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By: bdgp009, Beau Darryl G. Panizales
Jan 22 2015 1:00am
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 Casual Plays # 3: The Decks You Think But Never Make

Hello again to the Patrons of MTGOTraders and the readers of PureMTGO. I was busy this past week preparing exams for my students’ quarterly examination and then encoding grades that I have lost time to write for my next article. All I have are ideas in my head on how to make my article better. How?

So, I was playing with my so called POOR MAN’s Whip deck. The idea is to make a whip deck without the Whip of Erebos and the guy that I went to is Kheru Lich Lord.



This is a pure casual deck. It can win fast if you are lucky enough to put 2 nemesis of Mortals in your 3rd or 4th turn and this deck is actually capable of doing that (Remember the word LUCKY).  Usually it is a late game performer when both you and the other guy has a board stall and your guys just keep coming back from the grave to finish the job. Yes it is a poor imitation of a Sultai Whip winning deck but please” give the POOR MAN a chance”. Oh I almost forgot, you need to use (Taigam’s Scheming) and Commune with the Gods to be able to cheat Nemesis of Mortals early in the game.

Ok, Let’s go back to the story, I was playing with this deck and suddenly the opponent on the other side just keeps on putting mana makers, Elvish Mystic (Karametra’s Acolyte),( Voyaging Satyr), and (Kiora’s follower). (Yes, Kiora’s follower does not make mana but it untaps Karametra’s Acolyte to make more mana) and I was thinking this guy’s deck is so casual a mana maker theme deck I will surely win this one. Then BOOM! the new segment of my article was Born.


IS THIS CASUAL?: Villainous Wealth Deck


I lost the match when Villainous Wealth came out of nowhere. Maybe, not nowhere it probably was in his hands already and I was smiling at the deck (Huh? the jokes on me). If you have that much mana the impact it could do to your opponents psyche, I believe he pumped the wealth for 20. Twenty cards of your own deck will come out and suddenly beat you. Talk about “Frying yourself using your own fat”.

The deck you are seeing is my own version. My opponent was also using Hydra Broodmaster but I was not able to get hold of that card because I have used up all my funds for other deck projects. I have the Colossus of Akros as a replacement since it is already available to me.

I have read an article by our editor Mr. Joshua Claytor about Villainous Wealth but I already discarded the article out of my mind until the deck hit me in my face. I remember when Maze’s End first came out and I was probably one of the guys that used it in the casual room and the other guy is saying. “I love alternative win conditions”. After a while people are saying it is (Maze’s End deck) not a casual deck and if I remember correctly our friend WinterWolf had an article about it. (I have tried to look for the articles for an hour and cannot find it. Paul, Mr. Claytor Did you actually wrote those articles?) 

In this new segment I would like to propose a vote for decks such as this one to see how other players actually see it. Does it fit to see play in the CASUAL room (Just for Fun) or is it a possible FRINGE contender in tournaments. (Please comment CASUAL or FRINGE below so I can tabulate the votes and have the report on my next article)

My Opinion:

Combo decks such as this one can never be called casual because of the difficulty for new players to actually achieve such a combo. I remember the first time I use it and I did not know that I have to hit those mana symbols on the side before it was included in the x of Villainous Wealth.

I believe the power of Villainous Wealth is real and other casual decks, especially those that are only using commons and uncommon to make their decks will not be happy to suddenly lose a game they are so sure they could have won until the so called mana making combo happens. (All I have been playing is casual lately and I have only lost once using the Villainous Wealth deck)

New cards are coming out with Fate Reforge and the Monastery Siege card looks like a good control card to add to a Villainous Wealth deck. I am quite sure that other players have been playing the deck longer than me so please feel free to say your opinion below.

Conclusion: The Villainous Wealth deck can be a FRINGE contender. 


My dear readers must be wondering why I keep on adding a standard pauper deck in my articles. Two main reasons: 1, this is the format I was playing where I started to enjoy building decks, knowing people in the MTGO Community and actually build playing relationship. (I would like to call them friends but I think playing buddy is more appropriate) 2, As our SPDC host Gwyned has said in his article. Playing standard pauper is a starting form to new players for them to be acquainted with the cards in the game. If you are a new player and do not want to suddenly feel burdened with buying expensive cards I invite you to join Standard Pauper format. Go to this site PDC.Magic.COM.  Ok this intro is taking too long so let’s have a look at two versions of Standard Pauper Morph deck.


The idea is to put enough mana makers to make it faster for our morph creature to change into their actual form.

The WHY?

Why would I build a morph deck? I asked a STD Pauper player.  Carnuz (the player I asked) what kind of deck is not seeing much love in STD Pauper PRE and he pointed me to the Morph deck.


Why The Hate?/Where Is The Love? 

The Card Choices:

For this to be an official morph theme deck it should have 20 morph creatures.

Mystic of the Hidden: This is the first card choice that I have for a morph creature with 3 mana you can have an unblockable guy that can easily be your beater in any match.

Monastery Flock: There are lots of fast weenie decks in PRE today and a big flying guy or should I say these birds really blocks them all.

Snowhorn Rider: Another beater and I just love using him in drafts that I just can’t leave him out of this deck.

Wooly Loxodon: The biggest common morph deck hence probably the strongest creature that any morph deck can have.

Canyon Lurkers: There are two morph common creatures in red and this one have a higher power  and with this morph deck more power is better.

I need to pump the creatures: I use Feral Invocation because I want the pump spell to stay and (Ranger’s Guile) so I also have a semi counter with the hexproof effect aside from the pump.

I want some removal: Magma Spray is a low cost removal and I should actually have used Lightning Strike but I am really tired of using the card that is why I went with Magma spray.

Singing Bell Strike: It looks more control than removal (well it is control but control is a form of removal in my point of view because we take the opponents creature out of the combat field.)


Naturalize, Fade to Antiquity and Annul against enchantment decks. Disdainful Stroke and Negate for sorcery and instant spells: Convoke and Delve cards especially.

I never really had much success with this one so I asked one of my opponent’s opinion and he told me to stick with 2 colors and have more removal. The next one is my take on a 2 color morph deck.


The card choices:

I changed the morph deck into an Izzet Morph deck. Since UR only have 5 morph common creatures all of them made the cut. I added the Ainok Tracker, and Glacial Stalker and took away the Loxodon and the Rider.

I added removal: Barrage of Boulders for the token generating opponents, Lightning Strike for old time’s sake (it’s actually the best common removal right now in STD Pauper because it also hits the opponent if needed).


I added Treasure Cruise: What am I thinking not using the best draw card right now?


I added Lava Axe for another win condition.


I Added more control: If you look at the sideboard all of them are control cards and if you are wondering what you should remove when sideboarding. I’ll go with Ainok Tracker.


Powered UP Morph Deck: As my friend Carnuz have told me all STD Pauper are casual and there is nothing I can think of anymore to make this a better one. Unless I go to another color and it would be a totally different deck by then.


Here are the link to the Videos: (Last Time I added a sing along video and I was singing in it and I really sung my heart out with Auld Lang Syne but no one commented. Sadness. Since I still have Zurgo I’ll give him to the first Non PureMTGO writer that would comment).

I would like to give thanks to our PCT host Longtimegone for the cards that I use for the Morph Clan. Go PCT Go! With that I leave you all
!  Peace Out MTGO Peeps!


Our ideas of casual seem to by Paul Leicht at Thu, 01/22/2015 - 05:16
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Our ideas of casual seem to differ greatly. I'd say Wealth is anything but competitive. (Hence no deck has come close to breaking out with wealth in it. Not even in the sideboard.)

Sure it gets explosive draws if you managed to play and untap with your untappers and mana producers intact. Of course in an environment where even casual players, play a ton of removal and sweepers too getting those guys to stick may not be so simple.

I see why you disliked being hit with wealth, since your deck didn't have an answer for it and you were playing a greedy deck with things that you wouldn't want to see across from you. Wealth doesn't work so well when you are looking at a bunch of budget creatures and auras that pretty much are terribad. The better your opponent's deck the better wealth becomes.

I wrote an article on this very subject (November 2014, 2 months ago or so)** and also featured a Kheru, lich lord deck in that article if I recall correctly. My Lich lord deck had very different selection of targets as I focused on the I don't want to exile my guys after I get them back factor. So I had Towershell and Nyx Weaver (since you can sac it after it attacks to get something important back even though your spider gets exiled it was going there anyway.) And I had 3 whips too which isn't terribly budget but in this instance, very casual.

The key thing to remember is casual does not mean "budget" and vice versa. I have seen some very cheap decks (goblins in any format really) take down expensive decks. The point being if someone is playing something you don't like in a casual setting you can always just not play them any more.

I have grown a bit weary of seeing people pick up the Villainous Wealth decks, because as ubiquitous builds aren't that fun to face constantly. But I never get tired of seeing that spell go off. Particularly if I am casting it. For me the fun has switched to "how can I include it [wealth] in a deck otherwise focused?" But everyone has different ideas of fun and casual. I recommend not getting too caught up in arguing for your view being the right one. Opinions being what they are.

One thing that does set aside casual from competitive play is the sideboard. MOST casual decks don't even star a sideboard because you aren't playing more than one game at a time. Whereas Competitive decks aren't competitive until you can define a working sideboard for them.

edit: **double checking, I see the greed is good (for me) article was the one from October. But the Towershell lich deck was from November.

Tnx Paul for the comment. as by bdgp009 at Thu, 01/22/2015 - 09:29
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Tnx Paul for the comment. as usual your insight is something that everyone can learn from. Though I am actually thinking long term to become fringe when all the set from Khans have come out and the new set is going through rotation.It's more of me thinking that the card has more potential than it is being use right now. Like when suddenly pack rats and desecration demon become standard staple and i hated selling them for cents.

As of writing this comment though I have lost three time in a row using the Wealth deck with tokens and heroic decks. Still I hope it can actually do well in actual competition.

Did not read your Kheru deck article though it is a good thing because I might copy some of what you have done with your deck if i have read that. And I thought I was original in picking Kheru.