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By: bdgp009, Beau Darryl G. Panizales
Apr 04 2017 11:00am
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Casual Plays 14: For The Love of the Game

Hello to the patrons of MTGOTraders and the readers of PureMTGO. It has been a long time since I last played MTGO hence I cannot really write about anything. If you asked me, a long hiatus from playing Magic is actually good because you can see life in a different perspective.  I can proudly say that I am not a Magic addict.  You come back and play and feel something nostalgic, like how you magically create things (deck building) and cast spells (playing) and the best part is winning in a game that you love. Yup, It is L-O-V-E, love of this game that is why we keep coming back after years of not playing.

The Things that Hinder Us

Time: No matter if it is your time zone or your real life. Time is the usual hindrance for a player to stop playing. When you are a new player looking for a group of people to play with without money involved you usually keep on playing in the new player room or the Just starting room. Until you get tired of your cards and you start to look for other free tournaments. A veteran (can I use that?) MTGO player like me plays in PRE (player run events) but these PREs are usually based on Western time zones so people in the east would usually wake up early or stay up late just to play in them. In the case of real life there are plenty of reasons, from your family to your job or other real life hobbies that just keep you from playing. I personally couldn’t play because of the demands of my job.

Money: Even if you have time, if you don’t have the money you can’t even buy the cards for the event that you want to play in. Even in the PREs you will see semi pro players playing to test their deck for actual competition. So events like Pauper, Modern, or Standard PRE when they are available is not a good place to play for financially constrained players. Luckily there are PREs like Heirloom and this new format I played, Penny Paradise, where in you can play cards worth pennies only.

Ambition: Even if you are able to play since you started to love playing in the PRE’s you still want to win. If you can’t seem to win you started to feel sad because you spend all that time building and playing with no positive results. So you will probably quit again (For a while). Even if you are winning you would like to buy cards for you to be able to join the big leagues and the actual MTGO queues. Wherein you can be sucked up by your success or failures that make you spend more. Then, your gamble failed and you are back to square one where you have to come back to the PRE scene but it does not feel like the big or real queues and the feeling you have become stale so you also quit (For a while).

And So We’re Here Again

Like I said earlier we keep coming back because we love this game. So, when we have time like right now that it is vacation time in my country ( the Philippines for those who have not read my earlier articles) and if you don’t have money, we have Heirloom and Penny Paradise. Okay, the ambition part happened to me but it does not necessarily mean it can happen to anyone and right now I am really over it. That is the reason I keep writing about casual playing and enjoying the game whenever you have the time.

Penny Paradise 1.12 (click here for more info)

So it would be my first time that I am going to join a PRE after a year in a half so I went to gatherling and Hoala! Wala! Ola? ( What is the spelling when something magically appears? [Joshua's Note:  It's violà.]) Anyway, there is this new PRE to my eyes. Penny Paradise and it’s for players like me. If I am going to join I want to at least win once. Like a prayer the best deck in the format has cards that I have in my binder. I look for some cards that I do not have and here is the deck list.

My deck (net deck actually) was able to get me into top 4 and was only defeated by this deck.

This deck breaks the mold and got first place in a tournament filled with Red Deck Wins. I look up Holica and they are an Heirloom champion so I am betting they have tried this Fact or Fiction deck once or twice and tried it in Penny Paradise.

So for those who are looking to have fun with the game we love, I hope this article help you and I’ll be seeing you on the other side of that table. Peace out and God bless!