 10 tokens and 1 duress, I've seen noone saving the counter for the duress:) they tend to shoot at the draw spells or manamorphoses.

As long as MBC stays where it is (which can be too long before some goblins will start slaughtering mono black players) I shall re-think my meta positioning.

When I have time I'll prepare a queue run (a DE I hope!) with the other combo deck. I don't see now why it should have a better play against MBC, but the mechanism is quite different and may be more resilient.

thanks for the comments!

Game by Jamie Abels at Wed, 11/23/2011 - 20:43
Jamie Abels's picture

I really liked this deck and I will try it as soon as possible. Last month I decided that a private cloud provider would be very beneficial for my online "life". This month I have to finish all the tests and hopefully next month I will be able to try this deck. You wrote that this are your first videos and I want to congratulate your for them because they are very nice.

Duress vs. Goblins? by volumen1 at Tue, 07/17/2012 - 10:15
volumen1's picture

I really enjoy playing this deck but I'm wondering about the choice of Duress versus Goblins. Are you merely doing that to pump up the storm count? I ask because it doesn't seem like Goblins decks have too many non-land non-creature cards. I came up against the MUC faerie deck a few times and it seems like as long as you are smart you can still win with this deck.