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Jan 06 2011 3:51am
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It’s the end of year – time for an annual awards article. This time around, it’s the MacNotAurther Less-than-Genius Awards, proving that when really smart people do dumb things, they can be memorable.  Or, as my favorite LOLcat puts it:

Whitesun’s Passage
This sequence of plays provide absolute proof that the players in the 8-4s are just better than those in other drafts, like Swiss. (This sequence of plays really did take place in an 8-4.)
My opponent cast this spell.
Note that this spell is an instant. Despite that, he cast it during his precombat main phase, tapping him out, then he sent a 2/1 to attack my 1/1. Admittedly, I was unlikely to trade, but he could at least have bluffed a combat trick. Tapping out for lifegain precombat was not too smart.
That’s not what won this player the SubGenius Award. I have seen marginal plays like this before, even in 8-4s. Good players play Swiss, bad players play 8-4s, and sometimes good players make bad plays. Players play when sleepy, or drunk, or talking to someone on the phone and not paying attention. It happens.
What won him the award was that, turn three, he played a land, then another Whitesun’s Passage during his precombat main phase. And passed.
This time, he did not attack. He had chosen to draw first, so I had a three drop on the table. He chose not to send the 2/1 – not that I would have blocked with my (Cystbearer) while he had mana for Seize the Initiative
Yes, I was playing poison.  I had killed him with poison counters game one, and had not shown a single non-infect creature all game.  And he still tapped out for life gain.
It really happened.
I had planned to record the draft, but my round two involved a player who had dropped after winning round one. Showing a very bad round one, then a bye and a split in the finals makes for a really boring video. 
It was a very strange 8-4.  
Opponent’s Draw Phase Stop
I want to talk about a little thing that I find it incredibly annoying. It is opponents who set a stop on my draw step, and then wait a minute or so to click it. They may be playing in another match at the same time, or playing solitaire, or watching porn – whatever, they let the clock run. 
What bugs me isn’t that they do something else – that happens. It’s insulting to your opponent, but many people are rude, obnoxious jerks. It is the way the world is. I can deal with that. What bugs me is the waste of time is pointless. I have had opponents time out because of delays, mainly at that stop, in M11 limited events. I could see that in some other formats – setting a stop for an opponent’s draw step makes sense if you are playing Faeries in Extended.  Having that stop set in M11, when you have drafted a mono-green deck – not so much. 
Complaining about Magic Player Rewards
This award will be shared by a bunch of commentators, especially podcasters, who wasted hours of time complaining about the foils and special cards Wizards has given away. Wizards provides special foils to be given to players, either directly by tournament organizers. Wizards provides foils and alternative art cards for Friday Night Magic, in Gateway kits, for Grand Prixs and Pro Tours, for judges, and via the Magic Player Rewards program.
A lot of podcasters have said a lot of stupid things about the various rewards programs. Many of them bitched endlessly about how the cards were not good enough. However, the stupidest  comment of all – in a very crowded category, I must say – had to be the commentator complaining about choosing Curse of Wizardry as a FNM foil. He complained, at considerable length, about how this was not a playable card in Standard.
First of all, FNM foils are not really intended to be played at FNM. The goal is often to get the people playing FNM to also play other formats. For that reason, the cards are often intended for Extended, or even Legacy. They may be cool cards for Commander, or whatever. What won the commentator the award, though, was that Curse of Wizardry was never a FNM foil. It was included in the “Summer of Multiplayer” kit Wizards sent tournament organizers. The goal was to promote multiplayer games, and Curse of Wizardry is a reasonably decent multiplayer card. It was a rant worthy of Gilda Rander’s SNL character Emily Litella.  
The downside of all the whining is that Wizards may decide that the free card programs are not worth the cost. After all, the purpose of the programs is to get people exciting about playing Magic. If they generate lots of griping and bad press, Wizards could easily decide that changes are necessary. Wizards has already decided to cancel / change the player rewards program that mailed paper foil and textless cards to players who participated in paper tournaments. Now a large part of that decision was probably due to the increasing costs of mailing those cards – my last rewards envelop probably cost Wizards at least a buck in paper and postage, over and above the cost of the cards and the time to stuff the envelop. 
For those of you that don’t know, Tomaharo Saito had been nominated for the Hall of Fame. A month before the indication ceremony, he was disqualified for stalling at GP Florence.  The GP coverage team mentioned the DQ here, and a description of the game is here. I was not there, but I am a DCI judge. If the description on the game is accurate, then the DQ was warranted.
What wins Saito the prize for stupid behavior was that he cheated at that point in time. He had been voted into the Hall of Fame – but a number of people with Hall of Fame votes, including me, had refused to vote for him because of his shady past (both past DQs and other questionable actions.) Others had said that they would vote for him, but that he had to be absolutely clean from there on. They were warning him, in no uncertain terms.  
My Dad once told me that if I was going to be dishonest, I should make sure that the reward was worth the possible price: losing my reputation, my honor and having people never again trust me. That recommendation worked as intended: I have never found a situation where I would consider corruption or crime to the be worth the risk. That’s why I consider Saito’s action so stupid. He was playing in a GP where the top prize was $3,500 and an invite to the next Pro Tour. As a Hall of Fame member, Saito would have a standing invite to every Pro Tour, plus appearance fees, for life. Seems like a really bad trade-off to me. 
Reprint Policy
I have to award a SubGenius to Wizards for their decision on the paper reprint policy. I understand that the decision was probably driven by legal considerations, but it still makes me sad. I own most of the cards on the Reserve List, and would love to play some of them again. Moreover, the price of most of these cards would rise if reprinted. We have lots of examples of such cards – for example, I played Legends Force Spikes back when they were in 6th Edition.   The old cards and old frames were just cooler than the new versions.  
Yes, reprinting the Moxen or Ancestral Recall would cause problems, but reprinting cards like (Morifen), Energy Bolt or Tornado would not ruin Standard. It might be interesting to see what modern deckbuilders could do with cards like Eureka – after the Eldrazi rotate out, of course – or Temporal Aperture, or even Squandered Resources.   None of these cards are strong enough to see play in Vintage or Legacy, but they might see play in Standard. If they do, the value of the older versions would soar. 
Allowing special reprints would be really helpful in some cases. The all-foil Silver deck would have been a really good seller if the big rare had been Sliver Queen. But it wasn’t, and the deck sold badly.
The reserve list contains 572 cards. Some, like the ante cards, simply cannot be reprinted. (Making them legal in any format means that gambling laws, and prohibitions, apply, which is a can of wurms Wizards won’t open.) Some would provoke debate (*cough* P9 *cough*.) Some are just bad. However, scattered among those are a lot of cards that could be a useful part of future Standards, if the Reseve Policy just did not exist.  
Drafting into Playsets
I have to award this one to myself. I have spent a ton of time drafting, and especially playing in 4 pack sealed events. At first, I played with the M11 boosters I earned working GenCon. I was paid the equivalent of four online boxes – 144 packs. I played a ton of M11, and have (virtually) busted something north of 300 packs in drafts and sealed over the months.  My goal was to play my way into the playsets I wanted to use for constructed. Let’s see how I did. Over three-hundred packs into this project, here’s how I have done:  
Demon of Death's Gate: 3 (Last month, I bought one.)
Frost Titan: 4 (but I bought two.)
Gaea's Revenge: 3
Grave Titan: 0
Inferno Titan: 1
Primeval Titan: 4 (I bought three)
Sun Titan: 2 (from the prerelease)
Time Reversal: 3
I also noted that I have only one Leyline of Sanctity. To make up for it, I have 7 Knight Exemplars (after selling some) – and I don’t even draft those much. I have made some TIX selling spare cards, but – aside from the Baneslayers – almost nothing has been worth much of anything. I still have 80 packs left, and I have started selling some of those off.   
I’m pretty sure that, had I simply sold the 144 packs up front, I could have bought four copies of everything in the set and been playing constructed months ago. 
Of course, I had fun playing in the various limited events, so I guess that makes up for it.
Magic Cruise Change of Venue
This is what really inspired this article. I listened to a podcast recently – well, part of one – that made my jaw drop. It wasn’t just that the podcasters were practically begging to be sued for libel. It was that the podcasters just clearly decided that ranting incessantly without thinking at all was a fit topic for a podcast. 
Some background. Legion Events created the “Magic Cruise” a couple years ago. The concept is simple – you go on a cruise ship cruise and play Magic. Legion Events has various sanctioned events (including, in past years, PTQs, a Prerelease and Launch Parties), and other, more casual events. Plus you spend a week or so on a cruise ship. It is expensive, but fun.
To make this happen, Legion has to strike a deal with the cruise line. Legion (together with the travel agent) contracts for a set number of room, in return for which they get use of a conference room for play, etc. However, like most such arrangements with hotels or the like, Legion is going to have to pay for the rooms whether they get enough participants or not. 
This year, the cruise was snake-bit. First off, Legion had to finalize the deal with the cruise company months in advance, in order to get anything like reasonable rates. This same sort of thing happens with travel arrangements, hotels, etc.: to get a cheap flight, you best book well in advance (or take a chance on a last minute empty seat, but that’s not relevant for booking an event.) The cruise line also imposes an early confirmation/cancellation date on those good rates. 
This year, Wizards shafted the Magic Cruise. The folks that set the Pro Tour schedule scheduled PT Paris the same week as the Magic Cruise. This was almost certainly an oversight by Wizards, but Wizards has a history of this sort of thing. I have heard tournament organizers grumbling about this sort of thing for years. In the past, Wizards often announced Prerelease dates so late that organizers had real trouble finding venues, and major events have often stepped on previously scheduled events (e.g. SCG $5k in Denver was scheduled and locked in, then Wizards announced US Nationals would take place that same weekend, two states away.)
The next problem with the cruise was that the ship on which the Magic Cruise was supposed to sail caught fire and had to be towed into port. Apparently, the crankcase on one of the six engines split, and additional problems occurred, because the failure of one engine should not have knocked out all main power on the ship. Repairs are going to take a couple months.  
Legion didn’t have many good options at this point. The boat on which the cruise had been scheduled was not going to be ready. After some scrambling, though, Legion managed to get the Magic Cruise moved to another cruise ship for the same period. On the plus side, the dates would be the same. The downside was that the original ship had been sailing from Los Angeles, and the replacement ship was sailing from Texas.   The cruise line (Carnival) offered to pay part of any airline rebooking charges, and offered various other perks.  
Legion also offered full refunds to anyone that did not want to sail on the new ship. It will also end up eating a bunch of costs because of that.
It was a bad situation, but Legion and Carnival did what they could to mitigate the damages.
Despite that, the podcasters whined like four-year-olds for at least half an hour. Some highlights:
·        Three months is too long to fix the boat.
·        Carnival should have another boat ready.
·        Carnival should bring another boat to LA.
·        The travel agent is incompetent
·        Legion Events is incompetent.
·        Carnival is incompetent.
And on and on and on. 
First off, the time to repair the boat. It had an engine fire, and that engine fire appears to have revealed design flaws. One of the six engine casings was cracked. That’s not a minor fix. The podcasters, while whining about fixing the boat, did mention that Carnival had to ship parts from Europe, so they clearly had read at least parts of the news coverage. Did they not think? 
We are not talking swapping out the outboard motor on a fishing boat, here. The Carnival Splendor is among the dozen biggest cruise ships in the world. The engines are massive – the bow thrusters develop about 84,000hp. The engines weigh hundreds of tons. You don’t throw one in box and Fed Ex it to LA. The ship was manufactured in Europe, and the new parts are going to have to come from there, by boat.  
For that matter, getting the cracked engine out and the replacement parts in is also not going to be easy. Cruise ships don’t have hoods that hinge up and out of the way. When big ships are built, the engines are installed as the hull is built. But it is pretty obvious that the podcasters didn’t think about that.
I particularly like the comment that Carnival should have had a spare ship ready. The Carnival Splendor cost approximately $750,000,000 to build, two years ago. Having a spare one on hand? Three-quarters of a trillion dollars is not the kind of costs any company would want to incur, and leave sitting around as a spare. Get real.
As for bringing another boat to LA for the cruise, that would be quite an undertaking. Even assuming that a spare Splendor class ship existed and was available, if it was not already in or near LA, it might not be available in time. The Splendor is too large to go through the Panama Canal. When Carnival brought it from the Caribbean to LA, the voyage took a month and a half.  
Whatever – I am devoting far too much space and logic to what was basically a tantrum disguised as a podcast. I do want to close with one warning, though. The podcasters made it very clear that they thought everyone involved was incompetent. That’s a bold statement – especially when you begin by ignoring some facts and getting others wrong. It’s close enough to libel that an attorney could make the podcasters’ lives hell. Now the odds are that Legion Events and/or the travel agent won’t spend the money on an attorney, but libeling a big company like Carnival – well, they have attorneys on staff.  
Podcasters and writers, think about what you say / write before you publish it. Ranting is fun and all, but your actions can have consequences.   Fiscal ones.
(caveat: this is not legal advice. I’m not a lawyer. However, I am an experienced writer who knows a fair number of lawyers. I’m just offering some practical suggestions.) 
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You seem to be on a negative by Paul Leicht at Thu, 01/06/2011 - 04:24
Paul Leicht's picture

You seem to be on a negative streak as of late. I agree that the things you listed are dumb. But I have to question the necessity of this article. Pete you have some golden articles behind you, bring some of that old magic to the fore. Being a gadfly is admirable when there is a need but I don't see it here. We are talking stupidity not corruption. By the way you either missed a few 0's (unlikely) or you meant "three quarters of a billion dollars."

Also regarding podcast rants. I can't imagine getting upset about idiots ranting on a podcast. They are 'trying' to be entertaining. Failing? Perhaps but without knowing who they are I can only assume they are catering to their demographic. Whether their statements are actionable or not, it seems unlikely unless they have a huge market share that Carnival, WoTC or anyone else would sue them for slander (not libel by the way, that is putting it in writing.)

The number of zeroes is fine, by AJ_Impy at Thu, 01/06/2011 - 09:00
AJ_Impy's picture

The number of zeroes is fine, the cost for manufacture is listed as $697,000,000 elsewhere. Add in the cost of fitting out a luxury cruise liner, and 750,000,000 is likely a decent approximation.

The zeroes are only fine if by browndr at Thu, 01/06/2011 - 11:17
browndr's picture

The zeroes are only fine if you are bad at counting.

1 = One
10 = Ten
100 = Hundred
1,000 = Thousand
1,000,000 = Million
1,000,000,000 = Billion
1,000,000,000,000 = Trillion.

At a cost of 750,000,000, that's 3/4 of a Billion, not a Trillion. The article was bad enough as an "Hey! You kids get of my lawn" without displaying poor mathematical skills.

Original cost was 475,000,000 by one million words at Thu, 01/06/2011 - 13:09
one million words's picture

Original cost was 475,000,000 Euros, according to 2008 articles and various stat sheets. Euros is probably best value, since it was built in an Itailian ship yard. Various reports have apparently used different excahnge rates. Exchange rates do fluctuate. I pulled $750M off a company website.

Hey AJ hopefully this means by Paul Leicht at Thu, 01/06/2011 - 14:06
Paul Leicht's picture

Hey AJ hopefully this means you are back. :) I was refering to the 3/4 of a trillion comment. Trillion being several magnitudes larger than billion. :)

Since we are nitpicking: by NetHwarang at Sun, 01/09/2011 - 16:51
NetHwarang's picture

(Using a logaritmic scale, base 1,000,000) A trillion is one order of magnitude larger than a billion, not several ;-)

I was thinking in terms of by Paul Leicht at Sun, 01/09/2011 - 18:32
Paul Leicht's picture

I was thinking in terms of multiples of 10 which is usually what a magnitude is.

podcast by Silverhammer at Thu, 01/06/2011 - 09:21
Silverhammer's picture

I happened to be listening to that podcast this morning on the way to work. I agree with you that the comments about having another (reserve) ship ready on the spot was ignorant, as was the statement that it shouldn't take 3 months to fix the boat. However, I didn't see these statements as libelous - merely ignorant and uninformed.

Despite that podcast's petulant/whining tone, I found the segment informative. I didn't know the cruise was affected by that ship's fire. It also reinforced my generally low opinion of travel agents.

Finally, if you are looking for more professionalism out of that particular podcast, I wouldn't hold your breath. :-)

I like how the picture at the by Kuriboh at Thu, 01/06/2011 - 10:05
Kuriboh's picture

I like how the picture at the beginning represents your mindset while writing this. What an absolute joke of an article. You said "This is what really inspired this article.". Well, if it was clearly this podcast you had an issue with, why didn't you take it to their comments section or email them that you were displeased/offended? Besides, I'm sure if you made plans in advance to go on vacation with your friends/fiancé and found out at the last minute you were getting screwed, then you would be mightily pissed off.

Wow. by AffinityForIslands at Thu, 01/06/2011 - 11:54
AffinityForIslands's picture

1) I'm not sure if you're referring to Yo! MTG Taps! regarding the Curse of Wizardry promo (because we've mentioned it several times on our show), but if so, you are mistaken in assuming we were referring to it as an FNM promo. We're well aware that it is not; however, it's been something of a running gag between us when we refer to cards we think are bad promos.

Also, you said "Many of them b*tched endlessly about how the [FNM promo] cards were not good enough." I personally have made my opinions (negative) on the cards chosen as FNM promos. You can call it "b*tching endlessly" if you want, but my comments—obviously I can only speak for myself here—were backed up with reasons supporting my opinion.

I feel that FNM promos are intended to get players out to FNMs, not to other events in other formats. For example, I intend to make every FNM in February because I want the Spellstutter Sprite FNM promo. On the other hand, I didn't make it a point to get to FNM the month that Cloudpost was the promo.

In that light, I feel that Wizards could do better with the choices and/or timing of their FNM promos. It's my opinion, it's my podcast, and I don't appreciate your unsupported rant (if directed at me, obviously). If you have a different opinion, that's certainly fine. But I don't think it's fair to refer to those whose opinions differ as:

"wast[ing] hours of time complaining"
"sa[ying] a lot of stupid things"
"b*tch[ing] endlessly"

2) Kuriboh is on the right track with the comment: "I'm sure if you made plans in advance to go on vacation with your friends/fiancé and found out at the last minute you were getting screwed, then you would be mightily pissed off." I know the podcast you're referring to, and while I didn't agree with everything they said, I don't see any reason they shouldn't have said it. Declaring one's opinion of someone's incompetence is not slanderous; otherwise there would be an exponential amount of lawsuits compared to the ridiculous amount already in the system.

I was also booked on the MC3, and I can identify with the frustrations. I don't place the blame on Legion Events, as I know Steve did what he could. However, I agree with the podcasters in that Carnival did not provide enough compensation to cover the costs of changing the entire trip. This wasn't a hissy fit because the local deli was out of ham for their ham sandwich. These guys were looking forward to the MC3 for MONTHS, and now their options were to either pay additional costs on top of a trip that was already fairly expensive, or abandon the entire thing (which again, they had been looking forward to for a long time). Absolutely they're disappointed! Of course they should be expected to rant! Especially when it happened within roughly the same 24 hours as the time they recorded their podcast—the wound was still fresh!

My other gripe is with the travel agent, who is apparently collecting $20 per person from those that cancel the booking, despite it not being the fault of the customers. Legion has stated that they will cover this cost, but I disagree with the charge in the first place, and Legion should not have to pay it. My girlfriend is a former travel agent, and the work involved in booking a cruise like this is MINIMAL. She recently stated that if she could just sit and book cruises all day, she would, because it's easy and lucrative compared to the amount of work involved. The agency she worked for (which, I might add, we do not hold in high esteem) did not charge for this sort of situation, when the cancellation was not the fault of the customer. It's part of the job of a travel agent; sometimes a ton of work goes into planning a trip that a customer decides never to book in the first place.

I've lost a lot of respect for you for the simple fact that this article comes across only slightly better than the typical forum flaming.

Joey Pasco
Co-host, Yo! MTG Taps! podcast

Joey, if your comments were by one million words at Thu, 01/06/2011 - 13:23
one million words's picture

Joey, if your comments were the only ones on the foils program, I would not have a beef. But, while I didn't agree with everything you two said, I'm not giving this award to your cast. As you said, you did know that CoW was not an FNM.

Other podcasters were not so well informed.

Hey Peter, I appreciate the by AffinityForIslands at Fri, 01/07/2011 - 00:06
AffinityForIslands's picture

Hey Peter,

I appreciate the response, and apologize for assuming you were referring to us.


To roll poorly once may be by Westane at Thu, 01/06/2011 - 12:11
Westane's picture

To roll poorly once may be regarded as misfortune. To roll poorly TWICE looks like carelessness.

They were pissed off. by one million words at Thu, 01/06/2011 - 13:17
one million words's picture

A couple commentators said "they had every right to be pissed off," or words to that effect.

Sure. They had every right to be disappointed and upset. However, being pissed off does not give anyone the right to libel or slander someone else.

"This sux and I'm pissed" = fine.

"This sux, and I'm pissed, so clearly everyone involved is a satan-worshipping cannibal." = not so much.

That's what I was pissed about.

Smi77y by Smi77y at Fri, 01/07/2011 - 01:38
Smi77y's picture


<.< by jake_antonetz at Thu, 01/06/2011 - 13:55
jake_antonetz's picture

Lets get this straight... promos are not free. They are meant to instill the consumer with goodwill towards the makers of the product. Wizards relies on the fact that because they make promos it will entice further purchase of their products. If they made no money on promos they wouldn't make them.

If you do not get inspired by certain promos; it is your job as the consumer to tell them you don't agree with their promotional items.

I'm a fan of the eh team. I'm also opposed to anyone saying someone else was acting "like four-year-olds" when this is clearly a pretty steep hyperbole. From what I heard they had a right to be mad, they also expounded for comedic value: which is part of their shtick.

I respectfully suggest you take some of your own advice: "writers, think about what you say / write before you publish it. Ranting is fun and all, but your actions can have consequences. "

RE: The Magic Cruise: Granted by shawnoftheshred at Thu, 01/06/2011 - 14:09
shawnoftheshred's picture

RE: The Magic Cruise: Granted I haven't gone back and listened to the podcast in question since it first aired, but I will say that my impression of their ranting was a little bit different than yours. If memory serves, they acknowledged that Wizards and Carnival had screwed Legion Events thoroughly, and leveled most of the criticism at Carnival and the Travel Agent. Though I'm sure there was a lot of exaggerated ranting at Legion as well for things beyond their control, my take-away from that ranting was that they were most upset with Legion for the way they handled their customer service (read: being rude, not understanding) not for not being able to control the fate of the cruise ship, the port change etc.

I used to help run music festivals and when bands canceled, venues had to be changed or ticketing systems went down etc., we knew that there would be ranting done that wasn't super-informed or understanding of our side of things as the promoter. However, we also made sure that every decision we made started by acknowledging our paying customers, trying to accommodate them, and where it was beyond our control, to make sure to take their concerns as legitimate and worth hearing (and to make sure they knew that we felt that way). It meant patience and more work (often personal e-mails or phone calls), but paid off with loyalty to the festival. We're talking festivals that drew in crowds of 25,000, so considerably more than the Magic Cruise attendance. What's more important? Dismissing customers' views as uninformed or acknowledging that as a customer, their concerns are different than yours and "right" or "wrong" should be taken as valuable information?

I guess my same point goes for the Curse of Wizardy promo. Sure, it might not be an FNM promo/meant for FNM play, but if it received a ton of ranting from "other podcasters" as an FNM promo, what is the real root problem? Is it the fruitless argument that all of the players are wrong in their criticism, or does the misunderstanding speak to a bigger communication problem on the Wizards/store level to hedge expectations? Does it speak to something larger than that even?

I think your article rings true, though in its conclusion: "Podcasters and writers, think about what you say / write before you publish it." Advice ALL could benefit from - maybe even Legion Events' Twitter feed, your column and my response to it?

Shawn Petsche
The Broken City School of Magic

VERY good article. by Haarek at Thu, 01/06/2011 - 14:43
Haarek's picture

TY for another splendid article, some ppl wouldnt recognise gold if it was thrown at them !!!

This article just seems by smack8001 at Thu, 01/06/2011 - 14:50
smack8001's picture

This article just seems pointless and out of place. It doesn't have much to do with MTGO. The stuff about the podcsts (FNM promos, cruises) belongs on the comments page or forum of the particular podcast host, not here.

But besides that, the "drafting into playsets" section raises a good topic. The problem is that single cards are priced to produce a profit margin on the expected value of the sellable cards selling which is above the *wholesale* cost of packs. We pay 3.99 plus tax (about +50 cents), retail, for booster packs in Canada, for example. A pack-cracking store in the united states probably pays around $2 wholesale, and sells singles to make a profit over that value. He can put the average cost of all sellable rares at 3.00 or 3.50 or whatever, which undercuts packs from my local store. On top of this, many drafters don't care about their cards after drafting, and sell them *cheap* to buy their next draft sets. Because of this, buying packs has been a losing man's game for a long time. The only value added by buying a pack over the singles in it from a wholesale pack-cracker is the fun of drafting. So you hit the nail on the head, but this is the reason behind it.

(Wizards won't let stores ship packs across national borders, but says nothing about shipping singles, so I can't even buy the 2.50 boosters from trollandtoad).

ok so i tried to put a post by williegmyprez at Thu, 01/06/2011 - 15:04
williegmyprez's picture

ok so i tried to put a post up but for some reason i am being stopped by a spam filter soooo

I think constructive by protocol_7 at Thu, 01/06/2011 - 15:24
protocol_7's picture

I think constructive criticism is what people are looking for.

Down right bashing something doesnt help anyone

Agree with this assessment. by Smi77y at Thu, 01/06/2011 - 15:27
Smi77y's picture

Agree with this assessment. But if someone's going to bash I think I'm going to have fun doing it too.

What's funny is that the whole Magic Cruise podcast apparently took to heart for a lot of people. And after that first night I stopped caring. But apparently more damage has been done than expected :-)

And Legion events knows our positions now. Which were misinformed when the cast original was recorded. Steve is the man and was very helpful. However his twitter comments warranted a response from some of our team.

of course I'm directing this by protocol_7 at Thu, 01/06/2011 - 15:39
protocol_7's picture

of course I'm directing this to everyone.

Forum flame post much? by andreFM at Thu, 01/06/2011 - 15:56
andreFM's picture

Forum flame post much?

I once made a clan that I by TheRegularGangster at Thu, 01/06/2011 - 16:22
TheRegularGangster's picture

I once made a clan that I recruited bad players to and then coached them and tried to make them 1800+ limited players. I met some interesting people this way and teaching them made me better.

The clan name was "1400s Do It Mainphase"

The white sun passage guy reminded me of that clan, so I laughed.

Note to self by Lythand at Thu, 01/06/2011 - 16:53
Lythand's picture

Note to self. Never write an article critical of others views.

Criticism is fine if balanced by Paul Leicht at Fri, 01/07/2011 - 01:53
Paul Leicht's picture

Criticism is fine if balanced and worthy.

PureMTGO? by Arwido at Thu, 01/06/2011 - 19:23
Arwido's picture

I am under the impression that articles on this site are supposed to be about online Magic, not the paper crap you write about in this article.

Pete by JXClaytor at Fri, 01/07/2011 - 04:06
JXClaytor's picture

Is a long time member of the magic community, and we are very happy to have him write here. If he wanted to share with us his tips and tricks to making the greatest cakes in the world I would let him just because of the amount of respect he has earned.

And yes, we are puremtgo. It is possible for us to have paper content.

Magic is Magic by Lythand at Fri, 01/07/2011 - 14:39
Lythand's picture

We are a magic community as a whole. Paper or not. It is a Magic related article.

It's kind of depressing to by brandonQDSH at Fri, 01/07/2011 - 02:15
brandonQDSH's picture

It's kind of depressing to think that if I wanted 4 Primeval Titan, I could bust 300 packs and not even have the playset I wanted =/

Assuming one in eight rares by one million words at Fri, 01/07/2011 - 11:01
one million words's picture

Assuming one in eight rares is a Mythic, one playset per 480 packs.

I like to eat delicious by Felorin at Fri, 01/07/2011 - 09:21
Felorin's picture

I like to eat delicious cakes.

It's always annoyed me slightly too when people make a "big deal" over what the next FNM promo cards or MTGO promo cards are. I might go so far as to say "I'm not so eager to go for the FNM card this month as last month", mention it's not a card I want to play or that this time out I don't like the alternate art much, doesn't even look as good as the original card art or whatever. What I don't do is rant or whine, as if to imply I'm "entitled" to a better promo card being available, or imply that Wizards is incompetent for not having picked a better one this month. Or like it's any kind of big deal at all.

It's not. It's one small part of my hobby, and I expect that the desirability of the promo card will fluctuate up and down quite a bit from one month to the next. And that different people will love/hate each month's card more or less, beauty being in the eye of the beholder (and card valuation also). I earn/win whatever promo cards I can, tuck them away, play them, collect them, trade them off, or buy/trade for the ones I like best. (Still want 3 more promo Path to Exile and 1 more promo Qasali Pridemage. Maybe if I get that new job.)

Not worth the time and effort to get all hot and bothered about.

where is this cake article by gimlicolby at Fri, 01/07/2011 - 09:28
gimlicolby's picture

where is this cake article you talk about?

This article was more about by Plusua at Fri, 01/07/2011 - 20:59
Plusua's picture

This article was more about defending the Cruise than about Magic. I thoroughly enjoy the "Podcast" you so avoid mentioning, "The Eh Team" podcast on MTGOpodcast. Those guys are the best bang for your buck and they were in the right to say what they did. It's not fiscal consequences, it's financial in relation to Liability Suits, unless you meant a month to month set of consequences, lol. Until you come up with a podcast that is close as entertaining as "The Eh Team's" then I'd suggest you peel back a bit on the commentary without first standing shoulder to shoulder with these giants! There is no is equal to those guys, they do a fantastic job of 'telling it like it is'.

spoken almost like someone by ShardFenix at Sat, 01/08/2011 - 02:14
ShardFenix's picture

spoken almost like someone who is involved with this supposed eh team....

Lol, I wish I was then I"d be by Plusua at Mon, 01/10/2011 - 08:25
Plusua's picture

Lol, I wish I was then I"d be just as cool. I've always been involved in media, communications, broadcasting and yes, writing too. So I can appreciate this kinda stuff, good and bad, that much more. Even if I was involved with "The Eh Team" my personal integrity would stop me from falsifying information to the audience.

Promos by tempesteye at Sun, 01/09/2011 - 00:23
tempesteye's picture

Getting upset because you don't like a FNM (or MTGO) promo is like getting upset because someone gave you a quarter for reading this post instead of a dollar; it's a bonus for doing something you were probably going to do anyway. I think some players have become so accustomed to them they've forgotten that WotC isn't required to do anything.
Ungrateful, I think, is the correct word.

I totally agree with this by Paul Leicht at Sun, 01/09/2011 - 02:56
Paul Leicht's picture

I totally agree with this however, the average consume expects coupons and discounts and rebates and when such a deal is offered they expect it to be genuinely good for them and not bogus. If it becomes bogus (in their eyes) they tend to get into a consumer's rage. The culture of the self wins here and no one else does.

True, but they also say, the by Plusua at Mon, 01/10/2011 - 08:26
Plusua's picture

True, but they also say, the customer is always right.

But anyone with common sense by ShardFenix at Mon, 01/10/2011 - 13:03
ShardFenix's picture

But anyone with common sense also knows this is not always true.

Well, I guess it depends on by MMogg at Sun, 01/09/2011 - 06:15
MMogg's picture

Well, I guess it depends on how people view it. On the flip side you could argue that some people play FNMs primarily because of the promos, since they are a contributing factor to selling tournament attendance. If we consider that FNMs are held at retailers and retailers are the largest purchasers of product, then we can see a direct connection between attending FNMs and supporting Wizard's products. Although I don't necessarily care one way or the other, I think I could understand someone not being so happy with the quality of the promos if that was one of their motivations for playing in the first place.

Whitesun's Passage by dicax at Thu, 01/13/2011 - 01:25
dicax's picture

A rant about a rant. I love the irony. But, seriously, while I have never played a Whitesun's Passage in an 8-4 against an infect deck, I am a new player who has made bad card choices and played a good deck poorly. I have never been bothered when an experienced player gave me constructive advice. You're obviously an experienced player. Why not identify the guys major mistake or one change he could've made and offer him that bit of advice so that he can improve his play? Remember when you first learned to play Magic?

You obviously didn't think by xiones at Fri, 01/14/2011 - 03:34
xiones's picture

You obviously didn't think this one through, Petey. Starting an article with a lolcat then trying to assert some sort of pseudo-intellectual sense of dominance with the reader? Come on. You aren't contributing anything to the community, which completely undermines the purpose of your position.

Stop writing please. I know all this attention empowers you, but if you knew anything about anything, you'd shut up before you cause yourself more harm.