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By: Plainswalker83, Marcus Brunstetter
Jan 29 2018 1:00pm
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 I am back and diving into another "casual" format. This time Pauper. Thankfully we have a few great writers that cover the topic so I will leave the in depth commentary and tips on the metagame to them. However I want to show you guys a few lists that I have been testing and would love some insight on what I should be playing in this interesting format.

This first list will come as no surprise if you know anything about me. It is a mono white list that is fairly cheap to build and I saw it 5-0 a league a few weeks ago. I am unsure how Pauper works and maybe the deck is no longer viable but it sure is fun to play. With out further fanfare here is the list.

As I mentioned this deck is very cheap. When I bought it the whole thing was under 15 tickets. That was appealing to me because spending a ton of money on a bunch of commons never seemed wise to me. (Though my opinion is slowly changing)

What I like about this deck is the ability to quickly close a game out. It plays similar to a Bogles deck but the creatures get bigger faster. Since Akroan Skyguard has heroic even a spell to keep it alive makes it bigger. There are great protection spells and great creatures. This version of the deck has been lacking results though. What I did find is this article from Alex Ullman, which gives a great run down on the archetype.

As you can see in his article he takes the deck and strays from the aura build. Instead he opts for more creatures and instant speed protection spells. I need to try out his latest version and see how I like it. There is no question that it is a good deck. I will just have to test it out.

Next is a list I have played in the past and seems to be consistent and also powerful.

As of right now the top 4 decks in Pauper are Elves, Affinity, Tron, and Mono Blue Delver. In my amateur opinion Boros seems to match up well against them all. Tron might be the hardest but I have not played the match up yet. I know that in order to even consider this deck to play competitively I will need cards like Pyroblast and Gorilla Shaman.

Otherwise I am very impressed with how the deck plays out. There are ways to change it up and I may try some different builds and see what I like best but this deck is just strong and consistent. I love the addition of Thraben Inspector and the token sub theme. Also it is great that Seeker of the Way is a common. As you can see he is in every deck list here. I have always loved Boros and this deck seems to be right up my alley. Quick aggressive creatures, great burn to finish off your opponent, and even has card draw. Some versions of the deck even run Rally the Peasants for a go wide approach to victory.

(Kor Skyfisher) really puts in a lot of work in this deck. The deck is pretty much built so the return a permanent to your hand clause is not a disadvantage but an advantage. You can return anyone of your artifacts to draw another card off of them. You can bounce Thraben Inspector to get another clue. You can bounce either of the lifegain lands to pad your life total. You can reset a Journey to Nowhere if there is a different creature you want to send into the abyss and you can even bounce cycle lands or Bojuka Bog. A lot of options. Like Skyfisher, (Glint Hawk) does the same thing but only with the artifacts. It can most times work out to be an advantage. Even still the drawback is not huge for a 2/2 flier.

The fact that you also have access all five colors is also another reason to play this deck. In the sideboard you have access to green for cards like Ancient Grudge or Ray of Revelation. It is also rare that you don't have the right mana to play your spells. Which allows you to play certain utility lands like Radiant Fountain. There are also a lot of options for the board like Circle of Protections depending on what is popular or what you feel weak against, is also a huge draw to the deck.

Once I get this built properly, I hope to give it some time and really try it out. It looks to be a strong deck and a great choice for me.

Last list I have been messing with is a combo deck. I saw it and wanted to give it a chance.

This Inside Out combo deck has been doing pretty well and I liked what I saw.

This deck is a challenge for me that's for sure. I have not cast a Brainstorm in a very long time. This a great way for me to get in some practice. The last combo deck I played was Jeskai Ascendancy back in Khan's Standard and I have not come close to anything similar unless (Temur Battlerage) and Become Immense counts as a combo.

It took me a few matches just to get the hang of it but I do like how the deck operates. I saw other versions that went even more combo heavy. Adding Preordain to the mix to assure you get your pieces to assemble the victory. Essentially the premise is get out a (Tireless Tribe). Then dig your way to an Inside Out, Shadow Rift, and a Gush. Sometimes you can ignore the Shadow Rift if your opponent has no blockers and sometimes you need to dig for Apostle's Blessing to protect your Tribe. Thankfully you have Gitaxian Probe to check and see if the way is clear.

A few tips that I learned. First, always float mana with Gush. There isn't really a reason not to. These are no longer the days of mana burn and you never know what you will draw off of the spell. Second, there is no rush to play out your Tribe. This deck can usually survive long enough to wait until you can protect your Tribe. Even just having a Circular Logic or a few cards to discard to pump it's toughness can be enough to ensure it sticks around. Lastly, you don't always need to combo. Yes you heard me correctly. There are times you can win with a beefed up (Seeker of the Way). There are more than enough cantrips and the lifegain he gives you can easily keep you in the game.

Over all I enjoyed testing each of these decks. The order I listed them is most likely my preference of playing each of them. I of course want to pick the best deck to play but I also want to have fun playing them. I want to reach out to all of you Pauper players to give me any tips and suggestions you may have. I know I need to watch the meta game closely and pick up some of the staple cards so I have the tools to beat the top decks.

Thank you for reading!

Until Next Time!