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By: olaw, Oliver Law
Apr 16 2015 12:00pm
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myth realized


Welcome to another Becoming A Modern Man!  I've already expressed quite a bit of excitement for some of the cards being released in Dragons of Tarkir.  With the set now online I thought I would take a slightly different approach to things this time around.  I plan to write a few articles picking out an interesting Dragons of Tarkir card and trying to build a Modern deck to fit around it.  I don't usually do much deck brewing of my own, sticking to previously successful decks but I thought I would try going it alone and see what I can achieve.  So this is a bit experimental compared to what I usual do in these articles but I'd be interested to hear your feedback on whether you enjoyed this.

So without further ado, let's look at the card I want to spotlight in this article:

Myth Realized is a very powerful enchantment that has the potential to become a huge creature in the right deck.  The cheap casting and activation cost make it well-suited to Control decks, where keeping mana up is precious.  It is also a good mana sink in long games as you can add additional counters to increase the size of your creature.

My immediate inclination is to put it in some kind of UW or UWx Control shell.  These types of deck like the game to go long and are very spell heavy, giving Myth Realized the chance to shine.

I thought I would start with a fairly simple UW Control shell and work from there.  After a few tweaks and changes I ended up with a list that looked like this:

I can't say that all the numbers are correct or even particularly well thought out but this list has done quite well so far.  I think the lists current failings are that it is probably running too many finishers (I really wanted to try out the planeswalkers as I had seen them used in other lists) and perhaps slightly too many creatures, at least for a deck based around Myth Realized.  I also wasn't sure on how many copies of Myth Realized I would want - I punted for 3 as I figured if the purpose of playing the deck was to test that particular card we wanted to be drawing it a good amount of the time.



Snapcaster Mage
Snapcaster Mage
I knew going in that I wanted to play Snapcaster Mage and I think the full 4 copies is good.  Snapcaster plays great in these Control decks, letting you reuse your counterspells and removal.  Giving your spells flashback also works well with Myth Realized as you can get an extra lore counter out of  a spell in your graveyard.
Really Snapcaster Mage is the only creature I feel like definitely needs to be in the deck in some number, just because it gives you so much value.  The other creatures are more expendable depending on how you want to build the deck.

Wall of Omens
Wall of Omens
I put Wall of Omens in the deck as a roadblock against aggro and a cheap cantrip.  It also works well with the next card that I put in the creature suite, Restoration Angel.  However, it doesn't work particularly well with Myth Realized if that is what we are particularly going for, though Myth can always tick itself up.  I could see cutting Wall for copies of Remand that I didn't quite fit into the list but I could see running some number of.

Restoration Angel
Restoration Angel
Restoration Angel is a very powerful creature and a nice finisher for the deck.  A flash 3/4 flyer is good in itself but Restoration Angel's ability allows you to flicker Snapcaster Mage and/or Wall of Omens for extra value, which works really nicely.


Myth Realized
Obviously I've already talked about Myth Realized but how was my experience of playing it in this deck?  I've been pretty happy with Myth for the most part.  It can be a bit slow to power up in the current configuration of the deck but I don't see that as a huge problem.  I think 3 copies might be excessive unless we cut some of the other finishers in the deck, which I would be fine with.  That said I didn't hate drawing multiple copies of Myth as you can grow multiple copies for multiple threats and casting a second Myth Realized will trigger a lore counter being put on the first which is nice.

Being just UW rather than UWx helps make Myth Realized better as you want to have multiple white sources so you can attack with Myth as well as grow it end of turn - which can be a bit more awkward in UWx configurations I've given a go.

Arguably, Myth falls on similar lines to Celestial Colonnade but there is a significant advantage in having a considerably cheaper activation cost, and it can grow far larger than a 4/4.  I have to say that I do sometimes find myself sideboarding out Myth as it isn't an essential card but I have been happy with its power level overall.

Mana LeakSpell Snare
Mana Leak/Spell Snare
Our counterspell suite consists of Mana Leak and Spell Snare.  Both are very powerful and cheap counterspells.  Remand could also find a home here but I think I prefer Mana Leak as a more permanent answer to our opponent's threat as this isn't really a tempo deck.

Path to ExileDismember
Path to Exile/Dismember
Our removal suite contains 4 Path to Exile but I also added a singleton Dismember to the mix as removal for Splinter Twin creatures and Abzan's Siege Rhinos etc. is important in the current metagame.  Both spells are very powerful and cheap removal spells that can help you off any creature that you weren't able to counter or deal with otherwise.
The removal can be reused with Snapcaster Mage as well to deal with numerous threats in quick succession.

Think Twice
Think Twice
Perhaps somewhat oddly Think Twice was once of the first cards I thought of for pairing with Myth Realized.  A cheap instant speed draw spell with flashback that can get you two lore counters for Myth and draw you into more spells seemed like a perfect compliment.

Detention Sphere
Detention Sphere
Another singleton, I decided to run a Detention Sphere as an answer to various problematic permanents and just as additional removal in a tight squeeze.  It also happens to be great against tokens which can be a nuisance for our deck.

Supreme Verdict
Supreme Verdict
Board sweepers aren't particularly prevalent in Modern so sometimes people don't play around them.  That's one of the reasons I love playing Supreme Verdict in this format, people just don't see it coming sometimes and it can be a major blowout.
It's particularly good here as Myth Realized not only dodges Verdict but actually grows from you casting it and then you can activate it to attack into an empty board.

Cryptic Command
Cryptic Command
Cryptic Command is probably one of the best reasons to play a blue control deck.  Cryptic just does so much in one card and is so versatile too.  Countering spells, drawing cards, tapping down your opponent's team or bouncing a permanent - Cryptic does pretty much everything you could want it to except finish the game.
A nice interaction between Cryptic and Myth Realized is that you can tap down your opponent's team to clear the way for your huge Myth Realized.  A strategy I have managed to use to good effect.

Sphinx's Revelation
Sphinx's Revelation
Sphinx's Revelation was a card that was dominating Standard not so long ago in UW Control decks.  Revelation is an extremely powerful late game play that gives massive card advantage and the life to allow you to use that advantage effectively.  Modern is a fast format so you never really want more than 1 or 2 Revelations but it can be a real life saver.  You can also use Snapcaster Mage to cast it with flashback for a real backbreaking play.

I decided to play a couple of Planeswalkers in my deck, mainly because I had seen them in other UW Control decks and wanted to give them a try.  They aren't essential pieces but thought they were worth testing alongside Myth Realized.

Jace, Architect of Thought
Jace, Architect of Thought
Jace, Architect of Thought is a powerful planeswalker.  The +1 ability can be very useful in diluting opposing attacks and the -2 ability is a great, and potentially repeatable, source of card draw.  The +1 ability is particularly good against token strategies and Lingering Souls, it's probably slightly better in a deck with more creatures to make the attacks less favourable but we can block favourably with Myth Realized as well Restoration Angel for good value.

Gideon Jura
Gideon Jura
Gideon is a very powerful planeswalker that can stall or entirely prevent entire armies of creatures with its +2 ability.  It then has the potential to act as removal with its -2 ability and then once the board is cleared it can beat the opponent down, in a Myth Realized fashion.  I think there might be slightly too much overlap between Myth Realized and Gideon in this deck but I still feel Gideon is generally a strong addition to this kind of deck.  The only real problem is finding the opening to tap 5 mana down.


Celestial Colonnade
Celestial Colonnade
Colonnade is a traditional finisher for UW Control decks.  Like Myth Realized it can be activated during your turn to avoid sorcery speed removal and it has the advantage of having evasion, so can fly over blockers on the ground.  The disadvantage it has is that it has a rather expensive activation cost, which sometimes means you have to weigh up keeping up counters or Snapcaster Mage and getting aggressive with Colonnade.  Colonnade is also vulnerable to Rending Volley, which is a problem I have faced as well as non-basic hate such as Tectonic Edge and Ghost Quarter.  However, having a land that not only produces both colours but can be a win condition too is just too good a deal to pass up.

Tectonic Edge
Tectonic Edge
Being just two colours allows us a bit more liberty to run utility lands like Tectonic Edge.  You can some slightly awkward hands particularly if you draw multiple copies of Tectonic Edge and have Cryptic Command in hand but generally the utility is worth the rare occurrences where this happens.  Tectonic Edge is great against Tron and has general utility against opposing manlands and utility lands like Desolate Lighthouse or Gavony Township.

Calciform Pools
Calciform Pools
The last land of particular interest is Calciform PoolsCalciform Pools can be used to build up extra mana, which is particularly good when you are using Sphinx's Revelation.  It's a bit of a corner case but I thought it was worth experimenting with - I haven't had a chance to put it into action yet but when it does I'm sure it will be worthwhile.


Our first matchup is against a Death's Shadow Suicide Aggro deck.  This an interesting deck that has put up some decent results in the Dailies and I would like to give a try sometime.  This matchup went pretty well for us overall and seems pretty favourable in general.  Our spot removal is very good as they often go all in on just one creature.  Also, in Game 1 I was able to use multiple Cryptic Commands to steal away my opponent's combat step until I found a Supreme Verdict to wipe my opponent's board.  Much like Infect without the creatures they are just holding a bunch of pump spells so it's really all just about dealing with those.

Our second matchup is against Dredgevine.  Unfortunately after Game 1 our opponent conceded so this is only a single game but a long and entertaining one where Myth Realized played a pretty big role.

Our third matchup is against Zoo.  This matchup went really well for us as our removal just allowed us to control the game for the most part.  Myth Realized was also good here as it can, with a little work, outsize their creatures and become a very effective blocker.

I thought I would share some other decklists/ideas I had for Myth Realized.

Here's a quickly imagined Jeskai Control build for Myth Realized:

The other place I could see Myth Realized going is as another finisher for a Mono-White Enchantments/Enduring Ideal deck, like the list below.  Myth Realized could work well in this kind of deck as it's cheap, gets lore counters off all the enchantments and artifacts in the deck and can be a sink for the crazy Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx mana you can make.  The only disadvantage is that the lack of evasion means you will probably spend several turns getting chumped before you can do any meaningful damage.


I've enjoyed playing with Myth Realized and think it is legitimately a very powerful card in the right deck.  It can become huge in a deck like UW Control which plays for the long game and can be a quick and powerful finisher.  The cheap mana cost and activation cost also means you can keep up your countermagic or removal very easily while still applying pressure.  It can also play defence as a blocker than can soon out muscle the smaller creatures in the format.

The downsides are that it still dies to popular removal spells, such as Path to Exile, Murderous Cut and Abrupt Decay, but at least you can keep it protected from burn by growing it out of Lightning Bolt range.  Myth Realized also lacks the evasion of Celestial Colonnade or other potential finishers for the deck, which means it is somewhat weak to chump blockers.  Also, I found in trying to build three-colour Control decks, that Myth Realized is better in decks that have access to multiple white sources, allowing you to activate it and keep up white mana for other spells of to pump it.  This can be a bit more of a strain in a three-colour deck but I think you can certainly build your deck to be accommodating of that.

Overall, I don't think Myth Realized is quite powerful enough to be considered an essential in this kind of deck but it's definitely powerful enough to be worthy of consideration.  I had a lot of fun playing with this new toy from the Dragons of Tarkir playbox and I look forward to trying out some others in future articles.

That's all for this article.  Hopefully I will be back soon to shine the spotlight on some of the other cards in Dragons of Tarkir.  As always your feedback is appreciated and I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading,

Oliver Law (olaw on MTGO)


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