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By: RCueva, Rene Cueva
Oct 07 2010 1:32pm
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Hello everyone to another installment of A Caveman's Look. So recently I've been looking through my collection and something caught my attention.

lorescale coatl

I remember when this snake came into print and was thinking this guy is gonna tear up the tournament scene. Well that was not really the case. The lack of evasion has left this card on the sidelines. Nevertheless he still has an awesome ability and I could not just leave it in my collection looking pretty. So I decided to put him into good use.

So when you hear Lorescale Coatl what card do you associate with it??


Thats right good old Brainstorm. Brainstorm on its own is a very good card. It allows you to net an extra card for one mana and it can hide a card on top of your deck if your opponent tries to make you discard it. Well in this case it does those things plus something else.... It acts like a Giant Growth with out featured card, Lorescale Coatl. So for one mana we get all that which makes brainstorm an auto inclusion.

I then started to look at what other creatures we could use and came up with this list:

Guardian of the Guildpact- This guy doesn't too much play in unless it's Pauper. In Pauper this guy is an all star and can win games.

Great Sable Stag- This card was released during the rein of the mighty faeries in standard. Since the little blue flyers rotated out of standard he has also been on the sidelines.

Qasali Pridemage- Unlike the other creatures that I have mentioned this guy sees play a lot. Why wouldn't he? First off he is a 2/2 for two cmc, then you add the fact he has exalted, and if that wasn't enough he can sacrificed for a mere one mana to destroy any artifact or enchantment. All that for 2 mana makes this guy a good addition.

Stoneforge Mystic- I recently acquired a play set of this card and am having a hard time not adding her into any deck that I build. She is a tutor on legs and gets the equipment into play without having to worry if they are going to counter it.

So after adding Stoneforge Mystic I needed to add the "Mystic Package".

Sword of Fire and Ice- This has too be one of my favorite equipments of all time. I love drawing cards and killing something at the same time.

Sword of Light and Shadow- Know as the other sword SoLS does still do more than pull its own weight. Having protection from white and black is nothing you can just simply ignore.

Umezawa's Jitte- Know as the best equipment card of all time makes this addition an easy chose.

As for removal I decide to keep it light.

Swords to Plowshares- The original one mana exile a creature card. In my opinion it is the best one still.

Here are the rest of the cards I decided to add to round of the deck.

Mana Leak- I couldn't run blue in my deck and not have a single counter spell. Although I would much rather be running Counterspell but I think the double blue would make it a little tough on my mana so Leak will do.

(Æther Vial)- Seeing that all our creatures curve out at four this card should really help.

Rampant Growth- I added this card since we will be running three colors with not the most efficient mana base.

Mishra's Factory- One of my favorite lands of all time. I will defiantly make this card work.

So after seeing all of my choices lets take a look at the deck as a whole.



So what do you think? Will it work? Will it be a bust? Let's find out.

Game #1

I loss the dice roll and am staring at this seven:

Swords to Plowshares, brainstorm, Stoneforge mystic, Qasali Pridemage, plains, brainstorm, Island, Rampant Growth

My opponent leads off with an Island. I draw a Guardian of the Guildpact and follow up with an Island of my own. Next turn my opp plays a mountain and passes. At the end of his turn I Brainstorm. I draw the following:

Swords to plowshares, swords to plowshares, terramorphic expanse

I put one of the Swords to Plowshares on top followed by the Terramorphic Expanse. On my turn I draw the Swords to Plowshares and play my plains. I follow that with a Stoneforge Mystic which tutors up a Sword of Fire and Ice for me. My opponent plays an Island and a Whispersilk Cloak and passes. I draw a second Stoneforge Mystic and play my Terramorphic Expanse then pass. My opponent plays another mountain and plays his second Whispersilk Cloak leaving a mountain untapped. I activate the Mystic's ability at the end of his turn to put my Sword of Fire and Ice into play. I also crack the Expanse for a forest. I draw my second Guardian of the Guildpact and attach the sword to my mystic. I swing for three and add two more with the sword. I also draw another forest with the sword.  I play the newly drawn forest and play my Qasali Pridemage. My opponent plays another Island and then plays his first creature in the form of Iizuka the Ruthless. I draw another plains and play it. I attack with the Mystic, which get exalted by the pridemage. I deal the two damage from the sword to my opponents head. I draw a Sword of Light and Shadow. I play a Rampant Growth for an Island and I am done. Opponent plays another Mountain and this time plays a Brothers Yamazaki. He then attempts to attach his Whispersilk Cloak to Iizuka but I swords him in response. I draw a (Æther Vial)) and play my second Stoneforge Mystic searching for my Umezawa's Jitte. I play the Jitte and attach it to my first Mystic. I swing with the Mystic and my opponent sends back my Qasali Pridemage back to my hand. I kill the Brothers and draw a forest and past. My opponent just draws his card and passes. I draw a Great Sable Stag and go in for the kill. A turn 7 kill is not bad at all.

So I didn't even draw a Lorescale Coatl but the deck still worked out. The Mystic package really did its job very well.

Stoneforge Mystic


I lose the roll and have the starting seven:

Great sable stag, Umezawa's Jitte, plains, forest, (tmb=Æther Vial), forest, great sable stag

My opponent plays a plains and a Icatian Javelineers and passes. I draw another plains and play my forest and an (Æther Vial). My opponent plays another plains and a Jhoira's Timebug. He attacks me for one with his Javelineers and passes. I draw a Guardian of the Guildpact and play a forest and my Umezawa's Jitte.
My opponent plays another plains and suspends a Riftmarked Knight. He then takes a time counter of with his Timebug. He then attacks me for one again and passes. I draw another Guardian of the Guildpact. I play another forest and a Great Sable Stag. My opponent plays another plains and takes the final time counter off his Knight with his Timebug. He gets two Knights and attacks with both. I take it but I should have blocked the black Knight token with my Great Sable Stag. I then put the third counter on my (Æther Vial) and draw an Island. I then play my Island. I attach the Jitte to my Stag and attack. My opponent declines to block and I connect for three and 2 counters on my Jitte. I activate my Vial and put my second Great Sable Stag into play. I attach the Jitte to it and pass. My opponent plays his fifth plains and attacks with both his Knights again. This time I block his black knight with my Stag and use the Jitte's ability to give his Riftmarked Knight two -1/-1. After combat I use another counter from the Jitte to give my opponents Javelineers -1/-1. In response my opponent deals one damage to me. I draw a Stoneforge Mystic and play it. I tutor for my Sword of Light and Shadow and play it. My opponent then does something unexpected and plays a mountain. He then Detonate my Umezawa's Jitte. In response I kill his Jhoira's Timebug and gain two life. He plays a Children of Korlis and passes. At the eot I activate my vial to put a Guardian of the Guildpact into play. I draw a Qasali Pridemage and attach my sword to one of the stags. I attack with all and the game is over.

Again I failed to draw a Lorescale Coatl but I didn't really need him. Maybe we'll have better luck next game in drawing our snake.

Great sable Stag

Game #3

So for the last game report for this deck I look at this seven:

(tmb=Æther Vial), (tmb=Æther Vial), brainstorm, forest, rampant growth, island, terramorphic expanse

Not a great hand but with two (Æther Vial)s in hand I should be able to play whatever creatures I draw.

So my opponent starts off with a Crumbling Necropolis. I follow up with a freshly drawn Mishra's Factory and my first (Æther Vial). Next turn my opponent plays a mountain and is done. I draw a forest and play my (Æther Vial) followed by an Island. My opponent just plays a plains and is done. Before I let him pass his turn I go ahead and Brainstorm.

Qasali Pridemage, sword of fire and ice, Island

I Put an Island and a forest on top of my library. I draw a forest and play it and my Sword of Fire and Ice. My opponent plays a Island and then gets me good with a Shatterstorm. I activate one of my Vials to put my Qasali Pridemage into play and say bye to two Vials and my Sword. I then draw a forest and turn my factory into a 2/2 and attack with it and my Pridemage. I play my Terramorphic Expanse and pass. My opponent draws and plays Wrecking Ball on my Pridemage. I crack my Expanse for a Plains in response to my opponent playing a swamp. I rip another Qasali Pridemage and play it. I turn the factory into a creature again and attack for three. I play an Island and pass. My opponent plays his second Wrecking Ball targeting my Mishra's Factory and passes. I draw a plains and attack with my Pridemage for three. I play my Rampant Growth for a forest and pass. My opponent plays an Obelisk of Esper followed by a Skull of Orm. I draw a Mana Leak and play my forest. I simply attack and pass. My opponent just taps his mountain and then untaps it and passes. I draw our first Lorescale Coatl dear readers. Finally! I attack with the pridemage and then play the Lorescale Coatl. My opponent taps 5 mana in effort to Twinstrike my forces. I foil his plan with good old Mana Leak. I get the turn back and swing for the kill.

So we finally drew our Lorescale Coatl but our Qasali Pridemage still ended up doing most of the beating. All in all this is a solid deck that can put the beating on. If you have the cards I would advise you to try it out. It sure is a lot of fun and will keep playing this deck in the casual room for some time.

Qasali Pridemage

So now that we have looked at a Bant version I want to try a BUG version. In this deck I want to focus more on drawing more cards and I am going to add a combo to try to help seal the games up that I might not been able to win. So you ask what combo? Well here it is:

Exhume + Inkwell Leviathan

Having the possibility of having this guy come out on turn two is great. I also added another package. The "Mullmaw Package" to be exact. This is the Mulldrifter, Shriekmaw, and Makeshift Mannequin package that was used a lot in Lowryn-Shadowmoor standard days. Makeshift Mannequin also works very well with Inkwell Leviathan. So here is the deck list:



So as you can see I added a couple of Careful Studys to make the turn two Inkwell Leviathan combo possible. I also added a couple of Tornado Elementals as another reanimate target. I threw in a single copy of Wonder to give our forces some evasion. I also added a singleton of Wickerbough Elder to try and get rid of those pesky enchantments or artifacts. The Merfolk Looters are there to help discard reanimate targets and to fish out some of those singletons when needed. For Lorescale Coatl I added Brainstorm and also See Beyond. Liliana Vess is also another win condition and she causes havoc on opponents hands. So lets take a look on how it fares in the casual room.

Game #1

I loss the roll and have to mull down to 6. Here is what I started with:

Swamp, Drowned Catacomb, Duress, Tornado Elemental, Liliana Vess, Shriekmaw

My opponent leads off with a Elfhame Palace and my Shriekmaw seems to be worth it. I draw an Island but play my Swamp first. I Duress and see the following:

Phantom Nishoba, Plains, Forest, kathari Remnant, plains, jund panorama

So my Duress misses. That's the risk you take when you play a card like Duress. My opponent plays another Elfhame Palace and passes. I draw a Lorescale Coatl but don't have a green mana source to play him. I just play an Island and pass. My opponent plays a Jund Panorama and sacks it for a swamp. He then continues by playing a Birds of Paradise. I get the turn back and play my  (Drowned Catacombs) which I had just drawn. I evoke my Shriekmaw to kill his BoP and pass. He then plays a plains and a Captured Sunlight which cascades into a Bloom Tender. I draw a Makeshift Mannequin and put the Mullmaw package into action by targeting my Shriekmaw with my Makeshift Mannequin. My opponent plays a forest and passes. I draw a Mulldrifter and decide to evoke it to try to dig up some more mana sources.  I draw the following:

Lorescale Coatl, Island

I swing for three and pass. My opponent plays a Unstable Frontier turning a Elfhame Palace into am Island. He then plays a Kathari Remnant which cascades into a Fires of Yavimaya. I draw a See Beyond and swing for three. I play my Liliana Vess and force my opponent to discard a card. He discards a plains and then takes his turn. He just draws and passes. I draw another Mulldrifter and use Liliana's +1 ability to make my opponent discard a Maelstrom Archangel and I play my Mulldrifter drawing:

Inkwell Leviathan, Spreading Seas

My opponent plays a Birds of Paradise and also plays a Maelstrom Archangel. He attacks with his Archmage and I chump with my Mulldrifter. I draw a Forest and play See Beyond. I see:

Thought Courier, Swamp

I shuffle a Lorescale Coatl back into my deck and then play my Thought Courier. I use Liliana's +1 ability again and for my opponent to discard his Phantom Nishoba. I Spreading Seas his swamp and draw another swamp. I attack with the Shriekmaw and pass. My opponent plays yet another Captured Sunlight which oddly cascades into another Fires of Yavimaya. My opponent attacks Liliana with his Archmage and passes. I draw a Terramorphic Expanse and use Liliana's -2 ability to put a Makeshift Mannequin on top of my library. I then use Thought Courier's ability to loot. I discard my Tornado Elemental and draw my Makeshift Mannequin. I attack for three again and play a swamp and my Lorescale Coatl. My opponent plays a Island and tries to get rid of Liliana with his Arcangel but I play Makeshift Mannequin on my Tornado Elemental and kill all his creatures. My opponent then mysteriously loses connection.

Tornado Elemental

Game #2

I lose the roll yet again but get to keep my starting seven:

Duress, Makeshift Mannequin, Terramorphic Expanse, Swamp, Merfolk Looter, island, swamp

My opponent leads off with a Coastal Tower. I get the turn and a Terramorphic Expanse off my draw. I then play a swamp and Duress. Here is what his hand looked like:

Darksteel Forge, Expedition Map, Adarkar Wastes, Ancient Den, Energy Field

I take the Energy Field and I pass. My opponent plays a Ancient Den and then taps out for a Expedition Map. I draw Spreading Seas and decide to play my Island and Merfolk Looter. My opponent plays another Ancient Den and another Expedition Map. I draw an island and loot. I draw a (Drowned Catacombs) and discard one of my Terramorphic Expanse. I then play the other Expanse and pass. My opponent plays his third Ancient Den and I crack my expanse to find a forest at the end of his turn. I draw a Lorescale Coatl and play it. I then loot discarding a swamp and also drawing a swamp. I forget to drop a land and pass. My opponent finally cracks on of his maps in order to find an old time favorite.

Tolarian Academy

He plays his Academy then a Mycosynth Lattice. I really don't like this card just because it makes all my cards look weird when they are artifacts. I draw my Tornado Elemental and promptly cast Spreading Seas on his Academy, netting me a Shriekmaw. I then attack with the 5/5 Lorescale and during combat I loot. I draw a forest and discard my Tornado Elemental. My opponent (Idylic Tutor)s for what he thinks will save his life. Can you guess what it is?


But not even The Mighty Moat can save you when the magic gods are on your side. I draw an awesome top deck of Wickerbough Elder. I decide not to play it yet since the Mighty Moat isn't on the table yet. I attack and loot drawing a Makeshift Mannequin and discarding a Shriekmaw. I connect for 8, play a swamp and pass. End of turn my opponent cracks his other map in search of Serra's Sanctum. He then plays his Serra's Sanctum and the might Moat and passes. I draw another Lorescale Coatl and play my forest. I then quickly play my Wickerbough Elder and destroy his not so might Moat. Then I go in for the kill with a 10/10 Snake!

Wow we just saw the awesome power of Lorescale Coatl. He put a fast clock on our opponent ending his life by turn 7.

Lorescale Coatl


So there you have it two casual competitive decks featuring the Super Snake that is Lorescale Coatl. This guy can turn from a 2/2 average creature to monstrous sizes in a blink of an eye. So until next time you keep it casual... but not too casual.


If anyone has any suggestion or just like the decks let me know on the comments.



Needs Moar Quirion by ShardFenix at Thu, 10/07/2010 - 13:42
ShardFenix's picture

Needs Moar Quirion Dryad..actually im not sure if it does or not but those two cards together and add in wake thrasher can lead to some fun huge turns.

You know I never thought by RCueva at Thu, 10/07/2010 - 13:48
RCueva's picture

You know I never thought about those two. Looking at it now that could be very crazy and fun. I will defeintly have to try that.

Looks fun. :) You need by Paul Leicht at Thu, 10/07/2010 - 17:10
Paul Leicht's picture

Looks fun. :) You need someone to proof for you. Let me know next time.

Heh, in all fairness, this by MMogg at Thu, 10/07/2010 - 18:30
MMogg's picture

Heh, in all fairness, this whole site needs a copy editor. As an English (ESL) teacher, I cringe at some of the mistakes that are obviously not typos (i.e. homonyms and bad grammar).

His series is called "A by Xaoslegend at Thu, 10/07/2010 - 20:15
Xaoslegend's picture

His series is called "A Caveman's Look..." maybe its intentional for the flavor of it? =P Always liked lorescale, he's got fun written all over him.


He gets a pass from me on the by greyes3 at Thu, 10/07/2010 - 23:27
greyes3's picture

He gets a pass from me on the grammar mistakes because at least he knows "a lot" is not "alot".

I really think some of the bigger Magic forums have just accepted "alot" as a real word.

I think alot of people take a by Xaoslegend at Fri, 10/08/2010 - 01:23
Xaoslegend's picture

I think alot of people take a lot to seriously. There are grammer mistakes that give me alot of consternation but alot doesn't give me a lot.

What about the use of 'to' by FierceTable at Fri, 10/08/2010 - 01:41
FierceTable's picture

What about the use of 'to' instead of 'too?' And where do misspelled words fall in your acceptable writing spectrum? Particularly words like 'grammer.'

English is a poorly designed language. I feel sorry for people who have to use it as their only means of communicating.

to and too are a bit more by Xaoslegend at Fri, 10/08/2010 - 02:13
Xaoslegend's picture

to and too are a bit more consternating since they're just totally spelled differently, alot and a lot is more of something I think before long we'll see in the dictionary as an accepted usage and everyone sees it as exactly what it is when they see it. to and too cause a moment of confusion for me sometimes and sometimes you have to read all the bits around it to know which was meant to be used.

I don't think that will by MMogg at Fri, 10/08/2010 - 03:44
MMogg's picture

I don't think that will happen. True, it seems like there is precedent with words like "alright" appearing after "all right" and "alright" is increasingly acceptable; however, the difference is that "a lot" uses an indefinite article. It's like typing "alittle" if you say "alot" is ok. Another reason I don't think it'll change is the use of "lots of". We would never say "alots of". So, although it seems like a simplification of the rules ("a lot" --> "alot"), it – on closer examination – is setting up more complexity/exceptions than are already present. Currently "a lot" is not an irregular grammatical construct and usually when languages change, it is to streamline/simplify grammar, such as fewer used irregular past tense verbs (snuck-->sneaked or dreamt--> dreamed). =)

I think when language changes by Xaoslegend at Fri, 10/08/2010 - 03:58
Xaoslegend's picture

I think when language changes its usually because that's how people have been using it anyway and then some institution formalizes it so that when you use it in a school paper you don't get a red circle around it. (though in college I find this correction happens a lot less with alot than it did in grammar school.)

I concur with your by kalandine at Fri, 10/08/2010 - 07:07
kalandine's picture

I concur with your truthiness.

I am constantly catching by Paul Leicht at Fri, 10/08/2010 - 03:19
Paul Leicht's picture

I am constantly catching myself do that so I know exactly what you mean lol. I was sincere in my offer to René if he needs a proofer, though any number of people here could volunteer.

Suggestions by NO_Peace at Fri, 10/08/2010 - 00:58
NO_Peace's picture

Vial and no Standstill in a deck that wants to play a single fat creature ftw?

The best of the snake is not in a weenie deck, but in a deck that tries beatdown with a few fatties.

4x Quirion Dryad
4x Goyf
4x Snake

Probably Remand over Mana Leak. Then use Ponder, Brainstorm, to grow dryad and find other bits.

If you want to play Mystic Package play it, but don't use the snake as an excuse, there is actually no natural synergy, except the Sword of Fire and Ice. And if you want to draw to fatten snake, you can do that for less than 5 mana.

Psychotic Fury is a more amusing abuse of the colour/no colour status than guardian of the guildpact. And running winds of change/windfall etc is a better way to build the snake.

I play 17 land in my snake deck, but you seem to be avoiding duals and fetches so that may not work.

First off I want to apologize by RCueva at Fri, 10/08/2010 - 10:48
RCueva's picture

First off I want to apologize for my lack of grammar and spelling. I will have to take Paul up on his offer and hopefully avoid this many errors.
NO_Peace all your suggestions are valid for sure. I did not add Goyf simple because I don't own any. I really do not care for remand though, I would much rather have leak. I ran the mystic pack because I had just purchased them and am willing to throw them into any deck right now. I mainly like playing it to give the snake some kind of protection and evasion. I think I would still run Guardian of the Guildpact over Psychotic Fury. Attaching a sword on to him usually wins the game. I would love to run duals but sadly I can't afford them right now. Thanks for the comments.

:) Fair enough by NO_Peace at Sat, 10/09/2010 - 02:16
NO_Peace's picture

Pff for poor grammar and spelling. I am an english teacher, and choose to ignore it. Perhaps others should too. (I think it is a bit pedantic to point out mistakes in others work...)

I get the budget thing :) Fetches can often be better than duals in classic, given prevalence of wasteland.

Remand is good for tempo, if you are trying to get big snake as your win con, rushing into the snake, and protecting seems to be the best strategy. The Mystic package is better suited to a control build.

I'd still suggest going more fetch/filter, big snake - Rancor it or Beserk and win off the snake.

The mystic package gives you redundancy, add the new sword, and you have all colours covered for evasion in any case - or just win of trample rancor.

AND not playing standstill with vial is a crime.

"(I think it is a bit by Paul Leicht at Sat, 10/09/2010 - 02:40
Paul Leicht's picture

"(I think it is a bit pedantic to point out mistakes in others work...)" well sure if your only purpose is to attack the work and not support the artist/writer etc. Otherwise it can lead to improvements and leaps and bounds worth of inspiration. Tis a fine line I know. :) But what do you call someone who name calls?

:) pedantic by NO_Peace at Sat, 10/09/2010 - 05:30
NO_Peace's picture

pedantic is such a silly word though really. Words are interesting, and can be used to open doors to meaning etc. Lots of words are so powerful they represent more, through implication, than they do in literal meaning. Pedantic is one of those, because even when we are being so, we don't want to be labelled so.

As a teacher, if I was going to give someone feedback about something like the above, I'd do it in a more private way. The equivalent of a pm or email in our context. Confidence is an important part of good writing. Taking risks, or being 'less self-conscious' leads to better writing, imho.

Curious on the name calling question, have I said or done anything to suggest I'd have anything wise to add on the subject?

I don't know...how do you by Paul Leicht at Sat, 10/09/2010 - 05:47
Paul Leicht's picture

I don't know...how do you feel about calling someone something often taken as a pejorative such as "pedantic."

In terms of dealing correctly with someone who is not a native English speaker writing an article in English I do not find it particularly pedantic to publicly offer proof reading services.

I never called anyone pedantic by NO_Peace at Sat, 10/09/2010 - 07:38
NO_Peace's picture

I referred to the actions associated with calling someone out as pedantic. It is different. name calling would be: Hey X, you are Y.

I think A is B is not name calling, it is describing a general condition. I could just as easily, and was, be pointing the finger at myself.

This is about approach - there is, more than likely, no right or wrong. Some people - and I don't know/care who, am not going to scroll up - decided picking up on the mistakes was the best approach. My approach was to address the meaning of the document (and it wasn't like I didn't criticize it). I think, given it is a magic article not an english report, that addressing the magic analysis is pertinent.

Naturally this is about preference, not about correctness.

Is there any irony involved in taking exception to me criticising the approach taken to criticism of the article, particularly given my criticism is about how the approach to criticising the article may not have been helpful? (Damn did I just write that horrible sentence?)