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By: kelvinmai, Kelvin Mai
Nov 14 2013 8:34am
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I have had some great memories with Young Pyromancer. When he first came out there was the Burn at the Stake combo deck that he made possible. In my opinion it was one of the most fun decks to play even though it wasn't a powerful one. You just couldn't say no to a deck that can do an average of 28 damage to the face, well I couldn't anyways. But of course with rotation things left and the pyromancer is still here without a home. But it doesn't mean we can't make a home for him and this is me trying.

Izzet Aggro

There are a lot of different ways to pyromance! So I'll try to cover as much as I can in this article. The first has inspiration that came from starcitygames when Erik Rill was showing off his Grixis Pyromancer deck. It was a neat idea and it was blisteringly fast when it was in action. But because there was 3 colors it suffered games where it lost just because of mana screw. The black in his deck was only for his 4 copies of Thoughtseize. So I decided to cut out black altogether, it takes out some protection but gives us consistency on mana as well as speed. Also it allows us to cut a land as I was finding flooding happens often on 19 lands, our curve tops at 2 after all.

This deck can deal as much damage as the usual RDW but in a completely different style all it's own. The star of the deck is actually Nivmagus Elemental despite the spotlight being on Young Pyromancer. The elemental can get very big because of it's activated ability. His ability can do some crazy things too combined with the spells in this deck. The first being the ciphered spell Hidden Strings which can be exiled multiple times and grow Nivmagus like crazy. The other key creature is Akroan Crusader with his heroic ability to make creatures. A key interaction is that you can is that even if the spell is exiled, his heroic will still trigger. So you can Shock your spartan to make another soldier and save him with the elemental. And of course Hidden Strings does all of this and more; it triggers Young Pyromancer and Akroan Crusader and then exiles to pump up Nivmagus Elemental. And lastly Rakdos Cackler is in the deck solely for Ordeal of Thassa which is a very important card, as it's the only real draw that we have access to in such a fast deck. Like all RDW this completely folds to sweepers like Supreme Verdict but the plan is that you would have done enough damage that by the time your opponent do clear up the board you just need one more burn spell to close the game. 

Izzet Tempo

Young Pyromancer is a good part of the deck above but unfortunately he doesn't get too much attention there as he's overshadowed by the elemental. So it's great news that in this next one he takes center stage and is deep in the action. So I'm sure you've all heard of aggro, midrange and control but this is a tempo deck, a phrase that hasn't been mainstream since Innistrad's Delver of Secrets was the only deck being played. So as a refresher tempo is like midrange where it has both elements of control and aggro but the difference here is that tempo hits like an aggro deck all while controlling the opponent instead of stabilizing with control elements until the beatdown starts as that is what the midrange decks does.

I'm very happy to have found this deck on youtube thanks to magicmansam and now here it is. Of course I made a tweak to the maindeck, so feel free to take a look at his version if you don't like mine as much. The tweak being the inclusion of Thoughtflare at the expense of a land and one Steam Augury. Both Izzet Charm and Steam Augury are great at fueling the Chimera as well as dig through the deck but both comes with a dangerous drawback; Izzet Charm is card disadvantage so the looting effect is dead when you have less than three cards in hand although it makes up for it in versatility and Steam Augury lets your opponent choose which of the two piles you get so it can create a feel bad situation. Thoughtflare is a fixed version of both of these as you get card advantage as well as knowing what to discard and the only downside is that it's at the top of our curve. And the exclusion of the twenty-third land is because of the small curve. The rest of the deck is the same and now we have the counterburn tempo deck. And like the archetype of counterburn we have the Syncopates and Dissolves for counter as well as the usual burn suite to advance our game while all the while both Young Pyromancer and Guttersnipe will generate advantage with those spells. And later in the game the Spellheart Chimera will come down to throw the finishing blow. 

Now normally I don't like adding in a sideboard in my articles but this is a deck that can change drastically after sideboard so I have to talk about it. The sideboard makes the deck much more reactive with much more answers than just burn. But what are the problems that can come up? Well the biggest offender is the Whip of Erebos because once they start gaining life they'll be out of reach. We certainly have counters but if they ever land one we're in trouble. It's a good thing we have access to Cyclonic Rift or Disperse, I chose disperse because we'll never get to the overload cost and it's actually a pricy in paper. It's too bad Mizzium Mortars is outside the price range as well because Blood Baron of Vizkopa is really hard to deal with, but thankfully we still have Turn/Burn for the harder to remove creatures like him. And then finally I wanted to add in Prognostic Sphinx as an alternative win condition, it also explains why there's an extra land in the sideboard so that we can get to 5 mana easier.

Boros Tokens

Those last two decks definitely shows the aggression that can put out by the pyromancer's affinity towards izzet. The reason why he fits into those two colors so well is because of it's usage of spells, it uses A LOT of spells. But that doesn't mean this little guy is limited to blue and red, in fact they don't play towards his strength at all which would be tokens. And remember how if you play those decks you would be deathly afraid of Supreme Verdict well here's a deck that just laughs at Azorius law mages when they cast that spell. I give you Boros Pyromancer!

In my opinion this is best deck to play from this article for this current metagame. Boros Charms and Rootborn Defenses makes this a powerhouse against the Supreme Verdict decks, they'll almost always tap out for the sweeper, and Assemble the Legion is currently the best answer for monoblack unless they happen to have an Illness in the Ranks. And even if they do the sideboard transforms it pretty well into a burn deck. So the deck plays a bit like a normal red deck, play your creatures early, burn often and attack for the win. But it's a bit different in that most of your creatures are going to be tokens from pyromancer, assemble and even Sunhome Guildmage. With the guildmage's ability and Dynacharge you can end the game quickly. Also yes, that's a Spark Jolt you see in the main deck! It's not all that bad in the deck because it lets us run smoothly on 22 lands cause with that as well as Magma Jet and Temple of Triumph, we'll be scrying almost every turn! How do you like that mono-blue? But jolt is not just for scrying because a good chunk of aggro decks are running x/1s for creatures. And as I mentioned earlier it could turn into a pretty good burn deck with both Chandra's Phoenix and Skullcrack in the side, but it also has some Chained to the Rocks for more control elements too. 

Those are only three decks than can be built around this Young Pyromancer and I'm sure there's much more to be explored. But those are the three I'm writing about today and I hope that you guys have a lot of fun with these decks. If not, I hope it at least showed you how many possibilities one card can have and I encourage you to find other ones.