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By: bdgp009, Beau Darryl G. Panizales
Jan 07 2015 12:00pm
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 Casual Plays # 2: The Decks You Think But Never Made

                Hello again to the patrons of MTGOTraders and the people of PureMTGO. It’s the New Years Eve as I am writing this article and I would like to greet everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR. I hope everyone have a blast last year and this New Year may bring more blessing to you and your family.


Happy New Year from my Family (In Photo: Me, My Wife and My Daughter) 

                As I promise I am going to inspire everyone to be a Tribal deck player with the KTK Warriors and the satyrs of Standard Pauper but before that let me show an INSPIRED theme deck that I have been playing in Standard.



The deck is a simple aggro deck using the inspired ability of  Pheres-Band Tromper, Pheres-Band Raiders, Kragma Butcher, Satyr Nyx-Smith, and their leader the Felhide Spiritbinder. I added mana makers to ramp them up so we could have the big guys on turn 3 and the low CMC removals from red to take out early opponent creatures. I got some good comments from my opponents about this deck because it’s a great change from casual heroic decks that is rampant in the Just For Fun room.


KTK Block: (KTK Warriors)

                There are two groups of KTK Warriors. One is led by the Legendary Surrak while the Other one is led by Zurgo. I am really not familiar with their official story but I am betting that these two Legendary Warriors are rivals (Like my boxing Idols Manny and Money). I hope you like my take on both KTK Warrior decks.


The Warrior of Surraks are all morph creatures except for Savage Knuckleblade , Heir of the Wilds and you are right Icefeather Aven is not even a warrior and I hope you guys will forgive me for it because they are just so good a creature in Surraks color that I just have to add them.  So anyway, as my friend Chandler from friends will say, the idea for this casual deck is to use the power of secret plans to draw while getting the best out of the ability of the morph creatures and the early rampage of Savage Knuckleblade and Heir of the wild. I added Surrak Dragonclaw as a special guest but if you want to tinker with this deck a little and have 4 copies of him be my guest. You can also use 2 other warrior creature in Surrak’s color, the Avalanche Tusker and (Bear’s Companion) to make it into a real Tribal deck if you want.


Out of the 2 Warrior tribes, I think the Mardu are the more warrior of the two. Other than having the two chiefs in their color, Chief of the edge and Chief of the Scale, Zurgo’s color also have the Rush of Battle and Raider’s spoil cards that is especially made for warriors. I also believe that this deck has the best potential to be a KTK Block contender which I will expound later on in my deep analysis section.

Standard Pauper:


The satyr tribes have suddenly gained a lot of members from the Theros block and still I haven’t seen anyone using a satyr theme deck. It is probably because they don’t seem competitive enough even in casual playing. That is in standard because this deck might actually be a contender in standard pauper. Using the heroic ability of Satyr Hoplite and (Satessan Oathsworn), it can easily be your next stompy deck in pauper. I would like to add that this list is the first try I have on the deck. I have already tinkered with this deck a lot and it became obvious to me that Wild Celebrants is better in the sideboard. I would use Lightning Strike or (Titan’s Strength) if I ever try it in a Standard Pauper PRE (Player Run Event).


My Deep Analysis: (Zurgo’s Warriors)

                This section of the article will show the:

                1, Why I think it is the best deck in my article?

                2, The reason for the card choices.

                3,The Possible Improvements to Make it better.

The WHY?

                The KTK block is just beginning and most of the cards in this deck can be seen as part of any Mardu deck that you will encounter. The warriors especially the 2 chiefs, Seeker of the way and Zurgo himself are always part of any competitive Mardu clan deck.

The Card Choices:

                The first thing that you can see with the card choices is the price. None of the cards that I use in this deck reaches the 1 dollar mark.

I am Only 40 Cents!

                The second thing that I have put in my mind is that it should have at least 5 types of warrior creature so if ever you would use this in a tribal format it would be legal if you put 4 copies of each creature.


Mono White

Seeker of the way- The usual 2cmc for a 2/2 creature is already good. If you add the prowess and conditional lifelink of this card it won’t be hard to imagine why he is in the deck.

Mono Red

War-Name Aspirant-The choice for this one is more of a sentimental one than a logical one. She is the first warrior card that I have seen in MTGO due to the use of her picture in the MTGO client background the conditional 3/2 creature for 2 CMC is also not bad.

Mono Black

Bellowing Saddlebrute- A solid 4/5 creature for 4 CMC is good enough for me. I also have him already in my collection so I might as well use him. The 4 conditional lost life sucks so beware.

Orzhov Color (White and Black)

Chief of the Edge and Chief of the Scale- The combine effort of these 2 creature would give all your warriors +1/+1.

Mardu Color ( Red,White and Black)

Mardu Roughrider- The only Mardu colored warrior aside from Zurgo. This 5 CMC 5/4 monster is actually a force to be reckoned with. Adding his ability of forcing a blocker to run from battle is just an added bonus.

 Other Spells

Removals- Crackling Doom, Mardu Charm, Erase, Kill shot, Murderous Cut, Burn away and Barrage of Boulders

                Burn Away- use this against opponent that loves delving.

                Barrage of Boulders- Use this against players that loves 1/1 tokens.

                Erase- Every clan is sure to be using his special clan ascendency card and this is your answer.

                Mardu Charm- The second ability of this card is more useful if you already have the chiefs in place. Having two 2/2 first strike creature in a flash could easily kill a 4/4 attacking creature with the bonus of extra creatures on your turn.

Warrior base Spells

Rush of Battle- a Card that can give you the edge in clutch time when you have low life.

(Raiders Spoils)- The Mardu color does not have much drawing spells and this one lets you draw for each warrior that could do damage to your opponent.  We don’t have Dig through Time and Treasure Cruise in Mardu color so I also added Defiant Strike to help us in drawing cards.

Mardu Ascendancy-Of Course Don't forget the Clan Ascendancy Spell. It really power up your aggressive strategy with the attacking tokens.

Power-Up Warriors

                This deck is a casual one but if you really want to be competitive there are four cads that I will recommend:


(Bloodsoaked Warrior)- A 2/1 creature for 1CMC is a good card already. The fact that it can go back to the battlefield for as long as you have attack on your turn for 2 mana is too much of a good thing even with the can’t block set back

Ashcloud Phoenix-This 4/1 flying creature is basically a 2 for one creature. That can go on in the battlefield as long as you can pay the morph cost of 4RR.

Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker- He is one of the only two planeswalker in KTK block as of now.

Sorin, Solemn Visitor- He is the other half of the two planeswalker in KTK Block as of now and his first ability of giving +1 to power and lifelink is the best thing a creature base deck could ask.


Here are the links to my videos: (I don’t have any commentary this time. I added a music sing along video instead for the holidays on one of the videos. I will give a Zurgo Helmsmasher to the 3rd person who will write the correct title of the song in the comment section.)

The Inspired Deck

Surrak’s Warriors

Zurgo’s Warriors

The Pauper Satyrs


I Hope You all have a Happy and Fruitful New Year. See you next Time. Peace to all MTGO Peeps! Till Next Time!