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By: goat314, William Kirkwood
Oct 12 2011 10:45am
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Hi everybody, please bear with me as I attempt to share my thoughts in a coherent manner for the first time (via 2 media no less).  I began playing Magic during 4th ed. and Ice Age and played until Odyssey.  About a year ago I found my way to Magic Online, and have progressed from Pauper to Legacy, and ultimately to my new love, Classic.  I enjoy control strategies and blue mana as well as long walks on the beach and a cuddly kitty.  Umm, forget I mentioned the last two.

Anyway, to the Daily Event.

I've been struggling to really get comfortable with a control strategy in this environment and had some pretty rough failures in the Classic League events and a "1 and done" in the Steel Cage as well.  So here's my predicament, I want to play a deck with the power level of Shops or Dredge, but the interactivity of control...


I'll try to keep my written commentary brief, since the videos aren't. Basically, I've felt like Metalworker was poised to make a comeback in our current meta. The more fish decks, the slower games are, the better a turn one Metalworker is for your game plan. The Forgemaster / Welder plan appeases my desire to interact with opponents, and it worked very well in the tournament. Forgemaster's ability to Tinker for answers at instant speed is outstanding. Goblin Welder's ability to circumvent an opponent's counterspells and removal creates hard decisions, where casting Force of Will to stop a Wurmcoil is a 2 for 0 considering it can be retrieved from the graveyard. So on with the intro video:


Round 1: themaniac playing Dredge

Round 2: ChantryGilbert playing Shoath

Round 3: xkorpio playing Illusions

Round 4: Cronin playing Mono Blue Control

The aftermath:

The Good:

Kuldotha Forgemaster came up huge in rounds 1 and 2. Tinkering for Tormod's Crypt and then as my play on an opposing Show and Tell were huge advantages, and helped me bring home those 2 rounds.

Goblin Welder locked out Dredge in round 1, and was huge against Mono Blue in round 4. I don't know if Cronin had Force of Wills to respond to my plays in game 2, but the option could not have been appealing. "2 for 1 myself to have you retrieve it from the graveyard anyway."

The Bad:

Myr Battlesphere. Did you notice it? Me neither. I never played it, never really wanted it. It may have been a more appealing tinker target against G/W Hate Bears, perhaps. Before the game was under control, Battlesphere wasn't going to correct it, and after the game is under control, it just seems like overkill. I mean, Forgemaster isn't a chump at 3/5, and Golems and Wurmcoils do a lot of work. Seriously reconsidering this slot in the maindeck. Perhaps replacing it with a 2nd Precursor for a similar effect at lower mana cost or a 2nd Wurmcoil for the bigger threat, I'm not sure.

The Questionable:

My keep in round 3 game 2 may not have been right. I was hoping for a land draw which is bad, but I didn't want to mulligan to 5 down a game, either.

My tinker for Tormod's Crypt in round 1 game 2. It worked and I'm sure it was the right play, but it sure didn't feel good doing it.

The Ugly:

Not playing around Daze cost me game 1 of round 3. I've seen the replay twice now, and I'm convinced of it. Maybe xkorpio had a Force of Will available and maybe he didn't. That was a terrible play on my part.

Round 4 was full of ugly. I made a misplay at the end of the match against Energy Flux, it turned out to be of no consequence, but still a misplay that deserves attention. 8 consecutive lost Mana Crypt flips. 8! Not quite Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, but it started to feel like it. Finally, the Metalworker bug was been confirmed by WotC support with no timeline as of yet for a fix. I do apologize to Cronin especially for getting so frustrated (though rightfully so) and putting him in an awkward position.

Special thanks to all my opponents, especially Cronin through that awkwardness.

I would also like to mention that the 6 prize-winners of the Daily Event were 3 Shops (2 Panther lists and mine), 2 Illusions, and 1 G/W Hate Bears. Also, 0 Null Rods. Had I played better against xkorpio, I may have had the pseudo-mirror with the_crisp_one (who 4-0ed with Panther Shops), a matchup I feel pretty good with.

A very special thanks to you, the reader whom I hope has taken the time to read and listen to my thoughts. Please leave comments, all feedback is extremely valuable as I try to get comfortable with recording and expressing my thoughts through print.

Until next time,

Will Kirkwood


Clan Lotus Farmers


Yay for classic content. Keep by Clan Magic Eternal at Wed, 10/12/2011 - 11:50
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Yay for classic content. Keep it up and grats on getting welder in the moneys!


I prefer to hear commentary by Montolio at Wed, 10/12/2011 - 12:14
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I prefer to hear commentary while the game is occuring, versus watching a replay. Replay's tend to lead to slow and dragged out matches as you are trying to convey your every thought before moving onto the next play.
Congratulations on taking Welder to 3-1

Totally agree, and that is my by goat314 at Wed, 10/12/2011 - 12:39
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Totally agree, and that is my goal. Hopefully next event I will be able to get it set up and try it out and avoid the commentary flaws like in round 4 discussing a bad possible play.

This stuff is harder than it looks! Gonna take a while to be a pro, like Whiffy :-)

Enjoyed watching the games, by blandestk at Thu, 10/13/2011 - 01:51
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Enjoyed watching the games, though I agree with Montolio.

Glad to hear the bug has been confirmed. It's the worst when that happens. If you had a stop on the begin attack, could you have activated the mana there before declaring the attackers? Perhaps that gets around the bug?

The mana pools are emptied by goat314 at Thu, 10/13/2011 - 10:21
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The mana pools are emptied after each step, so no. It would go away at end of Begin Combat. This was a trick years ago when people would float mana from their upkeep to their draw step, and use it if they drew an instant.

At this point there is no way around that bug. Other than to topdeck a Mana Crypt eventually :-)

Nice to see more Classic by MMogg at Thu, 10/13/2011 - 21:07
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Nice to see more Classic writers! Also, nice to see Welder making a small wave in Classic, which I'm surprised about considering the increasing use of Mental Misstep.