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By: kelvinmai, Kelvin Mai
Dec 19 2013 11:22am
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So I haven't written an article in about three weeks. But to be perfectly honest, I haven't been writing because I got so sucked into the new pokemon games, I didn't even know two weeks has passed by, did you? So after two weeks I think it's only fair to bring you guys two decks and all of which are fun crazy deck ideas. Do I think they are competitive? No, not really because they'll all be built around bad cards. But I guarantee each one will bring you some fun especially now when standard looks so dull and boring with everyone's devotion to tier one decks. And you never know, maybe you'll snag some wins from those of the Hive Mind.

The Name is El Dee

First up is land destruction, or L.D. for short. It's an interesting little deck and I was blown away when I saw a buddy of mine piloting it, so I knew I had to write about it. And for those devotion haters, this may be the perfect secret weapon for you to blow up your opponent's Nykthos! But if you're wondering what terrible card is the center of this deck, it's one of the most badass pre-release promos that you had access to and it's name is Ember Swallower. Sacrificing our own lands seems like a steep price, but if you pair up this red beast with some green ramp you'll always be ahead in mana. Not to mention land destruction is quite prominent in these two colors.

So of course the big players that I mentioned earlier are here, the big bad elemental himself takes center stage but is backed up by the familiar land destruction spells Bramblecrush and Demolish. But that's not all that kills lands, there's also the widely underrated Encroaching Wastes. Now all of these can't be utilized until we have access to at least four mana so the early game we're going to land down some mana dorks in the form of Voyaging Satyr and Sylvan Caryatid. Now I know many of you would probably ask why not Elvish Mystic? Well I can guarantee you it's not cause I'm afraid of Electrickery, instead it's because of the amount of double red that's in the deck and we want to have access to it early. If you're confident that you can hit those colors early enough than you can replace Lay of the Land for the elves. But I actually like Lay in this because it helps us stay ahead of the opponent in terms of mana as well as getting more red when we need it. Now with all this ramp, it's only natural to have a big X spell in here and I chose Mistcutter Hydra for the job. The hydra serves as a secondary threat to our elemental dog, and with all the mana we have access to it'll always be a big threat.

Now the version that my friend used was a lot less budget friendly as it featured such things as Xenagos and Polukranos. And he even had a full fledged sideboard to go with it. Unfortunately I don't remember his exact list off the top of my head, but the least I can do is give suggestions on upgrading this deck. First of all the planeswalker is quite important as it gives you options when you sacrifice away your lands, and the legendary hydra is leaps and bounds above mistcutter in terms of utility because it can do so much more like wiping the board of aggro creatures. Clan Defiance can replace mistcutter as well, it's both removal and a win condition. Other good sideboard options would be Skarrg Guildmage, Destructive Revelry and even Peak Eruption

Gorgons Rock!

Next up is a familiar archetype that you've seen time and time again, black green control otherwise known the rock! Except this time we're going to make some use of tribal elements in the form of gorgons. Hythonia is the centerpiece here and her monstrous ability is one hell of a board wipe so we must make use of it somehow. Reaper of the Wilds has been gaining some momentum in the competitive scene but luckily for us she's still a budget card despite her power.

Like all control decks we have a bevy of removal spells, the most important of which in this is Putrefy hence the playset. Ultimate Price covers what Doom Blade can't hit and Devour Flesh covers the rest. Our main source of draw power and card advantage is Read the Bones, instead of the usual Underworld Connections. My reasoning is that the scry effect is so much more powerful than just blindly drawing one card every turn. And speaking of scry, the main beater is Reaper of the Wilds even though I said the deck revolves around Hythonia. Reaper is a very strong creature because of it's hexproof and it's scrying ability. But of course Hythonia takes center stage when it comes to the uniqueness of this deck, she's a good beater and a very powerful board wipe. Rise of the Dark Realms is a card that I wanted to combine with Hythonia's monstrosity, it may not be the smartest choice but it is a fun one to say the least. An 8 mana monstrous activation followed by a 9 mana reanimation spell seems like a lot of work but luckily we have caryatid ramp as well as a land fetching Liliana that doubles as removal. And of course how can we have a gorgon deck without a gorgon planeswalker? Vraska makes an appearance in this deck, she is pushing the boundaries of our usual budget so we only carry one of her. But she does a lot, she's the best removal in our colors as well as a threat. 

Because the rock isn't a brand spanking new deck many of the upgrades should come as no surprise. Abrupt Decay is the first card that comes to mind to make this deck better. It is one of the best removal cards in all of standard and it's such a shame not to run it. More of the gorgon planeswalker Vraska should also be added for the same reason, she's great removal and can be a threat all on her own. It should also come as no surprise that Thoughtseize and Hero's Downfall are both on the top of the shopping list for this deck. While I actually don't like the inclusion of Desecration Demon in this build, I would advocate a couple of Polukranos to kill opposing creatures with your mana. Polukranos is the best answer to the deck's biggest weakness which is Blood Baron of Vizkopa. Without the hydra there is virtually no card that can stop it without us splashing another color for Mizzium Mortars.

Well those are the two decks that I promised for this week. I hope you like them, it does go to show that there are a lot of possibilities within the card pool of standard that aren't just the old boring tier one decks. They may not be the best but they are both different and have enough potential to become good enough to beat some tier one decks. And yes these decks have the ability to win, just not the best ability. As always I encourage all of you to see if you can optimize these decks to their full potential while still maintaining the brew and rogue feel. And of course this is me signing out. If you enjoyed this article, please come read some of my previous works and creations here