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By: whiffy, Georgios Efelis
Apr 02 2013 8:10am
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Hey there all you Magic players and people who are lost in the inter webs! This week we take another look at Mono Red in a Daily and the results were rather promising. I'd like to say that the deck is enjoyable to play, but that would just not be honest. At least for me. I'm not a huge fan of how all in the list is, and it doesn’t really jive with my play style, but it is a top tier deck and you will win some packs with it as long as you play and draw moderately well. I however prefer something that is a little slower and more controlling. Of the two decks that I have played in events, this is low man on the totem pole. Before we get into the videos, I just want to talk about last week’s round one. I was on tilt from game three where I played more than one post combat Legion Loyalist and had my opponent dead with their attacks. Those two blunders made the game progress a few turns longer than it should have. Towards the end of the match I commented that a haste creature would win me the game, and then auto conceded when I drew an Ash Zealot with a Dynacharge in hand, three Mountains in play, and a tapped out opponent on four. It was pretty savage and I'm sure everyone was super confused at how bad I was. I can't make excuses for such terri-bad play, but I can try to flesh out game states better in my head and on camera before I just concede. At any rate, the list is the exact same from last week. Here it is and the rounds.



Mono Red Dynacharge
The fastest cheapest deck in RTR
Foundry Street Denizen 
Ash Zealot 
Burning-Tree Emissary 
Legion Loyalist 
Boros Reckoner 
Rakdos Cackler 
Gore-House Chainwalker 
Firefist Striker 
32 cards

Other Spells 
Annihilating Fire 
Mizzium Mortars 
9 cards
19 Mountain 
19 cards

Annihilating Fire 
Frostburn Weird 
Act of Treason 
15 cards



After playing the deck in two events I can say that I am done with it, as I don't even play it off camera. I just don't enjoy it. Enough of my grump though. Next week we are going to try something a little different and not quite tier one.

Immortal Servitude  
Get excited.




Thanks for the vids. Your by Psychobabble at Tue, 04/02/2013 - 19:09
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Thanks for the vids. Your thoughts on the deck's linearity pretty echo mine in my article last week:


I'm interested to see where you go with immortal servitude, I havent seen a block deck use it and I'm not sure the card pool is big enough to really exploit it. I feel like servitude is pretty much a combo piece and it'd need a critical mass of synergistic one or two drops to really be able to go off. happy to be proven wrong though if you've unlocked the code!

If you're looking for an interesting build around me card, I'd be more tempted to look at consuming abberation and other mill-based cards (psychic strike, grisly spectacle, balustrade spy, death's approach etc.). I think there's a fringe playable dimir deck out there waiting to be built.