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Feb 06 2013 1:15pm
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 Article Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Volume II of the Compendium - in no particular order.
  • Combo Enablers - a new section that chronicles some cards or combos of cards that are so full of johnny potential they need more than just a couple entries in the compendium, they need special shout-outs.
  • Sample Decks Section - 4 (3 Classic, 1 Modern) decks that utilize one or more of the combos chronicled, with succinct deck breakdowns.
  • Conclusion

So here we are again, boys & gals! Another edition of Boosh's Combo Compendium hot off the virtual presses for 2013. These compendiums are created based off the combos I readily know-- off the top of my head-- that's why there is no order to them. These are combos I have figured out on my own (and then found out others used and enjoyed them), witnessed while being on the receiving end, and/or are infamous in the realms of MTG. 

These compendiums exist so new and old/casual and competitive players can explore some of the combos Magic can produce if you put your Johnny minds to it. Maybe you already know of these; Maybe you've seen them before and had forgotten they exist, or maybe these are entirely new. Whichever option is the case, I'm hoping you'll be inspired and challenged to make some new and exciting Johnny decks when you read this. Spreading the love of the Johnny Mindset, that's my aim-- just call me Johnny, um, Johnnyseed.  

The first volume of the Combo Compendium is here. Just an FYI.

Again, this compendium is in no particular order. You may read about infinite mana or infinite elves and then read about how cool it is to put Darksteel Garrison on a Dryad Arbor... there is no breakdown based upon combo power level, in the hopes you'll read them all and enjoy them equally. The article seems huger than it actually is because there are so many full sized magic card pictures. All the other pics have been either rendered digitally in photoshop or hand-drawn, scanned and edited in photoshop by none other than yer ol' pal Boosh-- personally. Don't take my stuff without permission, because that makes me a sad panda.... filled with murder-rage.

There is a new section, which I have named Combo Enablers. I hope you read that in a Jean-Luc Picard voice. Certain cards may have one or two great combos, and those are listed in the unsorted volumes of the Compendium-- then there are cards like Enchanted Evening, Norin the Wary, & Mycosynth Lattice and card-combos like Mycosynth Lattice/Bludgeon Brawl... that yield tons of combo potential. Rather than take up ten entries in the Compendium, I made this section in order to showcase cards/card-combos like this. These sections contain a lot of combo potential and info, but there's not quite enough to dedicate whole articles about them, unlike some of my past articles

As for the deck builds this time around, some are semi-budget conscious, some are all out expensive-trons. There's only four this time, and they are not inter-dispersed throughout the article (fun fact: last compendium stated there were 7 decks in it, but there were actually 8), but have their own section. The reason for less is because this article series should focus on card interactions, synergies, and combos and leave the deck building up to you. The point is to challenge you to find ways to squeeze these into your decks or make new decks to accommodate them, I shouldn't be doing all the work for ya! 

So gather your coffee and your waffle sticks and throw your morning paper out the window, because you've got another edition of the Combo Compendium to read!

Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius + Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind
I discussed how Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind & Curiosity = infino-doom-death for your opponent in the first Combo Compendium. I thought I would start this column off right by showing how having out both versions of Niv-Mizzet do the same nefarious combo! Niv new and old combine to spell your doom! I thought it was kinda awesome how they play off of each other. You only need 12 mana to get this rolling .

Polluted Bonds + weird harvest and/or collective voyage
Polluted Bonds is an amazing card. Go buy one right now. It's amazing for multiplayer, for Commander, and it has Boosh's seal of approval. How do we exploit it? Weird Harvest exploits the bonds-- by probably netting you most (or all of) the land-grab while your opponents opt out of taking all that damage (while giving you all that life). On the other hand, Collective Voyage does not give players a choice, so you can force your opponents to take a massive hit from the Polluted BondsShattered Angel can also be exploited this way, but it only gains you life and fails to damage your opponents.

Wing Splicer + xenograft
A great way to make sure the various splicers are really effective is to include Xenograft or Conspiracy or Runed Stalactite to make your Human splicers into Golems as well. 

turntimber ranger + xenograft
Even more awesome than exploiting golem abilities with the splicers, is casting Xenograft and naming Ally. Then the first time Turntimber Ranger activates and drops a 2/2 Wolf, it's actually dropping a 2/2 Wolf Ally-- which activates Turntimber, which drops a 2/2 Wolf Ally which activates Turntimber..... INFINITE WOLF ALLIES!!! (also a huge Turntimber Ranger).

Horde of Notions + ashes of the fallen
Horde of Notions is a popular 5-color commander, especially for control and even without other elementals in your deck. If you wanted, though, you could just cast Ashes of the Fallen, choose Elemental & then all the creatures in your graveyard are able to be cast through Horde's ability.

ceaseless searblades + lavaclaw reaches
Lavaclaw Reaches reads: 1BlackRed: Until end of turn, Lavaclaw Reaches becomes a 2/2 black and red Elemental creature with "Variable Colorless: This creature gets +X/+0 until end of turn." It's still a land. Now, activate the Lavaclaw Reaches. Instead of paying a huge chunk into Variable Colorless, pay only 1 colorless mana. When it goes on the stack & resolves, Ceaseless Searblades triggers and gives itself +1/+0. Now rinse and repeat. Every time you pay 1 for the Reaches, you are effectively paying 1 to give both the activated Lavaclaw Reaches and Ceaseless Searblades +1/+0. Not a game-changer, but a fun.

winter orb + seedborn muse + kismet
Frozen Æther can be used instead of Kismet. Nothing like locking down your opponents' lands while you can tap away without incident.

wheel of sun and moon + killer instinct
Enchant yourself, get a free creature drop occasionally, and when you sacrifice it it goes back to your library for more fun. Just neat synergy.

hellrider + tandem lookout
A super awesome synergy here! If you Soulbond the Lookout to the Hellrider, every time you attack with any creature, you get to draw a card.

palisade giant + general's kabuto
Darksteel Plate would easily work here in place of the Kabuto. Some might argue the better option is the Kabuto, since the giant would have shroud and thus couldn't be Path to Exiled. The drawback in using the Kabuto means that if someone does over 7 damage, noncombat style, your giant is sent on a one-way trip to Deadsville. Maybe use both the plate and the kabuto? Also: Heart of Light.

soul conduit + trespassing souleater
This is a great combo! Opt to pay the 2 life rather than the blue mana to make the Souleater unblockable, but repeat the activation until you have either 1 or 2 life left. Now switch the life totals-- you have whatever your opponent was at, and your opponent has only 1 or 2 life. The Souleater is 2/2, and already rendered unblockable, so attack and murderize!

mulldrifter + cloudshift
You know me, I love me some flicker-effects, and in the past,
have dedicated whole articles to it. Something that I think I've mentioned previously, but certainly warrants reiteration, is a cheap flicker spell's interaction with Evoke. Evoke your Mulldrifter, pop the "draw two cards" and "sacrifice" triggers onto the stack. Now, cast Cloudshift (or Momentary Blink, or Turn to Mist or Liberate or what have you) onto the Mulldrifter and it flickers out and back in. You get to draw two extra cards because of his EtB trigger, and the game counts the Mulldrifter as a different Mulldrifter entering the battlefield so you don't have to sacrifice it for the original Evoke casting. This nets you four cards and a 2/2 flier that isn't going to be sacrificed for 4 mana, one less mana than casting the Mulldrifter outright (which would only net you two cards, not four).

hazezon tamar + cloudshift
Hazezon drops a bunch of Sand Warrior tokens upon your following upkeep. If you flicker him, or flicker him a few times, the turn he enters the battlefield, there's no "if he leaves play, your sand warriors are gone" clause that hoses your Sand Warriors.. so you get double the amount of Sand Warriors to utilize.

sinking feeling + morselhoarder + arcane teachings
Using Sinking Feeling and Morselhoarder in tandem allows for you to infinitely untap the hoarder--that is, if you have a tap outlet, which is why Arcane Teachings is part of the combo. Since now you can tap and untap a limitless amount, you can do infinite damage. You could easily sub out the Teachings for Viridian Longbow; but, if infino-damage is not what you want, try Quicksilver Dagger for unlimited damage (to players only) and card-draw or try Presence of Gond for infino-elves. All of these (because the Teachings was originally printed at common) are Pauper combos.

midnight guard + presence of Gond
PAUPER COMBO!: Infinite Elves!
To make this non-pauper, use Elemental Mastery.

devoted druid + coat of arms + presence of gond
Last Gondy-combo, this also nets you unlimited elves, as the Coat of Arms does not remove the druid's -1/-1 counters but the pumping it provides negates them while making your elf tokens gigantic. You could also just enchant the druid with Alpha Status.

Midnight Guard + Dual Casting + Lingering Souls
Enchant Midnight Guard with Dual Casting. Then cast a spell that generates tokens-- like Lingering Souls or Empty the Warrens. Cast the spell, copy it for Red, let the copy resolve, Midnight Guard untaps, and repeat for as much red mana as you can. If you go the Empty the Warrens or Mogg Alarm or Krenko's Command (any instant/sorcery that makes Goblin tokens) route, you can throw a Brightstone Ritual on the stack before the original spell resolves for a bunch of red mana to further abuse the combo.

Cathars' Crusade + Triskelavus + Mana Echoes
Infinite colorless mana, infinite X/X artifact creature tokens with flying & infinite damage!

Deadeye Navigator + Peregrine Drake
1Blue: Untap up to five lands you control.
Pair both creatures together. Pay 1Blue to exile the Peregrine Drake , then return it to the battlefield. When it reenters the battlefield, untap five lands you control. Repeat for infinite mana. This also works with Palinchron or Great Whale instead of the drake.

Sun Titan + Unhallowed Pact + fallen angel
Enchant Sun Titan with Unhallowed Pact (or False Demise works). Sacrifice it through anything like Bloodflow Connoisseur, Bloodthrone Vampire, Altar Of Dementia, Blasting StationFallen Angel or any other repeatable sacrifice outlet. The Sun Titan returns to the battlefield and retrieves Unhallowed Pact. Repeat ad infinitum.

sprouting phytohydra + blasting station + fecundity
This combo requires one missing piece, which is to have out some little creature you can originally sacrifice to the Station. Once you do, you can poke the Sprouting Phytohydra, which produces another copy of it. This untaps the Blasting Station which can now be tapped to sacrifice the original plant hydra in order to poke the token copy, which in turn produces another copy. This untaps the Blasting Station, which can now be tapped to sacrifice the first token copy plant hydra in order to poke the second token copy. You see where this is going, you get an unlimited amount of Sprouting Phytohydra tokens entering the battlefield and going to the graveyard. I chose to include Fecundity in my combo for unlimited card-draw. I especially like Fecundity in this instance because it reads "may draw a card," so you aren't going to mill yourself. I can just envision throwing a Reliquary Tower or Praetor's Counsel in your deck to avoid having to discard, and maybe a nice Masumaro, First to Live + Fling? The great thing about unlimited draw without spending any mana is that it allows you to gather your other combo pieces.
Instead of Fecundity you could easily replace it with:
Proper Burial or Moonlit Wake for unlimited life gain; Angelic Chorus or any of the soul sisters (Soul Warden, etc) for unlimited life gain; Aura Shards for unlimited Enchantment/Artifact destruction; Kresh the Bloodbraided, Lumberknot, Champion of Lambholt, etc for a limitlessly huge creature; Black Market for a set-your-own-limit amount of black mana on the next turn; Blood Artist for unlimited life loss for your opponent, & unlimited life gain for you. The possibilities continue on from here.

aether flash + sprouting phytohydra + hissing iguanar
This combo seems fairly similar to the combo above, in that it produces a limitless supply of token Phytohydras entering the battlefield and dying (the flash deals 2 to the phytohydra, it dies and produces a new one which enters the field, which dies and produces-- you get the idea). The difference is that the Blasting Station combo above is something you control by choosing to tap and sacrifice whereas this combo does not give you a choice, it just automatically happens. In MTGO there's no option to stop this combo, it just happens and happens and happens at a rapid fire rate (like when you enchant a Stuffy Doll with Guilty Conscience). Fecundity wouldn't really work here, nor would Proper Burial and so forth, because you couldn't stop the infinite life gain or the infinite choice to draw a card. Simply speaking, the best combo outlet for this is something like Hissing Iguanar, Falkenrath Noble or Warstorm Surge. Cut out the fun here, and go Spike. Let MTGO machine-gun-fire your combo (that you can't stop) and use it to ping your opponent(s) to death.

thopter assembly + time sieve 
During your upkeep, the assembly comes back to your hand, and you get five thopters. Sacrifice those thopters to the Time Sieve, and cast the Thopter Assembly again. Now you have unlimited turns.

grave titan + maze of ith
Everyone always thinks of Maze of Ith in terms of defense, but you can simply attack with your one of the titans or Utvara Hellkite or Preeminent Captain or Galepowder Mage and untap it with your Maze and then if Acidic Slime blocks it, it's not going to die. Another great way to allow you attack with creatures that have abilities that fire off with said attack, is Dolmen Gate.

lorescale coatl + teferi's puzzle box
If you don't mind a little hand randomization, this is a great way to pump the h.-e.-double-hockey-sticks out of your Coatl every turn.

darksteel garrison + celestial colonnade or treetop village
Darksteel Garrison? Fortify? Who uses this Malarky? I do!!  I throw it on a Lavaclaw Reaches, Faerie Conclave, Genju of the Fens-enchanted Swamp, or Dryad Arbor. Then when I attack with that land-creature, not only is it indestructible, but it taps to attack--thus tapping the fortified land & allowing you to give target creature +1/+1-- and you can target the land-creature itself!

tunnel vision + archangel's light
I covered this combo and many others that involve self-mill in my article:
Boosh's Budget Builds: #6 - Big Deck Antics (Tunnel Big Deck). Your bottom line here is to cast Tunnel Vision, target yourself, and name Archangel's Light. Next turn you draw the Archangel's Light-- and even if you only milled 13 cards into your graveyard, you'd gain 26 life and have a reset deck-- potentially allowing you to draw into this combo again and again. 

tunnel visionspin into myth
Commander Combo: I've spoken about how much I love Spin into Myth before in regards to how it hoses commanders. You can Spin a commander and then follow it up with Tunnel Vision, calling said commander as the named card. Provided they have no defense against milling (like a Gaea's Blessing) you get to mill them for all but one card. Awesome if you can follow it up with a Bojuka Bog.

false cure + beacon of immortality
This is one of those oldie-but-goodie combo classics. Insta-death to your opponent's face.

mystifying maze + pull from eternity
Galepowder Mage can be used in place of Mystifying Maze. This is a cheeky way of removing a threat for good, in an unexpected way.

form of the dragonthraben doomsayer
Fateful Hour goes really really well with Form of the Dragon, since the Form consistently makes your life total 5.

prismatic omen + transguild courier + coalition victory
Not only does the Omen make all your lands into every basic land type-- satisfying half of the victory conditions needed, it makes the Victory that much easier to cast!).

pristine angel + concerted effort
Nothing like giving all your creatures flying, protection from all five colors, and protection from artifacts.

scarscale ritualdusk urchins
This is straight up fun synergy.

fastbond + lifegift + meloku the clouded mirror
Infinite Illusions.

humility + orim's prayer
Provided no one has any buffers out on their side like Collective Blessing or Crusade or such, you can sit back and never worry about death from attack.

wall of blood + rite of consumption
Pay a truckload of life to the wall, then chuck it at your opponent's face and gain back your life.

darkest hour + teysa, orzhov scion
This combo produces an infinite sacrifice combo. Since all creatures are black, sacrifice one to something, like Phyrexian Altar (which would produce infinite mana), and Teysa shoots out a 1/1 white flying spirit, which, thanks to the Darkest Hour is actually black, so you can sac' it to get another spirit which is actually black instead of white... ad infintum.

quillspike + devoted druid
Which planeswalker has two thumbs and wants a limitlessly huge Quillspike? This guy.

godsire + intruder alarm
Infinite 8/8 tokens seems mighty fine, thanks.

momentary blink + mystic snake
This is just a sweet little tricky way to get an extra counterspell out of the snake.

stampeding serow + mystic snake + arcane laboratory
The Serow is actually a functional reprint of Stampeding Wildebeests, so either one works. A nice little combo that allows you to Mystic Snake-Counterspell every time your opponent tries to cast their allotted one spell. For added grief and horror, switch out our various Stampeding friends with Sunken Hope. Your snake has Flash so even if you can't counter anything you can still put it out and have it ready to be snapped back to your hand. Now, not only can you counter the one spell they choose each turn-- their board is slowly being cleared of all creatures while yours remains the same.

stampeding wildebeests + where ancients tread
Just return the Wildebeests themselves to your hand, then recast for 5 damage every turn (for four mana).

power artifact + grim monolith or basalt monolith
More unlimited mana.

darksteel plate + magus of the disk
Board Wipe. Every. Single. Turn.

darksteel plate + worldslayer + invisible stalker
The indestructible, hexproof, and unblockable Stalker hits your opponent, and destroys everything but these three cards. Now it's just a matter of time before the Stalker slowly murders your opponent.

worldslayer + avacyn, angel of hope
Sort of the same combo, but totally one-sided & unfair because you get to keep your board and your opponents do not.

evacuation + archaeomancer
Wheeee! Return all creatures to their owners' hands every turn!

Ajani Goldmane + Trostani, Selesnya's Voice
If you can manage to slap out that huge Avatar token with Ajani's ultimate, you can then use Trostani to populate and choose the avatar token, getting a second huge creature and doubling your life total thanks to Trostani's built in Angelic Chorus.

rest in peace + web of inertia + energy field
No one can ever attack you, ever; No damage can be dealt to you by your opponents, ever.

rest in peace + helm of obedience
Since every card going to the graveyard is exiled instead, no creature will ever go to the graveyard and you never have to sacrifice the helm. Thus, the helm reads: "Variable Colorless, Tap: Target opponent exiles X cards from the top of his or her library. X can't be 0."

leyline of the void/bojuka bog + gravestorm
Card-draw in black without negative side effects? Yes please.

archaeomancer + ghostly flicker + goretusk firebeast
You all know I love me some Flicker effects. Nothing like being able to flicker every single one of your turns! By targeting the Archaeomancer as one of your choices for Ghostly Flicker-- you can reclaim it when he enters the field, thus flickering the second choice repeatedly. For the example I chose the Goretusk because eventually you will kill your opponent.

torpor orb + hunted horror
The Orb makes the
Hunted creatures from Ravnica block freaking amazing.

phyrexian unlife + Melira, Sylvok Outcast
You can unlive forever!

black sun's zenith + Melira, Sylvok Outcast
The Black sun only shines down its hate on your opponent's creatures.

verdant succession + altar of dementia + worldspine wurm + worldspine wurm
Have the succession, one of the wurms, and the Altar in play. Worldspine Wurm has that awesome ability found on the Eldrazi and Darksteel Colossus: "When Worldspine Wurm is put into a graveyard from anywhere, shuffle it into its owner's library." So, sacrifice the wurm in play to the Altar, the "shuffle it into its owner's library" trigger hits the stack, the "put 3 5/5 wurms on the battlefield" hits the stack, Verdant Succession's trigger hits the stack, and then the Altar-mill ability hits the stack. After you mill your opponent for 15 cards, you use the Succession's trigger to find your second Worldspine Wurm and pop it into play, then you slap 3 wurm tokens into play, and then shuffle the first wurm into your library. This sets you up.. so you can do it all again, over, and over. This means you can infinitely mill all of your opponents.... and if they happen to have Gaea's Blessing or Emrakul, the Aeons Torn in their deck preventing your mill win, well you just happen to have infinite 5/5 wurms tokens as well. 

archwing dragon + door of destinies
Awesome Dragon-deck fun!

archwing dragon + switcheroo
I love this combo, and currently as of the printing of this article, it's Standard.

timecrafting + time bomb
Maybe not a game winning combo-- but totally fun right?

decree of silence + curse of exhaustion + venser, the sojourner
This is positively horrid.

decree of silence + guile
So Guile overtakes the counter effect of the Decree, thus the Decree never gets a depletion counter, and your opponent can never play a spell again, and thus probably wants to murderdeathkill you.


distorting lens + spinal villain
Anson Maddocks used to illustrate these crazy horror monster things and I always loved them, and always thought Spiney here was a great example of his. Now with the lens, he's rather effective in addition to being an awesome example of scary horror monsterface.

ink-treader nephilim + pongify 
This is Ape-pealing to me because the sheer chaos that Ape-pears is crazy Monkey Business.

grand architect + pili-pala
Magic sure does love to produce infinite mana.

soulblastgrave pact
This is just a great idea.

cyclonic Rift + warped devotion
Overloading the Rift with the Devotion in play is badnewsbears for your opponent.

flash + worldspine wurm
Three 5/5 wurms for two mana? I want to go to that.

flourishing defenses + grim poppet + grim poppet
You can continuously move a -1/-1 counter from Poppet to Poppet to net infino elves!

royal assassin + alluring siren
Make something attack, then murder it!

no mercy + alluring siren
Make something attack and it murders itself!

woodfall primus + mighty emergence
There are tons of ways to nullify the -1/-1 counter Persist pops on your Primus, but the most subtle and pleasing way for me to recur the Primus a bunch of times is to have out Mighty Emergence.

dosan the falling leaf + huntmaster of the fells
This is not a surefire combo or anything, but Dosan and Grand Abolisher are (to some extent) extremely helpful in Transforming Werewolves and keeping your Werewolves Transformed.

lavaball trap + path to exile
Hose a creature on your opponent's turn after he drops his land, and then drop a Lavaball for significantly cheaper.

orcish artillery + basilisk collar
Just a fun little interaction that makes the Artillery actually useful, as the lifelink negates its drawbacks and the Deathtouch turns the Artillery into: "Tap: Destroy target creature and gain 2 life."

darksteel citadel + living terrain
This just makes me smile.

 Obligatory Stuffy Doll Combo
stuffy doll + rite of passage
I just love the synergy here that he grows bigger and bigger as he hurts himself.
If you are interested in more Stuffy Doll fun, read
my article that showcases the card, or the last edition of the Combo Compendium.

Fun with Doubling Season and Mathematics!
Doubling Season + forgotten ancientforgotten ancient + paradox haze
Oh my Crom is this not fun? Cast any ol' spell. Cast Healing Leaves if it tickles your funnybone. Now each ancient has two counters on it. During your upkeep move the counters from one to the other. Each counter you move becomes two counters on the new one. So two, becomes four. The second ancient has six counters on it, and you move them to the first ancient, netting you 12 counters. Now you have a second upkeep. Now twelve becomes 24, 24 becomes 48, and you start your turn with a 48/51 creature. I'm sure you can find some use for that.

How to Mathematically Crash MTGO
Opalescence + Doubling Season + Followed Footsteps
Opalescence + Doubling Season + Followed Footsteps -- this combo creates an interesting mathematical construct.
The key is a semi-exponential 2^X + X function.
You begin with 1 Doubling Season.
Next turn, you get two more, so in total 1 +2^1 = 1 + 2 = 3.
Then 3 + 2^3 = 11, and then the big jump, 11 + 2^11 = 11 + 2048 = 2059. By now we've crashed MTGO.
The next step is still doable on the calculator of your computer, it gives you 2059 + 6.6 x 10^619 5/5 creatures. That's not just a bit over a Googol (10^100), it's 10^519 times larger. The next step is probably impossible to compute.

Remember Folks-at-Home, all these combos rely on this bad mamma jamma here; rather than list it a bunch of times in the combos below, I'm going to count on you to mentally insert Enchanted Evening into the combo for me.
primeval light This is horrible, and effective, and on-the-Spike-side-of-Johnnies. It is the natural first choice for comboing with Enchanted Evening
serra's sanctum That my friend, is a shitaki-mushroom-ton of white mana.
sphere of safety Yeah, I'd say you're pretty dang safe.

If you don't want to go the Primeval Light one-sided route, you could always board wipe. If you play the Evening that turn you can play the Scorn for free. There's all manner of other "destroy all enchantments" in the game of Magic, but I prefer this one.
yavimaya enchantress Huge Enchantress! Follow her up with a Fling or Fungal Sprouting?
scour A gentleman would use Echoing Calm if they were to use any such horrible combo at all. I'm talking of course about hosing all of one type of basic land...
Tattoo Ward Now your creature is unblockable, and you can sacrifice the Ward to hose something.
azorius first-wing Griffin-pants is unblockable-face.
bubbling beebles Wheeeee pink cute things that are actually useful now.
Fountain Watch Shroud up everything you own.

This dastardly combo, when played on your turn, results in a world of pain for your opponents while you sit back and laugh.

Opalescence + glorious anthem
Yet more evil land destruction... drop the Opalescence and all land-enchantments become land-enchantment-creatures, which are promptly 0/0s and die the true death.. except yours are totally covered because your Anthem makes them 1/1. Meantastic.
Aura thief + faith healer
The Thief is an enchantment thanks to the Evening, so sacrifice it to the Faith Healer. Now gain control of everyone else's permanents. If you want to rub their noses in it, sacrifice their stuff to your Healer for tons of life gain.

Auratog + barren glory + swords to plowshares
This one cuts down on the silliness factor of the Atogatog combo in the previous volume of the Compendium. By making all of your permanents into enchantments, then sacrificing them to the Auratog, and following that up with a Swords (you tapped one Plains before you sacrificed all your lands) to the Atog's dome at the end of your opponent's turn can allow you to win with The Cheese Stands Alone. At the very least if your combo failed miserably, then you still gained all that life from your huge Auratog.

 mycosynth lattice This is our main combo enabler; the vital component of all these combos!
 rebuild Board Wipe.
energy flux More potential board wipin'.
march of the machines Armageddon.
vandalblast Overload to destroy all of your opponents' stuff.
darksteel forge All of your permanents are indestructible.
unwinding clock A way to Seedborn Muse your permanents.
fist of suns Using the part of the Lattice that states: "Players may spend mana as though it were mana of any color." Now you can pay 5 to cast any spell.
karn, silver golem If you pay 1, you can hose any land.
channel  "Players may spend mana as though it were mana of any color." Now find a way to pay a ton of life and get a ton of colorless mana, which is now infinitely more versatile to use.
indomitable archangel A great interaction with the Lattice is Metalcraft, since now there is no way you won't make the Metalcraft ability work.. also in particular, this archangel is awesome because the Lattice makes her into an artifact, and thus she gives herself Shroud as well. Fountain Watch does the same thing, and Leonin Abunas gives everything Hexproof.
kill switch Tap it at the end of your turn, choose to untap it during your untap step. Lock down your opponent.
Master of Etherium Darksteel JuggernautBroodstar and the Master are all way huger creatures now. 
Tezzeret the seeker Now able to turn himself into a 5/5 creature.
 march of the machines + tempered steel
Now you can hose all your opponents' lands, and yours stay on the field.
Norin the Wary + aura shards
Our first Norin the Wary combo! He has his own section coming up! 
darksteel forge + unwinding clock + nevinyrral's disk
 The Clock untaps the Disk at the beginning of your opponent's turn. All of your stuff is Indestructible. Activate the Disk, it's indestructible as well, and doesn't get hosed. Now you can activate it every turn, ensuring that your opponent can't keep anything on the battlefield while you have extreme field advantage.
 experiment Kraj + march of the machinesSorin, Lord of Innistrad
The Lattice makes Sorin (or any planeswalker) into an artifact, the March makes him into an artifact creature. You can now tap the Kraj and put a +1/+1 counter on the planswalker-artifact-creature, and now the Kraj can put a loyalty counter on itself, and put out a 1/1 black vampire token.
tezzeret the seeker + sundial of the infinite
...Now able to turn himself into a 5/5 creature, permanently.
tezzeret the seeker + xenograft + life and limb + enchanted evening
...Now able to turn himself into a 5/5 Planeswalker-Artifact-Creature(saproling)-Land(forest)-Enchantment. He's every permanent type! If you threw in Rimefeather Owl into the mix, you could even make him Snow!

mycosynth lattice + bludgeon brawl
These two must be in play for our other combos to work. 
 puresteel paladin

 So, as I said above in the Mycosynth Lattice-solo section, Metalcraft is all-go with the Lattice out. As such, you can go ahead and equip all your CMC-expensive noncreature/nonequipment permanents for free, instead of paying their CMC to equip.

Manriki-Gusari becomes incredibly awesome with these two cards out. You can use it to hose a lot more than it used to be able to. 

 goblin gaveleerloxodon punisher / kemba, kha regent
The first two, the Gaveleer and Punisher, become huge creatures if you equip your lands to them; the lands provide no buff but have an equip cost of 0. Even though they have no buff, they still naturally buff these guys due to their own latent abilities. Kemba produces a ton of 2/2 cats if you equip all your land. 
 armament master + xenograft
Cast (Xengraft), call "Kor". Now, equip all of your 0-equip cost land to the Master, and all of your creatures are insanely buffed.
carry away / unforge / turn to dust /
rustspore ram / armed response / /
acid web spider / golem-skin gauntlets
Every single one of these cards becomes amazingly better with Mycosynth Lattice & Bludgeon Brawl in play. 
 vulshok battlemaster + murderous spoils
This is my favorite combo with the Lattice and Brawl, despite its sheer level of evil. Have them both out. Now cast the Battlemaster, and all your opponents' nonequipment/noncreature artifacts that are now equipment get grabbed up and attached to the Battlemaster. You don't own these, you don't even control them. Now, cast Murderous Spoils targeting your own Battlemaster. Now you control all those delicious permanents and have stolen all your opponents' lands, enchantments, and nonequipment artifacts.

Norin the Wary
death match Severely abuse this seemingly un-abusable card.
cathars' crusade Your creatures will grow and grow and grow and grow. 
champion of the parish Norin's a human. Your Champion becomes gigantic. 
champion of lambholt With Norin flickerin' himself in and out, your Champion of Lambholt also becomes gigantic. Works for Juniper Order Ranger as well.
cream of the crop Combined with Norin, it allows you to "Scry 2" every time he pops back into play. 
warstorm surge Damage-dealing every time he flickers back into play sounds like a fine idea. 
vigilante justice He's a Human, damage every time he flickers in.
suture priest You can use any of the soul sisters, or Angelic Chorus, or Trostani and you'll gain life every turn.
 xenograft + ondu cleric
Allies are awesome because their sliver-like synergies fire when one enters the battlefield. Norin loves to flicker himself in and out of play, so if you name Ally when you cast the 'graft, then we have ourselves the making of some Johnny combo fun.
 genesis chamber + pandemonium + confusion in the ranks
Drink this combo in; Norin plops tons of Myr tokens into play on your side, does damage with Pandemonium, and the Confusion allows you to slowly steal all of your opponents creatures. He takes these three fairly chaotic spells and totally makes them one-sided fun.
 mycosynth lattice + aura shards + viridian revel
I included this up in the Mycosynth Lattice section, but it's equally applicable here. To change it up, I added in the Revel so every time you hose something you also get to draw a card.

Enchanted Peace utilizes the Enchanted Evening combos chronicled in the Combo Enablers section, and the Rest in Peace combos found in the Compendium above. This deck is all about getting your enchantments into play, and turning everything into an enchantment for nefarious results. Stall your opponent by not allowing them to attack you or damage you while you sit back and draw into your Evening, so you can Aura Thief them. You can even do the exile-mill combo of the Helm of Obedience if you draw into it. This deck is pretty pricey, so feel free to sub out coin-purse-breaking cards for budget options. I tried to make it so you didn't rely solely on these combos to win. Having out three Web of Inertias and no Rest in Peace is still a good position. It makes my inner Vorthos smile that this deck has Hallowed Fountain & Fountain Watch in it.

Soul of the Dragon-Human uses the synergy between Fateful Hour and Form of the Dragon, the Soul Conduit/Trespassing Souleater combo and also breaks into a subtheme of Human tribal. Since Thraben Doomsayer and Gather the Townsfolk are both included, it seemed only logical to push the Human theme. Since this includes both white and red, I even squeezed in the Norin the Wary/Champion of the Parish/Vigilante Justice combo as well! If you have out the Form, and a Souleater, you can pay 2 life for the Phyrexian Blue instead of the blue mana, and your life total is 3... thus making the Avatar of Hope cost 6 less. Now, pop the Darksteel Plate on the Avatar and block everything with it every turn, thus ensuring your life total staying at 5 doesn't get you killed from flying attacks. Prophetic Bolt is a personal favorite, and it not only provides additional damage dealing, but also helps you sift through your deck for combo pieces. Since the Form leaves you at 5, it might behoove you to switch life totals using your Soul Conduit and simply finish off your opponent with the 5 damage from the Form. 

Landfall Demon Bears! is a pretty dang wacky deck. It utilizes the Harvest/Voyage/Bonds combo detailed above, and then goes buckwild off of the landfall theme. Using the Harvest and Voyage, you can easily amass a lot of life with the Lifegift and antelopes, a whole lotta mill with the Crabs, and a whole lotta lotta lifeloss with Ob Nixilis. In fact, Ob Nixilis works so well, I wasn't content with just one, so I ventured into uncharted waters-- that is, actually putting Mirror Gallery into a deck. Now that I decided I wanted to use the gallery, my mind naturally leaned to another legendary Demon, Seizan. With multiples of him out, lots of lifeloss is being tossed around. If you had out two, That's 4 life lost and 5 cards per turn. If you have ways to deal with the excess card-draw (Da BEARS!) and ways to even out the life loss ((Life Gift), Grazing Gladehart, Polluted Bonds) well then you are in a far better position than your opponent. Even without the Harvest/Voyage combo pieces, if your Seizans are making your opponents amass cards in their hands, they are bound to draw lands, and if the Polluted Bonds are out, then you make out at the end of that deal. If you want your landfall to keep on trucking, employ Melokou to pop a land back to your hand for an illusion, that you then pop back out for a landfall effect. If one of your Ob Nixilii happen to be huge but you can't make it through defenses to punch your opponent, why not Rite of Consumption his demony butt and punch your opponent's face that way? 

This is a deck build that I personally play with. It's Modern, but I love it even in Legacy/Classic. It's all about quick and hastey blue and red dragons. It utilizes the Archwing Dragon combos from above ((Door of Detinies)/Switcheroo). Hypersonic, Archwing, SpellBound and Phantasmal are all CMC5 or under. Hypersonic and Archwing even rock Haste. When you repeaedly cast Archwing, your Door grows in counters thus pumping your dragons. Hypersonic Dragon allows you to cast sorceries at instant speed, so you can cast a quick Mortars, Ponder, Devil's Play, Invocation or Switcheroo at instant speed. Have some Switcheroos in your hand and no Archwing Dragons available? Maybe cast your Invocation and trade a drake for something awesome your opponent has, like an It That Betrays or something. Utvara Hellkite is our most mana intensive dragon but I just love the guy! I suppose it's the inner Timmy in me. I loaded (or should I say overloaded.. tip your waitresses folks) the sideboard with some Overload cards, because I am diggin' that mechanic. Enjoy!


Submitted for your approval, 4 decks, 131 combo interactions-- found floating in between the aethers in the Boosh Zone. Build your decks, flood the comments section, and live long and prosper. 

Thanks fer readin'


adam_the_mentat on
AtomicBoosh = MTGO screen name.


Adam_the_Mentat's picture

it includes 4 x ponder, which is banned. in order to make the deck list, I was actually looking at the deck i have in paper, which is a classic version of the deck, so you should replace those with Mystic Speculation

Collossal effort - but 99% of by deluxeicoff at Wed, 02/06/2013 - 16:28
deluxeicoff's picture

Collossal effort - but 99% of those combo's are old news.

Adam_the_Mentat's picture

Some players are new. some folks forget combos exist, if you knew 99% of these than that's awesome for you but not everyone can make that claim.

Polluted bonds is not a card by Paul Leicht at Wed, 02/06/2013 - 19:09
Paul Leicht's picture

Polluted bonds is not a card Id recommend for commander (multi) or just multiplayer in general unless you like being the Archnemesis. Me? I hate being ganged up on for one card. So I tend to avoid cards like this unless I am building the deck with that kind of game in mind.

As always love the graphics.

I read the whole way through. by KaraZorEl at Thu, 02/07/2013 - 03:01
KaraZorEl's picture

I read the whole way through. Pili-Pala was the only combo I already knew about. I tried it out in Modern, but there's too much removal in that format...

Additionally, I've always managed to crash the client by casting Primal Surge with the following results:

-Cathars' Crusade
-Rampaging Baloths
-Avenger of Zendikar

Put Infinite Reflection on your Avenger before its token trigger resolves and you've got infinite Avengers. Not sure if you can close that loop of if you just draw the game, though.

I don't get it. How do you by Kumagoro42 at Thu, 02/07/2013 - 08:04
Kumagoro42's picture

I don't get it. How do you manage to get infinite Avengers from Infinite Reflection? It says "nontoken".

Oh snark. I missed that bit. by KaraZorEl at Thu, 02/07/2013 - 12:20
KaraZorEl's picture

Oh snark. I missed that bit. :P

Great work! The Hellkite by olaw at Thu, 02/07/2013 - 04:31
olaw's picture

Great work!

The Hellkite Tyrant from Gatecrash seems like another great combo with Mycosynth Lattice. Steal all your opponent's permanents if you hit them; win if you have 20 permanents.

Another fun combo coming based on a Gatecrash card is Duskmantle Guildmage + Mindcrank. Whenever these two are in play, if a card goes to your opponent's card or you make them lose life you can activate Duskmantle's first ability and mill their whole deck making them lose 1 life for each card put into the 'yard.

Truly impressive, awesome by Kumagoro42 at Thu, 02/07/2013 - 07:56
Kumagoro42's picture

Truly impressive, awesome number of techs and great philosophical approach. I love your structure, too. May I suggest two things I learned along the way that would make your articles even better-looking?

1. Don't use the (pic=name) command of the editor. The resulting pictures are all over the place. Use the "insert image" command and just paste the picture's address from Gatherer. This way, the pictures will all look the same size, the same black-bordered frame, and well, good.
2. You should put anchors at the beginning of each section so the summary at the beginning of the article can link them and be a true hypertextual summary.

Other than that, amazing job!

The reason for using (pic=) by Paul Leicht at Thu, 02/07/2013 - 08:11
Paul Leicht's picture

The reason for using (pic=) is to allow the server to link in urls to the cards. It is true that the collection of images on the server is haphazardly done and someone should fix this but otherwise the functionality works.

If you aren't going to do that at least you end up either not putting links to the cards in or doing them by hand which can be a real pain in a large article.

I never put pictures without by Kumagoro42 at Thu, 02/07/2013 - 08:14
Kumagoro42's picture

I never put pictures without also spelling the name of the cards with a MTGO Traders link on them (and yes, sometimes I also put a link on the pictures, because I'm just obsessive that way).

Turntimber Ranger and by Misterpid at Thu, 02/07/2013 - 12:33
Misterpid's picture

Turntimber Ranger and Xenograft is pretty nice. I've been playing Turntimber with Artificial Evolution ever since Zendikar was released. It's a little cheaper and doesn't leave you vulnerable to enchantment removal.