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By: olaw, Oliver Law
Aug 04 2013 11:19pm
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Welcome to another Becoming A Modern Man! In this article I will be taking a look at a BUG Infect deck. The more traditional Infect style deck is a deck I've been meaning to get around to for some time. For whatever reason I've been putting it off but now I've found the time to put a list together and get some games in with it.

This is a slightly budgeted version of the deck, we need a couple more Misty Rainforest and should probably be running the full 4 Noble Hierarchs but the small cuts aren't too significant.


Noble Hierarch
Noble Hierarch
Hierarch is a very good accelerant in this deck.  It does have a weakness in that it cannot produce black mana but the fact that it has Exalted really pushes Hierarch over the top.  That extra +1/+1 bonus is very significant when you only need ten points of damage to kill your opponent.

Glistener Elf
Glistener Elf
Our only 1 mana Infect creature.  Glistener Elf is generally a pretty nice Turn 1 play as provided it isn't instantly removed it's probably going to get in at least some early poison counters.

Blighted Agent
Blighted Agent
Blighted Agent is probably the best of the Infect creatures thanks to being unblockable.  Blighted Agent can ignore your opponent's creatures and so will usually get in for some poison counters.

Plague Stinger
Plague Stinger
Plague Stinger is your other evasive two-mana infect creature.  I'm less fond of Plague Stinger than I am of Blighted Agent mainly because flying isn't quite the same as being unblockable but it's still a solid creature and can get the job done just as well as anyone else.

Pumps and Auras

Mutagenic Growth
Mutagenic Growth
Mutagenic Growth is a pseudo-free pump spell which can either give you some additional power or save a creature from a burn spell or other damage based removal.

Rancor is one of the best auras of all time.  Two extra points of infect damage for 1 mana is absolutely great and the trample is extremely relevant if you have to get through blockers.

Might of Old KrosaGroundswell
Might of Old Krosa/Groundswell
Might of Old Krosa & Groundswell are two of your most powerful pump spells.  They are very similar in that they both can give your creature a +4/+4 pump for just 1 mana provided certain conditions are met.  Groundswell is probably a card you want to use earlier than Might of Old Krosa as you can't always guarantee you'll have a land drop to trigger the landfall.  Might of Old Krosa is a bit better in the long game but has the disadvantage of only giving +4/+4 if played at sorcery speed.

Vines of Vastwood
Vines of Vastwood
Vines of Vastwood is a great spell which both protects one of your creatures and doubles up as a pump spell if you have sufficient mana open.

Simic Charm
Simic Charm
Simic Charm is one of the newer additions to this deck.  Charm is a very good card just because it gives you lots of options.  The main modes are the +3/+3 and giving all your creatures hexproof which are either a pump or a way to protect your guys.  However, the Unsummon ability can also be relevant, for example it's really good against Splinter Twin where you can bounce their Pestermite or Deceiver Exarch and probably win next turn.  Simic Charm just gives you a lot of different options and that is never a bad thing.


Inkmoth Nexus
Inkmoth Nexus
Arguably Nexus is the best card in the deck, I would certainly argue that point.  The manland can go a long way and the fact that it doesn't die to Wrath effects and other sorcery-speed removal means it's much easier to protect than your other Infect guys.

Pendelhaven is an interesting land, dating all the way back to Legends, that you won't see in many other decks.  As the deck is filled with 1/1 Infect guys, Pendelhaven is a free pump for any of those guys and can also play defense if necessary.

Verdant CatacombsMisty Rainforest
Verdant Catacombs/Misty Rainforest
Fetchlands are necessary to make sure you have access to your duals.  Ideally you want 4 of each, as I mentioned I only have 2 Rainforests available and the deck still works but more fetchlands are desirable.

Breeding PoolOvergrown Tomb
Breeding Pool/Overgrown Tomb
As we are running three colours we obviously need some duals so we have Breeding Pool to give us access to blue and Overgrown Tomb to give us access to black mana.


Nature's ClaimDistortion StrikePhyrexian CrusaderDismemberAbrupt DecaySpellskite

  • Nature's Claim provides you with either artifact or enchantment destruction at just 1 mana.  Also, as you're looking to poison your opponent and not kill them through damage the 4 life isn't a drawback for you.
  • Distortion Strike is a useful card if your opponent is likely to be filling up the board with blockers.  Lingering Souls is a real pain if you don't have a Blighted Agent or a Rancor to hand so Distortion Strike is a nice sideboard against those kind of decks.
  • Phyrexian Crusader is kind of awkward with the manabase with double black mana required but it's definitely worth it.  Red and White are the primary removal colours in Modern and having protection from Lightning Bolt and Path to Exile can take you a long way.
  • Dismember is removal for when it's needed.  Creatures like Spellskite can be a real nuisance so this comes in deal with troublesome creatures such as that.
  • Abrupt Decay is a solid uncounterable removal spell that can deal with a variety of early threats.
  • Spellskite is a way of protecting your Infect guys as it can redirect removal its way.  It's also a powerful card against Splinter Twin and other Infect decks which makes it very useful.

This deck isn't cheap with the fetchlands being very expensive at the moment and Noble Hierarch is another big expense.  After that things are a bit more reasonable with the notable exception of Spellskite in the sideboard.  There are cheaper ways to build an Infect deck using fewer colours so this is on the higher end of the spectrum.

Main Deck

4 x Verdant Catacombs= 54.64
3 x Noble Hierarch= 51.33
2 x Misty Rainforest= 31.18
4 x Inkmoth Nexus= 14.48
3 x Breeding Pool= 12.30
3 x Overgrown Tomb= 9.24
4 x Rancor= 2.48
2 x Pendelhaven= 1.36
4 x Might of Old Krosa= 0.60
4 x Glistener Elf= 0.36
4 x Groundswell= 0.32
4 x Vines of Vastwood= 0.32
3 x Simic Charm= 0.27
4 x Blighted Agent= 0.20
4 x Plague Stinger= 0.08
Total: 179.16 tix


2 x Spellskite= 24.28
3 x Dismember= 6.18
2 x Abrupt Decay= 3.56
3 x Phyrexian Crusader= 1.71
3 x Nature's Claim= 0.24
2 x Distortion Strike= 0.16
Total: 36.13 tix
Grand Total: 215.29 tix

Let's take the deck for a spin shall we!

In our first matchup we take on Affinity.  Affinity and Infect are similar in a lot of ways in that they are pretty much all about applying quick, early pressure and wrapping up the game in the first few turns.  They also both some added reach from cards like Blighted Agent and Etched Champion.  This is largely a race but you can certainly benefit from the fact that their deck is generally pretty light on removal.  You have the advantage of having to deal less damage overall, also cards like Nature's Claim from the sideboard are very powerful. 

Our next matchup is against a UW Control deck.  Provided you can get off to a quick start you'll be in with a good chance against this deck.  You certainly have to be cautious for cards like Path to Exile but their slow starts mean you can usually get some early poison counters in which makes winning the game that much easier.

Our next matchup is against an Elf deck.  As I mention in the video this is a pretty good matchup generally just because they are bound to be light on removal and have very few ways to interact with you.  You will probably need some kind of evasive threat, such as Inkmoth Nexus or Blighted Agent, as the ground will get clogged up quickly but provided you can get your game plan together quickly I think you are heavily favoured.

Our final matchup is against a GWR Good Stuff deck.  Game 1 pretty much goes as planned with us finding a good number of Infect creatures and just overwhelming our opponent.  In Game 2, I play too conservatively and a Wrath of God followed by a Guardian Seraph from my opponent wraps things up.  In Game 3 my opponent gets stuck on lands which allows me to put them all the way to 9 poison counters.  They fight back valiantly but at only one poison counter away from death they couldn't last much longer.

I have to say this isn't a deck that particularly suits my play style as I tend to be overly cautious when pushing for the win is perhaps the better play.  That said it is a very powerful deck and quite a fun one too.  A very all-in strategy but one that can put away your opponent very quickly.  Expect quick wins and devastating blowouts - that said this deck still has some reach thanks to Blighted Agent and Inkmoth Nexus that can help you win if the game happens to go long.