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By: SirFabius, Fábio Ricardo Panzoldo
Sep 25 2017 12:00pm
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Hello there!


This is my first article on, and I am very excited to write about one of the best formats in Magic!  Pauper is a format that I love so much and I can't wait to share my list with you all! 

Allow me to introduce myself. I am from Brazil and I have been playing Pauper for a long time, however, in 2015 I started to play Pauper both online (MTGO) and in real life (IRL). Since then, I am only playing Pauper in Magic.


A store nearby my house has a Pauper event every Saturday and I always bring some new list to test. One of those lists is Abzan Midrange and I want to share with you my thoughts about this deck.



Now that we have seen the list, let me explain the reason for the chosen cards:


2 Sunlance: As you probably could see, this is a midrange deck with lots of sorcery spells. So, to reach the late game it is necessary to make use of cards that could handle threats in early game.  For this reason Sunlance is in the list. I believe the greatest stuff about running a three-deck-color is the possibility of using the best cards of the chosen colors. By this reason it is possible to use Sunlance as a one-cost kill spell, however, considering its restriction (it cannot kill white creatures) I believe that only 2 copies of it is enough.


2 Disfigure: Another one-drop and it is very efficient in the early game. However, I think Disfigure is a little bit better than Sunlance because it is also a combat trick to protect your creatures by giving -2/-2 to an opponent's creature and also because is a instant spell.


2 Duress: This card is one piece of the control element of the deck and very useful against both control and combo decks. Obviously Duress is a great card to use when your opponent is in the early game, as it is able to stop a threat in the very beginning of the game.  I think running 2 of it in the main deck is enough.


3 Ostracize: This is another piece of the control element of the deck and I have 3 copies of it because the metagame is full of aggro decks with low cost (one or two-drop-cards). So using Ostracize to prevent a Delver of Secrets, Nettle Sentinel or even a Goblin Bushwhacker is a good move. I could replace both Duress and Ostracize for Castigate which similarly has the same effect of those two cards. However, I believe that the BW cost of Castigate is too restrictive to cast in a three-color-deck.


2 Chainer's Edict: This is a good kill condition to use in both control and midrange decks because it has flashback which is useful in the late game.


2 Journey to Nowhere: A good answer against big guys like Ulamog's Crusher, Gurmag Angler and even Atog. For being an enchantment and be susceptible to hate-enchantment-cards I believe 2 copies is enough in the main deck.


1 Oblivion Ring: I believe this is one of the best white cards in Pauper because it deals with almost any kind of threat.  Because of its three-cost-mana I think one copy of it works nicely. You can use Oblivion Ring to exile a creature, an artifact or even a Journey to Nowhere attached to your creature to set it free.


4 Night's Whisper: In the beginning I tried to use Prophetic Prism plus Kor Skyfisher as a draw mechanic but that was not working properly. I have chosen to use Night's Whisper because is more effective than Prophetic Prism to draw cards. 


4 Phyrexian Rager: This is a great three-drop-creature because it replaces itself at the low cost of 1 single life, which is a great deal. This creature lined up with Kor Skyfisher is a great combination during both the mid and late game.


4 Kor Skyfisher: This two-drop-creature can go over the top, but really, it helps you to bring back Phyrexian Rager as said above, but also Centaur Healer to provide more life. Perhaps I should use some land cards like Mortuary Mire or Radiant Fountain to abuse the bounce ability of Kor Skyfisher, but I am not sure about the efficiency of this combination in a three-color-deck where I need to have all the lands on the battlefield.


4 Putrid Leech: One of the most powerful creatures in Pauper but unfortunately it has not been used a lot. For only two life Putrid Leech can become a 4/4. This ability is great answer against Lightning Bolt, for instance, because if your opponent will Lightning Bolt this creature, as an answer you can activate it to become a 4/4 creature, which will protect it.


4 Centaur Healer: Another great creature that unfortunately it has not been used in Pauper. One of the reasons to use this creature is because the life you spend to cast cards like (Night’s Whisper) or Phyrexian Rager are restored by Centaur Healer. Also it is a creature with a 3/3 body what makes it very good against a bunch of one’s and two-drop-creatures of the format.


3 Blastoderm: I have no doubt this one of the best creatures in the format not only because of its 5/5 body but also because it has a great ability of shroud. However, I have no sure if I should maintain this creature in the deck for the following reasons: one, its two-green-mana cost is sometimes difficult to pay because it is not regularly to have two green source on turn 4 or even 5; two, I believe for the same cost Guardian of the Guildpact is easier to cast than Blastoderm; and three, talking about Guardian of the Guildpact it has no fading counters on it and also has mono colored protection which is great because few cards played nowadays in Pauper are multicolored.


Lands: the first step about choosing this set of land was easily fix mana with cards like (Evolving Wild), Blossoming Sands and others dual lands. Then, the second step was to avoid that lands come to play tapped and thinking of it cards like Ash Barrens and 8 basic lands are put in the manabase.  



2 Duress + 1 Ostracize: Taking in consideration both control and aggro decks of the format I believe that having access to more control cards is a good option. This is the reason I put those three cards on sideboard.


1 (Chainer’s Edict): I want to have access to one more (Chainer’s Edict) than one more Journey to Nowhere in the sideboard. This deck needs to be strong against other decks in the late game. I can abuse the flashback ability of this card to put more pressure on opponent.


2 Ray of Revelation: Once I have access to both white and green sources I believe this card is far better to use than other anti-enchantments-cards like Naturalize, for instance.


2 Relic of Progenitus: This is a card that I never leave out of the sideboard no matter what deck I am playing with. I believe that is useful to have any kind of graveyard hate at hand because there are some decks in the metagame that usually use cards on graveyard.


2 Shrivel: This card is an obvious choice. It is useful to stop tokens or little creatures.


2 Pulse of Murasa: I think I need to explore more green cards, so using Pulse of Murasa lined up with Reaping the Graves is a good answer against control decks to easily return my creatures from the graveyard.


1 Circle of Protection: Green + 1 Circle of Protection: Red: Those cards are a good choice against Stompy and Burn respectively.


I hope you enjoyed my look at Abzan Midrange in Pauper, and hopefully I'll have more content for the format on PureMTGO soon! 


In case you have any questions or if you have any hints to improve the list, please, let me know.



See you!


Midrange by SteveJeltz at Mon, 09/25/2017 - 18:03
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I'm very surprised that you're running a midrange deck that doesn't involved the Monarch mechanic. Is the omission intentional?

Hi SteveJeltz... the omission by SirFabius at Tue, 09/26/2017 - 06:53
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Hi SteveJeltz... the omission is intentional because when I started testing this deck, Monarch was not available to pauper... so after its arrival to the format I have not tested the card yet... but I will... tks!